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Israeli elections

Elections don’t make Israel a democracy

Ariel Gold on

The upcoming Israeli elections, usually a sign of democracy, will in fact demonstrate how the country is not a democratic state. The right to vote is only granted to 60% of the total population, and only one third of Palestinians who live under Israeli rule will have a say in the next government.

Israel heads to early elections as Netanyahu faces ongoing corruption investigations

Yumna Patel on

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition announced on Monday that it would be dispersing the country’s Parliament and holding early elections in April 2019, seven months before their scheduled date next November. Israeli media and political analysts have speculated that the real reason behind the sudden call for snap elections is that Netanyahu wants an election before Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announces whether he will indict the premier in three different corruption cases. If he wins in April, Netanyahu will be able to claim the support of the people, and be better suited to combat potential charges against him.

Joint List to lead mass march on Jerusalem, as Netanyahu forms a gov’t

Allison Deger on

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the final hours of forming a ruling coalition to lead the country, the Joint List is organizing a mass march. Unrecognized villagers will camp and walk their way to Israel’s seat of government, all while their party’s leadership is tightening ties with presumed opposition heads in the Zionist Camp.

The liberal Zionist lament: Joe Klein and Jodi Rudoren try to explain away Israeli racism

Peter Feld on

“We’re not going to solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem this morning,” WNYC public radio host Brian Lehrer told listeners Monday at the close of his all-Jewish discussion with NY Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren and Time columnist Joe Klein about the Netanyahu victory aftermath. They might have come a little closer if his guests had included a Palestinian instead of two Zionists. Klein called Netanyahu’s race-baiting Election Day speech “beyond tragic. It is shameful and embarrassing.” Unknowingly, he nails it. For liberal Zionists, it’s not the tragedy of generations of Palestinians exiled, slaughtered or marginalized because powerful outsiders claim their land—­it’s the shame and embarrassment of those who have to reconcile their support for all of that with their liberal self-image.

Meet the Knesset members from the Joint List

Allison Deger on

Something has changed inside Israel for its Palestinian citizens. The hard data is revealing: voter turnout by Palestinian citizens of Israel jumped by 10% from the last election and in the Joint Arab List’s party leader’s home district it was nearly an unheard of 80%. The joint list is full of fresh faces with seven first time Knesset member, two women, five communists, two national democrats, two Islamist, one Christian and one Israeli-Jew. Meet the next Knesset members from the Joint Arab List.

Even if Netanyahu loses, he can still win

Allison Deger on

Days away from elections in Israel on March 17th, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party may not be able to recover from the dive it took in the polls this week. They are down—more than they have been since campaigning began in December. He is expected to get 21 seats while the Zionist Camp headed by Labour’s Issac Herzog and Hatuna’s Tzipi Livni, would get 24. However, Israeli elections are determined by voting blocs and not individual parties. And so even if Bibi loses, he can still win. And if that happens, it wouldn’t be the first time.

FAQ: Palestinians and the Israeli elections

Allison Deger on

Will the Arab List with its assumed new clout back a Zionist-left government in order to keep incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing bloc out of government? Or will Palestinians be politically marginalized, as they traditionally are? Some Frequently Asked Questions about Palestinians and the election.

Netanyahu says Labor will bring ISIS to Jerusalem

Allison Deger on

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released an ISIS inspired campaign video late Saturday evening where his Likud party suggested a vote for his opponents will lead to Israel’s takeover by the Islamic terror group.

Hanin Zoabi disqualified from Israeli elections over a mistranslation gone too far

Allison Deger on

After a half-year suspension and a campaign to remove from office Arab member of Knesset Hanin Zoabi, right-wing parties succeeded in disqualifying her from participating in Israeli elections next month. Yesterday the Central Election Committee in the Knesset voted Zoabi and hardline candidate Baruch Marzel could not run. The two were accused of incitement against Israel.

Netanyahu ‘babysitter’ ad warns that Labor will give away Israel’s house and carpet

Allison Deger on

In his latest campaign ad Netanyahu plays the “Bibi-sitter” and says that his opponents cannot be trusted to watch after Israel’s children. He goes after Labor leader Issac Herzog by saying, “By the time we get home we won’t have a house left!” meaning that a centrist government would agree to end Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and turn over the occupied territories to the Palestinians. In the mindset of the commercial, this is as disastrous and foolish as giving away one’s own house.

A defensive Netanyahu announces elections hours after firing opposition members Lapid and Livni

Allison Deger on

“Swift elections must be held, and a new, united and strong government must be formed,” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced this evening calling for early Knesset elections hours after firing opposition members Yair Lapid and Tzipi Livni from his cabinet. The move comes after Yair Lapid, Tzipi Livni and Avigdor Lieberman all announced their parties were leaving the ruling coalition.