A Personals Ad For Palestine

My friend Alan and I were discussing the Palestinian Authority’s new move to gather support for a UN recognition of a Palestinian state, and I expressed how unfair it is that the EU is refusing (along with the US of course) to grant Palestinians even this symbolic overture.

I complained that the whole West is always Israel’s unconditional ally. And half the East, too, added Alan. Then he asked, Who exactly are your allies?

I replied that we do have allies, but not the allies we need, not ones doing any allying that is helping us. “We need new allies,” I said.

Alan came up with a personal ad for us:

Seeking new allies

Date posted: 2009-11-18, 10:50PM EST    Reply to: [email protected]

Hot Occupied Territory Here, in search of truly caring and trustful Partner(s)… powerful and imaginative, for LTR. Got some baggage, trust you do too, so we just let that be. No head games please, no Players, no Control Freaks! Have a lot to give, just need some space ;)

> It’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
> Compensation: no pay

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  1. Chaos4700 says:

    Very cute. It’s nice to see something clever that brings a (sad) smile to one’s face coming out of this.

    However, I think the EU isn’t set in stone on this. I think polite pressure could be maintained, and sooner or later the EU is going to change their tune. Right now they’re still tentatively trying to give Obama some “oomf” in some hope that he’s a different sort of American President… but sooner or later they’ll give up on that almost as fast as Obama gave up on everything he promised in his campaign, so.

    • Citizen says:

      Obama was just on Fox New being interviewed about the settlements. He said in essence that his first priority is Israel’s security, but then, that Israel’s continuing settlements is not in be best interests of Israel’s security.

  2. Its cute. But a good friend says “no, I don’t think its a good idea” as well as “go ahead”.

    Same as the request for tough love for Israel re: the settlements.

    • Chaos4700 says:

      Just as long as that tough love doesn’t actually amount to anything substantial, like military intervention, sanctions against Israel, a BDS movement, etc. Basically, as far as you’re concerned, we’re all supposed to stand here and wring our hands while your Zionist friends continue robbing the Palestinians blind.