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April 30 2011

13 Haniyeh says he is ready to step down as P.M. to further reconciliation

38 Cokie’s in Hadassah, Nelson’s in the Haggadah (and Israel’s in the West Bank)
Lydda Four Eight

9 Bad timing for ‘WSJ’ author who says Arab spring won’t leap the Sinai

8 When will the U.N. observe its own resolutions re borders and states?

24 The Reconciliation… and the football match
Sarah Ali

15 It’s like fluoride, in the water (Mario Cuomo narrates Masada oratorio at Temple Emanu-El)

2 Mer Khamis will be memorialized by Kushner, Jabara, Aloni, Chalfant, Angelou, el-Ra’ee

100 Helen Thomas will cover Move Over AIPAC conference, doesn’t want to speak at it

8 Holbrooke couldn’t get a meeting with Obama because he saw Af/Pak surge as sabotaging Middle East policy

16 Lawyer at ‘Counterpunch’ validates Palestinian right of armed resistance to occupation

April 29 2011

6 Egyptian military arrests gender-law scholar, accredited to NY bar and blogger for ‘NYT,’ at Sinai beach resort

17 The three sacred words of US-Israeli rejectionism
Tim Haughton

13 Congressmen threaten to cut off $400 million in US aid to Palestinians if PA cuts deal with Hamas

36 American journalists want to see the Arab spring happening everywhere but Palestine

12 How about banning Israeli politicians for supporting terrorism?

49 ‘NYT’ front-pages Egyptian shift in policy re northeastern neighbor

9 Klein, Erakat, Travers, Flanders, Ratner to discuss Goldstone in NY

20 Tweeting Hedy Epstein

13 ‘Equal rights for Palestinians’ billboard is deemed offensive in Seattle

26 ‘So you come to take Amina’ — a loving Syrian father saves his gay blogger daughter from the security services
A Gay Girl in Damascus

15 More from Lupe Fiasco, ‘Words I Never Said’

3 Egypt FM: Gaza border to be permanently opened

5 To be a teenager in Bil’in

April 28 2011

31 Egyptians continue protests against Israel and call for a million-man march to support Palestinians

43 As a Holocaust survivor, AIPAC does not speak for me
Hedy Epstein

32 Zuckerman rag prints bald-faced lies on upcoming flotilla to Gaza
Alex Kane and Nima Shirazi

13 9/11 and western prejudice fostered the Arab revolutions –Abdelkader Benali

9 Backgrounder on Hamas-Fatah split

57 Why are secular assimilating American Jews so Zionist?

71 Where does Israel end and the Diaspora begin? Or Zionism end and Judaism begin?

69 Bipartisanship at last: U.S. politicians line up to castigate Palestinian unity deal

7 350 rabbis warn Netanyahu there can be no withdrawal from ‘Hebrew state’

April 27 2011

557 Arab spring: Fatah and Hamas reportedly reach deal for interim gov’t, elections in a year

26 ‘PEP’ (Progressive Except Palestine) makes the Washington Post

8 Medical centres in Bahrain raided & more news from the Arab spring and Saudi counter revolutions

4 Vittorio knew the risks, and accepted them
Daniela Loffreda

20 ‘NYT’ leaves out the facts on checkpoint shooting

93 The bastards

April 26 2011

43 The siege, and Hamas’s inability to ease it, only empower jihadist groups

46 ‘Mathilde Redmatn’ and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza
Tim Haughton

105 Christian Zionists are wrong; this is not a religious conflict
Craig Nielsen

1 Just imagine that pruning trees on your land was an act of resistance

33 ‘Haaretz’ bolsters Goldstone conclusion that Fakhoura St ‘massacre’ was disproportional– and says Israel failed to investigate it because it felt ‘persecuted’

8 ‘Foreign Policy’ puts out a swimsuit issue

13 An apology to International Solidarity Movement activists

56 ‘Foreign Policy’ seeks ‘rebuttal’ of Oren tripe from Satloff, Benn, Goldberg and oh, Walt

7 Tolerance project at leading D.C. theater will take on Islamophobia. Not

13 Helen Thomas withdraws from Move Over AIPAC conference

7 Yawn– ‘NYT’ editorial on urgency of the unending peace process

April 25 2011

27 Why Zionists promote anti-Muslim law enforcement trainings

10 Human Rights activist Ahmad Qatamesh, detained for 6 years in the 90s, is arrested again without charges

97 Syrian repression continues and intensifies: Assad regime kills 150 since Friday

277 Can you imagine being forced to organize a ‘humanitarian delegation’ in order to simply visit your grandparents?
Lydda Four Eight

18 Love During Wartime: Interview with director Gabriella Bier
Laura Durkay

104 A concoction of distortions, half-truths and emotionally-potent oversimplifications of scripture is Christian Zionism
Craig Nielsen

14 Young Arab Jews of Israel cry out for their Tahrir (and Palestine’s too)

4 Two upcoming Goldstone events in Chicago & the Bay Area

21 Shepherds vs settlers in the Holy Land as the IDF passively stands by

50 ‘Foreign Policy’ undermines Oren argument with graphic straight out of the ‘ZOG’ archives

3 ‘Wire’s David Simon on Jewish ‘complicity’ in injustice (everywhere but Palestine)

664 A question for our pro-Israel visitors . . .

April 24 2011

5 Easter in Palestine

27 ‘Commentary’ concedes Christians n Jews no longer enemies. Ergo–

11 A liberal NY Jewish institution invites an ethnic cleanser and a neocon to its stage

35 She was a Christian Zionist, right up to her first checkpoint

64 Goldstone Report gave us a moral vocabulary to describe the conflict

15 Next year in Brooklyn
Yonah Fredman

15 Chomsky: Racism in our literary culture is harder to eradicate than polio, and Roma are Europe’s ‘most brutalized’ population

April 23 2011

25 10-year-old Palestinian girl’s coma and death ascribed to psychological trauma of being prevented from touching her father on prison visit

81 On Easter, spare a moment to think about the Christians in Jesus’s birthplace
Dr. Ghassan Khatib

50 Palestinians do not need to be taught incitement of hatred. The occupation is their teacher
Refaat Alareer

19 On ‘Arna’s Children’ and the question of armed resistance

19 ‘NYT’ readers bridle at Netanyahu’s congressional conquest, saying it goes against the American interest

32 Retired sexist offers advice to Zionists

April 22 2011

7 After Abu Sisi’s rendition, his father cried for a day, knowing he might never see his son again

5 Arrigoni, son of Palestine, and Italy
Annie and Phil

2 Today in Bil’in

6 The fruits of revolution: Parties must present equal numbers of male and female candidates in Tunisia’s July vote

19 Two cheers for Palestinian statehood-recognition

23 ‘The Palestine Cables’: Obama administration killed off independent U.N. investigation into Israeli war crimes in Gaza

11 Tearful April mornings

46 Ketziot Prison, redux

1 500 people wearing white shirts claim another hill in the West Bank to defy any peace deal

April 21 2011

72 Netanyahu’s visit and its precedents

79 A response to the killers of Vittorio Arrigoni (and to my family)
Pam Bailey

16 Gaza castaways send out an SOS

9 Israel wants to be your ‘friend’

47 What future for the Goldstone Report?
Richard Falk

16 Israeli Ambassador leaves Cairo amid speculations of opening Egypt’s border with Gaza

9 The mysterious Mr. Ross

25 Get a load of this ‘NYT’ op-ed with apartheid reference

17 On a Lebanese girl who lost her ability to speak

43 Joan Walsh discloses her religious investment in a political issue

3 People are missing Richard Goldstone’s majestic calling

38 There is a concept in law– that a person cannot control his or her own reputation

9 Self-censorship inside the Jewish family

April 20 2011

2 Vittorio’s missing hours

9 Quick to report Gaddafi’s use of ‘cluster bombs,’ the NYT called white phosphorus a ‘standard, legal weapon’ when Israel dropped it on Gaza

25 Glickism and Feithism

55 New database reveals weapons to Israel, impact on Palestinians

30 Bisharat discusses Goldstone and ‘litigating Palestine’

19 Solidarity with the Enemy: An Egyptian’s Passover message

13 Remember Lebanon?

5 US funding Syrian opposition?

2 Working around the wall: the life of a Palestinian journalist

28 Ghastly images of Israeli raid on Ketziot prison

12 Australian city that voted for boycott is warned that its action will cost it $4 million

3 ‘A winner is a dreamer who never gives up’ — Arrigoni quotes Mandela

26 Figure of 66,000 civilian deaths in Iraq is ‘far too low’

15 If there had been a draft, would we be in Iraq?

2 Mer Khamis memorial set for May 4 in New York

36 Women at the seder

April 19 2011

24 When tribal identity and an exaggerated sense of insecurity trump reason and compassion

7 Saudi Arabia buying more Pakistanis for Bahrain crackdown, US still supporting the sectarian regime

74 Goldstone’s daughter was ‘furious’ with him, Times reports

7 My friend Len Weinglass (1933-2011)
Michael Steven Smith

12 Lachrymose history is bunk
Delia Relke

31 Wikileaks: U.S. threw its body down to block Goldstone Report’s progress to the Hague

42 Bibi’s Sharia

28 Helen Thomas paid a price– and so did Jennifer Nelson

3 A night in Bil’in
Morgan Bach

88 Report: Israel used white phosphorus in latest Gaza attacks

April 18 2011

19 U.S. Treasury says: There’s nothing to see on tax-exempt support for illegal settlements

14 Vittorio bore his burden to the land of pain

8 Turks mourn ‘Palestine’s son’

35 Bronfman’s Passover questions come 10 years too late
Ilene Cohen

43 New project seeks to protect Gaza fishermen’s rights and livelihood

22 International Solidarity Movement committed to staying in Gaza following Arrigoni murder

7 Egyptian PM to make a solidarity visit to Gaza while the Mubaraks are not adjusting well to prison life

9 Kidnapped in Gaza
Vittorio Arrigoni

58 El-Haddad: Goldstone’s opinion might have changed, but the facts in Gaza have not

138 The meaning of Helen Thomas

April 17 2011

18 Vittorio Arrigoni on our mind

79 Two Palestinian teens from Awarta arrested for Itamar murders

115 ‘Move over AIPAC’ conference to honor Helen Thomas

40 Obama learns how big his district is

4 Death in a Palestinian town

27 Why BDS can’t be an internal Jewish conversation
Tom Pessah

April 16 2011

225 From Arrigoni to Bernadotte to RFK to 9/11– how much global damage has this conflict produced?

45 Arrigoni documented Israeli attacks on Palestinian ambulance workers, ‘the most heroic people I ever met’

22 An open letter to our rabbinical colleagues
Rabbi Brant Rosen and Rabbi Brian Walt

21 Director of Emergency Committee for Israel cackles over Arrigoni and those who mourn him

2 Mubarak may face death penalty

25 Livni pushes int’l code to police Arab elections and bar some parties (hint: Muslim B’hood)

8 Palestinian state is ‘the most important issue for us in the region,’ Qatari Emir tells Obama

18 Have a good one

April 15 2011

7 Next Freedom Flotilla to Gaza renamed ‘Stay Human’ in honor of Vittorio Arrigoni

4 ‘The Palestine Cables’: U.S. diplomats get front row seat to Israeli racism

2 Reut’s response is from a ‘familiar, tired script’

69 Arrigoni: I came here because my grandfathers fought fascist occupation in Italy

138 Finkelstein says Goldstone restored Israel’s only faculty (aggression) based on a claimed drone image it has never produced

18 Gaza mourns Vittorio Arrigoni
Refaat Alareer

37 Ben-Ami said he wanted to keep boycott debate ‘communal’ (Palestinians need not apply)

32 ‘Forward’ publishes statement by ‘liberal’ that supporting one-state is ‘genocide’

5 Under pressure, Cal law school ends support for conference on Palestinian rights

10 ‘Washington Post’ admits lobby has Obama by short ‘n curlies

6 ‘Mornings in Jenin’ (and my embarrassing confession)

24 Reut: Israel is a normal country struggling to survive in ‘impossible reality’
Eran Shayshon

April 14 2011

7 Settlers cut down 150 of farmer’s 210 olive trees

278 Activist Vittorio Arrigoni’s body said to be found in Gaza

6 State Department gets awful close to saying… ‘apartheid’

31 Congressional bill: No money to U.N. till it retracts Goldstone Report

15 JVP says honest talk about 1-state/2-state is good for Jews

36 Israeli security forces are detaining hundreds in Awarta– Why?

147 Slater: ‘Cast Lead’ was an act of state terror culminating 3 years of assault on a population

9 Rather than a retreat, Goldstone’s Op-Ed tackled the issue of applying the laws of war to asymmetrical conflict

45 Jilani, Chinkin and Travers: ‘calls to reconsider or even retract the report . . . disregard the right of victims, Palestinian and Israeli, to truth and justice’

36 Right wing is using Mer-Khamis murder to say You can’t trust any Palestinian

20 another milestone in black-Jewish relations

April 13 2011

16 Shot in her knee from a watchtower, the 16-year-old Gazan can walk but says she wishes she could run as she used to like to do

92 No surprise Bob Dylan is visiting the ‘neighborhood bully’

61 Battle of the trenches: academic boycott versus… ‘Israel Studies’
Ben White

19 UN recognition of Palestine won’t necessarily lead to UN action against Israel

8 Where are the campaigns pressing Congress and the UN to keep it alive?!?

11 Carleton divestment campaign pushes forward despite administration stonewalling

3 Imagining the architecture of freedom
Hannah Meszaros-Martin

27 Bias in the ‘Times’

33 ‘LA Times’ outs ‘NY Times’ on Nakba-squat

3 Mubarak, sons detained for 15 days

8 Better Haggadah

32 Bibi breaks a date with Bieber who just wants to walk where Jesus walked

6 Say what now? 2-state/1-state debate morphs into neckware/cardigan question at Harvard Law
Saptarishi Bandopadhyay

26 Did Israelis play the ‘Atlantic’ and Goldberg like a pawnshop fiddle?

7 Congressman: Goldstone ‘confession’ shows that UN lacks moral authority to recognize Palestinian state

4 Goldstone once rejected closed investigations. And then

116 Notes on my racism, part 6: the shidduch

April 12 2011

53 Why I’m going to ‘Move Over AIPAC’

17 The BDS movement, like boycott movements past, is rooted in moral conviction

13 Noteworthy milestones toward a Palestinian state

12 Even the pretense of supporting ‘peace’ is now gone…

2 Despite truce, Israel maintains total blockade on the Gaza Strip

1 “I Am Willing To Give My Life”: Bahraini Human Rights Activists Risk Lives To Protest U.S./Saudi-Backed Repression

6 U.S. Congress gets the facts wrong on Goldstone (the sequel)

14 Falling out of love with Obama & Koh

68 Omar Barghouti: J Street’s Ben Ami has Jews-only policy on BDS debates

35 The dos and don’ts of Palestine
Remi Kanazi

28 Goldstone revised his report for a political reason, to save the Jewish state (my theory)

April 11 2011

142 Senate letter calls Goldstone Report a ‘libel’ of Israel

21 Israel arrests 14-year-old girl among 600-700 arrested so far in the West Bank village of Awarta

81 Israel’s supporters use familiar tokenism in attempt to hide racism and oppression
Alaa Milbes and Dina Zbeidy

73 Omar Barghouti discusses Gaza, BDS and Juliano Mer-Khamis on Democracy Now

3 U.S. report slams Bahrain for repressing Shi’ites yet Bahrain continues arrests of human rights activists over the weekend

4 Raji Sourani says Goldstone’s reconsideration highlights need for equal application of int’l law, from Libya to Gaza to Bahrain

29 Truth Matters: The Vanguard Leadership Group is wrong
Yaman Salahi

31 The education of Samantha Power

6 The Rachel Corrie case revisited

4 State Department h.r. report doesn’t mention killing of Dogan, and exaggerates two ‘deaths’

6 NYC will close embattled Arabic-English school

7 Egyptians demonstrate on the doorstep of the Israeli embassy

41 It won’t work

6 Irish council twins with Gaza, notwithstanding Protestant-Catholic split
Ed Moloney

April 10 2011

60 Racist protest in Tel Aviv targets refugees and migrants

11 Scenes from Gaza

April 9 2011

58 U.S. cable companies aren’t budging on Al Jazeera
Harry Clark

66 I ran into Lieberman today
Louise Ross

23 Orientalism in sub-Saharan Africa

38 No-brainer: Temple Mount is holier to us than them, so it’s ours

55 Palestinian bashing

6 63rd Anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre

130 Roger Cohen’s excellent piece on Goldstone reconsideration

40 Teaching the Nakba at Harvard

8 In Bil’in, the freedom of assembly. Not

April 8 2011

7 ‘The Palestine Cables’: Head of Egypt’s military council was seen as ‘obstacle’ to Israeli blockade of Gaza

9 Meretz’s boycott of settlement wines doesn’t include Golan Heights

9 Rumors that Israel has fallen out of favor in the EU are exaggerated

0 The struggle to keep Safed Jewish

20 …some fighters were shouting ‘Down with NATO’ on the road from Brega to Ajdabiya

27 Israeli strikes kill 8 more in Gaza

47 An NPR editor censors herself

9 Juliano and Alice

4 Without Goldstone, Israel would have done a complete whitewash

59 Fair & balanced (Israeli edition)

3 Italian activists call on company to withdraw from Israeli railway project in the occupied territories

7 It’s our wallpaper

April 7 2011

43 Gideon Levy says Goldstone has given green light to Cast Lead 2

105 Gaza under attack – 5 dead, 40 injured; reports that UN evacuated all staff from Gaza; could be beginnning of large Israeli operation

38 The guard told me ‘you are nothing like the Muslim prisoners’. He was wrong

7 Jewish left continues to take on the Simon Wiesenthal Center

46 John Hagee celebrates Glenn Beck’s ‘defense of the Jewish people’ the day after Fox News ends his show under charges of anti-Semitism

14 There was no retraction

21 Israel’s war on Palestinian memory

5 The Saudi-Bahraini crackdown on doctors and hospitals is nothing short of twisted

149 ‘The Goldstone Report’ now belongs to the world
Adam Horowitz, Lizzy Ratner, and Phil Weiss

131 Dugard: Gaza report’s principal accusation was reckless, indiscriminate use of force in densely-populated areas

14 Remember
Remi Kanazi

2 Call for submissions: Prisoners Day and Nakba commemoration writing contest

101 Shylock had power

4 Frank, we’re going to get past this complex in the next generation

April 6 2011

64 Herem

43 Tell that to Ben-Gurion

22 ‘Youtube’ silences a boycott video

33 Progress among Jewish progressives: ‘Dissent’ comes out for boycott of settlement products

14 Obama enters the land of lies

0 Jerusalem planning committee approves 942 new apartments in West Bank settlement

1 ‘LRB’ wasn’t cut off by UK Arts Council; it didn’t apply for funds

8 Chris Matthews tees up issue of religious money in our politics

232 Goldstone to AP: ‘I have no reason to believe any part of the report needs to be reconsidered at this time’

41 Richard Goldstone and ‘the rendezvous of victory’

73 Omar Barghouti on ‘Why BDS?’

2 Dramatic amateur video footage of Gaddafi forces shelling Brega

April 5 2011

51 Samouni family members respond to Goldstone, say attack was not accidental

49 ‘LA Times’ to Goldstone: WTF

31 Itamar video says settlement had night-and-day perimeter surveillance

3 Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs: In March, Israel conducted more than 690 raids on West Bank homes, kidnapping at least 440 Palestinians including 60 children

9 Israeli NGO to Goldstone: Your statement is already being used to justify and legitimize future crimes
Coalition of Women for Peace

15 Juliano, mourned

36 Goldstone headed to Israel in July, hosted by Israeli minister criticized in Gaza report for advocating collective punishment

8 Bed, Bath and…Settlements?!

55 The education of Richard Goldstone

25 On the vital strategic matter of terrorist chickens

86 Brandeis students heckle Knesset members for support of war crimes and racist legislation

12 The island to nowhere

43 Goldstone and the tribe

0 Rebels consolidate position in Ajdabiya

28 We don’t have any idea what Palestinians want, and anyway, they’re on Prozac, Syracuse is told
Pat Carmeli

2 Jenin theater celebrates Mer-Khamis as ‘symbol of cultural resistance’

104 An antisemitic moment

25 Elliott Abrams says Palestinians must forget about ’1967 borders’ and make a state with Jordan

3 Israel shuts down cell service of Palestinian prisoners

April 4 2011

88 U.S. State Dep’t concludes Goldstone found no evidence of Israeli war crimes

8 Desmond Travers: ‘tenor of the Goldstone Report in its entirety stands’

11 The murder of Arna’s child

18 Miral: A Palestinian disappointment
Susan Abulhawa

7 Mer Khamis, who gave his life to Palestinians, will be remembered by friends tonight in New York

29 Goldstone Report commissioner Jilani says nothing can ‘invalidate the UN Report’

65 Pappe says belief in Zionism and in Goldstone Report are incompatible

33 In January, Goldstone said bombing that killed 29 civilians was inexcusable. In April, it’s a ‘difficult battlefield decision’

4 Israeli Holocaust Scholar: ‘Apartheid, Colonial, Racist’

9 Avishai: 400 children’s deaths were ‘just the worst’ of a march of folly

10 Goldstone: An act of negligence
Noura Erakat

195 Juliano Mer-Khamis is killed in West Bank

18 Algerian paper claims that Dahlan supplied Gaddafi with Israeli weapons

18 Ratner & Horowitz talk Goldstone on Democracy Now

23 ‘LRB’ loses UK arts funding– blogger says because of campaign by Israel lobby

24 Ros-Lehtinen says that Obama stopped pressuring Israel because ‘the American Jewish community got mad’

13 Two other members of the Goldstone mission stood by its conclusions as of 3 months ago

9 Israeli forces raided two houses in Bil’in at 1:30 a.m.

April 3 2011

90 Burg: the int’l community has put up with acts of state violence by Israel for 5 decades

60 Goldstone: ‘retractions’ vs facts

27 Israeli spin on Goldstone op-ed doesn’t hold up

2 UN spokesman terms ‘demolition day’ as Israel continues to destroy Palestinian homes with impunity

35 T-minus 5 months ’til UN recognizes Palestine?

5 South African Zionist leader claims lobby swayed Goldstone

5 4 of Goldstone’s rightwing assailants charge him with ‘blood libel’

245 The documented record still stands: Israel intentionally targets civilians and civilian infrastructure

5 PEN debates cultural boycott

April 2 2011

63 What the Goldstone op-ed doesn’t say

267 Goldstone op-ed praises Israeli investigation of Gaza war crimes, but UN committee paints a different picture

63 ‘US Boat to Gaza’ organizers respond to Netanyahu charges against flotilla
Jane Hirschmann and Richard Levy

13 Netanyahu to UN: Retract the Goldstone Report

11 Goldstone’s Backtrack: Some points to remember
Tom Pessah

April 1 2011

16 Netanyahu tells Ban next flotilla must be stopped

35 ‘Foreign Policy’ runs piece describing Israel’s ‘carnival of hate’ toward Palestinians

29 At B.U., a student activist teaches me about Bil’in

14 B-D-S

66 Former head British spook says Israeli intelligence couldn’t be trusted

34 International Crisis Group warns against ‘Cast Lead II’