I passed along a false report re Ethan Bronner

Yesterday I passed along a report that New York Times Jerusalem correspondent Ethan Bronner's son is in the IDF. Antony Loewenstein tells me he spoke to Bronner the other day and Bronner said this was inaccurate. Apologies to Ethan Bronner.

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  1. eitanbenshlomo says:

    Is is an honor to be in the IDF and no apologies are needed. It's like saying someone has a Masters degree but they don't.

  2. Richard Witty says:

    So your accusation that he was biased and unprofessional, is not important to apologize for?

  3. Citizen says:

    Are you sure his son is not in the IDF? Isn't he married to a zionist Jew? Obama's gate keeper was not in the IDF proper either; he just served in a support group for the IDF in Israel while his own country the USA was at a war that he supported–repairing IDF tracks quite literally, in Israel, not in Iraq. ” target=”_blank”>http://www.richardsilverstein.com/tikun_olam/2009…

  4. Craig11 says:

    Bronner is biased and unprofessional. He just doesn't have a son in the IDF.

  5. Craig11 says:

    Or, I should have said, Bronner denies having a son in the IDF, so it's sensible for Phil to apologize for making the claim when he has no proof to support it, whether in fact it is true or not. We don't know that it's false. We just know that Bronner denies it.

  6. historybuff says:

    Why didn't you join the IDF or the US Army? By your logic every Wehrmacht soldier had a Masters Degree. Well, more accurately, every SS soldier had a Masters Degree.

  7. Witty's son says:

    You never apologized for not serving claimed US and Israeli interests in either the US Army or the IDF. Tend your own garden first, Richard Witty.

  8. lovelyisraelis says:

    If a judge has a personal stake in a particular case, he or she is asked to recuse themselves. Maybe it's time we applied the same standard for journalists.

  9. contrarian says:

    You pretend that the claim about his son was the only evidence offered for Bronner's bias. Do you ever actually read anything here, Witty, or do you just check the headlines and immediately star thinking of the best way to spin it in Israel's favor?

  10. Richard Witty says:

    Keep the comments above the belt, children. If Bronner was biased and unprofessional he would be replaced. The issue is too important for the Times to take a partisan view. Again, I've found Bronner's reporting to be informative, including the question of whether a fact has merit to be reported internationally. And, it is by no means the last word.

  11. Richard Witty says:

    Phil often insinuates bias by ethnicity. In other words, "can a Jew be an informative journalist about Israel/Palestine?" Of course he/she can. Especially, when accompanying staff present a different perspective. Its childish to seek to demean Ethan Bronner for his journalistic sensitivities and the purpose of the publication that he works for (global audience, not partisan).

  12. thedhimmi says:

    Richard Silverstein rarely gets a fact right. I stopped reading his blog, because he made so many errors and when shown he is wrong he throws a fit.

  13. thedhimmi says:

    Phil would disallow Jews from working in the media except of course progressives.

  14. Reality 101 says:

    Since when do Hasbara agents keep the comments above the belt? The issue is important enough that the Times has had a long track record of being biased to the extreme, its favorite tactic is omission. All the news fit for yuze goyhim.

  15. justasking says:

    Who insinuates bias by ethnicity more than Zionists? Look what happened to W & M, to Carter? To those handful of past goy congressmen who spoke out against Israel First?

  16. Reality 101 says:

    As distinguished from the heavily disproportionate number of Jews working in the media who tow the Hasbara boilerplate line? God forbid we have a few Jewish Americans who are not American Jews in the MSM. Next thing you know we might even get a Gentile anchor actually representing 98% of the American public. The horror, even our Congress might pay attention to the like of Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, and Dennis K. My G-D, what would the Zionists do without US taxpayer funds?

  17. Shingo says:

    "when shown he is wrong he throws a fit." Yeah, I noticed you, Thom, Jake and Eitan do that too.

  18. Margaret says:

    NYT had nothing to say about Israeli training in the US, which was reported by the Jerusalem Post in the same article that reported Biden's "green light" comments. Omission does seem to be a significant factor.

  19. Jake in Jerusalem says:

    ShingoLiar. Never a true statement. Note how Shingo falls into foul language and logical confusion whenever faced with facts that ShingoLiar can't deal with. Pathetic.

  20. Jake in Jerusalem says:

    SCOOP: Send this one to CNN! Phil MondoLies admits to having posted ONE incorrect story. One!!!! Hey, it's a start!!!