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January 31 2007

50 How the Jewish Lobby Helped Save My Family

January 30 2007

7 David Gregory, Pls Come Forward in Libby Case

6 How Neocons (and Neolibs) Dismissed the Prospect of Sunni-Shi’ite Conflict in Iraq

12 Jewish Liberals Say The Dog Wags the Tail (I Say the Tail Wags the Dog)

3 ‘Commentary’ Shows Fairness to Two Critics of Israel

January 29 2007

5 Guilt Over Fascism Fuels the Spanish Allegory in ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’

January 28 2007

26 Jimmy Carter Is Still Passionless (but Soulful)

January 26 2007

51 Judt Responds to Dershowitz’s Characterization: ‘It Is a Lie’

2 Were George Trow’s Eulogists Ashamed of His Psychiatric History?

2 At Brandeis, Alan Dershowitz Snaps His Towel at Tony Judt

9 Congressional Junkets to Israel: A Key Tool of the Rightwing Lobby

January 25 2007

2 Carter’s Breakup on NBC Nightly News: Survivor Guilt?

January 24 2007

5 What Was Cheney Chewing During State of the Union?

49 Hagel , Durbin Et Al Should Apply ‘Political’ Theory of Iraq Violence to Israel/Palestine

January 23 2007

25 Actually, Obama Did Go to a ‘Madrasah’

January 22 2007

26 Further Defense Re Jewish Opposition to Iraq War

January 21 2007

37 Why I’m Right About Liberal Jews and the Antiwar Movement

January 20 2007

13 Why Jews Are Not Leading an Antiwar Movement This Time Round

January 19 2007

22 I’m Too Harsh on My People

6 The Dual Citizenship Problem, Cte’d

January 18 2007

4 The Jewish Lobby, Revisited

8 Response to Tough Dove on Dual Loyalty Charge, and Others

5 Two Comments That Didn’t Get In, Re Free Speech and Jew-Hatred

January 17 2007

15 2 Apologies to My Readers

6 Urban Outfitters Stops Selling Kaffiyehs as ‘Antiwar’ Scarves

January 16 2007

50 Dual Loyalty: Why Did a Neocon Vote in Both Israel and U.S.?

5 As Conservative Blacks Own Inner-City Woes, Jews Must Own the Neocons, and Disgorge Their Ideology

January 13 2007

50 ‘The Forward’ Allows Jewish Liberals to Rewrite Their Support for Iraq Debacle

January 12 2007

5 Arendt’s Foresight

29 Norah O’Donnell Sees Israel Lobby Behind Carter Row

28 When They Sandbag Jimmy Carter, Jewish Leaders Deny the Facts

January 11 2007

5 At a Brooklyn Temple, An Israeli Veteran Tells of His Sister’s Murder by a Suicide Bomber

January 10 2007

44 Walt and Mearsheimer as Scholars of Jewish History

January 9 2007

36 Walt and Mearsheimer Rebut (and Humble) Their Critics

January 8 2007

5 ‘Why?’ I Asked the Soldier. ‘It’s an Order–This Is a Jews-Only Road’

3 Chris Matthews Mainstreams Another Yiddish Word

4 Virulent Anti-Carterism Sweeps Country

11 The Christian Divide: Liberal Protestants Criticize Israel, the Religious Right Defends Her

7 Does Obama’s Being Half-Black Make Him More Acceptable?

January 6 2007

17 How Two Jewish Publishers Who Privately Opposed Zionism Folded

January 5 2007

6 Commentary and the New Republic Say, Repeat After Me: ‘There Is No Israel Lobby’

January 4 2007

7 Jimmy Carter Gains Support From (the Great) Siegman

27 Iphigene Sulzberger Reconciled Jewishness and Intermarriage

January 3 2007

1 Presidential Funeral Affords Three Sightings of Wandering Sage, Brokaw

1 R.W. Apple Socialized With Liberal Dems

January 2 2007

3 The Haunting of Paul Wolfowitz. Why Stop With Him?

24 Forgiving Elie Wiesel, Somewhat, on His Opposition to Gypsies in Holocaust Museum

5 Is ‘The Forward’ Supporting Dual Loyalty?

11 The Dark Side of Gerald Ford’s Legacy: the Peace Corps Murder