‘Israeli occupation as brutal as Nazis” — Elkana, Holocaust survivor

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Don’t ever use Nazi analogies, right? No. When I went to Gaza, all I could think of was the Warsaw Ghetto, and the effect on the Jewish psyche of that humiliation, and the need to impose the same experience on others. You cannot understand the occupation without looking at the cycle of abuse. Here is the president of Central European U of Budapest, Yehuda Elkana, formerly a prof of history and philosophy of science at Hebrew U, speaking to the Times of India:

A holocaust survivor, who came out of Nazi ( Auschwitz) concentration camps, Yehuda Elkana said that he is against Israel’s occupation of Palestine. “When I came out of the camp and settled in Israel I had decided that what happened in Nazi Germany should never happen to Jews again. At the same time, I wished that the same brutality should not be unleashed on others. And hence, I believe that Palestinians should be protected from Israel’s occupations as the violence is no less brutal than Nazi occupation,” said Elkana. According to him, Palestinian suicide bombers and Israeli occupants are born out of the same mould.

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