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May 2011

And this is just England

Annie Robbins on

Following a major study on television coverage of the Second Intifada by Glasgow University Media Group, several journalists from the BBC continued to stay in touch with the media group. Greg Philo, research director of the group reports in the Guardian Israel’s PR victory shames news broadcasters: “The propaganda battle over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has […]

More on the late Safire, gunnin for Israel

Philip Weiss on

Last week I did a post in which John Mearsheimer said that the late William Safire of the New York Times pushed for an independent Kurdistan because he had an agenda, to break up Israel’s enemies. Well here is MJ Rosenberg at Media Matters describing how Safire became an attack dog for Benjamin Netanyahu in […]

A (half-hearted) defense of the Congressional Democrats

Jerome Slater on

Like almost all serious critics of Israel and of U.S. policies in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, my initial reaction to the Congressional fawning over Netanyahu and the apparently unanimous standing ovations awarded to Netanyahu’s latest demagogic lies was one of outrage. It’s one thing for the Republicans to participate in this charade—nothing good on almost any […]

Not to be a buzzkill– but what Rafah opening does and doesn’t mean

Laila El-Haddad on

The big story of the week has been the much-acclaimed re-opening of the torturous Rafah Crossing.  It had been operating intermittently, if at all, and for limited categories of people for more than 4 years now.  For what seemed like eternity, the Mubarak regime- الله لا يردهم -, colluding with the United States and Israel […]

Netanyahu says ‘all men are created equal’ message on Lincoln Mem’l is a Jewish concept

Philip Weiss on

On Fox, Sean Hannity got an interview with Bibi Netanyahu. Some choice moments: HANNITY: And very kiddingly, somebody said, is there any chance that the prime minister has a birth certificate in Hawaii? For those that would like you to run in our upcoming elections. NETANYAHU: No way. I have a country. HANNITY: I’m teasing. NETANYAHU: Well, I’m sure […]

Pressure on Obama recalls similar pressure on Bush 20 years ago

Jeffrey Blankfort on

A few months shy of 20 years ago, on Sept. 12, 1991, Pres. George HW Bush held a nationally televised press conference to announce that he was asking Israel to delay its request for $10 billion in loan guarantees for 120 days in order to not to jeopardize the Madrid Peace Conference, and that if […]

O I want to be in that number! (leopard spike heels outside Aipac)

Annie Robbins on

From Maspeak. Ava and Keren were there to ask conference-goers why they were at AIPAC and what they believe are the real obstacles to peace in Palestine/Israel. Note the AIPAC representative who admonishes one participant for engaging in discussion with members of Code Pink (who, by the way, offered their stage and microphone to AIPACers […]

Netanyahu visit causes ‘New Yorker’ to contemplate ‘untenable’ Jewish future for Israel

Philip Weiss on

I believe that Netanyahu’s disgraceful speech to Congress represents the tipping point, that anyone with any sense of an American interest, the people’s interest, had to vomit over that spectacle. Here’s proof: Hendrik Hertzberg, who is largely silent on these matters, getting eloquent at the New Yorker. He echoes Obama’s view that the world is […]

BDS flashmobs are largely led by women (who must contend with misogyny)

Philip Weiss on

Editor’s note: Kiera Feldman has an important piece up at Alternet on the BDS movement, flashmobs, and the gender politics of the Palestinian solidarity movement. Excerpts: The real genius of BDS is its big tent appeal: supporters might choose to stick to boycotts of consumer goods made in settlements (e.g. SodaStream); some might launch divestment […]

Nakba Day at Erez Crossing — and Naksa Day is next Sunday

Philip Weiss on

Photos by Nils Andersson. I gasped as the first bullet struck a young man standing a few paces ahead of me. Watching him crumple to the ground, I struggled for breath and fought my natural urge to run. “Allahu Akbar!”, the crowd roared around me. “Yalla, Shebab!” A half-dozen other men – none of whom […]

‘The Israel Lobby’ — the docudrama. Part 1, the Prophecy

Philip Weiss on

This screenplay is a work of fiction. Almost all details have been invented, although the historical backdrop is largely accurate. Some public figures’ real names have been used as talismans of the important political reality in which the story is based, but the details of their lives– imagined. I. October 1973. A thin man of […]

The radicalization of antiwar congressman Walter Jones, R-S.C.

Philip Weiss on

Beautiful report by George C. Wilson at the Nation on South Carolina Congressman Walter Jones’s crusade to get American out of Afghanistan. Joined by antiwar Democrats, like Filner and Woolsey and Schakowsky (Oh Jan where are you on Israel!) and Kucinich, and Republican Ron Paul. The greatness of this piece is: We are all born […]

Some questions about a transition to one state

Robert on

It has been a little over a year since John Mearsheimer gave his talk “The Future of Palestine: Righteous Jews versus New Afrikaners” which clearly and unequivocally predicted that the I-P conflict would end with the One State Solution. A year of shock and recognition has now led to great curiosity about the how the […]