Emily Henochowicz is looking for work

Emily Henochowicz is of course the New York art student who lost her left eye to Israeli arms during a demonstration in the occupied territories against the flotilla attack on May 31. Henochowicz is a wonderful illustrator and animation artist and she needs work, also seeks a connection to animator Bill Plympton….

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  1. Kathleen says:

    What a brave and honorable woman. An inspiration! When I first heard about Emily I was overwhelmed and pissed for her. One more person that the Israeli crime machine had seriously injured. One more person seriously injured that Rachel Maddow ( Rachel will only interview people involved with human rights issues that have to do with being gay or if you are protesting against the government in Iran) or any other MSMer’s

  2. alec says:

    We sometimes need some drawings Phil. I’ll have my site promotion team leader contact Emily.

    Such a courageous person! Her strength in the face of adversity is an inspiration.