Jerusalem Post reporter says she is not allowed to go into West Bank

Olive stumps

Israeli journalism is self-censoring. Ellen Davidson, at Indypendent (who posts this photograph of olive stumps, left by Israeli actions in the West Bank), describes everything that Israeli journalists are missing in the West Bank, and gives this report:

Yesterday I was interviewed by a reporter from the Jerusalem Post. She had contacted Jeff Halper, the founder of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), about the organization’s seventh annual summer house-rebuilding camp, in which I am participating. He invited her to come out to the camp and see what we were doing. She couldn’t, she told him, “because we’re not allowed to go to the West Bank.”

“This is what passes for investigative journalism in this country,” Jeff remarked.

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  1. orlyhalpern says:

    This is just plain false. Israeli journalists who hold government-issued press cards are allowed to travel across the West Bank. I do regularly.

    And some Israelis who aren’t journalists do so, too. (Last week 10 Israelis met for two hours with the former Hamas MP Finance Minister Dr. Omar Abdul Razeq in a dialogue session I arranged at his Ramallah office.

    No one can say that the editors at The Jerusalem Post believe that Israeli journalists are prohibited from traveling in the West Bank. I was the Jerusalem Post’s Middle East Affairs Correspondent until 2006 and I regularly traveled to Gaza and the West Bank to do stories. And my former editors were thrilled that I was willing to do so. Most were not.

    It appears that this Israeli JPost journalist, whose name I’d love to know, does NOT WANT to travel in the Palestinian Territories. Unfortunately, most Jewish reporters here are like her.

  2. VR says:

    Apparently travel to Gaza is now prohibited to journalists –


    “Amira Hass was the first Israeli journalist to have entered the Gaza Strip in more than two years.

    It is worth mentioning that Hass was detained by the Israeli forces in December of 2008 after she boarded an aid ship run by peace activists and human rights supporters who sailed from Cyprus.

    She told the police that she entered Gaza for work purposes and that no one stopped her.

    Furthermore, Haaretz reported that Dalia Dorner, Chairwoman of Israel’s Press Council and a former Supreme Court justice, said that the COUNCIL CANNOT DEFEND ANY REPORTER WHO CHOOSES TO BREAK THE ISRAELI LAW. [emphasis mine]

    She added that the journalists should petition to the High Court against military orders barring them from entering Gaza.”

  3. VR says:

    Or, perhaps only journalists that “tow the line” are allowed to enter…