Peter King at the LBJ Library in 2015 (Photo by Jay Godwin)

After longtime GOP Rep. Peter King announced that he would not seek reelection, ending a career defined by his history of racism and Islamophobia. Rep. Ilhan Omar took to Twitter to make it clear that she wasn’t exactly upset by the news, while Senator Chuck Schumer praised the retiring Representative. “Peter King stood head & shoulders above everyone else,” tweeted Schumer, “He’s been principled & never let others push him away from his principles.”

Nancy Pelosi meets with three former UK Labour MP's who left the party over Israel and alleged anti-Semitism. April 14, 2019. From Twitter.

On “60 Minutes,” Nancy Pelosi called herself a progressive and dismissed leftwing congresswomen as a mere “five people,” and Lesley Stahl never challenged her about the fissure in the party over Israel. Though more and more commentators are saying that Israel support has become the battleground among Democrats, and Pelosi is busy catering to AIPAC and Netanyahu.

Liberal Zionists discuss Israeli election, on April 10. From left to right, Yael Patir of J Street Israel, J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami, and Israeli journalist/pollster Dahlia Scheindlin.

The Jewish left in Israel “received the fewest votes that it’s ever received and shows real signs of potentially going extinct,” says Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street. While other liberal Zionists call for leadership to build a liberal partnership with Palestinian voters. There is only one way to do so. Liberal Zionists must drop the Zionism, which is obnoxious to Palestinians, based on 100 years of exposure to the ideology.