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March 2019

Trump’s support of Israel’s annexation of the Golan

Helena Cobban on
President Donald Trump holds up an executive proclamation recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory at the White House in Washington DC, Monday, March 25, 2019. (Photo: Susan Walsh/AP)

On March 25, Donald Trump signed an order proclaiming U.S. support for Israel’s annexation of the Golan. This act ended Washington’s opposition to any acquisition of territory by force– a principle that has been a key pillar of the global order since the United Nations was founded in 1945. Washington’s new policy on Golan may well now allow the US company Genie Energy to go ahead and plunder the oil and gas reserves that its Israeli subsidiary discovered in Golan in 2015, and Trump’s step changes the political dynamic within Syria, too.

Palestinians rush to stock up on food as Israeli airstrikes light up Gaza

Ahmad Kabariti on

Ahmad Kabariti reports from Gaza that long spontaneous queues of people spent the night waiting outside of Gaza’s biggest bakery to buy bread, a scene that usually occurs during war. Muzaffar Batniji, 27, shoemaker, said that his family urged him to buy 200 loaves of pita bread, “just in case of this escalation might continue for a week or more.”

Kamala Harris skips AIPAC conference — but AIPAC comes to her!

Philip Weiss on

Last week presidential candidate California Senator Kamala Harris said she was skipping the AIPAC policy conference. But yesterday she met with AIPAC executives and proudly tweeted the photo, and AIPAC exulted that shed attended the conference after all! The flipflop follows years of Harris kissing up to the Israel lobby and to Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump’s Golan green light paves way to Israel’s annexation of West Bank

Jonathan Cook on
President Donald Trump talks with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jared Kushner in Jerusalem, May 22, 2017.

US recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights will prove a boon for the Israeli right, which has been clamoring to annex vast areas of the West Bank and thereby drive a final nail into the coffin of the two-state solution. Israel’s right can now plausibly argue: “If Trump has consented to our illegal seizure of the Golan, why not also our theft of the West Bank?”

NARAL at AIPAC: And reproductive justice for some?

Nada Elia on
Tell NARAL to #skipAIPAC

Even as pro-justice activists were celebrating the fact that many Democratic politicians– including the main 2020 presidential hopefuls–have skipped this year’s AIPAC conference in DC, a national campaign was hastily being launched to urge Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) and Amy Everitt (California head of NARAL) not to speak there.  

Thirteen years and counting

Tova Perlmutter on

Here are some highlights of Mondoweiss’s first thirteen years. Please donate today so we can keep providing information to all who need it.

Rasmea Odeh banned from International Women’s Day event in Berlin following Israeli pressure

Mondoweiss Editors on
Logo for the Rasmea Spricht (Rasmea Speaks) campaign.

Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh was banned from speaking at an event marking International Women’s Day in Berlin and faces the imminent threat of deportation. Gilad Erdan, Israeli Minister for Strategic Affairs, claimed credit for the decision taken by German authorities to revoke Odeh’s visa. The Rasmea Spricht campaign says, “Once again, Israeli officials have exerted their influence on Germany in order to prevent public criticism of its human rights abuses.”

A veto against a just peace for all in Palestine and Israel

Daniel A. Segal on

Pitzer College’s governing council voted March 14 to suspend a program in Israel for the same reason US institutions ended collaborations with Apartheid South Africa in the 1980s. Pitzer President Melvin Oliver’s veto of the resolution not only harms Pitzer but harms Palestinians and Jewish Israelis, as it blocks a material contribution to expanding the possibility of justice and peace for all, Pitzer Professor Daniel Segal writes.

De Blasio speech at AIPAC is a monument of progressive Democratic racism against Palestinians

Philip Weiss on

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio gave the “simple, clear, progressive case for the state of Israel” at AIPAC this morning. He touched again and again on the Jewish history of persecution and “exclusion” and “expulsion” and never acknowledged that 750,000 Palestinians had been expelled from their lands at the birth of Israel in 1947-49. As such, his speech was a monument of Democratic denial of the Palestinian Nakba, or catastrophe. 

‘Intense hatred of Israel is moving from margins to center of US politics’ — Howard Kohr of AIPAC

Philip Weiss on

The AIPAC policy conference in Washington began Sunday on a defensive note, with the Israel lobby organization’s chief executive saying that Israel’s friends face a terrible new challenge: taking on “the scurrilous charge of dual loyalty” and declaring “The intense hatred of Israel is now creeping from the margins to the center of our politics.” 

Gaza rehearses for 1 million at the fence next week, as Israel kills two more men

Ahmad Kabariti on
Demonstrators headed to the Gaza fence, March 22, 2019. (Photo: Mohammed Asad)

Israel topped the Gaza fence with 10 added feet of barbed wire in anticipation of the million demonstrators called to mark the one year anniversary of the Great March of Return next week. Despite the added fence, soldiers killed two Palestinian men at demonstrations yesterday, bringing the number of dead to 257.

O’Rourke says special relationship with Israel goes against US values of equality and dignity

Philip Weiss on

Beto O’Rourke says at a campaign stop in New Hampshire that Israeli human rights violations hurt the U.S. “These truths that we hold so dear — that we are all created equal– ‘all of us’ needs to mean, ‘All of us,’ not relationships of convenience for short term security gains but relationships that allow us to continue to be the example for so much of the rest of the world.”

Pro-pot, anti-Arab: ultra-right Moshe Feiglin rises in Israeli polls on marijuana legalization platform

Yumna Patel on

As Israeli elections draw even closer, one politician is making headway, and headlines, for his unique –and surprisingly popular — blend of libertarian extreme free-market ideas and far-right Jewish supremacist ideologies. “I think Moshe Feiglin is more radical than the Kahanists,” Yossi Gurvitz tells Mondoweiss, citing Feiglin’s open calls for ethnic cleansing and genocide. “He is a much better marketer of these ideas.”

CUNY professors issue statement in support of faculty targeted by Lawfare Project smear campaign

Open Letter on
CUNY Kingsborough

Faculty at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, NY have been threatened with a lawsuit, smeared in the right-wing press, and received threatening letters and emails. City University of New York faculty have issued a statement to clarify the recent events at Kingsborough Community College, and sound the alarm to others who may be in the crosshairs of these right-wing groups.

As Gaza’s Great March of Return approaches one-year, protest founder Ahmed Abu Artema discusses building a non-violent movement

Allison Deger on
Palestinian activist Ahmed Abu Artema, 34, in Washington DC, Monday March 18, 2019. (Photo: Allison Deger)

It all started because of a bird. Ahmed Abu Artema, the unlikely leader of the largest popular Palestinian movement in decades, strode beside the separation fence that divides his home in the Gaza Strip from Israel on a January evening last year.  At twilight he saw birds fly overhead, soaring past the fence “and no one stopped them.” Abu Artema talks with Allison Deger about life in Gaza and the enduring power of the Great March of Return: “Our demands were simple and honorable, we want to return, we want a dignified life”

Bridging the gap between victories here and realities on the ground

Nada Elia on
Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren are some the Democrats running for president who are refusing to attend this year's AIPAC conference.

Nada Elia writes, “a sober voice wants me to bridge the gap between claiming ‘we’re winning’ because US politicians are skipping the AIPAC conference, and the reality on the ground, which Trump is now calling ‘Israeli-controlled,’ rather than Israeli occupied.”

Farming while Palestinian: a World Water Day outrage

Nancy Murray on
A delegation from Eyewitness Palestine harvests olives at Asira ash-Shamaliya. (Photo: Nancy Murray)

Since 1967 Israel has issued military orders asserting its control over all water sources in the occupied territories, depriving Palestinians access to their own water. What does this water deficit look like on the ground? Nancy Murray explains how Palestinian farms cope without access to irrigated or piped water.