On January 31st Ahed Tamimi’s family celebrated her 17th birthday without her. Tamimi has been in Israeli detention since a pre-dawn raid on her family home on December 19th. While her case has become a global symbol of Palestinian resistance, the Tamimi family is missing several of its members in Israeli prisons, including Mohammad and Osama Tamimi who have been kept in solidarity confinement. “The Israeli’s believe this virus of non violent resistance that needs to be killed in Nabi Saleh so it doesn’t spread. Now they’re trying to punish us through our children,” Manal Tamimi tells Mondoweiss.

It’s the third Friday of Rage since Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, and the day after the UN Assembly draft resolution vote, where 128 countries called for the US to overturn its decision to move the US embassy. Rhiannon F. reports, “There appear to be more Israeli soldiers in force today in Beit El, north of Ramallah, scattered along the hilltops close to the illegal settlement. The air is tense as the soldiers hold back from firing the amount of rubber bullets and tear-gas they are known to be capable of. Palestinian protesters know if it is silent and appears calm on the Israeli soldiers’ end of a clash, a plan is most likely about to erupt.”

Protests and clashes erupted across the West Bank and Gaza following Donald Trump’s announcement on Wednesday to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Between 1000 and 2000 Palestinians protested at al Manara square in Ramallah where a 32-year-old male protestor, holding back tears and catching his breath through tear gas inhalation, told Mondoweiss the Palestinian people and leaders refuse Trump’s decision. “We will continue with these clashes until Trump reverses his decision,” he said.