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August 31 2008

30 Why Don’t Palestinians Adopt Gandhi’s Methods?

8 Medical Statistics Weigh Against Internet Rumor That Palin’s Fifth Child Isn’t Hers

20 Palin’s Utter Lack of Intellectual Sophistication Scares Me

4 Once Called a ‘Schwarze,’ Saban’s for Obama

3 Jews Prefer to Live Among Gentiles (Says Haaretz)

10 WASPs Are the New Secularists, Jews the New Parochialists

3 I Paid for the Best Ads on Television

33 Palin Pick Shows, Awareness of the Israel Lobby Is Now Out There in the American Hinterland

August 30 2008

11 The Israel Lobby and Sarah Palin

12 Was Truman Courageous in Recognizing Israel in ’48?

0 Gallery Owner Who May Have Missed a Leonardo Rationalizes Her Call

23 I’m Wrong About Palin– and Being Reflexively Anti-Elitist

August 29 2008

36 Lovin’ McCain, Today Anyway

8 Sarah Palin Is In Touch!

3 ‘The National’ Twits Naipaul

21 So Much for the ‘War for Oil’

2 The Most Exciting Political Year of Our Lives!

11 Reported VP Candidate Palin Is Married to a Native Eskimo

3 Israel’s ‘Aliyah’ Problem–My Suggestion

August 28 2008

12 Ready to Be Led

22 Judea Pearl–and Noam Chomsky–on the ‘Right to Exist’

2 Grandpa, Where Were You

6 Smite the Occupation at Hip and Thigh!

33 Jews Prefer Living Among Gentiles

12 Most Israelis Think About Leaving

10 Rove Fears Neocon Putsch in GOP

6 Yes We Are! (The Liberal Media)

11 Zionism Is an Establishment Value

August 27 2008

5 ‘J Street’ Leader Says 2-State Solution Is Approaching Its ‘Sell-By Date’

25 Does the Save Darfur Coalition Have a Hidden Pro-Israel Agenda?

26 Progressive Zionists and AIPAC Have Same Litmus Test for Candidates: Support Israel!

1 Ney Says He Got Prosecuted Because He Spoke Up for Iran

3 Reverse Aliyah

13 Dreams of My Leader

0 ‘Washington Post’ Lets Foodie Call Israel ‘Hideous Violator of Human Rights’

August 26 2008

50 Jimmy Carter Won’t Speak at the Democratic Convention

4 Let Michelle Be Michelle– Vogue

19 Chicago Judge Invokes Herzl in OK’ing Ban on Intermarried Heirs

4 Jeff Halper Arrested on Leaving Gaza

16 Ink-Stained Arabist Detected on W. 43rd Street

6 LA Times: ‘Israel Lobby’ Is ‘Dead Hand of the Past’

5 Giant Jews Jumpin for Joe

1 ‘Al-Jazeera’ Uses Blockade Running Boats to Describe Gaza’s Shocking Conditions

12 Give the Two Sides a Deadline. Then Impose the ’67 Borders

August 25 2008

3 An American Talleyrand, Biden Has the Chops to Go to Tehran

13 Michelle Seemed Stepfordish

2 Humanitarian Boats Pass Safely Thru Blockade to Gaza

26 Chicago Judge Likens Bar on Intermarriage to ‘Bigotry’

7 Obama Is a Real Person–a Real Intellectual–and That’s What We Need

27 An Ambassador Bites His Tongue

6 Are Obama-Free Car Bumpers a Sign of Racism?

18 Deliciously Savage Review of Pollack–in NYT!–Suggests Brookings Has Been Corrupted

August 24 2008

27 The Pavilions of Alan Dershowitz

7 What I Liked About the Olympics

32 Why Richard Witty Has Power Over Me

20 Why I’m Doubtful About the ‘Peace Process’

August 23 2008

16 It’s the Racism, Stupid

33 Is Biden

14 Two ‘Times’ Employees ‘Loved and Cared Deeply About’ Darwish’s Work. Neither Was Assigned His Obit

August 22 2008

31 Foxman Says ‘Oldest Answer to Policy Failures’ Is–You Guessed ‘Em

4 What Planet Do We Live On Dept.: Israel Lobbyist Dismisses ‘J Street’ as ‘Pro-Palestinian’

5 Neoconservatism Is Apparently Still a Resume-Builder

7 My Father-in-Law: Failure to Solve Energy Crisis Would Be Like Losing World War II

37 Feeling Defensive About Talking About Jews

August 21 2008

19 My Mother-in-Law Says Bikinis Were ‘Imposed’ on Beach Volleyball Players

10 My Father-in-Law Has a List of 30 Immediate Measures to Avert the Energy Catastrophe

8 Darfur Doesn’t Lend Itself to Black and White Distinctions

August 20 2008

6 Will Bolt Bolt to the NFL?

18 Election of Black President Is ‘Tonic for the White Soul’–Buckley

31 ‘She’s Jewish’ Should Be as Meaningless Politically as ‘Her Favorite Color is Blue.’ But It Isn’t

50 Anti-Anti-Semitism

August 19 2008

30 Hebron, Hebron

August 18 2008

22 Avnery: Darwish Didn’t Want to be a National Poet, But His People Needed That of Him

16 These Olympics Feel Cold, Creepy

5 Who Said Nukes Are ‘Totally Irrational, Inhumane, Destructive’? Guess Again

16 ’92d Street Y’ Invites Neocons But No Arabs to Its Programs on Israel/Palestine

3 Palestinian Mayor Says WINEP Scholar Misrepresented Him to Congress

29 Math Prof: ‘Hiring Finkelstein Will Catapult You to the Front Ranks of Schools Worldwide.’ Cal State: ‘No Dice’

5 Israel’s Terms for Pal State Likened to Terms for Germany at Versailles

9 More on the Confiscation of Palestinian Farm Land

16 Why We’re Headed for a One-State Solution

10 Diamond King Leviev’s Land Grab in the West Bank

August 17 2008

28 Feeling Incredibly Post-Racial

10 Adelson’s Got Two Countries by the Short and Curlies. At Least Some Israelis Are Embarrassed

August 16 2008

31 I’ve Started Reading the Comments on, ‘The Anti-Semites Are on My Side’

27 Israeli Columnist: ‘We Used to Export Oranges. Now It’s Assassination Experts’

22 Am I Terminally Naive? Is Georgia More Neocon Unipolar Hubris? Help!

9 Palestinian Scholar Denied Entry Here Says Israel May Have Tortured Someone to Gain ‘Evidence’ Against Him

August 15 2008

29 Georgia: ‘Duck Soup,’ ‘Tail Wags Dog,’ ‘Syriana’ Or All the Above?

9 Associated Press Gets Rather Bold in Detailing Neocons’ Disastrous Back Pages

5 American Jewish ‘Influence’ Is Now Behind the 2-State Solution

6 ‘Ashamed and Disgusted’ (A Jewish Epidemiologist Tours Reeking, Malnourished Gaza)

17 Is ‘Haaretz’ Using Michael Phelps to Lead Israel Away From Jewcentricity?

3 Judge Edwards. Then Judge McCain

24 Russia Reminds Me of Israel

August 14 2008

7 Darfur: When We Say ‘Genocide’ We Lift Human Actions Out of History

14 Child-Abuse Olympics

6 Bubble, Bubble: Journalists Grow More Direct About ‘Israel-Firsters’ and Iran

3 Is Robert Downey Jr.’s Blackface Post-Racial?

13 Nissan Pulls Ad Featuring Vengeful Arab Stereotype

August 13 2008

30 Every Time They Show That Chinese Kid Facing Down the Tank in Tiananmen Square in ’89

6 CT Congressional Candidate Bashed Israel Lobby–and Is Trounced

7 In Your Name: Israeli Captain Shoots Already-Shot Palestinian Boy in the Other Leg

7 The Zelig of the Peace Process Should Go

50 Antisemites Are on My Side of These Issues. How Much Should I Care?

2 The U.S. Must Reverse Its Decision to Bar Gaza Boy From Coming Here to Study

2 Lifestyles of the Neocons

2 U.S. Rejects Israel’s Request for Arms and Assistance Needed to Strike Iran

16 Sarkozy Would Have Flubbed Our Fidelity Test

August 12 2008

14 Pinch-Hitting for Samantha Power, Playing Left Field– George Clooney

3 Understanding Darfur: An Olympic Update

13 ‘Here Lie a Murderer and the Murdered, Sleeping in One Hole’ (Mahmoud Darwish, Remembered by Two Arabic-Speakers)

5 Has Shiva Become the Same as a Wake?

11 Steve Walt’s Restoration Has Begun

22 Georgia on Your Mind

3 Herring Weds Herringbone. How Will They Raise the Children?

10 Journo 101: Joe Klein and Thomas Friedman Should Name the Warmongers

August 11 2008

22 Missouri Man Defends Harsh Treatment of His Neighbor by a State Halfway Around the World

2 The Worst Years in Darfur, ’03-’04, Brought Relatively Rapid International Response

11 My Assimilationist Weekend Is a Threat to Zionism

4 US and Israeli Threat Perceptions Diverge, Re Iran

3 Israeli Defense Minister Calls Gaza Truce ‘a Success’

11 Maybe We Should Have Paid More Attention to the $400 Haircut

14 Here’s Hoping There’s Not a Georgia Lobby in Washington….

August 10 2008

8 ’60 Minutes’ Report on Israeli Air Force Feels Like Propaganda

7 Chairman of American Enterprise Institute Is Now Supporting a Realist

51 NBC Erases Michael Phelps’s Father

6 Mahmoud Darwish Could Have Been an Israeli Poet

August 9 2008

31 ‘Zionism Is Dying,’ Says Israel’s Leading Newspaper

10 ‘Just Kill Me Here. I Want My Land.’

20 Kristol Seems to Realize He’s on the Wrong Side of History

5 Did Palestinians Once Have an Olympic-Sized Pool?

5 2-State Solution ‘a Complete Disaster,’ Israeli-American Author Says

August 8 2008

17 Obama Just Acts Brainwashed to Hold on to the Lieberman Democrats

12 Hebron Settlers Pour Boiling Water on People Bearing Witness

18 David Brooks Implies that Obama’s Broken Family Unsuits Him for Presidency

8 Jewish and Non-Jewish Groups Must Work Together to End the Occupation

8 Troilus and Feith

8 Something Is Rotten Dept: ‘Washington Jewish Week’ Endorses Occupation, Settlements

August 7 2008

23 Perestroika: Two More American Jewish Websites Critical of Israel

15 Is Bruce Ivins the American Version of David Kelly?

8 What Would Andy Pettitte Do? (Apologize for the Nakba!)

14 Katzenberg’s Half-Million-Dollar Poker Game–Is It Good for Obama?

6 Tom Friedman Said What Joe Klein Said, a While Back, Speaking in Code of the ‘Elite’ War

8 Dr. Ivins Was Dr. Hyde-in-Plain-Sight

August 6 2008

7 Boycott the Olympics Over Darfur?

6 Matthews on Ike’s Stand on Suez, Duncan Hunter on Disbanding the Iraqi Army

4 Well, You See, There Used to Be This Thing Called a Newspaper, and People Used to Get It Every Day

11 ‘The Times’ Says Nothing About Aish HaTorah’s One-Jerusalem Agenda

17 Neoconservative Found Alive but Delirious in Cave in Lower Manhattan

9 Meretz Warns Israel: ‘Old Diaspora Rules’ Are Out the Window

4 Owner of Xpress Fuel and Lube in Kansas Is Trapped for 4 Months in Gaza

August 5 2008

6 What Would You Have Done When the Liberation Army Formed in Darfur?

16 Israeli City Underwrites Program to Stop Israeli Girls From Dating Israeli Arabs

8 Roosevelt Told the People How He Felt. We Damn Near Believed Him

2 WINEP Cites Geneva Convention Re Iranian Rebels, Forgets About It When It Comes to Palestinians Under Occupation

3 Cantor, Possible McCain Second, Is a Gleaming Zealot Re Jerusalem

2 Having Paddled Joe Klein Over Dual Loyalty Charge, ADL Invokes ‘Jewish’ and ‘Israeli’ Interest in Olympics

10 Shades of ‘Exodus,’ Boat to Sail from Cyprus to Gaza and Test Siege

13 ‘J Street’ Will Show Real Leadership by Reaching Out to Jimmy Carter

13 Two Members in Good Standing Who Converted to Judaism. A Trendlet?

August 4 2008

22 Feith: It’s ‘Silly’ to Say that Bush Administration Went It Alone

10 Dog to Tail: ‘Please Don’t Wag Me’

0 Glitch, Not Goons, Took Down ‘Magnes Zionist’

15 Pete Seeger: ‘See You on the Other Side’

15 Jewish Bible Beats Koran, 669-0

17 Zionism Becomes a Social Value in the Establishment

August 3 2008

22 Neocons Don’t Understand the WMD Threat–Van Evera

13 Semper Feith

14 McCain Considers Right Wing ‘Zio-Freakazoid’ for Veep Nod

August 2 2008

5 ‘Weekly Standard’ Coverboy Calls Obama ‘Clever Virus’ With ‘Terrorist’ Ties

36 Israeli Gov’t Imposes Quota on Palestinian Students in Universities

11 Where Have All the Liberal Protestants Gone? (Replaced by Neocons Every One)

August 1 2008

22 Back in the Day, Anthrax Was Used to Justify Iraq War

11 The Klein Effect; ‘The Forward’ ‘Jokes’ that Zionist Neocons Pushed Iraq War for Israel

7 A Word About the Ads

8 Divided Jerusalem–’48-67–Was a Disaster

29 Jewish Community Due for ‘Turmoil’ and ‘Upheaval’ Over Neocon Capitulation

6 Yehoshua on Dual Loyalty: If You Live in the U.S., Harlem Is Your Brother. Not Jerusalem

2 Israeli Blogger Reports on Settler ‘Goons’ in Hebron. His Blog Gets ‘Locked’ Down

3 Holocaust or Bonanza–Perle Said to Explore Oil Deal in Iraq