Tom Suarez


100 years ago today, one British officer turned Palestine over to another British officer with a jesting receipt, “One Palestine, complete” –among the most often quoted Zionist documents. Their joke is still galling 100 years later in the history of colonialism.

British filmmaker Ken Loach is compelled to withdraw from an anti-racism charity event because pro-Israel activists target him for his support of BDS. The price for keeping Loach would be “to wreck not only the competition and Ken Loach’s reputation, but the charity’s very existence,” his supporters said.

In order to play authentic religious music commemorating Bethlehem’s native son, the Amwaj Choir and Palestine Philharmonie needed a harpsichord. That search began a few years ago in Europe and culminated in Bethlehem in late October with the unveiling of a beautiful instrument.

Google Maps has turned Palestinian towns and cities into ghosts. They appear, yet according to the technology Goliath they do not exist as places one can actually get to. If you want to go between major West Bank cities such as Jericho, Bethlehem, or Hebron, Google will reply Sorry, we could not calculate driving directions… But if West Bank settlers want to visit other West Bank settlements, Google is at their service.

Israel’s most powerful weapon is the smearing of its critics as anti-Semites. After the Jewish Chronicle in London smeared Tom Suarez, the author filed a formal complaint against the newspaper with Britain’s main media watchdog, the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), and won a partial victory.