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weird yoga moment

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My wife told me about something odd that happened in yoga today. The teacher had them standing on one foot with bent knee and the other leg crooked behind them and their arms going in different directions, also bent, and announced, "This is swastika pose." My wife was uncomfortable about it, especially because she was there with a Jewish friend. When the two of them drove away, the friend said she was a little freaked out by it too. 

Of course, swastikas are everywhere in India. But my wife thinks this is one aspect of Sanskrit culture that can’t make the passage. She’s never heard of such a pose before; and the fact that the teacher was big and blonde made the whole effect worse.

They went over to the friend’s for lunch and my wife was glad that her friend didn’t tell her husband, because he might get really upset. She’s hoping that her friend forgets about it.

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