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May 10 2006

14 My Jewish Problem: Jewish Superiority, Jewish Elite

0 White Boy Graffiti

3 My Wife’s Hairdresser Turns the Tables on George Clooney

May 9 2006

1 One Way Soccer Is Superior to Basketball: Time

1 Defending Juan Cole

0 The Dick Cheney Literature, C’ted.

1 The Cheney Nobody Knows

May 8 2006

26 Helen Newman’s Apocalypse

4 Does Patrick Kennedy Want Out of Politics?

5 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I Mean Valerie (Plame)

May 7 2006

1 Steve Nash Accepts His MVP, and So Do I

May 6 2006

2 Andrew Sullivan Doth Protest Too Much About Torture

11 (Regretfully) Hitchens Is Right, Cole Is Wrong

2 Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and the MVP

May 5 2006

0 My Dog Got Its Head Caught in a Garbage Bag

May 4 2006

12 Don’t Fight With Your Wife About George Clooney

6 Alcoholism, Privacy and Blogging: the Cole-Hitchens Feud

May 3 2006

15 Oh No! I’m a Self-Hating Jew!?! Mom, Tell Me They’re Lying!

0 Un-Shaggy Dog Story

2 The Israel Lobby’s Elian Gonzales Moment

0 Brandeis, Continued

0 More on the Effects of Mearsheimer-Walt Paper

May 2 2006

3 Kaavyagate, the Prequel, the Sequel & the Miniseries

1 More on the Brandeis Story

4 Brandeis Shuts Down a Show of Palestinian Art

0 Gutless & Vicious: The Red Sox Fans

0 I’m Calling It The Former Radical

May 1 2006

1 I Was Wrong

13 Stephen Colbert Is Against the War

0 Nuke Dreams

1 How Patriotic Is Your Dog?

May 31 2006

3 Knuckleheads on My Site

0 More on the Basketball Problem

1 Cheney on Bernard Lewis

May 30 2006

3 Kama Sutra Position 33: I Do Better at a Dinner Party

23 My Jewish Problem C’ted: My Tribe Is No Longer a Progressive Political Force

0 New York Harbor’s Beaches. Yes, You Heard That Right

May 29 2006

0 The Smoking Transcript

0 Democratic Neocons

May 28 2006

0 War and Non-Sacrifice

0 I F— Up Another Dinner Party

0 Another Day, Another Picture of a Dog in a Sink

0 Another Problem With Basketball, a Big One

0 Barbaro, Continued

May 27 2006

0 Memo to Sports Editors

0 Excellence in Journalism

0 Dog Out of Focus and In Sink

May 26 2006

1 Tim Russert Meows at the Times

2 Hillary’s Baggage: A Story From My Former Life as a Clinton-Hater

0 10,000 Letters From Harvard

0 More Crocodile Tears for Dixie Chicks

0 Al Gore Is a Serious Person. Is Bill Clinton?

0 I Should Be Boiled In Oil

1 Will the Real Joseph C. Wilson IV Stand Up?

May 25 2006

0 I Was Disingenuous

5 My Travels In Evil Syria: An Expert’s Response

9 The Washington Post Hints That Clinton Has a Girlfriend

2 The Da Vinci Code: What’s That on Her Neck?

May 24 2006

0 Bill Clinton on His Marriage, and the Roosevelts’

0 For Whom the Newspaper Tolls

3 None Dare Call It Censorship

8 Crocodile Tears for the Dixie Chicks

May 23 2006

0 More on The Da Vinci Code and the Secularists

1 Neoconservatism: A Brief Tour, With Paranoid Fumes

1 Sex and Blackmail in Las Vegas

0 The Public Editor Leaves Something Out

0 The Iranian Badge Story

2 Bono’s African Hunger Tour on NBC

May 22 2006

0 Brokeback Sopranos

0 Mike Wallace Gets 60 Minutes

0 Is Barbaro the Poster Pony for Animal Rights?

May 21 2006

11 My Trip to Evil Syria

0 The Da Vinci Code: Not Good For Secularism

0 I Become a Crime Victim

May 20 2006

0 The Unbearable Brightness of the Neoconservatives, Part 1

0 “The Right of Return” Problem

0 More on the Da Vinci Code’s Appeal

1 Jimmy Carter Calls Israel’s Plans a “Land-Grab”

May 19 2006

0 Showers Vs. Baths, My Investigation Continues

0 Something to Admire About Barry Bonds

0 The A.E.I. Bats Its Eyes in the Times

4 The Left: Are We (Secretly) Pulling for the Insurgents?

0 Chronicles of Waste on the Hudson River

0 Famish, Rhymes With Haimish

May 18 2006

2 My Editor and My Wife Criticize “The Da Vinci Code”

0 The Times’ 9/11 Laptop Story

May 17 2006

6 A Prophet Without Honor in Congress

46 How the Geico Gecko Became My Everyman Hero

2 Why the Dog Looks Guilty

May 16 2006

6 The Plame Case: Joe Wilson’s Greatness and Grandiosity

1 More on My Jewish Problem

May 15 2006

3 A Rabbi Stands Up for a “Compassionate Religion”

0 I Retract Another Cheap Shot

0 A Portrait of the Artichoke as a Young Plant

0 Barry Werth on Bush’s Lack of Political Education

0 Does Booing Randy Johnson Help Anyone?

4 Zapped by Roger Ailes for Sloppy Thinking

0 Sopranos: The Unredeemed

May 13 2006

2 Neocons Tiptoe Away From Iraq

0 Mark Cuban Shows You How to Win

May 12 2006

1 Bush Support Falls to 29 People, I Mean Percent

3 More on the Left’s Real Power

2 Something Great About A.M. Rosenthal: Covering the Holocaust

2 Something Not Great About Rosenthal: How He Dealt With Gays

0 Wrong Again!

May 11 2006

2 What Bush Can Learn From Osama: Transparency

6 How the Internet Works: My Relationship With Joseph Wilson

2 Universities: The Last Refuge for the Left

0 A Response to a Reader’s Complaint That I Have Too Many Out-of-Focus Pictures of My Dogs

May 10 2006

0 How Many Have Died in Iraq?

0 The Times Is Mean to David Blaine