See the children’s drawings that terrified the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council and the Jewish Federation of the East Bay

gaza kids 6
gaza kids 5
gaza kids 4
gaza kids 3
gaza kids 2
gaza kids 1
gaza kids 0

To view the rest of the images, visit MECA’s Facebook page. Click here to let MOCHA know what you think about their censorship of Palestinian children’s voices by sending them a letter. Here’s the the Jewish Federation of the East Bay gloating over the cancelled exhibit on Twitter:


(h/t Youth Against Normalization)

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  1. Abierno says:

    Cast Lead – from the eyes of the children of Gaza. Thanks for posting
    this and the link to the MECA site.

  2. Charon says:

    Just because the truth offends people is not a reason to hide it. That’s a problem. Sure some people use the truth to offend people (calling an overweight person fat) but who cares? Nothing happens. Suck it up in that case.

    In instances like this it’s sickening that people try to cover it up. They are criminals in my mind and should be treated as criminals.

  3. Seham says:

    This one pathetic move by Bay Area Zionists have brought more publicity to what the pictures that these children have drawn than anyone could have dreamed possible. The idea of the lobby being as brilliant and tactical as everyone thinks they are is a joke, they aren’t very smart at all. Had the art exhibit been allowed to proceed, I would never even had known. Thanks, Zionists.

    • Walid says:

      Seham, heard about the millionieh being organized this Thursday in Amman to have the Israeli Embassy flag taken down?

      YNet News:

      Jordan protest threatens to emulate embassy storming

      Facebook page calls Jordanians to attend ‘million-man rally’ outside Israeli embassy in Amman on Thursday; organizers announce masses will attempt to break through building, take down Israeli flag

      Smadar Peri Published: 09.12.11, 10:31 / Israel News

      Could Saturday’s violent events at the Israeli embassy in Cairo repeat themselves, this time in Jordan? Jordanians are planning a “million-man protest” near the Israeli embassy in Amman to take place on Thursday, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday.

      Organizers have already announced that the protesters will try to break through the fortified embassy building and take down the Israeli flag.

      A special Facebook page created Saturday is calling on Jordanians to attend the Thursday protest. Thus far, some 1,000 people have confirmed their attendance.

      Israel is aware of the protest and senior officials have discussed the matter with their Jordanian counterparts in recent days.

      Jordan’s security forces have boosted security around the embassy compound. “Our interlocutors in Jordan are aware of the sensitivities,” an Israeli official said Sunday. “We hope they will find a way to prevent violence against Israeli diplomats in Jordan.”

      Israel’s Foreign Ministry has declared a heightened state of alert in embassies around the world following the storming of the embassy in Cairo over the weekend. It is feared that anti-Israeli forces will try to recreate Saturday’s events.

      • Seham says:

        Walid, I saw that this morning but hesitate getting too excited, I mean, what do you think the prospects of Jordanians doing something are?

        • Walid says:

          So far on the event’s FB, 2050 said they’d attend. Being talked about only in the Iranian press and on JTA. I hope it doesn’t fizz out.

      • Avi says:

        Walid September 12, 2011 at 2:33 pm

        Seham, heard about the millionieh being organized this Thursday in Amman to have the Israeli Embassy flag taken down?

        YNet News:

        Jordan protest threatens to emulate embassy storming

        As you know, when the attack from the Sinai took place, the press let it be known that it was Jordanian GID who had tipped the Israeli Shabak, warning them about a possible attack. For many, that was further confirmation of the collaboration between Arab leaders, Israel and the US.

        Should Israel play its cards wrong — and it usually does — the violence it will inflict on Palestinians when they declare statehood could end up motivating Jordanians to push the monarchy out of power.

    • Chu says:

      but they still are able to practice their power of censorship.
      It’s what fascist movements do.

    • James says:

      seham – you made a very point observation here.. the folks who want to censure the palestinian children artwork want to censure reality! the reason is the reality on the ground for these kids doesn’t look very pretty and israel is loath to have this exposed publicly to a greater audience.. ironically the actions of these same folks wanting to censure this art work appears to be backfiring… wonderful! the art work needs to be spread far and wide and more people then otherwise would have seen it be made aware of what zionism is trying to censure.. it will shed more light on the nature of zionism in the process..

      • Citizen says:

        During the Vietnam War their were public displays in the USA of grade school age kids’ drawings of death raining down on Vietnamese kids, villages, etc. But today we have censorship here of such involving a foreign country. Interesting, yes?

        • James says:

          citizen – yes – another interesting piece of history which i was unaware of…

          a country or ideology that supports this type of action is not bound to be around long.. shit like this gets out, even if not right away…for anyone wanting to refer to the same country as a democracy is an even bigger joke… as for the ideology of zionism, it is surprisingly suppressive and intolerant of others..

        • Antidote says:

          are their kids’ drawings of death raining down on Iraqi kids, villages, etc on public display in the US today?

        • Citizen says:

          Antidote, not that I know of; no public pics or films of trooper bodies coming home in caskets either. And nobody spits at the troopers who come back even though now our troops are volunteers and during Vietnam War they were drafted.

        • marc b. says:

          i had the misfortune, running through my radio dial on the way home yesterday, of hearing a rant from that half-wit, radio jock, jay severin. he said, i quote, that he would ‘rather have his children watch pornography’ than the Al-Jazeera english broadcast. it should be censored, banned from the airwaves, he argued. this is the level of discourse. it’s pathological.

    • Sumud says:

      The idea of the lobby being as brilliant and tactical as everyone thinks they are is a joke, they aren’t very smart at all.

      He he he, I noted the same thing in recent months during the stoush over the Max Brenner BDS protests/arrests in Melbourne and before that when the Marrickville Council and New South Wales Greens adopted BDS. The Murdoch press(es) went schizo, with regular defamatory articles about BDS. As a consequence, hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of Australians heard about BDs for probably the first time.

      Israel and zionists are going to “win” Israel right out of existence.

      Hmm, Charlie Sheen as a metaphor for Israel. I think it works.

  4. thetumta says:

    In the future have no sympathy for them, should history abandon their cause. Who are these “Americans” anyway? Why do they feel so secure in supporting such abominations?

  5. pabelmont says:

    Thanks Seham and thanks MECA. I wanted to be able to speak out.

  6. ish says:

    Here’s a super creepy pro-Israel blog about this:

    link to

    “The Children of Sderot, just a mile from the Gaza border are truly living under siege, suffering from daily missile attacks.”

    • Chu says:

      I enjoyed reading the comments:

      As an artist and teacher I can safely say, the top 3 pictures are done by adults. They are faked to look like children, but the detail is too pointed and expert – the helicopters for instance. The proportions and stance of the woman and child are a creation of a professional. The boot and flag, the lines are not those of a child.
      You are right, this is pure lies and anti-Israel propaganda. Maybe you could contact them and raise this point of fraudulent works?

      So it’s those Hamas artists working overtime. Brand Israel is scraping the bottom of the barrel for new Hasbara. Their bullshit isn’t even entertaining any more.

      • Shmuel says:

        As an artist and teacher I can safely say, the top 3 pictures are done by adults. They are faked to look like children, but the detail is too pointed and expert – the helicopters for instance.

        As a blog commenter and a former child, I can safely say this comment is the work of a child. It is faked to look like it was written by an adult, but the tone is too bratty and petulant – the point about throwing a tantrum at the museum for instance.

      • Mooser says:

        “They are faked to look like children,…”

        Well, whatever he’s teaching, it sure as hell ain’t English.

        • Jeff D says:

          You’d be (unpleasantly) surprised. A LOT of the “English teachers” I’ve met in South Asia and Eastern Europe have the English skills of a below-average primary school student in the US, UK or Australia. A lot of the grousing I used to do about the continuing-education and disciplinary standards enforced among teachers in the US disappeared after I spent a few years out here.

          And yes, I have less trouble believing that those are authentic Gaza children’s works than I do that said “teacher” can actually communicate effectively.

      • marc b. says:

        i love it. whenever israel bombs civilians the hasbarists are out in full force after the attack claiming every photograph chronicling the mayhem is either of a different, unrelated atrocity, or that the injured/dead are actors aping for the camera, looking to score anti-israel propaganda points (as if israel isn’t capable of making itself look like a collective ass without assistance). now we learn that palestinian children are incapable of expressing their trauma, their fear, their anguish without a ‘stunt artist’ to stand in and draw for them.

        PS all this hand-wringing about ‘honesty’ in discourse really is a hoot coming from the land of ‘by way of deception’.

      • RoHa says:

        The first one is technically very good. I’m not convinced that an older child (13, say) could not manage that use of shading. As far as the detail is concerned, children are perfectly capable of recognizing detail and reproducing it.

        But it is the second one, with the child crouched in shadow in the corner and the soldier leaning over him, that has the greatest impact. The pose of the soldier does show considerable sophistication.

        But I remember kids I went to school with who could have produced work of that quality.

        • annie says:

          But it is the second one, with the child crouched in shadow in the corner and the soldier

          yeah. my favorite

        • Remax says:

          All artists were kids once. Mozart was composing and even performed before royalty scarcely past the age of five. Minor royalty, of course, but nonetheless!

        • Citizen says:

          Both me and one of my brothers drew stuff as sophisticated as that one of the child crouched in the shadowy corner with the IDF guy standing over–as kids before our teens. My brother’s are still kept in our parental home. There is an artistic streak in my family coming from my mother’s side. (At one period in time, as an adult, I use to sell my paintings on the streets of Chicago.)

        • MLE says:

          My friend could draw dinosaurs with extreme detail and focus on shading proportion, etc when he was 9 or 10. But according to some people in San Francisco, Palestinians can’t be naturally artistic or talented in anything but suicide bombings.

      • piotr says:

        One of Hasbarah trick is to latch to some perceived inaccuracy and refuse to consider any other issues. For example, when IDF was flattening neighborhoods in Beirut, photos were published and rather than entertain questions like “how is it that IDF prefers to flatten defenseless neighborhoods even if it means inadequate aerial support for their own troops etc., not to mention utter immorality of it”. No, their point was that according to THEIR experts, the original picture had but one plume of smoke and the second plume of smoke was added by photoshop. Frankly, I have no idea one way or another.

        I am not sure if “teacher’s” observation will make rounds, but it is a production in that school. The fake nation of Fakestinians has faked children etc.

        I do not know what pictures she have seen as top 3. Of pictures here, the very top has indeed “adult” feel. As if an older sister from the middle school was helping (and a talented older sister, I would not draw as well). Of course, I did not read if the exhibition was restricted to the lowest 4 grades.

        • annie says:

          it’s hard to believe any discussion about whether the kids drew these is still going on anywhere on the internet. i wrote a long thing earlier about my sisters talent which came at a very early age but decided against posting it. there’s 1.5 million people in gaza. go to any high school or even elementary school in the US and there will definitely be a few talented artists. the idea one couldn’t cull some great art from children in a population the size of gaza is absurd. simply absurd. why on earth would they need to use adults when they have children there who are artists? for heavens sakes! it’s so nutty. they’ll say anything.

        • annie says:

          their point was that according to THEIR experts, the original picture had but one plume of smoke and the second plume of smoke was added by photoshop.

          piotr, i completely recall that plume of smoke. and the funny thing i remember all they were interested in proving was how the media was out to get them. unreal.

        • Chu says:

          It’s a good political trick, bait & switch (in a way). I reminds me of John Kerry during his run for President. All the media did was harp on about ‘did he throw his Vietnam medals or toss them during the rally?’. This went on for weeks and kept him on the defensive. The trick is to ask a related question about a conflict, thus avoiding the core problem.

      • if a dairy of ann frank was produced in the opt, surely this teacher would denounce it as a forgery from some phd in literature.

        too bad they do not realize how much death, oppression, and PTSD can roll a child’s brain forward. palestinian kids below 10 have met me with superb english and even an understanding of life i have yet to comprehend. their ability to deal with the incomprehensible was inspirational, and sadly, for me, it is still unattainable. hence why i sleep less at night than i used to, and follow blogs that speak the truth. i wish i had the composure my palestinian friends have, and they LIVE IT (and die and get maimed and get beat and get jailed and loose family/friends). i now only see it in pixels and sometimes i want to puke….

    • seafoid says:

      Wait until the children of Sderot wake up to ICJ rulings and economic sanctions.

      You Aint Seen Nothing Yet

    • lyn117 says:

      From the proisraelbaybloggers:

      Notice the use of Jewish stars in the “art” turning this from simply a chronicle of childrens experiences during war, into a demonization of Jewish state.

      Next thing, they’ll be declaring Israel isn’t a Jewish state.

      • MRW says:


        • marc b. says:


          that’s being polite, mrw. in many of these people’s minds, there are simply topics that aren’t appropriate for conversation amongst children, in this case ‘children’ meaning anyone of any age not an unabashed supporter of israel.

      • annie says:

        Notice the use of Jewish stars in the “art”

        they should have thought of that when they chose the star of david for their flag. don’t they know flag desecration is a popular form of political protest.

        • Shingo says:

          they should have thought of that when they chose the star of david for their flag.

          They should have thought of that when they were carving the Star of David into Gazan farms with their tanks bulldozers.

      • Shmuel says:

        Notice the use of Jewish stars in the “art” …

        Notice the use of quotation marks around the word “art”. So is it the sophisticated work of professional artists or is it merely crude scribblings masquerading as art? The proisraelbaybloggers should really try to get their story straight.

        As for the star argument itself, I think the Palestinian kids should have shown more sensitivity, and marked all the tanks, soldiers and helicopters with a tasteful, non-demonising question mark. Will the hatred never end?

      • CigarGod says:

        1. Yeah, right….true art would have the kids ignore the flag patches on the uniforms an vehicles.

        2. My sister is a well known artist and I watched her art (and that of her artist frinds) develop throughout childhood. Sometimes she produced something brilliant….sometimes not so much. Passion for a subject had a lot to do with the quality of her work.
        I suspect the kids (ages 0 to 18 is still a kid, right?) who produced this work…are pretty passionate about the oppressive elements in their daily lives.
        I would certainly retain vivid images of many of the things I have witnessed them going through.

  7. Dan Crowther says:


    of course, sderot was built on the ruins of palestinian villages. just absolutely sick.

    • Walid says:

      Sderot was built on the ruins of the ethnically cleansed village of Najd on May 13, 1948 which was before Israel’s creation and before any of the Arab armies had entered Palestine.

      • john h says:

        Sderot was within the 1947 Partition borders that Israel accepted in its 1948 Declaration.

        It was stolen along with a further 24% of Palestine in reaching the 1949 armistice lines. The US, UK and France rewarded Israel with all those stolen goods in 1950 when they “announced their intention to enforce those boundaries”.

        • john h says:

          Clarification: Sderot was not within the 1947 Israel partition borders that Israel accepted in its 1948 Declaration; it was within the 1947 Palestine partition borders.

  8. stopaipac says:

    Clearly, this art from children is an existential threat to the State of Israel. While the Jewish Federation of the East Bay and allied organizations successfully prevented deployment of this artwork at this particular museum, it is likely that Middle East Children’s Alliance will seek and find another venue. The Israeli Defense Forces stand ready to defend Israel.

    • Jeff D says:

      Poor Zionists. It’s getting to where reality is “an existential threat to the State of Israel.” Too bad it’s not such to the funding of JFedeastbay.

  9. Kathleen says:

    thanks for the link Seham. Signed. Going to call several numbers of Mocha tomorrow.

    Phil, Seham, Annie, all
    This is a great interview with Gideon Levy, Robert Fisk, Omar Ashour on the Egyptian/Israel situation.
    Egypt and Israel: A troubled peace
    link to

    Gideon Levy: “Good reasons to be angry with Israel”
    “When you see no hope for any improvement. When you see a right wing nationalist government in Israel who does not offer anything to the Palestinians”

  10. Real Jew says:

    Pro Palestinian activists should implement the same bullying tactics the pro Israel camp does when an institution does something that displeases them. They unleash an army of people who call, email, write letters, and protest until that institution makes the desired changes. This is done every single time someone attempts to expose the Palestinian narrative. And it works almost every time.

    We need to make our side heard as often and as dominant as the “other” side. If not, I’m afraid this double standard will continue to exist indefinitely.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Up at Huff Po

    Russia To Back Palestine Bid For Statehood
    link to

  12. tombishop says:

    After viewing these pictures, you should view these documentaries:

    “A Story of War” (a documentary about Operation Cast Lead) at
    link to

    “The Gaza Strip” by James Longley
    link to

  13. We most often find fault in others, those things we most hate in ourselves.

    I’d love to see the storm brew over what would happen if it was an exhibit by Jewish children (put them side by side unabridged WITH the same art materials, table, light, heat, nourishment) and someone would its impossible to be done by a kid. It’s always a case of, not YOUR kid.

    A kid is under 18, no? What was the range of artists ages? Did the piece say? I hadn’t checked.

    • Citizen says:

      Re: “We most often find fault in others, those things we most hate in ourselves.” Atzmon’s new book The Wondering Who has some interesting observations on this human trait as it applies to Jewish Identity & anti-semitism.

  14. RoHa says:

    Can I urge those MW members with obviously Jewish names to flood the Jewish Federation of the East Bay with letters, e-mails, and tweets expressing your disgust?

    They are a bunch of arseholes, and should be told so in no uncertain terms.

    (I can’t do it because I’m an anti-Semite.)

    • CigarGod says:

      Dear JFEB,
      I’d like to register a complaint but I can’t because I don’t have an obviously Jewish name. I’m wondering if a photo would work…in profile maybe?
      Woody Allen

  15. Great news! They are actually congratulating themselves that they have silenced children and covered up more evidence of their brutality. Must make them so proud. How do you get into such a twisted mindset as these people? Those pictures are more eloquent than the tireless advocates for censorship will ever be, particularly the second and last ones. Cruel, heartbreaking, powerful – no wonder the goons wish to continue the cover up, the heartless b*st*rds.

  16. Kathleen says:

    Oh yeah here we go CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (Israeli firster) just posed the next segment of the Republican debate. Wolf “how to stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon”

    Oh yeah Wolf is going to go bad bad bad Iran soon during the debate. What an opportunity to push hard for Israel.

    • Citizen says:

      I saw the rerun on CNN of the Wolf Blitzer show hosting the Republican POTUS candidates in Tampa. When military spending cuts was the issue Ron Paul laid out the historical and current truth about the consequences of our forceful adventures in the ME and the fact those adventures create more terrorists, with 9/11 being the most outstanding example. The tea party crowd booed him. Pawlenty laid out pure hasbara/neocon/PEP take & questioned Ron Paul’s patriotism, saying Mr Paul was taking the word of terrorists like Bin Laden that it was our foreign policy, unstinting support for Arab despots & Israel right or wrong, that were the principle reasons for 9/11 & terrorists, when in reality the truth is the terrorists hate us for our freedom and exceptionalism, our mission to spread democracy and freedom in the whole world.

      Ron Paul also laid out the POV of Iran and asked Americans to put themselves in its shoes. He also told Americans the real cost of our bloated pentagon budget, etc.

      On another subject, the Federal Reserve, Wolfie asked all the candidates except Ron Paul if the Fed should be audited; he skipped Ron Paul on this subject despite the fact Ron Paul is the key congress person responsible for the first audit of the Fed recently, which turned up huge bailout figures for domestic & foreign banks previously concealed–our MSM has chosen not to even tell this to the American people.

  17. Kathleen says:


    Ron Paul just told the truth about US foreign policy and why so many people hate us. Bet you are going to be interested in what he just said

    • Citizen says:

      They’re jealous of our freedom to shop in big malls? I guess that doesn’t work so well as it did when Shrub said it since we have a true jobless rate of 18% & so many people are homeless. Ron Paul says the truth about our foreign policy and monetary policy and the whole bipartisan Establishment paints him as a an old white male fool, even a substantial bunch of the tea party folks who totally ignored him last time around. American: day late, dollar short.

  18. The pics are faked?

    FINALLY the Zionists believe in conspiracies!

    We win!!

    • Chaos4700 says:

      I think we won after the “nukes in Iraq, stockpiles in mosques, every Arab is a Jew-hater, Pollard is innocent and should be freed, we only kill terrorist babies” nonsense.

      If you’re talking about winning on moral grounds alone, then yes, the whole world outside of Israel won as soon as those jack-booted thugs ethnically cleansed the first Palestinian village they stormed. Let alone the hundreds that followed shortly thereafter.

      • It was exasperated sarcasm over the fact that in the real world, when you have repeated instances of someone’s credibility being shot to hell, you’re supposed to be able to use that to dismiss much of what they tell you from then on. Zionists do it regarding the Palestinians all the time. They can’t be trusted and have a motive to lie so whether it is regarding their dead, or their intentions, what they tell you must be viewed in the light that their ONLY purpose is to try to hurt Israel.

        Bernie the Attorney calls it the “180 rule”. You just flip the statement. If Israel says they use kids as human sheilds, it’s like an admission of who is actually using kids as human sheilds, of which there is proof, from Israeli sources no less, that the IDF uses kids as humans sheilds…Palestinain kids by the way, but their own too as the settlers put everyone in harm’s way and use the outrage over their larceny as more proof of just how violent and uncivilized the Palestinians are.

        • Citizen says:

          It’s important to know that half of the Gaza population are kids. Very few Americans know this and they certainly don’t know about how the drawings of these kids in reaction to their oppressed life are blocked by Jewish Israel First interests in the USA.

  19. One of the most disgusting things brought up on this is that the art was not or could not have been produced by kids. Implicit in the meme is “these were Palestinian kids, so…….”

    1). My daughter was producing stuff this good when she was nine. Fortunately, she lived a comfortable life at that time, and the stuff she produced, when shown, merely got her awards and blue ribbons in shows, rather than rejection, for being whatever the Bay area hasbarists are bullshitting people with. Almost three times as many people live in Gaza as Alaska (!!!). And there are a helluva a lot of kids there.

    What a talent pool for art.

    I went to the shows, contests and state fair events where she entered her stuff. Other kids’ stuff was often better than hers. What a crock of shit that kids couldn’t have produced this.

    I’ve conducted a ten-year-old in Hummel’s fucking Trumpet Concerto. He didn’t miss a goddam note. Unlike the kids in Gaza, he’s been able to study freely, and is now a young professional, with wide horizons before him.

    2). I’ve seen young Palestinian music groups, dance troupes, actors and actresses in presentations from Alaska to Seattle to Portland to London. One thing that has often struck me is that the kids and young people whose work I’ve witnessed and enjoyed are but a wounded effigy of what they might be without constant and intentional degradation and even destruction by the Israelis over there, and by their accomplices everywhere else.

    3). In 2004 or 2005, a wonderful collection of Palestinian folk art, costumes and clothes disappeared in transit from Australia to California, where it was supposed to be showed several places. As far as I know, even though it had been shipped very carefully by the museum folks handling its tour, it has never been found. Sorry – too busy to find the links.

  20. East Bay Jewish community congratulating themselves on a job well done with a tweet:

    @JFEDeastbay Jewish Federation
    Great news! The “Child’s view from Gaza” exhibit at MOCHA has been canceled thanks to some great East Bay Jewish community organizing
    7 Sep via Twitter for iPhone

  21. Red says:

    Can I suggest that everyone who is on twitter and other social networking media post a link to both this Mondoweiss article, as well as a link to the MECA page on Facebook with photos of the children’s drawings as a concrete way of challenging the censorship of San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council and the Jewish Federation of the East Bay thus making their “victory” in shutting down the exhibition a very hallow one.

    Linkdto MECA page on FB: link to

  22. Remax says:

    “We don’t think that it would actually lead to the outcome that we want, which is a two-state solution,” he (Obama) told Spanish-language media in an interview.

    …according to Haaretz which does not supply a link. Wish they wouldn’t do that! I can find no mention of this in El País. He is wasting his time with the Spanish anyway as they are all for it. His use of the 1st person plural, however, is revealing.

  23. Kathleen says:

    Erdogan in Cairo
    Erdoğan in Cairo, coinciding with detoriation in Egyptian-Israeli relations
    link to

    Brotherhood welcomes Turkish PM Erdogan at Cairo airport
    link to

    Turkey influence rises as PM starts Arab tour
    link to

    link to

  24. Kathleen says:

    Nothing, zero, nada about Erdogan’s trip to Cairo on the front page of Huffington Post. Zero about Ron Paul speaking the truth about Al Qeada and why people in that part of the world hate the US.

    So much for a diverse opinions, wide scope, on Israel, and the middle east over at Huffington Post. They tow the Israeli lobby line

  25. Kathleen says:

    Professor Juan Cole has a good one up about Erdogan’s visit to Cairo
    link to

    “Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Cairo on Tuesday morning, being greeted at the airport by thousands of cheering Egyptians.

    Even though two dramatic moments envisaged by Erdogan’s staff– a side trip to Gaza and a speech in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo– have been cancelled, the visit is nevertheless an important one. Erdogan will explore trade deals and military cooperation with Egypt.”

  26. Kathleen says:

    Zero, nothing, nada at Cspans Washington Journal today or scheduled for tomorrow about Erdogans visit to Cairo. Nothing about the UN vote
    link to

  27. Kathleen says:

    ooh….the Diane Rehm show now moderating my comments because I just challenged them about not touching the Erdogan story and not touching the Palestinians vote at the UN. Silence at the Diane Rehm show

  28. The response and support your comments have given “A Child’s View from Gaza” has been fantastic. Having been involved with these drawings and the exhibit from the time time the project was proposed I’d like to offer the following
    Yes, the drawings were created by children age 7 t0 14. Some of you have offered back up examples the fact that some children posses artistic skills way beyond those of most children their ageswho have mentioned people they knew who drew

  29. The response and support your comments have given “A Child’s View from Gaza” has been fantastic. Having been involved with these drawings and the exhibit from the time time the project was proposed I’d like to offer the following
    Yes, the drawings were created by children age 7 t0 14. Some of you have offered back up examples the fact that some children posses artistic skills way beyond those of most children their age. The children’s centers in Gaza encourage the arts….drawing, dance, etc.

    Reading the comments about the crayons and paper made me laugh….you guys don’t realize don’t realize how close you were to the truth. The materials Palestine receive from the outer-world is controlled by…you’ve got it, Israel ! Israel has a list of approved goods. (granted and thankfully some things enter Gaza through the tunnels) Most of the time crayons, markers, paper…even school books and supplies are not allowed into Gaza. Many of the drawings in the exhibit are draw on recycled paper….the reverse side was used for another project, flipped over and drawings s for the exhibit were created!

    • CigarGod says:

      I was just thinking that it might be nice to update the website/exhibit to show a photo of their artwork.
      You wouldn’t even have to mention the addition is in response to the catty critics.

      Trust me, I think the members of MW, etc….will be able to administer all the public shaming those people could handle.

  30. Les says:

    Calling Sigmund Freud. Barbara Lubin of MECA discussed this with Dennis Bernstein on his Flashpoints program on KPFA last evening. It was noted that those same groups had no objections to children’s drawings at the same museum that showed the US flag along with our bombs being dropped on children in both Iraq and Afghanistan. What does the Israeli flag represent that the US flag obviously does not, to those who demanded that the exhibit of Palestinian children be stopped?

    (Incidentally, Barbara Lubin is still calling for the exhibit to open as planned, and if it is not, MECA will have the exhibit outside at the museum.)

    • CigarGod says:

      Remember the Israeli kids writing messages on the bombs that would soon be dropped on Gaza children?

      If the east bay jewish council (whatever they are), thinks Israeli children’s art needs to be shown in the same exhibit…that would be a nice offer to make to them…these soooo fair minded people.