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Grant Smith

UN call on Israel to open its nuclear program is opposed by US

Annie Robbins on

Last month, four days after Iran announced that it planned to attend a high-profile meeting on the banning of WMD’s in the Middle East, the US backed out, saying that the “time is not opportune.” But along with Russia and the UK, the U.S. was one of the key sponsors of the conference, set to […]

AIPAC is ‘seamlessly linked to Israel’ and should register as foreign agent — Grant Smith

Annie Robbins on

Grant Smith The formidable Grant Smith has written another killer article skewering AIPAC. Reminding readers how recent AIPAC-initiated legislation compels American citizens to fork over hard-earned tax dollars at a time when we’re struggling economically. Grant Smith: The U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 [.pdf] forces Americans to fork hard-earned tax dollars over to […]

Israel’s nuclear arsenal is used to coerce the US on Middle East policy

Philip Weiss on

The other day the Washington Post’s ombudsman, Patrick Pexton, published a brave column asking, What about Israel’s nuclear weapons? Pexton wondered why there is such a bar on addressing the arsenal in our press. Grant Smith, of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, explains the ramifications of this blackout in a letter he sent […]

U.S. Treasury says: There’s nothing to see on tax-exempt support for illegal settlements

Alex Kane on

Investigative journalist and author Grant Smith‘s “Israel Lobby Archive” project gets a response from a Freedom of Information Act request filed in 2007, which asked for access to internal Treasury Department records on programs to stop or investigate charitable funds going to illegal Israeli settlements. (Read the Institute for Research: Middle East Policy statement on […]

After FBI came to his door in ’04, AIPAC staffer promptly called Israeli embassy

Philip Weiss on

Grant Smith has long argued that AIPAC should have to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Well here is a snippet from Smith’s eyebrow-raising report on depositions in the 2009 lawsuit against AIPAC by former staffer Steve Rosen. You’ll remember that Rosen was indicted in 2005 by the Justice Department under the Espionage Act– […]