Bibi’s father says ‘enemies’ seeks ‘destruction of the Jewish people’

 Yossi Verter in today’s Ha’aretz relates some chilling words from the father of Prime Minster Netanyahu at a celebration for the the elder’s 100th birthday. One hopes that the Obama Administration knows what they are dealing with when it comes to the Israeli Prime Minister.

Verter writes that a person who had attended the event remarked:

"Knowing the relationship between Bibi and his father, knowing the influence the father has on the son, and after having heard the prime minister’s emotional words about his father’s ability to foresee the future – I felt as though I was listening to an operational order from Benzion. As though the die had already been cast, at least within the Netanyahu family."

Under the title, "The father, the son and the threat," Verter reported on the speeches from the two Netanyahus.

The 100th birthday celebration for Prof. Benzion Netanyahu at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem this week was an extraordinary event. The most moving speech of the evening was delivered by the prime minister, who spoke with a kind of admiration, love and respect that not many sons feel for their fathers. "This was one of the few times I believed every word he said," one person in attendance commented.

In 1937, related Netanyahu, in an article about Theodor Herzl, his father predicted the Holocaust that would befall the Jewish people in Europe. "This same prescience," said the prime minister, "led my father to say decades ago that the threat to world peace would come from those parts of the Muslim world where oil, terror and nuclear energy mix. It also led him to say to me, in the early 1990s, that Muslim extremists would try to bring down the twin towers in New York – a prediction I included in one of my books."

After the tributes, the evening’s honoree stepped up to the podium. In contrast to others blessed with longevity who tend to sink into nostalgia at events of this sort, Prof. Netanyahu did not say a single word about the past or about himself. He spoke for only a few minutes, from a prepared text, and about only one topic: the existential danger facing the Jewish people.

Here are a few excerpts from his speech: "I want to make a number of observations concerning the continued existence of the Jewish people in light of the threats of its imminent, declared destruction by its enemies … The increasing threats are obvious, threats of the destruction of the Jewish people. From the Iranian side, the promise is heard that within a short time an end will be put to the Zionist movement and there will be no more Zionists in the world … Very significant things are liable to happen in the encounter between Iran and nuclear weapons. The Jewish people is showing the world today how a nation should behave when it is facing an existential danger: Look the danger straight in the eye, calmly weigh what should be done, and be prepared to enter the fray the moment the chances of success seem reasonable."


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  1. Sunyata says:

    In the world of the paranoid, it’s either “you’re with us or you’re against us.”

    Perhaps tribalism is, at its core, a paranoid mindset.

    It’s all well and good though, until it affects those outside their tribes.

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  3. Citizen says:

    So, there’s no doubt, Israel is just looking for the right timing to attack Iran. I wouldn’t care so much except the USA will be drawn into the fray to protect Israel. And that, combined with the detrimental USA economy, hog-tied to inter-locked international capitalism, will spell the demise of the US into a Third World Power, as if that is not itself an oxymoron. I guess we Americans have a choice, either teach our kids to be like Rachel Corrie, or to be like Lt Calley. That’s how I boil it down.

  4. RE: “having heard the prime minister’s emotional words about his father’s ability to foresee the future…”
    MY COMMENT: Bibi’s father sounds like a regular Nostradamus! Or is Rasputin the more apt analogy?

  5. radii says:

    Like Bibi’s father, Mel Gibson has a wackadoodle of a dad – also a religious extremist … I say we put those two in a cage-match and whomever wins gets to decide who else should be hated next

    Netanyahu was the only leader – on live TV on 9/11 to declare the Twin Towers attacks “very good for israel”

    The zionists have always seen the U.S. as a tool for their use – and do not care one iota how much pain and damage they cause us … hopefully the insult to Hillary’s good personal friend Joe Biden really upset her and her 60s radical liberal pro-Palestinian side will have been reawakened to overpower the side of her that took all that zionist money for power and position

    Keep insulting us and abusing us, israel, for Americans – more and more – are waking up and when enough are awake israel will be stopped from its serial war crimes and forced to make a lasting deal for peace

  6. Sunyata says:

    Radii, could you give us some reputable, mainstream links to where he says that? That is prime quoting material for arguments.

  7. RoHa says:

    “It also led him to say to me, in the early 1990s, that Muslim extremists would try to bring down the twin towers in New York ”

    Much easier to make such predictions when you have seen Mossad’s plans for it.

    “the Menachem Begin Heritage Center”

    Please tell me that this is a joke.

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  9. Keith says:

    I think it is essential to understand that when Zionists talk about an ”existential” threat to the Jews, they’re not talking about the physical extermination of people who self-identify as Jews. They’re talking about a fate worse than death: assimilation. The complete assimilation of Jews into Western society, where Jews are merely followers of the Judaic religion, is seen by Zionists as the “death” of the “Jewish people.”

  10. MRW says:

    A sign of Netanyahu Pere’s stupidity: “The Jewish people is showing the world today how a nation should behave when it is facing an existential danger.”