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May 2011

When Satloff says 1967 is a ‘major departure from policy,’ he’s wrong

Philip Weiss on

In an opinion piece written for the Jewish Journal on May 24, Robert Satloff, Executive Director of the Washington Institute of Middle East Policy, characterized President Obama’s statement that “We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are […]

Learning Torah in the West Bank, with the protection of the IDF, and US donations

Philip Weiss on

The following is part of an email from Yaakov David Ha’ivri, who directs the Shomron Liaison Office, which supports Israeli settlers in the Nablus area of the northern West Bank. I’m leaving his spelling as is. Dear Friends, Please see below information on the concert we have planed to celebarte Jerusalem day this coming Teusday […]

The revolution will not be borderized

Mohammed Said AlNadi on

In the most graceful move in years, Egypt opened its borders yesterday with the Gaza Strip permanently. Not only that, authorities said they would open the border 6 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and that men under the age of 18 and above 40 and females won’t be required to have […]

Land swaps? Israel doesn’t have enough land to give the Palestinians

Philip Weiss on

Brilliant reporting by Nathan Jeffay in the Forward, on the question of land swaps. Is there even enough land to swap, per the Obama idea? And what would swapping mean? There are several issues: There isn’t enough Israeli land to give the Palestinians to make a swap even-steven, hard-core settlers outside the settlment blocs would […]

Republican drumbeat begins: Obama will bring about ‘destruction’ of Israel

Philip Weiss on

Here’s a petition from the out-of-control Minnesota congresswoman (thanks to Max Blumenthal). And the other night Michelle Bachmann was on CNN saying that Obama is sticking the knife into Israel. She is plainly doing this to raise money. Well that’s OK: There are more and more indications that the Israel/Palestine issue will be politicized in […]

David Rovics– What are your borders, Israel, drawn in black and white?

Annie Robbins on

Ordinary people just want to know, where are your borders, Israel? From Rovics’s youtube page: Listening to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress the other day, I wrote this musical response. For a long time now, every time I hear an Israeli patriot or apologist complaining that such-and-such a group or government […]

Egypt opens Gaza border, and Kadima blames Netanyahu

Ira Glunts on

Good news. Egypt permanently opened its border with Gaza today after four years of cooperation with the Israeli closure. This is an early indication that the Egyptian pro-democracy forces will influence their new rulers to retreat from the Israel- friendly policies of Hosni Mubarak. Gazans will now be able to travel freely to Egypt and […]

The essential +972 is fundraising

Annie Robbins on

I wouldn’t be pumping this Israeli site if it wasn’t essential to our community; and I don’t make that claim lightly. Please: +972 Magazine needs your support!

Eliot Spitzer lectures Hanan Ashrawi that Israel has a right to the West Bank but Netanyahu ‘wants nothing more’ than to give it up

Philip Weiss on

I trust my wife’s instincts completely, and this morning she said to me, “Eliot Spitzer was really awful to that woman last night.” She means his interview with Hanan Ashrawi last night on CNN, seeking “the Palestinian perspective.” I also found it distasteful. Spitzer seems out of control and angry. He repeatedly lectures a Palestinian […]

So is this all about manipulating US elites to stand by Israel against an ‘existential threat’ (that isn’t)?

Philip Weiss on

Haaretz: Israel apparently doing nothing to enforce international sanctions against Iran: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who endlessly preaches the need for firm action against Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear arms, is not lifting a finger to stop Israeli companies and individuals indirectly trading with Iran. Nor is he acting against international companies and […]

Obama’s mild defiance at AIPAC cost him $10 million in Jewish donations

Philip Weiss on

Adam Kredo in the Washington Jewish Week honestly addresses a central political issue that a far more prominent journalist, Robert Siegel on NPR, sought to mystify earlier this week. First Kredo: One prominent Jewish leader who attended Obama’s AIPAC speech told me that “the Jewish community has a form of IBS [Irritable Bowel Syndrome] with […]

Mr Obama, maybe the pogroms have to stop before you talk about a Palestinian state…

Philip Weiss on

In Washington DC, the pundits are frantically debating the implications of Obama’s recent speeches on the Middle East. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in the of village At-Tuwani, the tiny flowers of spring are pushing up through the dry ground. Palestinian farmers are grazing their sheep on land that has been owned by their families […]

Col Desmond Travers captures NYC

Philip Weiss on

The Nation has posted a video of the panel we and the Culture Project did a week ago in New York on Gaza and Goldstone– with Naomi Klein, Noura Erakat, Col Desmond Travers of the Goldstone mission (above), and our co-editor Lizzy Ratner. It was a great evening. I’m going to rewatch it myself to […]

Reconciliation agreement was born of renewed national movement that includes refugees

Philip Weiss on

Smart piece by Jesse Rosenfeld and Joseph Dana at the Nation saying that the reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas was brought about not so much by Egypt but the spirit of the Arab spring in Palestine– a Palestinian youth movement reinvigorated by participation of Palestinian refugees in the bordering states. The Nakba protests have […]

When do we tell the children? (Goldberg concedes that anti-Zionists are winning)

Philip Weiss on

I keep saying that Jeffrey Goldberg is confused. Well here’s more evidence. He knows that the settlement project is destroying Israel but he insists that Zionism can be saved. He refuses to accept his own complicity in the settlement enterprise, and all the other Israel lobbyists who supported the settlements no matter what throughout election […]