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August 31 2011

44 Here she comes to save the brand

22 Swedish chain boycotts ‘Sodastream’ (West Bank fizzy-water device sold at Brooklyn’s Park Slope coop)

110 On hasbara visit to U.S. MK Wilf praises Fayyad as ‘first Palestinian leader to stop focusing on what the Jews are doing’

6 Colonel Qaddafi’s Tech Support

78 Rep. Allen West says Obama is Neville Chamberlain (to Arab Nazis)

82 Meanwhile, in Israel . . .

50 ‘Chicago Tribune’ runs Khalidi piece faulting Rep Jackson for going on ‘magical mystery tour’ to Israel

27 Seeing past Rothschild Blvd

17 1948 tents versus 2011 tents
Ali Zbeidat

4 In the sacred story of American empire, Israel is the ultimate symbol, dammit

4 ‘NYT’ runs long story on settlers without using words ‘occupied’ or ‘occupation’

6 ’92d St Y’ will toast Rummy next week

201 Why I call myself a Zionist

4 ‘Adbusters’ goes after NYT’s pro-Israel bias

August 30 2011

27 Derfner wanted to shock a society wed to the occupation

49 ‘Brand Israel’ has failed

100 Where Israel is headed

46 Derfner’s next assignment

16 IDF training settlers for riot policing in anticipation of ‘mass disorder’ following Palestinian UN push
Paul Mutter

17 ‘JPost’ publishes ultra-rightwingers, no problem

10 British gov’t minister says ‘wall is a land grab’– and is censored by UK Israel lobby
Ron Taylor

13 Derfner has gotten ‘amazing support’

0 Life under closure in occupied Hebron

9 Amazing grace– Mpls Lutheran forum will put Zionist Jews, JVP and IJAN on same stage!

8 ‘From a national perspective, I am opposed to taking land from a Jew to give it to an Arab’

9 ‘Guardian’– Gaza girl surfer

9 Israel’s apartheid policing

13 Wilson Center convenes panel on Palestinian statehood w/ no Palestinians (and 3 Jews)

August 29 2011

37 ‘If Popeye and Olive Oyl were Islamists, would they be fair game as well?’ –Blumenthal on Gaza strikes

4 Gandhi Project produces Gaza Youth Breaks Out video

1 US consulate documented West Bank blockade. State Dep’t left it out of annual human rights report

142 Read the post for which Derfner was fired: ‘The awful, necessary truth about Palestinian terror’

4 Update on Vittorio Arrigoni’s murder– trial to begin next week
Michele Giorgio

7 Wikileaks: US Embassy officials got upclose view of marginalization and removal of Bedouins in Negev in ’05 (and said nothing publicly)

146 ‘JPost’ fires Derfner for writing that Palestinians have the ‘right’ to use terrorism, notwithstanding his apology

103 Important study shows that a small network is fostering widespread hatred of Islam inside US politics and public opinion

5 Orwell in East Jerusalem

10 The exclusive revolution– reflections on the tent protests

5 Advice for the president on countering the pro-Israel heat

7 Terry Gross gives a fearful earful on a Christian movement seeking ‘dominion of politics, business and culture’

August 28 2011

15 All non-violent protest in Palestinian territories is suppressed; where is the media attention/international outrage?

13 ‘What was that?’ my sister cried. ‘Thunder,’ I lied. That night they killed 3
Rana Baker

47 Serious questions on Palestine UN bid raised in legal opinion

21 Ahmad Tibi rips AIPAC junket in Salon

42 Bad interventions, and a few good ones– which was Libya?

2 Israel will hear your confession now

48 Carmageddon, Irene– what will Americans dream up next to make ourselves feel important?

4 Egyptian revolution gives Israel pause when it contemplates violence against Gaza

August 27 2011

12 The soldier is a human being, isn’t he?
Aya Kaniuk and Tamar Goldschmidt

161 What I’ve witnessed on the West Bank

4 The 30-day epic of Ramadan
Fidaa Abuassi

25 The Refugees of Zone A

34 Aipac uses fear of Palestinian statehood initiative to raise money

24 Gaza strikes kill two youths, and cut off hands of 13-year-old boy playing football

38 Israel severs ties with Qatar over… Palestinian statehood

9 No way to honor Dr. King

30 Even Sternhell, leftwing Zionist, concedes that ‘radical, ruthless, racist nationalism’ requires a… revolution

36 Zuckerman paper says boycott gathers ‘the old anti-Semite and his quivering yes-man, the self hating Jew’

5 Kristol’s tunnel vision: Is Perry good for the Jews?

6 StandWithUs says that those seeking end to US military aid to Israel wants to ‘eliminate state of the Jewish people’

August 26 2011

210 Independent: How Israel takes its revenge on boys who throw stones

31 Kinky Friedman supports Rick Perry because of– (wake me up when this is over)

35 ‘J Street’ comes to Syracuse
Pat Carmeli

63 Why Israel (and Jeffrey Goldberg) are championing the Kurds

3 AIPAC prepared congressional ‘airlift’ to go back home and explain why we’re spending $ on Israel

1 Why I’m a progressive

42 Democratic cong’l candidate uses Israel issue to pander to rightwing Republicans

74 ‘Moral dilemma’– or how a woman rationalizes rejecting a graduate student as a babysitter on racial basis

4 More doubts emerge over claim that Eilat attackers came from Gaza

120 How would you redesign our comment section?

10 It took 4 Irish-Catholic leaders to stop the Irish lobby’s support for violence in N. Ireland

August 25 2011

44 Another congressperson writes home from the Jewish State, surrounded by madness she compares to Nazism

98 China announces support for Palestinian UN statehood bid

25 Obama’s Wall Street defectors to Romney include strong supporters of Israel

129 Wikileaks: In ’06, Lieberman told US ambassador of need to transfer Palestinians from Israel– and US says nothing

3 Detention of journalists in Libya is big news here, but what about several journalists arbitrarily arrested by Israel?

19 Campaign to end US aid to Israel expands to San Francisco cable cars

90 Alterman says ‘almost no MSM pundits sympathize with Palestinians’

8 Happy to deal with the ‘world as it is,’ Obama has not changed Bush policies

30 J Street tips cap to ‘massive movement’ of nonviolence in West Bank that is part of Arab spring

August 24 2011

14 DMV, Department of Muslim Verification (AP exposes NYPD/CIA community infiltration program)
Paul Mutter

40 Israeli air strikes on Gaza threaten shaky truce

52 ‘J Street’ smears good Richard Silverstein…

6 Gov Rick Perry threw himself into effort to stop Gaza flotilla

8 Tons of empty seats at Glenn Beck’s J’lem rally

60 Another congressman posting from Israel gets flak for representing wrong country

13 Romney seems to be positioning himself to capture neoconservative support

29 Preacher Beck: ‘See the miracle of Israel… see all that God has done for us… He said to his people, ‘I’m coming, stand here…”

97 Why the Palestinians can’t recognize the Jewish State
Ahmad Samih Khalidi

18 Blumenthal: Absence of the occupation in the tent protests reflects total separation between Jews and Palestinians

9 Israeli Supreme Court agrees to expand Separation Wall: ‘the fence’s damage to [Al Walajeh] is in fair proportion to the security advantages produced by the fence’

8 Universal language of oppressors, with thinktanks

41 Exulting over Libya

2 Moor: Ramallah needs to hear 5 million roaring Palestinian Diaspora voices

August 23 2011

99 Reading Anne Frank in Gaza
Mohammed Suliman

20 ‘Olive Revolution’ plans to march on Jerusalem from four directions this Friday

42 The empty pieties of David Grossman

13 Israel’s latest global weapon to hold occupied territories is SodaStream seltzer-maker

29 Assad regime rushes to cover up bloodshed in Palestinian refugee camp

31 ‘Politico’ features claim for Israeli sovereignty of W.B. where ‘Jews have been the majority’ since 1800s

3 Another middle-of-the-night raid at Jenin Freedom Theatre, and another arrest

28 Richmond ‘Times-Dispatch’ rejects piece criticizing Cantor’s Israel travels, so it runs in Culpeper paper

6 Fearing international isolation, Israel refrains from escalating Gaza attacks

116 104 young Americans reported to go join Israeli army

31 If only the Palestinians were Syrians…

17 Israel is increasingly linked to right-wing causes in U.S. — Haaretz

August 22 2011

36 Evidence undermines Israeli gov’t claim that Eilat attackers were Gazans

6 Co-oping BDS, part II: Filling up the Israeli boycart
Kiera Feldman

13 West Bank village under siege faces live-ammo, arrests and concussion grenades at nonviolent demo

40 Pennsylvania congressman censors the criticism of his Israel trip

60 Israeli ‘retaliation’

52 50 Palestinians arrested in pre-dawn raids in occupied territories

5 Israeli Vice Prime Minister threatens Gaza ground attack

33 Israel’s only hope is that theocracies emerge…

August 21 2011

104 Libyan triumph exposes the west’s double standard for Palestine

19 Romney refuses to bash Muslims because as a Mormon he knows what it’s like to be an attacked minority (says Eli Lake)

147 Congressman says, I’m going to Israel, and his site is flooded with ragefilled comments about ‘sucking teat of AIPAC’ to serve ethnocratic, apartheid state

19 IDF cites int’l law against use of white phosphorus in ‘inhabited areas’–then removes the tweet

11 “A Splendid Little War” – Jingoism and Gaza
Paul Mutter

16 Former aide to Netanyahu offers Arab proverbs, one about a falling camel, in ‘Washington Times’

47 Roger Cohen says Jewish identity must be founded on opposition to Israeli treatment of Palestinians

14 Cheers and laser show as man removes Israeli flag from Israel Embassy in Egypt

7 What would MLK tell the rabbi who calls for Palestinian ‘moderates’?

August 20 2011

77 Blues band ‘Tuba Skinny’ cancels Eilat, reportedly responding to boycott appeal

51 Michael Rubin says Obama/Khalidi will support Palestinian statehood so as to wreak ‘Israel’s demise’

13 Activist files suit against Netanyahu supporters who attacked her in Capitol

199 Eilat deaths count

5 JINSA says that Israel has been all for an Arab state since Partition

August 19 2011

74 If 1.5 million Jews were locked up in Gaza, where would ‘Commentary’ be on violent resistance?

31 Here’s hoping that rightwing crazies’ support for Israel– Rick Perry!– will make liberal Jews do a reality check

9 Glenn Beck’s pal and the ‘synagogue of Satan’

2 White male pity pot

62 Another Congressman uses attacks to say US must block Palestinian statehood

6 Help complete the documentary film ‘Roadmap to Apartheid’
Alice Walker

6 In Gaza, Israelis kill disabled child and 2-year-old, while Hamas prevents 8 students from accepting US scholarships

17 Attacks lead Israel to condemn the Arab Spring
Paul Mutter

17 Barghouti: The tent protests ‘[are] the epitome of hysterical denial of the colonial reality’
Kiera Feldman

22 Weprin ought to read Hamlet

August 18 2011

68 JVP: As long as US supports occupation, Israelis and Palestinians will not know peace

5 One Brooklyn cong’l candidate calls for ending funds to P.A., while the other says you can’t make peace with Palestinians

22 Rep. Rothman blames Hamas, and P.A. too, and Simon Wiesenthal Center blames Arab Spring

13 Arabs only understand ‘somebody smacking them on the head,’ explains Israel lobbyist/archaeologist who lives in New Rochelle

38 Line of the day

49 Indyk says Obama has failed on Israel/Palestine, and our credibility in Arab world is ‘tarnished’

4 Chicago-area activists ask, ‘Which side are you on Kirk?’

159 Austerity generates ‘political violence,’ from England to Gaza

32 Anti-Arab racism in Israel

7 Reviving the Israeli left– Labor Party figure defends colonization project

1 Republican candidate in Brooklyn uses ‘Ground Zero mosque’ scare to woo pro-Israel voters

28 Leading Brooklyn rabbi says boycott is ‘reprehensible’ and the answer is for civil society to encourage ‘moderate’ Palestinians

4 The Marx Brothers unplugged

23 Munayyer op-ed in Boston Globe explains that U.S. was incapable of exerting pressure on Israel to accept two-state solution

August 17 2011

11 Ajl on the social origins of the tent protests

49 ‘Leahy Law’ seeks to hold all countries to the same standard, including Israel

17 Some of the violence, deaths and injuries in Palestine this week include…

17 The ‘untamed wildernesses’ of Israeli and American colonialism
Paul Mutter

16 I watch as Jewish settlements engulf East Jerusalem

29 Co-oping BDS, part I: Progressive except Palestine
Kiera Feldman

15 New US envoy to Israel blows airkiss to neoconservatives

18 Religious identity and transparency

5 Jewish spring? ‘New Republic’ cites importance of ‘human rights’ in the Occupied Territories

5 Occupied Gaza– where warplanes fire shells, soldiers kill a teenager, and bulldozers remove internet service

August 16 2011

21 From London to Jenin: Paying for the sins of their sons
Paul Mutter

13 Insider (Jewish) baseball

12 Israel adds 227 homes to Ariel settlement and the US is ‘deeply troubled’ (which translates as ‘go right ahead’)

36 Glenn Beck: Russo-Cuban AFL-CIO Islamist Israelis occupying Tel Aviv?
Paul Mutter

37 Shorter JINSA: if you vote for a Palestinian state, you’ll lose yours

8 AJ spells it out: Israel’s housing shortage leads to internal tensions

21 Israel scores yet another own-goal in the destruction of its int’l image

47 Another crack in the wall: Senator Leahy wants to defund Israeli military units b/c of human rights violations in Gaza and W.B.!

34 Chomsky: Many Americans rationalize ethnic cleansing in Palestine because we did it first

73 Jon Stewart on the media blackout of Ron Paul

18 Define demagogue

18 Texas man is sailing to site of ‘USS Liberty’ attack to hold memorial 44 years later

5 NYT gets on the Congress summering in Israel story

August 15 2011

44 CODEPINK calls for investigation into ‘AIPAC loophole’ for Israel junkets

20 Board member of MEMRI– beneficiary of State Department grant– seems to approve racist claptrap

14 Why I’m saving up for a punching bag
Jehan Alfarra

1 In dawn raid in Jerusalem, Israeli forces arrest boys– 11 and 13 years old

78 Israeli Ministers promote racist vision for Israel (and Judaism)

2 No level playing field for Palestinian athletes
Samah Sabawi

11 On the refusal to recognize Palestine
Matthew Graber

22 Nurit Peled-Elhanan on Israeli textbooks: ‘I didn’t know I would fall on so much racism’

172 Benny Morris says he was pursued by ‘bearded, caftaned Muslims’ in London– like Brownshirts in Berlin

7 Washington Post columnist warns that Palestinian statehood initiative could keep Gaddafyi and Assad in power

2 Avishai says tent protesters must include Palestinian citizens of Israel

August 14 2011

33 Israel’s ‘social justice revolution’ extends to illegal mega-settlement of Ariel

9 All Israeli kindergarteners are required to sing the national anthem– except for ‘Arab sector’ children

26 What to make of the Israeli movement for social justice

118 WASP society is disintegrating

18 Why do tent protesters ban the word ‘occupation’?

27 Hen of the woods?

August 13 2011

12 Jenin Theatre issues public letter to Israeli security apparatus denouncing raids and arrests

20 South African airport put on lockdown for Israeli delegation’s arrival

7 In ’77, ‘Time’ openly questioned military aid to Israel

56 Outside intervention

40 ‘Atlantic’ writer admits she knocked Joe Sacco’s Gaza book out of deserved place on top-10 list out of fear of ‘polarizing’

6 REALnews tackles equality in J14 movement

19 Congressional photo op

31 It’s apartheid, declares an investment banker/CFR member who’s an ‘ardent supporter of Israel’

55 Zionist seeks to wrap all Jews in the nationalist flag

August 12 2011

2 Today in Nabi Saleh

38 Israel’s Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi to Glenn Beck: ‘G-d will bless you for what you did’

2 ‘BDS brides’ bring boycott to Bed Bath & Beyond

25 In Israel, Steny Hoyer promises, US financial crisis won’t cut our aid package by a dime

15 Needed: ‘worldwide external pressure’

88 State Department beneficiary, MEMRI, is dedicated to bringing Israeli ideas about Arab world and Iran into U.S. establishment

5 In Honolulu Star-Advertiser: they tried to suppress MLK’s boycott too, but nothing can defeat this movement

2 Israel approves 1000s more homes in E Jerusalem as UN envoy is shocked and US says nothing

15 In 1950, Avnery offered first Israeli corroboration of ‘the Palestinian narrative’

14 Martin in Palestine

1 Follow your ambassador– on the IDF website

7 Walzer: Tent protesters want to escape neoliberalism, ‘security’ mindset, and nonexistent peace process

6 Asked about political fundraiser, Trump injects the Jewish angle

August 11 2011

70 State Department awards $200,000 to Elliott-Abrams-led thinktank repeatedly cited by mass murderer Breivik

62 Who’s paying for Congress to summer in Israel? Liberal foundations that give halls to Princeton and Yale and fund Human Rights Watch

43 Netanyahu’s 5,524 ‘Concessions.’ Or, ‘All your onions chopped to perfection without shedding a single tear!’
Paul Mutter

54 Holy moley, Rick Perry says ‘my faith requires me to support Israel’

23 How could Congress be so tone-deaf as to go to Israel when US is in crisis?? Greta Van Susteren asks

7 Gaza, Somalia: Humanity lives on
Ramzy Baroud

4 Hoyer uses AIPAC junket to promise US veto on Palestinian statehood

7 How will the tent protest movement respond to gov’t plan to address housing crisis through expanded settlements?

August 10 2011

36 Slouching toward theocracy: Tehran and Tel Aviv may have something in common
Paul Mutter

27 Hillel fears it is being ‘marginalized’ by young Jews because of its fierce support for Israel

127 Savage murder of musician Ibrahim Qattush shows Syria’s dictatorship is brutish, uncouth, macabre

66 White House edits photo caption, taking Jerusalem out of Israel

9 Progressive Jewish congregation will host ‘conversation’ on boycott (a year after it decided issue was too hot)

2 The story of Silwan

10 Severed cables lead to 12-hour communication blackout in Gaza

4 Close Enough to Touch: A view from Ramallah
Sam Kestenbaum

34 Even Washington Post does story on 81 House Reps to Israel. Will network news follow?

129 Be careful when you play that Jewish card

August 9 2011

52 Victoria (Australia) threatens further crackdown on boycott activists

8 Answer: Because they’re in Israel

3 UK theater artists issue petition denouncing ‘brutal attack on cultural icon’ — Jenin Freedom Theatre

5 Please pencil in September 15 (for Palestinian self-determination)

47 Does your Congressperson represent you – or Israel?

83 Afghanistan helicopter crash fuels antiwar feeling in American military community

16 ‘Huffpo’ finds guide to Arab public opinion… Vogue magazine

3 Israel has good immigrants and bad immigrants (guess the difference)

21 The implications of the US economic bust go much further than political dysfunction

August 8 2011

119 Israeli textbooks portray Palestinians as ‘terrorists, refugees, and primitive farmers’

2 Will the Palestinian Authority collide with popular resistance in September?

5 ‘Call to action’ for September 15 cites U.S.’s global isolation in blocking Palestinian self-determination

21 ‘One regime rules the land between the river and sea,’ Dana explains (in LRB and AJ, anywhere but here)

5 ‘NYT’ editorial on stalemate reflects Israeli talking points

0 Israeli forces hold ambulance w/ Palestinian crash survivors at checkpoint for 1/2 hour

29 Only 20 percent of U.S. House of Representatives will visit Israel during summer recess

34 Dreams of a multi-ethnic democracy– Tent protesters cheer Palestinian demands

4 IslamoMaoists! Progressives in disguise!
Paul Mutter

19 DC Jewish Community Center axes Theater J’s ‘peace cafe’ collaboration with Muslim

33 Reform Judaism and the challenge of Zionism
Yakov M. Rabkin

13 The world has adopted the Palestinian narrative, former Israeli envoy says handwringingly

2 Tent protests unhinge rightwing nationalist

August 7 2011

37 Retired U.S. diplomat says Palestinian disillusionment is the worst it’s been in 40 years, and US credibility is destroyed

4 Palestinian journalist goes into hiding, fearing arrest by P.A. for her coverage of protest

14 IDF detains 3rd member of Jenin’s Freedom Theatre

26 What is Palestinian statehood up against? (US Israel lobby group organizes junket for 18 ambassadors from mostly-little countries)

7 Feminist triumph in West Bank somehow escapes probing eye of western media

10 Will the tent protests break out of the neoliberal-Zionist-security box?

332 The nightmare of the Jewish soul

4 Gazans campaign to ‘save the children of Somalia’

43 Will Obama give Pollard a lift on Air Force One?

0 ‘Forward’ publishes defense of boycott law and says ‘malcontented Jews’ publicly criticize Israel

August 6 2011

51 Tent 1948
Abir Kopty

14 ‘Housing crisis?’ Israel will build 930 more units in occupied East Jerusalem
Paul Mutter

17 ‘NYT’ ‘analysis’ buries connection between protests and settlement project

18 Community board of leftwing radio station in Houston is so freaked out by boycott it calls for boycotting 21 countries, including US
Rob Block

0 A binational tent, in Jaffa

3 To my dear stateless Palestinian
Sameeha Elwan

15 South African student bodies declare, ‘We recognise apartheid when we see it’

0 Israel summons ambassador after Honduras endorses Palestinian statehood

August 5 2011

202 Bahour says Palestinians will call for secular democracy after statehood initiative fails

26 ‘NYT’ columnist cites Congressional unanimity on Gaza slaughter–and embraces ‘J Street’ to ‘balance’ lobby

43 Meet Debbie Schlussel, who says Norway’s ‘HAMAS Youth’ got what was coming to them
Paul Mutter

9 Code Pink confronts Howard Berman on boycott (and makes Hava Nagila anti-Zionist)

8 Iran, Hamas, and the Holocaust = justification for apartheid

12 Listening to the voices on ‘Arutz Sheva’
R. Taylor

15 Historian asks Netanyahu about Zionism and colonialism

12 Tough language

August 4 2011

23 Bloggers impeach Jennifer Rubin’s ‘Sabbath’ excuse for failing to correct her assertion that Jihadists were behind Norway massacre

23 Netanyahu’s big peace overture falls flat in D.C.

29 Tahrir comes to… Tel Aviv

12 Eyewitness to Judaization (I saw a soldier strike a young boy for walking on a road for Jews)
Matt Berkman

22 Al Qaeda-Iran link comes roaring (right thru 2012)

1 Imagine a press conference, in Gaza, appealing for drugs for 75 Palestinian children w/ life-threatening thalassemia

11 Gov Christie blasts critics of Judge Mohammed appointment: ‘I’m tired of dealing with the crazies’

16 Liberal Zionists can oppose boycott only by blinding themselves to decades of discrimination
Samah Sabawi

11 New Basic Law bill would cement the ‘Jewish nature’ of the ‘national homeland’

9 44 weeks of pro-Palestinian protest in Adelaide and not a word in print
Margaret Cassar

25 NYT talks democracy– Will Israeli demonstrators demonstrate alongside Palestinians?

35 Rightwing Jew can call leftwing Jew a Nazi, but if leftwinger turns the tables, he’s an anti-Semite

190 The case against circumcision

13 Jewish publication says Jews give half of Democratic money and a third of Republican money

August 3 2011

78 Dershowitz uncut: Dersh fears circumcision on the chopping block in the wake of BDS success

91 Video shows undercover Israeli police abducting a Palestinian minor while playing soccer

16 Knesset members recommend solving Israel’s housing crisis by expanding settlements

26 US Muslims more opposed than other groups to violence against civilians

65 ‘New Yorker’ says ‘two-state solution’ was not the answer (during U.S. Civil War)

17 Sheizaf: ‘Liberalism, in the American sense, never took real hold in Israel’

27 Israeli officials hint at violent response to Palestinian statehood demonstrations

5 ‘J Street’ has more influence in the White House than on the Hill

15 Islamophobia has deep roots in our pathologies: Americanism, KKK, and supine media

58 Englishman admits he singles out Israel–because his own leaders seem to be Israel’s devoted citizens

August 2 2011

33 Hidden video shows treatment of ‘flytilla’ detainees in Israeli prison

40 Reut Institute: The Boycott Law helps Israel’s critics (and alienates American Jews)

29 Pamela Geller slanders the Utoya victims (elitist anti-Semites, Hitler youth, oh and race-mixers)
Paul Mutter

6 Norway attack reveals Israel’s embrace of Islamophobia

37 This is the other side of the coin of Islamophobia

35 Propaganda spotlight: The truth about the West Bank

49 Observing the discrimination against Palestinians gives me flashbacks to the ‘Whites Only’ signs in my youth in Mississippi
Gloria Brown

19 Wash. Post blogger Rubin may not be ‘an ogre or a racist’ but is she a ‘bigot’?

3 Will Israel’s tent protesters awaken to the tents that came before theirs?
Ofra Yeshua-Lyth

12 Thinktank backed by Bronfman and Saban promotes claim that Muslims will force Jews from Europe and rape uncovered women

August 1 2011

29 Netanyahu seeks to preempt Palestinian statehood initiative w/ plan that entails settlements and ‘Jewish state’ preconditions

3 Of you, everything around reminds me

83 At Daily Kos, ‘cyclonbabe’ says the Israel/Palestine issue has split the progressive movement

104 A representation of Israeli soldiers

32 Is Yerushalmi’s motive for anti-Shariah campaign his contempt for Palestinians, ‘a murderous non-People’? ‘NYT’ can’t touch it

0 Hanin Zoabi: ”irrational racism’ is part of the new ruling consensus in Israel . . . It’s a psychological ethnic cleansing.’

20 Al Jazeera comes to NY

91 The Larry David peace plan