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2009: Religious colonists demand ‘kosher certification’ of Arab workers

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From Ynet:. Kosher certification is from the headline and story:

 In recent weeks, a large group of Beit Illit [West Bank colony] residents has organized with the support of local rabbis in an effort to expel Arab workers from the town. "They are harmful to the daughters of Israel and create serious spiritual problems in the town," said the residents.The residents have placed a temporary solution on the table: Inspectors from the town will be stationed to supervise the Arab workers and will expel anyone suspected of damaging "the spirit of the town."

There has always been tension between the town’s residents and the Arab workers who enter the town to make a living. According to the two groups, calls to expel the Arab workers have increased in recent weeks. The Arab workers are mainly employed by the transportation company, Illit, which operates lines that take passengers outside the town, and by Rami Levi’s grocery store, Hashikma.

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