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Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to Tunisia cemetery exemplifies defamation campaign against him

David Samel on

Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance at the Tunis cemetery, remembering 72 killed by Israel in 1985 terrorist attack, was quite consistent with his decades-long condemnation of all bigotry and violence, and was one of his many unforgivable humanizations of Palestinians. He refused to adopt the mandatory fictions that Israel only kills civilians accidentally and only kills at all in self-defense

How (not) to tackle antisemitism in the Age of Boris

Robert Cohen on

Under Boris Johnson in Britain, Jewish institutions, rabbis, and Jewish student leaders are claiming to fight antisemitism while simultaneously defending, excusing, or denying the discrimination and oppression of another people. It’s a narrative framework that’s not sustainable, Robert Cohen writes.

Bernie supporters: talk about Palestine, or succumb to the smears

Shelby Shoup on
(Cartoon: Carlos Latuff)

Critics are starting to smear Bernie Sanders as antisemitic in the same manner that Jeremy Corbyn was attacked in the U.K. Shelby Shoup says we have to learn from Labour’s failure to categorically reject the conflation of antisemitism and anti-Zionism (or even mere criticism of Israel) or we are doomed to repeat their mistakes and succumb to the smear campaign. We cannot shy away from centering Palestinian freedom in our movement.

UK to investigate ‘far-left websites’ for ‘antisemitism’

Tom Suarez on

In the wake of Boris Johnson overwhelming victory in UK elections, Lord John Mann, the government’s independent antisemitism adviser, announced “I will be instigating an investigation this January into the role of the Canary and other websites in the growth of antisemitism in the United Kingdom.”

MP Candidate Gordon Gregory: Israel has ‘no reason to stop occupying’

Shahd Abusalama on
Gordon Gregory (Photo: Facebook)

Gordon Gregory, a Tory candidate for Parliament in the upcoming UK election, tells Shahd Abusalama, “If the violence from Palestine stopped then the Israel would have no reason to attack.  But whilst attacks are continuing and the existence of Israel is not accepted, they have no reason to stop occupying.”

Smoke without fire: the myth of a ‘Labour antisemitism crisis’

Jamie Stern-Weiner and Alan Maddison on

Faced with claims that Labour antisemitism poses an existential threat to Jews, on the one side, and arguments that antisemitism is neither widespread nor institutionalised in the party, on the other, it might be tempting to split the difference and assume that the truth lies somewhere in between. But Jamie Stern-Weiner and Alan Maddison say the truth of this controversy lies not in the middle but at one pole: there is no ‘Labour antisemitism crisis’.

Britain’s Chief Rabbi is helping to stoke antisemitism

Jonathan Cook on
Chief Rabbi Efraim Mirvis

Chief Rabbi Efraim Mirvis has no lessons to teach Corbyn or the Labour party about racism. In fact, it is his own, small-minded prejudice that blinds him to the anti-racist politics of the left. His ugly message is now being loudly amplified by a corporate media keen to use any weapon it can, antisemitism included, to keep Corbyn and the left out of power – and preserve a status quo that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

Zionists of the world (& co.) unite against Corbyn

Jonathan Ofir on

The witch-hunt against Jeremy Corbyn for supposed ‘anti-Semitism’ has been a consistent feature in British politics, orchestrated by Israel and its allies also in Jewish organizations. Chief UK rabbi Mirvis has just served a desperate incitement-blow in a Times article.

Chief Rabbi, we need a better way to fight antisemitism than attacking Labour

Robert Cohen on

Chief Rabbi Mirvis, what is the clear and present danger presented by the Labour party to Jews? Perhaps you can give me a rough idea of what I should expect, so I know whether to be ready to pack my bags when the election results come through. You are right when you say “the soul of our nation is at stake.” But you don’t seem to care about how we treat the poorest and most vulnerable, how urgently we tackle climate change, or our attitude towards human rights and international law. From Robert Cohen’s letter to the Jewish leader.

Why anyone who is Jewish and on the Left should have no problem voting for Jeremy Corbyn

Tony Greenstein on

Guardian editor Jonathan Freedland’s latest attack on Jeremy Corbyn robs the charge of antisemitism of its real and important meaning. His broadside is a hodgepodge of assertions based on guilt-by-association and statements taken out of context. If 87 percent of British Jews now believe Corbyn is antisemitic it is because of the media parroting pro-Israel propaganda.

The plot to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of power

Jonathan Cook on
Jeremy Corbyn. (Photo: Dan Kitwood)

Jeremy Corbyn’s success in Great Britain reflects an eroding neoliberal consensus that the establishment is fighting to maintain. To undercut Corbyn this establishment has attempted to recharacterize his support for the Palestinians and criticism of Israel as anti-semitism. These attacks have transformed the whole discursive landscape on Israel, the Palestinians, Zionism and anti-semitism in ways unimaginable 20 years ago.

As the Israel lobby in the US weakens, its UK counterpart grows more fearsome

Jonathan Cook on

Jonathan Cook writes that while there are signs politicians in the U.S. are finally ready to shine a light onto the pro-Israel lobby, the opposite is taking place in United Kingdom. He says this is due to the way the Israel lobby has recently emerged in British politics – hurriedly, and in a mix of panic and damage limitation mode due to the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, and the end of the international two-state consensus.