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May 31 2011

52 America is fed up with the ‘old man’s commiseration club’

19 And this is just England

11 More on the late Safire, gunnin for Israel

21 All star ensemble– ‘We are the people, this is the time– Stand up, sing out for Palestine’

1 2nd class citizens: Palestinian city inside Israel hasn’t had phone or internet access for weeks following accident

87 A (half-hearted) defense of the Congressional Democrats

19 George Mitchell says, Well, 10 presidents and 19 secretaries of state also failed

52 Shame: 9 of 15 signers of intolerant Congressional letter on Goldstone are Jewish

40 Obama can’t stop talking about love (and that’s bad news for the Israel lobby)

8 Not to be a buzzkill– but what Rafah opening does and doesn’t mean

75 Netanyahu says ‘all men are created equal’ message on Lincoln Mem’l is a Jewish concept

15 Pressure on Obama recalls similar pressure on Bush 20 years ago

3 Renewing the Patriot Act, Obama believes ‘his being president is good for the world regardless of what he does’

9 O I want to be in that number! (leopard spike heels outside Aipac)

1 UK training Saudi forces used to crush Arab spring

8 Netanyahu visit causes ‘New Yorker’ to contemplate ‘untenable’ Jewish future for Israel

May 30 2011

8 Knesset to consider bill to Hebraize names of Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem

55 BDS flashmobs are largely led by women (who must contend with misogyny)
Kiera Feldman

12 David Cameron 2-step. Can Obama follow?
Phil Weiss and Scott McConnell

21 Check out this Palestinian company’s documentary on the Gaza conflict, ‘A story of a war’

3 Israeli raid of cucumber fields in occupied West Bank another sign of water battle to come

6 Nakba Day at Erez Crossing — and Naksa Day is next Sunday
Joe Catron

7 ‘The Israel Lobby’ — the docudrama. Part 1, the Prophecy
Ben Fishbein

9 The radicalization of antiwar congressman Walter Jones, R-S.C.

212 Some questions about a transition to one state

6 When Satloff says 1967 is a ‘major departure from policy,’ he’s wrong
Michael Several

5 Learning Torah in the West Bank, with the protection of the IDF, and US donations

4 The revolution will not be borderized

May 29 2011

44 In NY harbor, Ahmet Dogan tells the wrenching story of the murder of his son, freedom rider Furkan Dogan

81 Land swaps? Israel doesn’t have enough land to give the Palestinians

4 Open border, 1000-year-old olive trees, new Israeli stun guns

61 Republican drumbeat begins: Obama will bring about ‘destruction’ of Israel

18 David Rovics– What are your borders, Israel, drawn in black and white?

8 Egypt opens Gaza border, and Kadima blames Netanyahu

4 The essential +972 is fundraising

May 28 2011

36 Egypt working with Israel on Rafah policy

17 NY LGBT center opens up to apartheid group after all; porn magnate who muscled the center calls it ‘anti-Israel nest’

70 Eliot Spitzer lectures Hanan Ashrawi that Israel has a right to the West Bank but Netanyahu ‘wants nothing more’ than to give it up

67 David Horowitz says Jews are ‘the most persecuted people on the face of the earth’

8 So is this all about manipulating US elites to stand by Israel against an ‘existential threat’ (that isn’t)?
Annie and Phil Weiss

May 27 2011

103 Obama’s mild defiance at AIPAC cost him $10 million in Jewish donations

9 Mr Obama, maybe the pogroms have to stop before you talk about a Palestinian state…
Joy Ellison

9 Next generation of American leaders getting ready to write Dear John letter to special relationship?

12 AIPAC official says Egypt’s commitment to peace demands blockade on Gaza

65 Col Desmond Travers captures NYC

2 Reconciliation agreement was born of renewed national movement that includes refugees

50 Levy: settlers can claim to be Israel’s authentic Zionist voice

16 Zakaria lightbulb moment: Israel rules millions of ‘serflike’ disfranchised Palestinians

15 When do we tell the children? (Goldberg concedes that anti-Zionists are winning)

6 Walt: ‘Every burst of congressional applause for Netanyahu was another nail in coffin of Zionist dream’

11 Even NY Magazine admits two-state deal ‘is all but impossible’

33 Siegman says Obama must take on the Israel lobby, and Jews will back him (will they?)

10 Hoping the answer is, a

10 2 questions from the English tourists

May 26 2011

16 Egypt plans to lift the blockade of Gaza

46 Why did I disrupt?
Rae Abileah

100 Settlers fabricate non-existent “eternal rights”

73 Reality imitates the dream in the Rachel Corrie case in Haifa

33 In ‘The American Interest,’ minister’s kid Mead says God favors and protects Israel like he protects the U.S.

14 On the strict American requirement of being ‘sufficiently pro-Israel’

75 Mearsheimer on dual loyalty and William Safire

14 Israel planning to steal more land from Palestinians

26 Zuckerberg soulless

12 Now you tell me: Peretz was Stuart Levey’s thesis adviser

5 Marty and the donors (ad about Peretz in today’s Harvard Crimson, Commencement edition)

12 Goldberg agonistes

45 Agnon and Joyce on the cruelty of community

May 25 2011

11 Europe’s ‘cautious’ cant on Hamas

8 Your $s at work– Israelis use new electrical device on protesters that stuns from several meters

9 I left the corporate bubble — and am now trying to give a voice to the scores of Palestinian Gandhis
Pam Bailey

20 Bromwich: Netanyahu found the chosenness recipe in America’s bad cookbook

2 JPost revises ‘Nakba Day protests’ to ‘Nakba Day riots’

38 Washington Post columnist reveals his inner child to be, well–

26 Feeling the ignorance at AIPAC 2011

8 Sen Udall: Arab Spring shows up the Patriot Act

34 Rae Abileah takes on the ‘culture of silence’ in the Jewish community

34 The assault on Netanyahu’s heckler, Rae Abileah

11 Mubarak to stand trial

11 Huh: On day of Gaza fundraiser in NY harbor, NY Coast Guard issues a ‘special notice’ on Gaza

68 Alas, the battle over a Jewish state in the Middle East is an irrepressible conflict

64 UN recognition of Palestinian state is actually last chance for 2SS, though US will kill it

13 ‘Spirit Of Rachel Corrie’ –little engine that could

36 Actually, 67 borders are perfectly defensible
Gil Maguire

12 My alma mater

2 White House spokesman Jay Carney expresses satisfaction with Netanyahu’s commitment to peace

May 24 2011

40 The Emperor’s clothes are still on, for now (while his heckler is roughed up, hospitalized)

121 We can only pray that Congress’s supine conduct before a rightwing foreign leader will have political consequences

38 Code Pink’s nervy presence reminds us that consensus for segregation and Vietnam also seemed impregnable once

24 Harry Reid sides with Netanyahu over Obama

15 Netanyahu claims there are 650,000 settlers– not just half a million

17 Videos of MoveOverAipac disrupting Netanyahu speech last night

20 Pamela Olson’s ‘Fast Times in Palestine’ published

12 Head of DNC sees eye to eye with rightwing funder Sheldon Adelson when it comes to Netanyahu

36 Cantor says Arabs have a culture of ‘resentment and hatred’

83 I’m fed up with criticism of Israel being shouted down as anti-Semitic

20 Paranoid speculation, dept

20 Messaging, at AIPAC

May 23 2011

17 Bucking Obama and Netanyahu, Palestinian refugees assert their centrality

8 Israel puts barbed-wire fence around village of 247 Palestinians in W. Bank to prevent stonethrowing

21 Chris Matthews is in, and up to the hub! Taking on AIPAC

90 Taking on AIPAC

15 Obama’s overflowing ‘love’ for Ireland shows up his rage toward Israel/the lobby

28 Obama, the Arab Spring and irrelevance

37 Jewish man, 62 y.o. but vital, seeks unh… world domination

26 First they came for Norman, then they ate the hummus

6 Obama missed the point about ‘endless delay’

11 Saudi woman campaigns for right to drive

18 Alternative Israeli universe (Tom Friedman wrote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion)

31 Why Desmond Travers identifies with the people of Sderot

63 What Netanyahu won: no talks, no Palestinian state (and the fire next time)

10 Cat is out of the bag department

39 ‘Haaretz’ report suggests Arab villages were targeted before Nakba
Matthew Taylor and Phil Weiss

2 ‘I cried as the dog bit my chest and begged the soldier to help me but he didn’t move till he’d finished filming me on his cellphone’

May 22 2011

104 An angry Obama warns the lobby that the ‘world is moving too fast’ (to preserve a Jewish state)

25 Obama the racist sectarian

24 Move Over AIPAC flashmob @ D.C. Union Station

3 Report: Israeli snipers picked off unarmed protesters at Lebanon-Israel border

19 Nakba Protest: Are these Israeli agent-provocateurs?

15 ‘Colonization is indefensible, not 1967 borders’ – Cohen in NYT

May 20 2011

173 Netanyahu has nothing to worry about

105 On a NY stage, four strong characters seek out the meaning of Gaza and the Arab spring

3 ‘Obama gave a speech? Really? As if I care’ – Egypt’s Hossam El-Hamalawy

81 With one signal — 1967– Obama decides to take on Netanyahu on the Arab Spring

32 Challenging Pastor Hagee on his home turf: “We caught him off guard…with just our thoughts and our courage.”

12 Nakba Day, in the Atlantic no less

19 Ethnic dry cleaning

1 Three Haiku for the JNF

4 Caterpillar tries to project a caring image

11 Praise for Obama

May 19 2011

59 Rosa Parks’s bus doesn’t stop in this country

125 Obama won’t have to write another speech for AIPAC on Monday

4 Shifting the occupation to the academic battlefield – South African academic Na’eem Jeenah detained and deported
Ayesha Jacub

39 Netanyahu pushes two settlement expansions today, to spit in Obama’s eye

37 Obama’s speech is irrelevant

6 Impunity: Settlers enter village late at night, steal 7 sheep, kill two, blind another, and spill yogurt and water

40 Wait, who started this asymmetry?

5 Nabulsi: Nakba Day shows that Palestinian Diaspora must be counted politically

23 ‘Jewish donors warn Obama on Israel’

21 Help me, James Madison. ‘NYT’ runs Zionist piece that hints at ethnic cleansing of West Bank

6 A land without a people for a people without a land department

10 Bringing the story of the Nakba to the JNF

1 To Gaza with love

May 18 2011

27 ‘Third Intifada’ flares up across the Middle East and on a Chicago campus
Shirien D.

20 AIPAC issues annual

15 US hails Bahrain as model of reform!

15 U.S. already affirmed ’67 borders–only to have Obama backtrack

44 The ’48 discussion is replacing the ’67 discussion

144 Desmond Travers on Geo Mitchell: Irish-American Diaspora wanted an end to the troubles, Jewish-American Diaspora hasn’t opened its eyes

64 Facebook counterrevolution: Jews and Arabs can’t live together

6 Bush/Obama: New State Dep’t spokesperson has goldplated neocon pedigree

10 ‘NYT’ won’t say Nakba, just ‘anniversary of Israel’s creation’

3 Another country, another time

9 Palestinians: last victims of the Holocaust

May 17 2011

7 A search of the archives show how little has changed

28 Picking apart the New York Times Zionist narrative on the Nakba . . . using the New York Times

32 If Israel is the multicultural democracy it claims to be, why is it so afraid of the right of return?
Deppen Webber

10 Liberal Tomasky’s advice to Obama: do whatever AIPAC wants

2 Tariq Ali speaks tonight in Brooklyn on Arab revolutions

26 Krista Tippett’s collapse– she calls rightwing settler Halevi ‘redemptive’

21 NYT’s Bronner says Netanyahu demonstrates ‘territorial flexibility’ on the basis of no evidence

17 Report: Mitchell resigned because Dennis Ross was biased and working against US interests

14 Leslie Gelb says Arab democracy movement must leave Israel alone

8 Israel plays ‘surprised virgin’ to Obama speech

4 American discourse is opening

7 Israeli soldier deliberately shot photog at Nakba Day demo in Gaza –Reporters Without Borders

6 Nakba Day, from Golan to New York to al-Walaja to Qalandia to Maroun Ar-Ras

May 16 2011

61 Slap across the face

39 Cornel West says Obama’s homies are Jews who think they’re smart, and Larry Summers blows his mind

6 How many years of struggle before Gandhi was mentioned by the State Department– or Mandela?

8 Yale to stick thumb in Obama administration’s eye

10 Anti-Muslim bigot Walid Shoebat, brought to you by U.S. taxpayers

6 What rough beast slouches toward Jerusalem?

21 Egyptians demand shut down of Israeli embassy

20 The Arab spring comes to Palestine

36 ‘Goldstone Report’ is at once a tragedy and a utopian document

74 Palestinians are driving the train of history now, Beinart acknowledges

6 Buses, Billboards, and Digital Displays: End military aid to Israel ad campaign goes national

May 15 2011

37 A Serious Man– sold out!

2 A few decades on, ‘Commentary’ discovers the Nakba

10 Gaza flotilla is the Freedom Ride of this era
Ann Wright

10 Nakba Day protests show right of return remains central to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict

31 The New York Times‘s shameless Nakba distortion

23 When the Shoah met the Nakba

15 Walter Russell Mead says Obama never had the power to deliver freeze on colonies (Why not?)

5 Nakba Day in occupied West Bank feels like a tinderbox– with Shakespearean clouds

7 Brooklyn-Jenin: Happy Birthday, Juliano Mer Khamis

106 Flotilla massacre all over again? Israel kills 8 Nakba demonstrators at borders

18 Wiesenfeld says an Israeli critic has ‘deep self-hatred’ and Palestinians want to murder him

9 Famous Israeli author, married to a Christian, seeks to end ‘Jewish’ nationality in ‘Jewish Iran’

2 Stories from the continuing Nakba

1 Voices that are resisting
Stay Human Convoy

May 14 2011

32 Our fundamentalists

112 Israelis defy Nakba law on Independence Day

47 Mitchell resignation makes Obama the Mubarak of the Palestinian spring

19 How the peace process became a ‘cruel enterprise’

25 Wiesenfeld speaks truth for power

11 Maria Shriver stopped believing in the Great American Family

1 Hundreds of buses to go to Lebanon border for Nakba Day

May 13 2011

46 ‘Is this is what the most moral army in the world does!?’: An American student describes being shot by the Israeli military during a peaceful demonstration
Christopher Whitman

4 From Mississippi to Gaza City: The spirit of the freedom riders lives on in the effort to break the siege

29 Challenging AIPAC’s abuse of taxpayers money

7 Palestinian teen critically injured as Israel cracks down on Nakba demos; American protester shot in the head with tear-gas canister at close range
Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

13 #Nakbasurvivor: Telling the story of the Nakba in the internet age

15 Stolen Beauty boycott culture jam turns Ahava’s online marketing contest into a social media #FAIL

1 Solidarity from Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, marches to Palestine planned for Nakba Day

28 A story of the most powerful army in the Middle East chasing 18 cows.

May 12 2011

7 Nakba commemorations begin in Israel/Palestine, activists prepare for worldwide marches

7 In the name of Vittorio Arrigoni, the ‘Stay Human’ convoy has entered Gaza
Stay Human Convoy

57 63 years of the Nakba

15 Reporting from the perspective of 1948 – a profile of Jonathan Cook
Jon Dillingham

35 I saw the same look in Fatima’s face as my grandparents’– the look of the Nakba
Yasmine Moor

5 Two takes on the Hamas-Fatah unity agreement

3 ‘Freedom Flotilla 2- Stay Human’ to set sail in late June
Daryl Meador

1 Richard Achi should not exist (but he does, in Cote d’Ivoire)

120 Peace demands challenging Israel’s exceptionalism

4 Vittorio Arrigoni, Onadekom (Calling You)

3 Naomi Klein to receive honourary degree (a few days before she appears in New York)

5 Belgian-French bank Dexia considers selling Israeli subsidiary after settlement loan controversy

2 Levy: ‘ethnic cleansing… apartheid… 1948 never ended’

9 Gropinator ♥ Israel

14 The Weisenfeld psycho-bio: Holocaust/toughness/insensitivity

13 Even ‘NY Jewish Week’ calls Wiesenfeld an extremist

May 11 2011

9 Palestinians fight to preserve Lifta, as Israeli developers seek to build luxury housing on the village’s remains

19 Schoolgirls and doctors beaten and tortured in Bahrain raids, ‘They beat and slapped me and called me whore and dirty Shia’

13 The Neverending Story: Updates on the fantasies, falsehoods, and fear-mongering about Iran’s nuclear program

21 Pizzarotti should follow in Deutsche Bahn’s footsteps

11 Lupe Fiasco raps about Gaza, discusses Obama and the War on Terror on the Colbert Report

20 Israel admits to forcing 140,000 Palestinians from the West Bank using administrative trick

4 Money for Mondoweiss: The Chicago challenge

25 Exhibit C(UNY): How the lobby works

131 How the ‘temporary weave’ of Zionism is starting to fray at the edges

0 Jeffrey Wiesenfeld’s political nexus

13 AIPAC to gather rightwingers, including supporter of English Defence League
Jim Harris

9 Mezvinsky: It’s one state now and smart Israelis must cast away their Zionism and work for equal rights

10 The subject is not moral Israel’s relation to immoral Israel

6 When you’re 64

May 10 2011

14 Erakat says Gaza siege is cracking (and she’ll be speaking in New York next week)

9 Kushner says his reputation in the Jewish community has been damaged

10 CUNY board member Wiesenfeld linked to settler organization with ‘no Arabs’ policy

1 Amnesty International: writer Qatamesh has likely been detained ‘for no reason other than the peaceful expression of his political views’

23 For 40 years Israel practiced deceit in its purported plans for Palestinian autonomy (and that deceit required a partner)

11 Kushner says he will accept honorary degree

78 Big victory for BDS movement

120 Kushner effect: Beinart calls for an American conversation re Israel that includes anti-Zionists

6 Bin Laden’s death is a distraction (intervention is the root of the problem)

10 Kushner’s ‘It was a mistake’ quote, and its context

76 The community of fear and the community of hope (Choose)

20 a proposal to change the name of this website

May 9 2011

27 Bin Laden’s last tape said America will have no security till Palestinians do

10 CUNY trustees vote to give Kushner award after all, as faculty union calls for Wiesenfeld’s resignation

15 Egyptian FM: George Washington & Mandela were also considered terrorists and Iran is not our enemy…

20 Shoe is now on Wiesenfeld’s foot

16 Suicide, fratricide, accidents are top causes of Israeli soldier deaths

9 Gaza blockade seems to be cracking, and Egypt plans Nakba Day march from Tahrir to Rafah

2 Go Palestine!

May 8 2011

69 As Nakba Day approaches, Israeli troops ‘conquer’ a simulated Arab village

8 Palestinian state could pose legal tsunami to occupier

64 And they scream when a street is named after Yihia Ayash in Gaza

6 As a writer’s family waits all night outside prison gates, his detention is extended 6 months, without evidence

5 The invisible blacklist: Why does MOMA exhibit of Francis Alys’s work not feature his Jerusalem piece?

31 Naomi Klein on Kushner: ‘The invisible blacklisting has been made momentarily visible… it has to stop’

58 Lobbying for Syrian dictatorship, Israel leaves no doubt about its support for counterrevolution in Arab world

25 Israeli gov’t funds group fighting ‘miscegenation marriages’

19 My Sharia

7 Patinkin and friends take on ‘nerve center of fear’ in Jewish community

10 Awakening: Liberal American rabbinical students are turning away from Zionism, sometimes with disgust

4 ‘It will start coming at us like a glacier, from all corners’ –Barak on global campaign

May 7 2011

276 ‘Geronimo EKIA’– as Indian wars continue in Palestine

93 Obama’s to-do list: Free Pollard in May so he can travel safely to Israel in June

6 Former Mossad chief says ‘Atlantic Magazine’ Iran scenario is stupidest idea he ever heard

17 ‘FT’ architect says Israeli intolerance has ‘spoilt’ Jerusalem

1 Israelis violently break up unity rally on occupied land
Palestine Project

17 Israel bars 6 Gaza hairstylists from attending convention in West Bank

May 6 2011

66 Benno Schmidt signals Kushner will get degree– even as he sidles up to Wiesenfeld’s racist statements

4 Ameer Makhoul has spent a year in Israeli prison for exercising political rights

46 The upshot of the Kushner muzzling

17 Why did Wiesenfeld’s ‘unhinged tribalism’ command instant assent from powerful board?

6 Central Africa’s horrors, without the Orientalism

10 Bloom for the misbegotten

4 Kushner restoration?

28 Wiesenfeld says his mother would call Kushner a Nazi collaborator

36 Palestinians are not ‘human,’ says CUNY trustee who rejected Kushner

May 5 2011

12 Leftism begins at home– a defense of David Simon

22 The bin Laden threat in Iowa
Anna McConnell

10 ‘Mondo’ editors to speak tonight in Oakland

8 What folks are saying in Palestine

135 Awakening: Kushner mugging leads UCLA prof to reject Zionism

24 Kushner fears damage to his reputation

May 4 2011

49 At the White House: ‘without solving Palestine issue, terrorist activities will not disappear in that region’

60 Tail dangles job to dog

2 Celebrations of Palestinian unity

32 Tony Kushner denied CUNY honorary degree over views on Israel

21 Boycott Israel movement creates ‘sea change’: an interview with Palestinian human rights activist Omar Barghouti

May 3 2011

23 Palestinian unity deal signed in Egypt, but questions remain

66 The dangers of the nationalistic fever and bloodlust over Osama bin Laden’s death

33 Doesn’t look like everyone is celebrating however . . .

33 Barenboim to lead ‘peace concert’ in Gaza

12 Success has a thousand morons

50 Gideon Rose of ‘Foreign Affairs’ praises Mubarak in warning Egypt not to make Israel ‘dramatically unhappy’

35 Khalidi says Palestinian humiliation is at the heart of the Arab revolutions

6 In defense of Superman
Tallha Abdulrazaq

16 Osama bin Laden’s death is another leg kicked out from under Israel-US milking stool

1 3 months later: scenes from Anger Friday in Egypt
Anna Therese Day

44 Slater: Hamas is pragmatic

6 Realistic post on the killing of Osama bin Laden

43 Outside the White House, amid the glory of the assassinator

May 2 2011

32 They can never shut me up
Nai Barghouti

7 Dare to struggle, dare to win, dare to live together and build a paradise
Phil Weiss, Max Blumenthal

29 OBL/Palestine = Berlin Wall/Apartheid

64 America’s self-righteous celebration

28 Hamas officials condemn bin Laden killing

11 Drink the elixir of nationalism, speak the language of violence

5 OBL death turns the page of history

8 Egypt regaining its well deserved spot as epicenter of Arab world… and Osama is dead.

81 Zionists’ failure to save Jews from Holocaust was spiked 50 years ago, now in the news

3 Holocaust Remembrance: There is no nation, no culture, no group that is immune to hatred, racism, persecution and annihilation
Orly Noy

18 Kaddish in Auschwitz
Jon S.

7 She died with her babe that December night but lives in my heart every day
Dena Shunra

49 Abbas: ‘Hamas is a part of the Palestinian people’

27 The U.N.’s rogue alliance in Libya
Virginia Tilley

3 Finkelstein, Khalidi, Peter Weiss to talk Goldstone tonight

1 Monday, Monday

May 1 2011

14 Israel freezes cash transfers to P.A. over unity deal

27 Arab spring: Listen to the chants of pride in Egyptian revolution

37 Arab winter: Israel has urged US to intervene to prop up Saudi monarchy

8 We are part of an amazing movement that recalls Heschel marching with Lewis, King and Shuttlesworth in Selma

8 ‘I won’t have children unless this country is free’… We hear you, sister
Phil Weiss, Joseph Dana

7 The ‘collateral damage’ of a ‘targeted assassination’ attempt

12 How can you tell when the Israeli right is lying? When it talks about the 2-state-solution

63 AJC debate on Zionism devolves into fear-fest, though Beinart bravely says Jews must confront their political power to dispense violence

3 Bacevich, is it good for the gander?

7 French court says Israelis shot Mohamed Al-Dorra’s father