Move over, Iowa, dept: Obama said to plan visit to Israel

In its Hebrew edition, Ynet says that the White House is considering a visit by Obama in June or July. Well, David Remnick told him to go in the New Yorker last week. Obama cares more about Remnick than Jeffrey Goldberg, and feels he can drive a wedge in the Jewish community? Power shift. (P.S. I told my president not to go. Dallas.)

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  1. seafoid says:

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    “By the president’s calculation, telling the truth to the American people would doom his reelection campaign, since he would not be able to raise the billion dollars he needs this time around. The kind of people who have that kind of money and will agree to contribute to his campaign know very well what informed voters in a working democracy would to do to them once they understood just who has depleted the national treasury to line their own pockets. ”

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  2. He should go, and emphasize the strong and continuing link between the US and Israel, and that Israel’s status in the region is devolving for reasons that are within its control.

    Hard to know why Phil feels that he should not go. “Dallas”?

    • Citizen says:

      Given the state of the shaking Middle East, a real American leader would visit Gaza and the Arabs living in the West Bank. Is that part of Obama’s trip ticket too? At this stage, if Obama only goes to Israel he will be following in the symbolic steps of Sharon The Great Antagonizer. And this will be duly noted by the awakening Middle East. However, Obama himself is safe and genuflection in Israel seals his second term. When the world itself shakes after he leaves his 8-year tenure, he can go around peddling his new “doer” book same as Bush Jr & Rummy. His interviews will be smoother, less revealing.

    • eee says:

      Phil is worried that a Palestinian frustrated by Obama’s support for Israel will attempt to assassinate Obama while he is in Israel, hence the reference to JFK’s “Dallas”.

    • Emphasis on “the strong and continuing link between the US and Israel” has always been trotted out and used as an excuse for any and all Israeli policies regardless of their negative effects on US interests.

      That’s the failed status-quo talking.

      He needs to go to Israel and tell Likud that the US intends to normalize its relationship with Israel and treat it like any other nation–in other words no more blind eye to Israel’s crimes.

      Will Obama do this? Of course not.

  3. eljay says:

    >> He should go, and emphasize the strong and continuing link between the US and Israel …

    The link is strong, but its strength and continuation must be made conditional upon just and moral behaviour and adherence to international law.

    Mental flash: Obama says all this to Bibi…and then they both break out in laughter at the absurdity of the U.S. demanding just and moral behaviour from anyone.

    Bibi (wiping away tears): “Barack, you’re a funny man! For a moment, you had me believing you were serious!”
    Obama: “Sorry, Ben, I could help myself! Anyway, how much money do you want this year?”

    >> … and that Israel’s status in the region is devolving for reasons that are within its control.


  4. Kathleen says:

    Have heard Obama bring up the Jewish youth in this country as a potential “wedge”

  5. Les says:

    Two things that won’t happen. Obama will not declare himself to be a representative of Mondoweiss. Obama will not call for a no fly zone over Gaza.

  6. pabelmont says:

    “the strong and continuing link between the US and Israel” :: a wonderfully accurate description of the deplorable present and past, a pretty good prediction (probably), BUT NOT AN ARGUMENT for more of the same.

  7. annie says:

    unfortunately i have lost whatever confidence i once had in obama so it really doesn’t matter to me anymore where he travels.

    • Hu Bris says:

      You ‘had confidence’ in The Obomber? dear oh dear, annie – well i hope you’re wiser now and won’t get fooled next time the wheel out some Wall St front man dressed up in a ‘progressive’ clown-suit

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      • annie says:

        yes i did hubris, for quite awhile actually. i don’t have much more to say about that, too depressing.

        • Hu Bris says:

          Ok – I’ll pretend, from here on in, that it never happened :)

          I still have fun asking friends to present me with evidence, OTHER than mere media reporters say so. for their contention that he was/is
          a) a progressive &
          b) smart,

          so far the best most of them can come up with is that he apparently once edited some magazine in college – well whopp-dee-doo!

          I wonder what they’ll come-up with next time – a disabled Hispanic lesbian, or some such?

        • Hu Bris says:

          He’s a great speechifyer though, sound’s almost like he means it – I guess that helped fool a lot of people – Obomber speechifying

          An old teacher of mine told me, regarding politricks and politrickers, to “Pay attention only to what they do, not what they say they do”

          Note the catch-phrases –
          “Our Founding Fathers . . .”,
          “Our common good . . .”
          “Extend opportunity . . .”
          “The rule of law and the rights of men . . ”
          “The blood of generations . . .”
          “America is a friend . . .of every man woman and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity”,
          “We are Ready to lead . . .”

          Heap powerful bullshit, that.

  8. annie says:

    that post @ the daily beast went up this morning at 8:15 am and already has 1507 comments.


  9. Yes Mr. President, go kiss the ass of a government which likes to kill unarmed American kids in international waters and wound American Jews protesting against its war crimes. Show the family of Furkan Dogan and Emily Hechonowicz (sp) how you don’t care about what happened to them.

    Maybe watch the Max Blumenthal “Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem” video on the flight over, to get in the right mood for it.

  10. dbroncos says:

    Revolutions roil the ME and Israel’s supporters seek a stronger commitment from Obama. He won’t disappoint them. The purpose of his trip is to shore up their confidence in him as a stalwart ally. I can imagine his Peace Prize trophy collecting lint in his sock drawer.