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The Mondoweiss community has stepped up, and we thank you!

Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz on

Just a few weeks ago, Mondoweiss launched a $60,000 summer fund drive to prepare for the upcoming challenges facing accurate, responsible journalism about Palestine and the movement for its liberation. Thanks to hundreds of generous supporters, we have met and surpassed our goal for this campaign. As we enter our new fiscal year September 1, we have enough resources to tackle the mission that drives us: reporting the truth from Palestine and Israel with as much detail, scope and context as possible to as many people as possible around the world.

Israel tells cancer patients trapped in Gaza to get treated in West Bank, where there is no cancer treatment

Kate on

Amira Hass reports: “The state is willing to allow six women cancer patients to leave the Gaza Strip for the West Bank for treatment that is not available in the West Bank, or to go abroad for treatment they cannot afford. However, it will not allow the women, who are severely ill, to go to either of two Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem which can treat them.”

Without your help, we lose some of our punch

Adam Horowitz on

We hear regularly from people like you, who value the reporting and analysis provided by Mondoweiss. But this summer, as we push to raise the funds for more news, there are hundreds of past supporters we haven’t heard from yet. If you give $25 or more by August 10, we’ll send you a Mondoweiss poster showcasing the work of talented Palestinian photojournalists. Just think: if everyone who reads Mondoweiss regularly could give today, the investment would total tens of thousands of dollars. And all the gifts we receive in response to this message will go directly toward paying Palestinian reporters, photographers and videographers.

Israeli soldiers kill one Palestinian, injure 220, in Gaza

Kate on

During the Great March of Return yesterday, an Israeli army sharpshooter killed Ahmad Yahia Atallah Yaghi, 25, east of Gaza city. In a previous protest, the soldiers shot Yaghi with live fire, wounding him in his leg.

No more family visits for Gazans imprisoned in Israel

Kate on

The Israeli authorities have cancelled all family visits for Palestinian prisoners from Gaza held in Israeli jails indefinitely. The move comes as the latest measure to sanction the Strip, following a ban on commercial trade and limits in exit permits.

Killings of 3 protesters brings Palestinian death toll to 155 in Great March

Kate on

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza has reported that Mo’men Fathi al-Hams, 17, died, on Saturday morning, from serious wounds he suffered by Israeli army fire on Friday. In addition to two other killings Friday, one of a child, the death toll for the Great Return March is now 155.

After a day of extensive Israeli strikes on Gaza, a ceasefire is brokered

Kate on

An indirect ceasefire was reached between Hamas and Israel on Friday night, following extensive Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, and the killing of four Palestinian fighters and one soldier. Hamas spokesperson said that “through Egyptian, and international mediation, a ceasefire understanding was reached between the occupation and the resistance.”

‘I Will Never Forget These Images’

Akram Al-Wa'ra on

Akram Al-Wa’ra, Mondoweiss correspondent, writes: “I have witnessed many atrocities in my life here in Palestine. I have seen my friends shot and killed during protests and my family members arrested and thrown in jail. But nothing prepared me for what I witnessed in the footage from Gaza. If it wasn’t for organizations like Mondoweiss, many of these images would never be seen by the international community. My people need Mondoweiss to thrive and grow—please help now.”

Two Palestinians, one a teen, are killed at 14th Friday protest in Gaza

Kate on

Two Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces and hundreds of others were injured during the “Great March of Return” protest alongside the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip on Friday. The dead were a 14-year-old, Yasser Abu al-Najja, and Muhammad Fawzi Muhammad al-Hamaydeh, 24.

Extremist settlers burn Palestinian olive orchards in northern West Bank

Kate on

A group of extremist Israeli colonizers burnt, on Friday evening, dozens of dunams of Palestinian olive orchards in Burin village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. The attack was said to be committed by fanatics from the illegal Yitzhar colony, and not their first.