Palestinian boys appropriate Old Testament technology, iconography

Did you notice in Max Blumenthal's video the Palestinian boys at the demonstration in occupied Ni'lin using slingshots against the Israeli army?

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  1. RichardWitty says:

    Please don't conclude that that demonstration was then "non-violent". Certainly rocks don't equate with rubber bullets, but they also don't equate with just words or logic.

  2. JES49 says:

    Where have you been for the past two decades Phil? Is this the first time you've seen a Palestinian youth using a sling?

  3. just asking says:

    Was biblical David concerned with mere words or logic? If not, why is he a hero amongst Jews and Zionist Christians?

  4. moshe says:

    Go back to playing with your dreidel. Can anyone imagine a more boring tool?

  5. RowanBerkeley says:

    I think it is self-regarding — and for a professed secularist, quite bizarrely so — to describe the use of slingshots as "appropriating Old Testament technology, iconography." The "Old Testament" has no copyright on the slingshot.