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the reason this website is still relevant

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This website wouldn’t be around if foolish statements like this in the New York Times today were not so prevalent. A Times editorial says that Obama backed down to Netanyahu.

But when Mr. Netanyahu refused the total freeze, President Obama backed down…

All this raises two questions: What has President Obama learned from the experience so he can improve his diplomatic performance generally? And does he plan to revive the peace talks?

The president has no choice but to keep trying.

As if it’s Obama’s learning curve that’s at fault, dealing with the prime minister of a tiny state. This is really a lie. The Times knows that Obama backed down because of domestic political concerns, as Nixon once wrote, angrily. How many presidents have to endure these pressures without any backup from the leading U.S. paper being frank about the matter to its readers? Why even Tom Friedman has notioned sanctions on the Israelis.

Philip Weiss

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