Jeff Klein

Promotion of recent New England leadership dinner at AIPAC. Partial full screen image from screenshot.

AIPAC’s promotion of a recent New England leadership dinner in Boston at $300 a head shows that the leading Israel lobby group raised nearly $5 million from just one region of the country. So when pro-Israel voices say that Ilhan Omar is wrong, AIPAC doesn’t work by raising money, they’re trying to deceive you.

In Palestine, as in the rest of the Arab world, many are turning to religion in response to the failure of the various liberation and nationalist or socialist projects. Some practice a religious-inspired political quietism or wait for an apocalyptic solution for the existing impasse.

In mid-November, people will gather in Cambridge, Mass, to examine the lessons of the anti-Apartheid struggle in South Africa in an effort to build more effective political campaign to influence Congress today. A conference organized by Peace Action will examine the current state of US politics and policy regarding Israel-Palestine, assess the growing partisan divide on the issue and take concrete steps to organize on-going efforts based in each Massachusetts Congressional district.