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November 30 2009

8 2009: Religious colonists demand ‘kosher certification’ of Arab workers

12 Jeffrey Goldberg says Israel’s partial freeze on colonization outside J’lem is ‘unprecedented’

50 Omar Barghouti and George Fletcher debate BDS

35 When journalists and professors and students were arrested during protest, NYT treated it as good news

49 Report from Goucher: the campus as microcosm of the conflict

11 Columbia Sportswear markets to the active settler on the go

21 my wife and anti-anti-Semitism, a Thanksgiving story

55 Manufacturing consent (Afghan edition)

November 29 2009

9 Haitians, like Palestinians, are misrepresented in the mainstream press

32 Smashing, punching, writing– it’s the amazing Friedman

12 Anything goes in Western Marin. Well–almost anything

41 Planet Neocon: Tom Friedman says that for 20 years US policy has been dedicated to rescuing Muslims

27 weird yoga moment

39 Another California newspaper targeted by Israel lobby because of heretical statements

21 ‘Cutting the grass’: Israeli soldiers pull 63-year-old Palestinian from home in middle of night

26 Israeli annexation of Old City has led to bigoted spitting (and the AJC knows about it)

5 UK diplomat questions Iraq-war-supporting Jewish historians being on Iraq-war panel

15 the reason this website is still relevant

November 28 2009

86 NYT protects its readers from a small newspaper’s criticisms of Israel

November 27 2009

58 ‘New York Times’ trivializes violent nightly raids on captive population as ‘cutting the grass’

November 26 2009

95 ‘Tikkun’ dares readers to imagine one-state future

20 Reflections on the BDS conference at Hampshire

11 Viral video puts modish Brits in Palestinians’ shoes

23 Levy: Obama has endorsed return to ’67 lines

November 25 2009

60 Ali Abunimah’s speech at Hampshire

55 Delegitimization is moving fast. What next?

21 Nakba never ends

76 We let Jackie Robinson play ball 62 years ago

7 Folklore and journalism

2 Catholics face questions over abortion that Jewish neocons never got for Iraq mess

11 Adam Shapiro shocked to see friend show ‘fealty’ to Israel lobby

55 Will a Israel-Hamas prisoner swap mark the end of the PA?

11 Chris Matthews touches on Sirhan’s motivation

38 ‘J Street’ supporter: I’m proud that we’ve used the word Palestine

November 24 2009

19 From his ’69 awakening to the ‘wild-animal’ state and lobby– Hilton Obenzinger on Israel

4 Tell the US Consulate in Jerusalem about Mohammad Othman

8 Obama has gotten ‘real movement out of Israel’– Politico

7 1 Shalit = 10,000 Palestinians

16 Mohammad Othman’s administrative detention is a sign BDS is working

8 ‘Administrative detention’– cruel practice, cruel euphemism

11 ‘Times’ leaves relevant facts out of prisoner story

1 Unnh… ‘Foreign Policy’ should probably just let American Muslims speak for themselves

8 Blacklisted at Goucher, rabbi declares, ‘Treatment of Palestinians is most critical spiritual/moral issue facing Jews’

17 Israeli army strip-searches… an ultra-Orthodox battalion

5 ‘J Street’ seems to avoid the term Palestinian

November 23 2009

48 Tail bites the dog

106 ‘Responsible’ Jewish human rights org says: ‘It’s 1938′

8 Truth in advertising

8 Nepoconservatism

3 The day the Birzeit students were shocked: ‘They never used live ammunition on us before’

8 Scenes from an occupation: Seized at an internet cafe at midnight

40 Masters on a hill

November 22 2009

90 A new generation of giants

7 Slater: Key congressmen would hold Obama’s domestic agenda hostage to Israel concerns

22 No, Gilo is not East Jerusalem

22 Free speech advocate Ungar muzzles free speech at Goucher

33 Feeling the hate in Washington

21 Paul Hodes could be 14th Jewish senator

November 21 2009

212 The situation, in a nutshell

November 20 2009

120 J Street seeks to undermine BDS

17 The Atlantic gets Einstein wrong, twice

9 When the Mets support the Hebron Fund the terrorists win

11 the public interest?

27 Joe Lieberman doesn’t answer the only question

16 Is there any other so-called lobby that has its own state department?

33 The only basis on which I might forgive Obama his collapse on Gaza and settlements

46 I vow to be less dependent on my wife

21 Why it’s appropriate to remember the Warsaw Ghetto when considering Gaza

6 Luddite

November 19 2009

13 Hebron Fund begins charm offensive by calling Obama policy racist

22 Imagine if the Times had covered Jim Crow with such balance

20 Haaretz: lobby supports occupation, and therein Israel’s ‘moral, political, religious corruption’

48 You can’t get British Israel lobby doc’y on Youtube

13 Sullivan unbound, takes on colleague Goldberg for reflecting ‘Israeli consensus’ not American one

72 In a NY synagogue, Roger Cohen demolishes neoconservative Bret Stephens

November 18 2009

46 Protesters to baseball commish: “Don’t rent to racists, it’s an error, Just say no to settler terror.”

10 My my Ms. Benosf, you’re quite a ways from Teaneck

28 In their own words (patronizing colonizer edition)

18 ‘NPR’ doesn’t quote Palestinians because their view is ‘predictable’

37 Sam Jadallah: ‘Americans who fought Jim Crow or apartheid must reject today’s version in the occupied Palestinian territories.’

4 A Personals Ad For Palestine

3 Truckling to Netanyahu, White House removes word ‘settlements’ from a statement

9 While the dispossessed were sleeping

19 Take me out of the colonists’ game

21 The Obama admin is selling the peace process, but the press is not buying it.

55 Abunimah: All the king’s horses can’t restore legitimacy to partition

November 17 2009

61 Palin to Jews: Pack yer bags, you’re moving to Israel

14 Israel ignores Mitchell; 900 more housing units for Gilo

5 But Israel doesn’t want a two-state-solution

3 refusenik v refusenik

19 Roger Cohen ‘Times’ op-ed short on sources, history and logic

72 McConnell: the South Africa analogy doesn’t work

32 Precedented

6 Should we just throw in the towel?

11 Why congresspeople fear to cross the lobby

5 The Law of Return is giving Israel the dregs

19 A journalist notions a U.S. attack on Israel

17 Podhoretz likens Obama to false messiah who converted to Islam

4 The lobby’s Iran front in… Latin America

November 16 2009

12 Attempt to ban dissent in the Bay Area Jewish community will likely have the opposite effect

4 More neocon-symp stuff from the ‘Forward’

20 Clinton to Palestinians: Settlement policy has changed. Get over it

9 A Palestinian state is fine just so long as the Palestinians don’t declare it

9 You’d think a NY politician urging West Bank colonization to defy Obama would be a big story in the NY papers

19 An optimistic Israeli

31 What if they gave a massacre and ‘the Forward’ couldn’t even mention it?

101 Help Mondoweiss continue to grow – give a tax deductible donation today!

5 (Street) signs of the times

4 The neocon smear campaign against Trita Parsi and NIAC

22 ‘Jews Say No!’… to Dershowitz

6 Why we write

21 Haim Saban and Joe Lieberman offer themselves as founding fathers of the Palestinian state!

14 British leader promised lobby never to use word ‘disproportionate’

4 Packer liketh not the internet

1 Levy: Israel is ‘addicted’ to the occupation

November 15 2009

142 If it was a war for oil, the US lost

26 Cobban: 3800 factories and workshops destroyed in Gaza

24 Name that superpower

50 Slaves of the peace process

25 ‘only really really bad Muslims will get a fair trial’

15 Barak mentions taboo subject: binational state

4 I-dont-hate-Israel orders demolition of 9 Palestinian houses near Nablus

16 Are American gentiles opening one eye?

November 14 2009

30 There is an old American proverb: Put your money where your mouth is

9 Aha moment for the chief economics editor

54 The Israel lobby and the Jewish kings

83 Who gets the stolen mustard?

November 13 2009

34 US-Israel identity crisis

15 don’t worry, be happy, slag Muslims

30 And then they seized Citi Field…

18 I-dont-hate-Israel handcuffs, blindfolds and deports Gazan for being in West Bank

16 Scary JPost columnist calls for one-state-solution

7 ‘Le Monde’ is revisionist on Balfour Declaration

November 12 2009

98 The Nation: ‘for all practical purposes, one nation between river and sea…’

9 Aussie Greens debate… one-state solution

32 Investigation called for small Goldstone

53 Daniel Levy clarifies re boycott

181 Obama’s capitulation, the whodunnit

17 Kurtzer’s misleading parallel: refugees and colonists

18 Pappe banned in Munich

12 All those Muslim governments are corrupt

19 ‘Does everyone hate us? Possibly so’ (Why isn’t the Times doing this story?)

19 I-don’t-hate-Israel looks on as colonists chop down 97 more Palestinian olive trees

9 McCain was captured by ‘Jewish neocons’

November 11 2009

44 Just what the world needs… more walls!

20 Daniel Levy seems to favor boycott to ‘draw a red line at the Green Line’

17 Where is MSM on Hebron story?


24 appeal to readers

35 Obama aide is not post-racial

9 Obama seems complicit in Netanyahu’s scary obstructionism

21 AJC dismisses white phosphorus attacks and destruction of flour mill as ‘Oliver Stone’ fantasy

16 conspiracy theories are like good wine

43 sympathy issue

16 Israelis said to violate another U.N. resolution

40 Why does Hassan hate us?

November 10 2009

145 Abunimah on ‘Israeli Jews and the one-state solution’

9 Tell the Mets: Don’t support the settlers – Cancel the Hebron Fund fundraiser

50 Farah abu Halima, victim of white phosphorus attack, is on her way to California

6 More on Kucinich

14 Israel Lobby kiboshes Kucinich podium in FL as offending ‘conscience of community’

69 Dream of two states morphs into– horrors– one man, one vote

16 Brian Baird compared his own children to three slaughtered in Gaza

18 17 years before apartheid fell, Coetzee despaired inside a ‘fortress Christian state’

5 Palestinian students describe anti-Arab discrimination

6 Katy bar the door: neocon smears ‘J Street’ as ‘enemy within’

67 The right of return, universal justice, and U.S. foreign policy

7 Palestinians have no voice in a state university’s Israel Studies Program

November 9 2009

27 Grim Netanyahu warns American Jews on assimilation

84 Anti-anti-semitism (Colonist rabbi issues book giving rules on when it’s cool to kill gentiles)

92 Illegitimacy? FT says that Netanyahu is committed to ‘national suicide’

25 Meeting Omar Barghouti in New York

64 Is Cantor saying there could be genocide in the U.S.?

8 History of an illusion: Palestinians to declare a state within ’67 borders

7 roll over Ben Gurion and tell Jabotinsky the news

8 Sullivan unchained: ‘I am deemed an anti-Semite’

4 18 rabbis for 58 hours fight the tide of illegitimacy

13 Goldberg: Do as I say not as I do

22 At a Sabbath dinner in Jerusalem, a Jew is sickened by racism

5 Shared values?

6 ‘apartheid is here’

November 8 2009

40 Avnery: Barack W. Obama

50 Tom Friedman seems to threaten cutting off Israel’s aid

November 7 2009

166 Wolman: Wright mucks up Gaza

89 Bernard Avishai has publicly rejected ‘the demographic threat’ argument

November 6 2009

45 Read the ‘New Yorker’ for the pictures

19 Hurry ’60 Minutes,’ before you’re scooped

75 Goldstone: ‘If Gaza isn’t collective punishment, what is?’

48 Head of anti-bigotry organization fears… Latinos and blacks!

70 Look at the headline

33 6 decades of ‘unswerving’ American Jewish support for the Israeli gov’t threatened by youth

9 Israeli bulldozers pulled down Gaza tile factory using heavy cable

November 5 2009

87 FYI– Jerusalem

13 Suddenly, Israel lobby is fair game for good government types

185 Liberals and racism

44 Neier: Bernstein’s Goldstone criticisms in NYT were worthless and dangerous

19 No true partner for peace

10 After Gaza, the lobby lost 46 votes in Congress

17 Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. No it’s in Washington

17 Goldstone’s Brandeis debate with Dore Gold to be online

November 4 2009

162 a new reality is dawning on world leaders

14 Activists to the NY Mets: ‘Racism ain’t amazin’! Strike out the Hebron Fund!’

3 100s of Jews calling Goldstone a truthteller make

16 Half of a half of a half a loaf– in 2 years!

4 Tomorrow in NYC: Omar Barghouti & George Fletcher debate boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel

168 A student responds to the J Street conference

89 The view from the ground – ‘The only choices [in Israel/Palestine] are genocide, ethnocide or a one state solution’

November 3 2009

32 Jewish extremist is suspected of 2 murders a sanctimonious Mort Zuckerman pinned to Palestinians

116 Reading Jeffrey Goldberg so you don’t have to

28 Sullivan again

55 Goldstone report has no right to exist

6 Killing the message

0 Killing the message

13 Bum’s rush at J Street gives a hiphop Jew clarity: I’m no Zionist

63 US Non-Profit bankrolled West Bank colony that is hotbed for accused terrorists

5 Obama will fold to the generals, just like LBJ did

17 Palestinian leader abandons 2-state-solution

30 Baird on HR 867: ‘This is about whether it is right to restrict the movements and hopes of more than 1 million people every single day’

5 Markey and Nadler could be in the right on the Israeli Knesset

2 you’ll always be in my life, Dennis

November 2 2009

19 Fresh from barring Halper, Philadelphia Hillel hosts anti-Arab Israeli in ‘caravan of democracy’

24 The South Africa lobby

20 J Street says Netanyahu has fallen ‘far short’ on West Bank colonies

131 Your Israel lobby at work: Howard Berman describes Palestinian fighters as ‘the enemy’

10 Sullivan: US needs Israel like a fish needs a bicycle

16 A J Street ‘ambassador’ says group must leave lobby and ally with ‘foreign policy establishment’

27 Let Goldstone testify in Congress before you rush to judgment

55 Double standard in fighting ‘terror’

26 My ‘I-have-a-dream’ post

8 When Hillary broke bread with Bibi on the illegal colonies

6 Atoning for anti-Semitism (by dispossessing Palestinians)

36 Holocaust revisionism/denial

November 1 2009

60 Goldstone member: Israel’s toxic munitions could leave Gaza uninhabitable

76 Exclusive report from Jerusalem

30 There’s nothing you can do about it. Well actually, you can support the Goldstone report

140 Gasp– Clinton praises Netanyahu as he destroys more Palestinian homes

19 ‘the Gaza docket’

20 Why the U.S. kneels

224 A Jewish focus won’t end a more-than-Jewish problem