‘I think this is the most emotional event I’ve ever done’ (Naomi Klein in Ramallah)

Anees of Jerusalem writes:


Yesterday Naomi Klein gave a great talk at the Friends School in Ramallah. It was a short addendum to her January piece in The Nation supporting the BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) movement against Israel. I recorded it in video, but it came out too shaky, so here's the audio in mp3, 35 min long.

    Speech is about movement-building, beginning with Klein's days working against apartheid, "a training ground" for many of the Israel/Palestine activists. Klein:

"There is a debate among Jews. I used to say the Jewish community then I got excommunicated. There is a debate among Jews–I'm a Jew by the way" that boils down to: "Never again to everyone, or never again to us?… [Some Jews] even think we get one Get away with genocide free card… There is another strain in the Jewish tradition that says, 'Never again to anyone.'"

    Then thanks her parents for being in that second tradition!

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  1. Richard Witty says:

    Never Again!!, To anyone. And not by my hand.

  2. norm depalma says:

    does Naomi mention the article she wrote when she was editor of the University of Toronto school newspaper? The one where she details the 'commonplace occurrence' of Israeli soldiers masturbating to holocaust pornography? No? Funny how she's tried to avoid that little gaffe of hers, by staying away from the Israel/Palestinian issue for many years…until I guess now, when she believes her best selling author/movement guru/ Lipstick Chomsky status grants her enough immunity for past misdeeds.

  3. DICKERSON3870 says:

    What is "holocaust pornography"?

  4. David_F says:

    In the years shortly after the founding of Israel, there was a genre of sadomasochistic literature and comic books ("Stalag fiction") set in concentration camps. It was extremely popular among (mostly male) teenagers.

  5. Ishmail says:

    It appears that Naomi wouldn't mind once again, as long as it doesn't happen to Jews like her.

  6. DICKERSON3870 says:

    I DID FIND THIS: " I admit that I did not see this pornography first hand (thank God). And it occurred to me that it might be fabricated. But, then I thought, why would she do that? And why would Dworkin, herself Jewish, go to the trouble of making it up with such detail? Afterwards, I ran into this article, published at WorldNetDaily of all places (a staunchly zionist site], with the odd title "What if Mel Gibson were a porn star?" ” target=”_blank”>http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ART… In it, Judith Reisman, who I presume is also Jewish, laments the existence of the same repulsive Holocaust porn. Surely, both can't be imagining things." SOURCE – ” target=”_blank”>http://shoutwire.com/comments/46780/Holocaust_Por…

  7. lovelyisraelis says:

    Let all good Jews of the world flourish and may every city in Israel be burnt to the ground with napalm.

  8. DICKERSON3870 says:

    RE: "holocaust pornography" SEE: "What if Mel Gibson were a porn star?", by Judith Reisman, 08/03/06 (EXCERPT) …when I was in Israel researching the Israeli mass media, my aide and I went to the Anti-Defamation League in Jerusalem with samples of rape and torture magazine photos being broadcast throughout the nation. As I laid out page after page of full-color sadomasochistic images of women used to advertise various products, the ADL director could barely stifle his yawn. Many of the worst images were in the publication ''Monitin,'' a mix of ''Playboy'' and ''Life,'' a high-gloss monthly for the Israeli upper-crust, boasting a cadre of respected Israeli writers. Finally, I turned to the pages of a pseudo ''Holocaust pornography'' photo essay. The background included a huge old World War II oven, World War II cattle trains and women in sexy lingerie running from potential rapists/killers. The ADL director suddenly awoke from his trance. ''Why, this is the Holocaust,'' he said. ''Monitin is exploiting the Holocaust!'' To sell lingerie! Now he would call the publisher, ''a good friend of mine,'' to protest. I picked up my stack consisting of nearly one hundred rape and torture photo-adverts sold across the counters in every Kiosk in Israel, and said, ''No, thank you. You go yourself.'' ''If you only understand the Holocaust when it shows up in standard Nazi, fascist images; if you can give succor to this brutalizing pornographic hate against Israeli women, children and society, we have nothing to say to one another,'' I replied…. ENTIRE ARTICLE – ” target=”_blank”>http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ART…

  9. Tenma says:

    Not to lower the tone, but … Naomi is hot.

  10. DICKERSON3870 says:

    RE: "holocaust pornography" SEE ALSO – "Israel: Whose Country Is It Anyway?", by Andrea Dworkin, 1990 (EXCERPT) You have to see it to believe it and even seeing it might not help. I've been sent it over the years by feminists in Israel–I had seen it–I didn't really believe it. Unlike in the United States, pornography is not an industry. You find it in mainstream magazines and advertising. It is mostly about the Holocaust. In it, Jewish women are sexualized as Holocaust victims for Jewish men to masturbate over. Well, would you believe it, even if you saw it? Israeli women call it 'Holocaust pornography.' The themes are fire, gas, trains, emaciation, death ….. ….Monitin is a left-liberal slick monthly for the intelligentsia and upper class. It has high productions and aesthetic values. Israel's most distinguished writers and intellectuals publish in it. Judith Antonelli in The Jewish Advocate reported that Monitin 'contains the most sexually violent images. Photos abound of women sprawled out upside-down as if they have just been attacked.' Or, in a magazine for women that is not unlike Ladies' Home Journal, there is a photograph of a woman tied to a chair with heavy rope. Her shirt is torn off her shoulders and upper chest but her arms are tied up against her so that only the fleshy part of the upper breasts is exposed. She is wearing pants–they are wet. A man, fully dressed, standing next to her, is throwing beer in her face. In the United States, such photographs of women are found in bondage magazines. For purists, there is an Israeli pornography magazine. The issue I saw had a front-page headline that read: ORGY AT YAD VASHEM. Yad Vashem is the memorial in Jerusalem to the victims of the Holocaust. Under the headline, there was a photograph of a man sexually entangled with several women…. ….There is outrage on the part of women at the Holocaust pornography–a deep, ongoing shock; but little understanding. For me, too. Having seen it here, having tried to absorb it, then seeing stacks of it at the institute, I felt numb and upset. Here I had slides; in Israel I saw the whole magazines–the context in which the photographs were published. These really were mainstream venues for violent pornography, with a preponderance of Holocaust pornography…. SOURCE – ” target=”_blank”>http://www.nostatusquo.com/ACLU/dworkin/IsraelII….

  11. CrazyWisdom says:

    my tone got higher :-)

  12. David_F says:

    Could you please avoid this kind of rhetoric?

  13. norm depalma says:

    Always good to quote from the rantings of an insane radical feminist like Dworkin, a woman who famously argued that "all heterosexual sex in our patriarchal society is coercive and degrading to women, and sexual penetration may by its very nature doom women to inferiority and submission, and "may be immune to reform."" (wikipedia). Just completes the picture of Klein as a Dworkin wanna be. You see Naomi struggled as a kid whether to boldfacedly adopt the truly radical and often asinine path of the Dworkins and Mackinnons, or to couch her childish beliefs in a more user friendly presentation. After the U of T debacle, she decided to go the Lipstick Chomsky way—- and as we see from some of the comments here, she has succeeded. I mean, how can this hottie (in a Sarah Palin there are no other woman in Alaska, way) be a nutty radical, looking to foment some vague, not thought-out revolution, in a bid to upturn society/ make herself rich and famous?! Can't be! She looks so regular, so MILFish!

  14. norm depalma says:

    Of course, she is an intellectual fraud, and her renewed interest in Israel and the Palestinians is just another bid for new material for some upcoming book. The only cause she cares about is Naomi Klein. Not the occupation. Not the Palestinians. Congrats to this website for being the latest in a long line of blinded suckers.

  15. seham says:

    Can you guys stream the audio?

  16. Ray P says:

    Plse plse guys give her a break. She was young and foolish. Everyone makes mistakes. Haven'T ul made any??? She has grown since and people do hav potential to make CHANGE within themselves. So plse dont jump down her throat. Give her a chance to make a difference in the world. The LORD ALMIGHTY is always forgiving us our ruthless sins so who are we to condemn and judge her if she now rethinks her previous behaviour and wish to change herself. GOD BLESS Naomi and thru HIS Mercy And Grace may she succeed in her endeavours. Ameen.

  17. Ishmail says:

    Why does honesty upset you? Doesn't the true beliefs of most here deserve to be aired?

  18. thedhimmi says:

    She's exactly the same. Just plays the game a little better. She is a self promoter. When the Palestinian gig fails she will find something else to promote Naomi.

  19. Strahl says:

    It's not the true beliefs of people here. Jake in Jerusalem thedhimmi Eurosabra Thom Suzanne Chris Barrel-roll Julian etc. All these Zionists have said disgusting racist things about Arabs and have also made Islamophobic comments too. And we can play the same rhetorical games that you are playing. So stop. Both sides here have gotten vulgar and borderline to outright racist and bigoted. Now, if you want to talk about the EXTENT to which each side exhibits this behavior, well I would wager it's your camp that wins. I don't have some sort of study on that, but I've been here since the summer and after Gaza we had a huge influx of ZioTrolls who just kept calling everybody antisemitic while ironically dehumanizing the Palestinians and Islam and Arabs in general. I'll be the first to apologize for sensationalist/vulgar language if you choose to be civil too. lovelyisraelis might be 'Rykart' – who is intelligent but yes, vulgar too.

  20. Strahl says:

    That's how these movements are. A lot of people do not know what's happening and/or are not concerned. So she serves a purpose to spread awareness. I don't mind that because she's intelligent IMO and seems to care. Maybe she is opportunistic too but I think you're just salty she's concerned about the Palestinians. Now, if you want to talk about opportunistic, Christopher Hitchens is your man. At least we don't have Jon Voight on our side.

  21. stevieb says:


  22. Citizen says:

    Here's a brief article and three sample covers from Israel: ” target=”_blank”>http://www.printmag.com/print_forum/tabid/90/foru…

  23. Senhal says:

    Wow. I just listened to her talk and, if possible, I admire her even more. On the intellectual level, she sees the history of colonialism and its underlying economic motivations; on the personal level, she ends with a remarkably forthright statement on, and apology for, why it took her so long to join the call for BDS. Either she's an amazing actor (re the claim of opportunism), or she's a person of unusual integrity. I think it's the latter.

  24. Jake in Jerusalem says:

    Suckers! I just used that term a minute ago in another context. MondoFools are so very gullible… Suckers, that sounds about right.

  25. Jake in Jerusalem says:

    Strahl? Apoligizing? You have NEVER submitted a comment based on fact or the issues at hand. You ROUTINELY use vile language and attack the messenger as well as the message but never deal with the issues. That you seem to disapprove of me is a sign that I am surely on the side of truth and decency.

  26. Sir_Jack_Gurney says:

    RE: norm depalma The "gentleman" doth protest too much, methinks. PS. I apologize for dispensing with the formalities, ladies and gentlemen.

  27. lovelyisraelis says:

    lovelyisraelis is indeed rykart and the israelis are indeed vile pigs who ought to be booted out of the Mid East permanently, (if not all thrown in jail). No on need apologize for this point of view, which is nothing other than a fundamental thirst for justice and accountability.

  28. schalom libertad says:

    Dear moderator, By any respectable measure, the poster under the name "lovelyisraelis" has seriously violated the bounds of respectable debate. S/he wrote an outright racist comment when s/he wrote "israelis are indeed vile pigs." And s/he is provoking genocide by writing "may every city in Israel be burnt to the ground with napalm." I have reported both of these comments to you as completely inappropriate and outside of respectable debate, but the comments remain on the thread. If you think they do not violate your standards of debate, I request that you explain why. Sincerely, SL