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jon s

An Israeli history teacher,long-time activist on the Israeli Left.

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  • Joyless in Zion
    • Marnie,
      Since I live here, I occasionally post a comment which includes a personal experience or observation. For example the visit with the Dawabshe family before Sa'ad Dawabshe died of his burns, or the account that you cited. As to the terrorist attack in Be'er Sheva in October 2015, I wrote an entirely accurate account at the time, including the tragic lynching.
      Regarding Be'er Sheva in general, I admit that I rather like the place . You can write that "there doesn't seem to be much there" , ignoring the top-notch university, major medical center, excellent theater, symphony, championship football team, basketball team, hi-tec sector, lots of good places to eat and shop, and relatively comfortable climate. Of couse it has its blemishes too, improvements that need to be made.
      You're welcome to see for yourself.
      Have a good week, shavua tov.

  • 'Struggle for basic rights within binational state has begun and we will win' --Shulman in 'NYRB'
    • amigo,
      I'm not going to apologize for being a leftist "peacenik", for supporting values like democracy peace and social justice. Hopefully I'm doing my modest part in education on behalf of those values.
      It looks to me like you're misinformed about the reality in Israel. Also about me, personally . (As if your "information" comes from commenter "Mooser"s nonsense and lies).

      Somewhat off-topic here: I recall that you were interested in and commented on the horrible lynching of the Eritrean man, Haftom Zarhoun, in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack here in Beer Sheva in October 2015. So here's an update on the case: The most important evidence in the case against the four suspects being prosecuted is the videotape from the surveillance camera. The attorneys for the accused have argued that the tape should not be admitted as evidence because of various technicalities: the police officer who took it supposedly wasn't authorised to do so, no proper"chain of evidence " was maintained and so forth. Last week it was reported that the judge was indeed not going to admit the tape ("fruit of the poisoned tree" ). That could have led to the charges being dropped. This week the judge criticized the police for screwing up but decided to admit the tape itself, especially since the suspects are not disputing the fact that they are the men seen on the tape. So now the trial can proceed with the tape in evidence.

  • Israeli Jews maintain the occupation because it is in their interest -- Noam Sheizaf
    • amigo,
      I'm aware of the horrible killing of an innocent Eritrean man in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in Beersheva. I wrote about it on this forum at the time.

      I do try to discuss with my students the dangers of racism and fascism.

      As to the happiness index, I'm still trying to figure it out myself, sort of caught me by surprise.
      When I have more time maybe I'll try to think it through (this being a few days before Passover, very busy...)

  • New Israel Fund response to Ben Gurion harassment reinforces very system it claims to oppose
    • oldgeezer,
      With all respect, your comments are off-the-charts nuts.
      I would be delighted by a terrorist attack?
      I was part of a mob attacking an innocent man?
      A credit to my uniform ? What uniform?
      Where do you come up with this stuff?

    • old geezer,
      Why in the world would I be elated by a terrorist attack? In my "stolen town" or anywhere else?
      I despise terrorism

  • Park Slope Food Coop puts up firewall against boycott of Israeli goods
    • For the record:
      On Oct.18, 2015 a terrorist attack took place at the Beersheva Central Bus Station.
      The perpetrator has been identified as Mohind al-Okbi (21), from Hura. He followed a soldier, 19 year-old Omri Levy, into the men's room, mudered him there, took his weapon, and came out shooting , injuring several people. He was then shot dead by security personnel.
      Horribly and tragically ,in the confusion and panic , an innocent Eritrean man, Haftom Zarhoum was misidentified as a "second terrorist", shot and beaten to death by the crowd. He died of his wounds. The participants in the lynching have been identified and are being prosecuted.
      Those are the facts.

  • Executed: Dania Ersheid, 17, from Hebron
    • Annie, Mr. Rothmam, along with the four other rabbis who were murdered in that gruesome terrorist attack were living in Har Nof, in West Jerusalem. Are you saying that Jews souldn't live anywhere in Jerusalem? The five men were at their morning prayers, their tefillin, prayer shawls and prayer books soaked in their blood. A brave Druze policeman, first on the scene, was also murdered.
      Jews have always lived in Jerusalem, and always will. The innocent victims are not to blame . Nor is the government in this case. The blame goes to the bloodthirsty terrorists who carried out the attack.

  • 'Caught on Camera': Extrajudicial killings of Palestinians
    • Terrorist attack in Beersheva this evening.
      My family and I are ok, thank God. I also asked all the kids in my class to check in and they all reported that they're ok, although some sound shaken.

  • This is not yet an intifada, Palestinians say
  • 9/11 museum is the Fifth Misuse of the tragedy
  • In new era of cooperation, Israeli drone kills '5 jihadis' in Egypt
    • The initial report was that an Israeli drone strike - carried out in cooperation with the Egyptian military - killed 5 jihadi terrorists who were preparing to fire a rocket at Israel.
      Then came a partial denial from the Egyptian side , saying that the strike was from an Egyptian helicopter, that 4 jihadis were killed and one got away, and that the intended target of the terrorists was one of the bridges over the Suez Canal.
      The third statement comes from a jihadi al Qaeda affiliate operating in Sinai, admitting that their guys had been killed, and vowing revenge.

      I have no additional information, but whatever version is correct, it's good news: a terrorist attack was averted, Israel and Egypt may be cooperating against a mutual enemy and a bunch of jihadis are dead.

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