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November 2009

Delegitimization is moving fast. What next?

Ahmed Moor on

As I read the news surrounding developments in Palestine/Israel I’m astonished at how quickly the political landscape has changed and continues to change, and the future of Palestine/Israel is as unclear as ever. Making predictions about the future is risky business, and I don’t presume to know enough to do so. But one feature of […]

Nakba never ends

Philip Weiss on

I know that Arutz Sheva is a rightwing news service, but here is their latest poll. Shiver-making. Transfer of Arabs from the Palestinian Authority to actual Arab countries was the most popular solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, according to a poll this week by Israel National News. Of the more than 6,400 people surveyed, 53.2 […]

We let Jackie Robinson play ball 62 years ago

Philip Weiss on

Ali Abunimah read aloud this clipping from Ynet before his speech last Saturday at Hampshire. I’m republishing most of it below. Recently I said that Israeli elections are 45 years behind ours because the Democratic Party finally seated Mississippi blacks after 1964, and Israelis still don’t give Palestinian Arab parties power in creating governing coalitions. […]

Folklore and journalism

Jeffrey Blankfort on

A piece assailing Shlomo Sand’s book on the Invention of the Jewish People in the New York Times the other day drew this applause from Andrew Silow-Carroll of the New Jersey Jewish News: The debate – and the Jews – are well served by [Patricia] Cohen’s piece, which eschews “objective” news reporting for analysis. If […]

Catholics face questions over abortion that Jewish neocons never got for Iraq mess

Philip Weiss on

The other night Chris Matthews provided riveting television in an interview with Providence, R.I., Catholic bishop Thomas Tobin, who has said that Congressman Patrick Kennedy can no longer take communion at mass because he has supported legislation for abortion. Matthews is Catholic, and said that he believes abortion is immoral, but he berated Tobin for […]

Adam Shapiro shocked to see friend show ‘fealty’ to Israel lobby

Philip Weiss on

Adam Shapiro at Huffpo demonstrates real intellectual honesty here. You cannot look at American policy in the Middle East, even as a leftist who finds fault with much of U.S. policy in the Third World, and not accept the special role of the Israel lobby in granting Israel immunity from any decent standard of international […]

Will a Israel-Hamas prisoner swap mark the end of the PA?

Ahmed Moor on

Both the Arab and Israeli press report that Hamas and Israel are on the verge of concluding a prisoner swap deal – which means that not only have Hamas and Likud been negotiating, but they’ve been negotiating successfully. Ironically, the negotiations to free Palestinians political prisoners have caused the illegitimate President of the American-Israeli Palestinian […]

Chris Matthews touches on Sirhan’s motivation

Philip Weiss on

Last night Chris Matthews did a segment arguing that the 9/11 bombers should not be tried in New York because this will be either a show trial or a forum for the expression of hatred of the U.S. by a group that has made war on us. We’re at war with them, just lop off […]

‘J Street’ supporter: I’m proud that we’ve used the word Palestine

Anonymous Contributor on

I’m a J street supporter, and I’m glad you are trying to keep them honest from the left flank.  However, I don’t think this latest post — "J Street seems to avoid the term Palestinian"— is on target.  In the J Street statement about Palin, I read "the lives of those actually living the conflict" […]

Tell the US Consulate in Jerusalem about Mohammad Othman

Adam Horowitz on

Jewish Voice for Peace just sent out the following appeal following Mohammad Othman’s administrative detention order: On November 23, 2009, after 61 days in jail, Mohammad Othman has received his first administrative detention order for a three month period — a period where Mohammad will be held without charge or trial. The judicial review of […]

1 Shalit = 10,000 Palestinians

Philip Weiss on

MJ Rosenberg, at Huffington Post, picks up on the racism in the prisoners’ story. Note the contrast between his piece and the New Yorker piece on Gaza, which harped on Shalit’s incarceration and never stated how many Palestinian prisoners are held by Israel. Rosenberg: But most maddening is, in my opinion, the racial implications of […]

Mohammad Othman’s administrative detention is a sign BDS is working

Adam Horowitz on

Mohammad Othman, the BDS campaigner who was detained by Israel upon returning from a speaking tour in Norway, was given three months administrative detention yesterday in an Israeli military court. Othman had been held 61 days without charge before the court agreed to the prosecution’s request for administrative dentention. Othman has been under nearly constant […]

‘Administrative detention’– cruel practice, cruel euphemism

Susie Kneedler on

Deeply disturbing news from Israel: Mohammad Othman, human rights activist, who has been detained for two months by Israelis after a trip to Europe on which he detailed abuses of Palestinians, faces three months more detention without any allegations lodged against him. What is "administrative detention." Here is Susie Kneedler’s report from an Ohio event: […]

‘Times’ leaves relevant facts out of prisoner story

James North on

Today the New York Times has a story about the possible prisoner exchange between Israel and the Palestinians that involves Gilad Shalit, of course, in exchange for "hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli prisons, including many convicted of organizing suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism." I searched this article in vain for basic information: How […]

Unnh… ‘Foreign Policy’ should probably just let American Muslims speak for themselves

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday Scott McConnell wrote a smart squib on Steven Simon’s piece for the Council on Foreign Relations about the horrifying extent to which the U.S. must placate Israel to keep it from attacking Iran. Well here is smart Simon again, at Foreign Policy, in a sensitive piece on the disaffection of American Muslims from our […]

Israeli army strip-searches… an ultra-Orthodox battalion

Philip Weiss on

A week back Micha Kurz told me that American Jews are not aware of the real tension in Israel/Palestine, the looming war between secular Israel and the religious settler movement. John Mearsheimer has said as much, too. So has Michael Walzer. A friend, citing this piece in Haaretz, says, battalion against battalion–the Israeli army has […]

‘J Street’ seems to avoid the term Palestinian

Philip Weiss on

Last week J Street blasted Sarah Palin for her loopy comments about Israel and its colonies and a friend just pointed out to me that J Street does not mention the Palestinians in its attack (which has since come under attack from Abe Foxman). The closest it comes is saying "those actually living the conflict." […]

Tail bites the dog

Scott McConnell on

Linked is a sober analysis from a Council of Foreign Relations guy, Steven Simon, pointing out that Israel probably has the capacity to effectively strike Iran’s nukes and probably will, unless we try really hard to be nice to Bibi’s government.   In short, Israel, flush with  American aircraft, ordinance,  and weapons systems, has the capacity to […]

‘Responsible’ Jewish human rights org says: ‘It’s 1938’

Philip Weiss on

Chris Varley sends along B’nai Brith Canada’s ad on the back page of the first section of The National Post, Monday, November 9. He says he looked for the ad on the B’nai Brith website and the National Post’s. Couldn’t find it. Note that there’s no reference to Iran here, it’s just all of radical […]

Truth in advertising

Adam Horowitz on

David Hosey writes on the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation’s blog: Well, the [tragic] irony has hit the fan. In a surreal move reminiscent of the Israeli cell phone company Cellcom’s ad depicting the apartheid wall, the latest commercial for Motorola’s new ‘Droid’ phone literally depicts a squadron of Stealth bombers delivering Droids […]


Philip Weiss on

The spiritual error of the Iraq-war neoconservatives is that they took on their fathers’ baggage rather than doing like Huck and getting rid of dad and lighting out for the territory. Their fathers were haunted by the Holocaust, and the sons took on this haunting rather than looking around and seeing what the new Jewish […]

The day the Birzeit students were shocked: ‘They never used live ammunition on us before’

Mohammad Abu-Orf on

Mohammad Abu-Orf lives in New Jersey, where he works as an environmental engineer. This weekend he observed an important anniversary from his youth in the West Bank. The demonstration he recounts involved factional disputes within the Palestinian community over the Palestine National Council. Abu-Orf was on the more moderate side. The demonstration was covered in […]