Is Olmert an Antisemite?

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Today’s Haaretz features an interview with Ehud Olmert datelined the U.S. in which the P.M. says that Israel must allow a two-state solution now or face a "South-African style struggle for equal voting rights" that will alienate American Jewish groups. (Don’t worry, Prime Minister, mainstream American Jewish groups have signed off on everything else Israel has done to deny human and civil rights to the Palestinians, you have nothing to fear; they will rationalize anything…)

So Olmert is now making the apartheid analogy. When Jimmy Carter or anyone else has used the a-word, they are called anti-semites, and Joseph Lelyveld patiently explains why it is inaccurate in the New York Review of Books. Isn’t it time to end the prevarication and parsing?

Myself, I prefer: the segregated south. A little closer to home.

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