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Maryam at the checkpoint — the Story of Christmas

Helena Cobban on

Jesus of Nazareth, who would grow up to become an amazingly inspirational teacher, was a Jewish Palestinian who was born at a time when Palestine was under the brutal rule of a foreign military occupation. Helena Cobban tells the story of Christmas.

Change happens in communities everywhere–including yours

Michael Arria on

US Correspondent Michael Arria writes about the ChangeMakers who have inspired him: “The battle for justice isn’t just happening in Palestine or Israel or Washington– it’s happening in your community. Just ask Bahia Amawi. By making a contribution to Mondoweiss today, you can join the fight for justice and help us spread the truth about Palestine and the movement for its liberation.”

What India’s Prime Minister Modi can teach us about Zionism

Helena Cobban on
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a helicopter tour of Israel in 2017 (Photo: Israel Government Press Office)

India’s Prime Minister Modi, his ruling BJP party, the RSS movement, and their intertwined actions can teach us all a lot about what Zionism is, how how both Zionism and Hindutva work to create and defend an exclusivist, ethno/sectarian-nationalist state.

How (not) to tackle antisemitism in the Age of Boris

Robert Cohen on

Under Boris Johnson in Britain, Jewish institutions, rabbis, and Jewish student leaders are claiming to fight antisemitism while simultaneously defending, excusing, or denying the discrimination and oppression of another people. It’s a narrative framework that’s not sustainable, Robert Cohen writes.

Why can we not be like birds, roaming freely?

Ahmed Abu Artema on

Ahmed Abu Artema writes: “I want to share with you the significance for me, a Palestinian human being, of walls and fences; birds and airplanes; and the power of voices to disrupt the stifling silence of collective punishment. I am writing today because Mondoweiss journalists have helped me challenge those walls—get closer to the freedom of a bird or plane in flight—by respecting, reporting, sharing and amplifying my voice and so many others.”

ICC moves on Palestine investigation – yet drags its feet

Jonathan Ofir on

International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda surely felt compelled to announce an investigation of Israel’s conduct in the occupation so as not to appear to be completely failing her job, but her referral of a “question” concerning the “territory” under jurisdiciton to a “Pre-trial Chamber” of the court risks dragging this process out by months, maybe even years.

50 Palestinian protesters have been blinded by shots to the eye at Gaza fence protests

Kate on

Israeli snipers targeting participants in Gaza’s weekly Great Return March protests have aimed for the legs – and eyes. To date, Gaza’s Ministry of Health reports that 50 protesters have been shot in the eye with teargas canisters or rubber bullets since the demonstrations began March 30, 2018 – leaving them permanently blind, according to an investigation by al-Araby.

Sanders speaks up for Palestinians, to applause, while Biden says Netanyahu is ‘outrageous’

Philip Weiss on

Takeaway from the latest Democratic debate: the Israel brand is not so popular in the Democratic Party. The embraces were lukewarm. Bernie Sanders said Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist and if elected, Sanders would have an even-handed policy, including being “pro-Palestinian.” Joe Biden was the only candidate to laud the “Jewish state” but he said Netanyahu’s actions in the West Bank are “outrageous.”

BDS as a way of resistance

Majed Abusalama on
Palestinian children play in front of a gate painted with a mural by the German artist Akot on the walls of houses destroyed during the 2014 war in the Gaza Strip, Gaza City on June 11, 2015. (Photo: Mohammed Asad/APA Images)

Majed Abusalama writes that Palestinians are tired of demanding their obvious human rights, but there is now an opportunity to compel the international community to humanize Palestine and to treat Palestinians with full rights — the BDS movement.

Understanding Canada’s ‘orphan vote’ at the United Nations

Marion Kawas on
Justin Trudeau at NATO Engages: The Brussels Summit Dialogue in July 2018 (Photo: Wikimedia)

Canada recently voted to support “the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination” at the UN. The move broke with the country’s decade-old tradition of steadfast support for Israel at the UN by either voting against or abstaining on these resolutions. Marion Kawas looks at the motives behind the vote, and whether it is a sign of change for the Trudeau government.

Rereading Amos Oz a year after his death

Liz Rose on

“Amos Oz eroticized the land and language of Israel, and it gave me permission to do the same.” Nearly a year after the writer’s death, Liz Rose reflects on the ways that Oz fostered her youthful excitement about liberal Zionism. And how she looks on his writing now that she opposes Zionism.

Trump doesn’t think Israel policy will help him win PA and MI

Philip Weiss on

Liberal Zionists say Trump is bending over backwards for Israel to win evangelical voters in swing states. This is not true, as his recent rallies in MI and PA demonstrate– scarcely a mention of Israel. He saves his Israel pandering for a Jewish audience, with donor Sheldon Adelson present.

They want to silence you and me–but we stand up against the censorship

Elyse Crystall on

Professor Elyse Crystall writes, “As campus activism continues to come under attack, more than ever we need you to stand in solidarity with us.” She describes McCarthyite tactics of Israel defenders, telling the story of her own experience with censorship. “They won’t stop trying to silence us, leveraging their influence and weaponizing anti-Semitism. We rely on Mondoweiss to tell the truth loud and clear and to help us track the movement for justice in Palestine in the U.S. and globally.” Please donate today to help unlock the $100,000 challenge fund.

How activists got a Congress member to introduce a bill on behalf of Palestinian children

Michael Arria on
Jennifer Bing and Yazan Meqbil visit Rep. Bobby Rush's office as part of the No Way To Treat A Child campaign.

Jennifer Bing has been involved in Palestine solidarity activism since the early 1980s and has been one of the driving forces behind the No Way to Treat a Child campaign that led to Rep. Betty McCollum’s historic bill to the stop the detention of Palestinian children. Bing spoke with Mondoweiss’ Michael Arria about how her feelings on pushing lawmakers has changed, how McCollum became an unlikely advocate for the cause, and what comes next.

Bernie supporters: talk about Palestine, or succumb to the smears

Shelby Shoup on
(Cartoon: Carlos Latuff)

Critics are starting to smear Bernie Sanders as antisemitic in the same manner that Jeremy Corbyn was attacked in the U.K. Shelby Shoup says we have to learn from Labour’s failure to categorically reject the conflation of antisemitism and anti-Zionism (or even mere criticism of Israel) or we are doomed to repeat their mistakes and succumb to the smear campaign. We cannot shy away from centering Palestinian freedom in our movement.

One among many heroes: The ChangeMakers who inspire me

Olivia Katbi Smith on

ChangeMakers working for environmental justice make clear the fight we have ahead of us–and you are an important part of this fight. Because of your support for Mondoweiss, we are able to alert the world to the particular climate threats faced by Palestinians. In the face of incomplete and outright biased reporting by the mainstream media, I’m proud that Mondoweiss is able to deliver both on-the-ground coverage and insightful commentary the world needs to hear. I ask you today to invest in truthful reporting for justice in Palestine.

Israeli Jews are ‘equivalent of Seminoles deciding to take over Florida’ and Palestinians are the cowboys — Jeffrey Goldberg reemerges

Philip Weiss on

Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg derides American political culture as ignorant and ahistorical and says he is a “misanthrope”, while extolling Zionism. “All of Judaism is Zionism because we are a universal religion focused on a very particular place.” Anti-Zionism is essentially murderous, he said, aimed at the “soul” of the Jewish people.