‘Weekly Standard’ accuses Sullivan of anti-Semitism

Fat's in the fire. Michael Goldfarb:

just in case you think [Andrew] Sullivan might not necessarily be using the term
neocon as a substitute for Zionist, he helpfully clears up any
confusion by referring to the paper's op-ed page as "hackneyed AIPAC
boilerplate." So while Sullivan and Khamenei may disagree over what end
the Jews seek through their nefarious control of the media, they both
understand what the real threat is.

Smart people should decide how "nefarious" anything is for themselves. But this is the usual dissembling. Jews have media power. What does it mean, and what doesn't it mean? Sullivan is upset over the firing of Dan Froomkin by Fred Hiatt, whom I grew up with, during summers in a scientific community, and went to college with. My crowd. We changed the world. How? Hush.

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  1. Bioticman says:

    Aside from a few megaphones here and there, the American media so seldom offers a forum for the views and opinions of Benjamin Netanyahu, it's refreshing to learn that NBC, in the form of David Gregory, has graciously invited the Prime Minister to appear on "Meet the Press."

  2. tree_ says:

    So clearly Goldfarb is using the word "Zionist" as if it's synonymous with "Jew". Isn't that the ultimate anti-semitic remark? Shouldn't he send himself into the corner for a time-out until he learns the difference?

  3. Craig11 says:

    It's kind of a strange argument that Goldfarb makes. Not all neocons are Jewish, but are we not supposed to have noticed the connections between neocons and the Israel lobby?

  4. Jirat says:

    I betcha dollars to donuts Obama will run as a republican in 2011. Why? Just look at CNN Money's map of where all the jobs are being lost – in blue states. During mid term elections dems are going to be hosed. What we have here from Ayatollah Hiatt — beginning with Froomkin being thrown under the BS-Talk Express — is a conscious decision to move the WAPO far Right to eclipse the Washington Times and whore themselves to the war and pharmaceutical industrial complex who will keep them alive with subscriptions and adverts. Believe it, WAPO has been goosed from an open republican fly, probably the one that bit Obama. Sullivan is no anti-semite — he's just a comment away from understanding — campaign 2011 is now in motion.

  5. David_F says:

    "Sullivan and Khamenei Agree: Jews Control the Media" Goldfarb seems not to realize that at this point his headline will probably be taken at face value.

  6. MRW says:

    Ok, I'll bite. "Jews control the media." And that's wrong because?

  7. MRW says:

    Sullivan's reply to Goldfarb:

    Goldfarb argues that my criticism of Fred Hiatt for firing Dan Froomkin and his increased publication of neocon boilerplate is a function of anti-Semitism, and that I am one with Khamenei in my belief that the "Jews" control the media. These vile smears are designed to police the discourse some more; and it is tedious to address them. But there is an enormous distinction between neoconservatives and Jews, and Froomkin is Jewish as is his most eloquent defender, Glenn Greenwald. My issue is with a specific brand of ideology that has revealed itself to be degenerate and corrupt these past few years, and immune to taking responsibility for its errors and being accountable for its failures. Rewarding such fanaticism and promoting the least intellectually honest, while canning the underdog blogger, is unhealthy in an important paper like the Post. And my concern is that one of the few people at the Washington Post who was ballsy enough to call them on it has been fired.

  8. MRW says:

    Completely OT: Fabulous video of Zahra Mousavi on Andrew Sullivan’s site: ” target=”_blank”>http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_d… I’m sold. I want this guy as Prez of Iran.

  9. Nth Republic says:

    Well said.

  10. M.M. says:

    It's true, and long overdue. Congratulations to Meet the Press for their courage. But do they really have to placate the Palestine Lobby and let Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh come on to do damage control and have the final say afterwards? They'll probably give him twice the amount of time allotted to Netanyahu. And we all know Gregory will save all the tough questions for Netanyahu and throw Haniyeh nothing but slow pitch softballs. This just smacks of Palestinian favoritism, which is one of the biggest problems in western mass media today.

  11. M.M. says:

    Zionists are physically incapable of manifesting anti-Semitism. Being a Zionist is a lifetime prophylactic against any transmissible anti-Semitism. When a Zionist says something that isn't exactly flattering towards ethnic Jews or practitioners of the religion of Judaism, it isn't anti-Semitism; it's merely constructive criticism.

  12. M.M. says:

    Hooray for Andy. He's really coming around. I hope the Atlantic fires him (with severance, of course), so he can take off the kid gloves.

  13. M.M. says:

    The majority of these corrupt assholes probably don't even follow the traditional tenets of the religion of Judaism, making "Jews" a misnomer and probable euphemism for "Zionists"? Am I right, MRW?

  14. Peaceful_Idiot says:

    Someone call Abe Foxman! He'll get to the bottom of all of this! He's the Arbiter of Antisemitism!

  15. Peaceful_Idiot says:

    I knew it, Andrew Sullivan wants to wipe Israel off the map. He went feral for freedom over the Iranian election and lost control of his emotions, exposing his Nougat and Jew-Hating Center. Everyone knows the neocons are just neoconservative neocons that do neocon things. neocon. The only possible explanation is that Sullivan is a Jew Hater.

  16. M.M. says:

    Wow, MRW, thank you so much for linking me to Sullivan's blog. I couldn't watch that video, but I saw the steady stream of green fantasizing that only lends credence to the theory I developed here in this response to Jeff Blankfort's comment on Mohammed of Vancouver's post. Sullivan is awaking from his Zionized slumber but still indulging in a hefty bit of vicarious rebellion, propelled by the manufactured internet content of 5% of (mostly former) Iranians.

  17. CrazyWisdom says:

    Netanyahu, Gregory two Jews talking about what to do the with non-Jews in Palestine

  18. israeliscrap says:

    What is a "scientific" community? There are communities and professional associations of physicists, physicians, planetary scientists, but I have never heard that term used in the context of students on summer leave. Are these code words for something else or euphemisms?

  19. American says:

    Some time ago I came across a site called New Jerusalem while I was googling the Jerusalem Summit..on it there was list of about 300 people that had been identified as anti semites. In adddition to politicans there was a long list of writers and actors going as far back as the silent movies named as antisemites…everyone from Earnest Hemmingway to Robert Mitchem to Gary Grant to Turman Capote. I picked a name, Truman Capote to google with anti semite and it turned up a interview in which Capote had called the publishing world the 'Jewish Mafia'. He talked about the many brillant writers, some establshed and some new who suddenly found they couldn't get published because they weren't deferential enough to the Jewish 'cause'. You gotta ask what kind of sicko group combs thru every word ever uttered by anyone in the world who has ever appeared in public or been seen by the public looking for anything related to Jews.

  20. American says:

    The fanatic brand of tribalist jews and the zio-neo's are being exposed to sunlight….naturally we are gonna hear many vampire shrieks and screams as the light hits them.

  21. Jim Haygood says:

    When oh when with AIDS finally kill that windbag?

  22. cdwriteme says:

    There's no grand conspiracy and Jews aren't evil. However, that American media is heavily influenced by pro-Jewish/Israel interests is so well-known as to make it laughable when someone claims it isn't. The ONLY reason that even responsible discussion of this fact, along with stories about Jews and the state of Israel, is not in the media is directly because of those influences and the VERY thuggish silencing of dissenters.

  23. stevieb says:

    lol, that's cute…

  24. ThorsProvoni says:

    Conspiracies exist, but calling one evil is a value judgment: Freeman, American Naiveté, Israel Lobby.

  25. ThorsProvoni says:

    Conspiracies exist, but calling one evil is a value judgment: Freeman, American Naiveté, Israel Lobby.

  26. Bioticman says:

    Talk about Palestinian favoritism, have you seen the Washington Post lately?

  27. Bioticman says:

    "The full-mooners fixated on a think tank called the Project for the New American Century, which has a staff of five and issues memos on foreign policy. To hear these people describe it, PNAC is sort of a Yiddish Trilateral Commission, the nexus of the sprawling neocon tentacles. We'd sit around the magazine guffawing at the ludicrous stories that kept sprouting, but belief in shadowy neocon influence has now hardened into common knowledge. Wesley Clark, among others, cannot go a week without bringing it up. In truth, the people labeled neocons (con is short for "conservative" and neo is short for "Jewish") travel in widely different circles and don't actually have much contact with one another. " –David Brooks The Neocon Cabal and Other Fantasies

  28. Bill Siegel says:

    Hey, it's about time after a half-century or more of all arabs are terrorist sand-n*****s! It's not a problem at all–more of the first step towards a solution based on actual factual history. Now we need at least four decades of pro-Palestinian propaganda, just for starters towards justice and in the highest idealistic American Way. I suggest Disney put out a new Mighty Mouse and Superman series where the underdog Pals are at last given justice and the American way is triumphant. Ooops, I forgot who took over Disney. Well, that's leaves the underground Comix… How about a new Blackhawk series, where one of those guys is a Pal? Let's fight the horrendous enemy IDF underground popular.

  29. Citizen says:

    Thanks MRW. Sullivan's reply is right on target. He's got more Celtic balls than Soft Ball Matthews on this issue, which is of course the defining issue on both the US and Israel in terms of the nature of each and the continued viability of each's de facto and official governing judgment. The banality of evil is best evidenced by careerism as prime motive, as the coiner of the term very well articulated. This is the context for M.M's remark.

  30. Citizen says:

    But they all know on which side their bread is buttered; does everyone think that in Nazi Germany or the lands it ended up occupying that people had to be told directly anything? LOL. Have you never worked for a corporation? Never engaged even in a minor way in local politics? The unofficial word gets around very quickly and most people look after their self and their family first….

  31. Citizen says:

    Related: Phil Maher just catagorized the Democracts as Central-Right Wing, and the Republicans as so far right as to be in the Mental Hospital. He said if you want to hear a real progressive, go to Kucinich, Nader (I 'd add Paul, but that's just me since I don't think the Founding Fathers lacked imagination, but rather had it in abundance, and would have it today if they were reborn). Maher said the Democrats were the New Republicans. The Republicans had simply gone nuts.

  32. Citizen says:

    It's describing a battle (finally) between Jews on what's best for the Jews, short and long run scenarios conflicting; and what's best for the USA is a sideshow? The indisputable aspect is that very few Americans know what Zionism is in terms of it's historical ideology and in terms of what it has wrought on the ground. In contrast, more Americans know and have an opinion about Christian Zionism in the form of their belief about end-times. The Majority think the Christian Zionists are nutz.

  33. Citizen says:

    The only answer is some other sicko group who combs through every word ever uttered by anyone in the world who has ever appeared as you describe that is lambasted as anti-semitic. These two groups are identical in nature, and their fellow travelers are of the same ilk. The only difference is to date only one (the anti-semites) have been exposed for the world to know, and for all Western governments to chase after and get rid of. It's a logical conundrum. Where would Jewish solidarity be sans anti=semitism, and where would gentile solidarity be without the opposite? It's like the model of good and bad; one cannot exist without the other. As to who is the Evil Empire in Star Wars, take your pick, especially in the light of modern Israel. The test of virtue is power. Is Darth Vadar Israel or the Pals? We need a more complicated fantasy for our world than has been produced by Hollywood. How many people actually think in terms beyond the usual cowboy western, now translated to outer space and the future.

  34. Citizen says:

    How does what you say relate to the notion held by lots of jews that you can't trust any non-jew and so jews should never air their dirty laundry in pubic? I'd say, a lot. If this is true, and the goys catch on, why should they trust anyone but themselves? Or do you think goys never think like jews when they think they are not being given good treatment?

  35. Citizen says:

    If you look at any US law relating to conspiracy, for example any definition of conspiracy, they never paint a picture of a bunch of people in a hidden room hissing back and forth promises captured on hidden camera ; rather some circumstantial facts and one or two overt acts in furtherance thereof. Check out the USA federal RICO statute; check out the USA states' mini RICO statutes. Once you do, you will see that Israel and the Israeli Firsters in the USA have long been given a free pass nobody else has been given. Even when they are caught and claimed against, they nearly always get out of it, and the MSM says nothing. No group in the USA enjoys total immunity to pursue what they feel is the best interests of a foreign country at the expense of the USA than the American Jews . You think I am "anti-semitic" for saying so? In response, I ask all readers of Phil's blog to inquire more, check it out. Phil is an exception to the general rule of de facto reality; and in his name, nobody can slur all Jewish Americans, however, there is a real question about the loyalty of American Jews. Nothing I say here is new; check out the issues raised by the original Zionists and their jewish opponents back in the early days.

  36. ThorsProvoni says:

    The extreme E. European Jewish (and non-Jewish) mentality is a lot like the Sicilian mentality. Robert Putnam wrote a great book called Making Democracy Work in which he showed fairly conclusively that the South Italian/Sicilian mentality and democracy are incompatible and that are lot of the criminal conspiratorial types have to be thrown in jail before fixing the system has a prayer of working. In the USA today, we have a problem of a lot criminal conspiratorial Jewish Zionists that are engaging in transnational politics to the detriment of American democracy, that are skillful at looting the economic system, that are very good at subversion, and that are excellent at shyster lawyering. I describe the only way to salvage the American System in Saving America in 100 Words.

  37. ThorsProvoni says:

    I'd love to write pro-Palestinian Hollywood style screenplays. I have already written my own version of the orginal Elaine May Heartbreak Kid as Devorah's Two Weddings: Zohan Offends for One State. I hated the Farrelly brothers remake.

  38. Nigel P says:

    I, for one, am convinced. There could be no better proof of anti-semitism than protesting against the sacking of a Jewish columnist.