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November 14 2007

15 ‘The Religious Left’ Warns Sec’y Rice, the Bible Promised Israel to the Jews

November 13 2007

7 Chris Matthews Says JFK’s Houston Religion Speech Won’t Work Today

11 Norman Mailer on the Neocons, and Israel Ghettoizing the Palestinians

November 12 2007

11 ABC Shames Atlanta Water-Pig. Are We Returning to an Era of Sacrifice?

36 Now That the Religious Right Is History, Let’s Talk About the Religious Left (Which Claims to be Secular)

November 11 2007

18 Center for Jewish History Should Publish Proceedings of Hedgefunders’ Event Exploring ‘Jewish Involvement in Finance’

November 8 2007

50 Former ’60 Minutes’ Star Joins List of Those Alleging Dual Loyalty Re Israel

18 A Little Hill Near Bethlehem Reveals the Power of the Israel Lobby

11 Sarkozy Tells Us About the Good War, and Friendship

4 Another Jewish Student Seeks Sanctions Against Israel

November 7 2007

23 Does Paul Newman Owe a Spiritual Debt to the Palestinians?

5 Foxman and Wisse Attack Assimilation, Foxman Saying It Makes Jews Less Selfish

6 Some Grownups Talk About the Israel Lobby

November 6 2007

25 Walt & Mearsheimer Are Honored In England. Disgraced Here.

4 A ‘Frightening’ Evening at Yivo Institute, Talking About Walt & Mearsheimer

November 5 2007

23 The Washington Post Can’t Stop Talking About Jewish Power (and Walt and Mearsheimer)

6 ‘Esquire’ Describes Power of Israel Lobby, Without Naming It

18 YIVO Stages Event on Walt/Mearsheimer; Can Jewish Institutions See Israel As Others See Israel?

14 ’60 Minutes’ Blames Screwball Iraqi Scientist for Iraq War, Ignoring American Intellectuals

November 3 2007

18 More Important Than Tutu. More Important Than Carter. M.J. Rosenberg

2 Elite Opinion vs. Populists; CFR Veers on Walt & Mearsheimer

November 2 2007

14 Is Obama Too Smart to Be President?

November 1 2007

32 ‘Foreign Affairs’ Savages Walt & Mearsheimer’s ‘Methodology’ and Misses the Point

November 29 2007

50 Is Olmert an Antisemite?

November 28 2007

36 Why the Left is Singin’ Gospels…

22 My Wife Invokes Sharia re Our Investments

November 26 2007

50 Are Pro-Israel Doves Part of the Lobby? Fleshler’s Challenge

November 24 2007

28 My Sociological Thanksgiving (Intermarriage, Jewish Wealth, the Iraq War)

November 21 2007

50 Two Classes, Meritocrats and Their Servants. Recipe for Revolution?

8 The ‘Evil’ of the Settlements: Destroying Palestinian Goats, and Traditional Lifestyle, in the Hebron Hills

5 The Bags at Barney Greengrass Are Too Thick

November 17 2007

5 ‘You’re Glitz. You’re Glam. You’re Building on Palestinian Land!’

50 ‘Dissent’ Editor Smears Soul-Searching Over Jewish Identity and Foreign Policy as ‘Anti-Semitic’

6 I Want to Use the Word ‘Holocaust’ for Iraq

November 15 2007

44 Jewish Press Covers Anti-Settlement Angle that NYT Won’t Touch With a 10-Foot Pole

November 14 2007

23 Is It Just Business-as-Usual in D.C. When a Lobbyist Brings Classified Info to a Foreign Embassy?

18 Theory of Mukasey’s Jewish Network Reveals Divided Discourse, and Media Decadence