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December 31 2011

38 Happy New Year

36 Ron Paul challenges liberals on love of ‘big finance’ and ‘big-ass wars’

11 Memories of Gaza: when the victim is called the terrorist
Sarah Ali

7 Poolside, New Year’s Eve

21 Another mainstream voice challenges idea of war on Iran

152 ‘People who promoted the Iraq war ought to be so discredited that no one listens to them any more’

6 ‘Settlements in Palestine’ reports U.S. charities violate tax laws

146 Kampeas: Jewish neocons are more than 2 degrees removed from Bush’s decision to invade Iraq

1 Kept from their land by the Separation Wall, Palestinians risk losing their land due to Israeli ‘absentee’ laws

96 Real News Video: JNF ‘Judaizes’ expropriated land

December 30 2011

89 Israel’s mythological borders: an interview with Rachel Havrelock

97 More responses to Ron Paul’s surge

29 Expendables of a waning empire

161 Thanks, my enemy. I love Palestine

3 Occupation economy: taking from the very land they stand on

7 On Iran sanctions, Clinton bowed to Israel lobby in first term and corporate lobby in his second

96 Muslims ban Christmas and rape white women, in latest Latma satire

34 Report: ‘Joker’ scratched Tel Aviv– in BDS victory

5 Israeli intolerance: Palestinian citizens are ‘barred’ from governing coalition

31 You don’t write, you don’t call (Ron Kampeas version)

December 29 2011

1 Jenin Freedom Theatre Director Zakaria Zubeidi ordered by Israel to turn himself in to PA security services

51 AIPAC-championed amendment pushes Obama into a corner on Iran

4 You call me a terrorist?
Fidaa Abu Assi

8 Israeli ambassadors say they are ‘increasingly hated and unwanted’. But not Oren!

1 Romanian and Bulgarian opposition to Palestinian statehood earns payoff

46 Ron Paul prose on Israel allegedly makes woman cry

15 ‘Daily Beast’ provides platform for ‘warmongering’ on Iran

2 More Jewish homes in East Jerusalem announced — and more demolitions of Palestinian homes

18 VIDEO: An Israeli soldier recounts the Nakba

5 The Pierre Hotel incident

0 Israel vs Israel: night-time arrests of rightists

9 Thank you!

5 Three years after Israel’s deadly assault: Gaza lives

10 Even Israel-right-or-wrong types see change in US tea leaves

December 28 2011

22 When will US State Dep’t demand release of 70-year-old Palestinian intellectual in failing health?

10 NBC discovers ‘Rosa Parks’ in story about Israel’s long struggle for freedom

12 Israeli construction in E1 is slap in the face to US

8 Three years later, IDF happy with ‘Cast Lead’, wants to have another go

5 ‘Economist:’ analysis of Iraq war that leaves out neocons’ Jewishness is ‘deficient’

0 Israel attacks international observers on monitoring boat in Gaza waters, injures Palestinian

96 ‘Haaretz’ columnist says 2-state solution is dead–and global community must help us toward equal rights

54 Nada, zilch, finito– the media snowjob of mass proportions

22 Israel prepares to transfer 70,000 Jerusalem Palestinians to West Bank i.d.’s

566 Ron Paul and the left

23 Riots over gender segregation. And silence over Palestinian segregation

3 Three years since Cast Lead

30 For the holidays, we give commenter Mooser the third degree about his religious identity

December 27 2011

9 3 Years Later: Palestinians Still Exist

22 Gingrich’s backer Adelson outdoes ‘invented people’ smear in address to ‘Birthright’ youth

4 Learning from Egypt: the case of the criminal billionaire Ahmed Ezz

1 Settlers disrupt Palestinian wedding, leaving five injured, including bridegroom

0 We’ve almost reached our fundraising goal– please kick in!

16 Been there, done that? Israel’s fresh concerns about Iraq

9 It’s one country

5 Will Potus notice?

24 Horror of Memories: Reflecting on the third anniversary of the war on Gaza

1 Three years ago: A ‘normal morning’ turns to horror in Gaza

December 26 2011

91 ‘New York Times’ implies anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic

129 Netanyahu gets to play Superman in case of 7-year-old harassed by orthodox Jews

5 At midnight mass, UK’s Catholic archbishop describes ‘deep shadow’ over Bethlehem and West Bank

12 Two revealing headlines

2 Merry Christmas from the little ghetto of Bethlehem

9 Introducing Freedom Funnies – ‘My Name is Samia Halaby’

32 The gift of the Jews

December 25 2011

92 Israeli army policy of calling West Bank ‘Judea and Samaria’ ups the likelihood of religious conflict

18 Arendt: an Israel dependent on ‘great powers’ will always be ‘precarious’

3 Art-washing: Museum at F.I.T. ducks calls on sponsorship by settlement-builder Leviev

12 BDS comes to Penn

16 Christmas in Gaza

December 24 2011

24 VIDEO: A slice of life at an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank

36 Right-wing attack group caught fabricating quotes in effort to smear critics of Israel

25 BDS victory: Veolia loses huge waste-treatment contract in London boroughs

3 My own Mondo Award inspiration entry: a long-distance marriage born of the Arab Spring

32 Pentagon asks for extra $100 million to Israel for Iran defense (and Congress doubles the tip)

1 Palestinian Christians pray for threatened valley

December 23 2011

7 Nabi Saleh protester injured by live sniper fire during Friday protest

20 Liberal thinktank sacks Block, saying ‘Your actions cause many to fear’ criticizing Israel

4 Isikoff’s double standard on religion and politics

15 Rightwing ‘Israel Project’ finds welcome mat at NYT and ‘Daily Show’

37 ‘This is awful,’ Bush said, coming into Bethlehem

4 Obama, don’t be like Jimmy Carter. Or Reagan either

49 Europe asks: Where’s Israel’s proposal?

13 Let us forget Iraq

12 Israeli university gaining a toehold in Manhattan specializes in weapons development

218 Two critiques of Norman Finkelstein

26 Christmas greeting from Palestine 2011

December 22 2011

19 Damn your fathers, you shot baba!

5 ‘If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed’

38 Ben-Ami: I advocate for Israel, Palestinian groups should advocate for Palestinian human rights

394 The Ron Paul moment– bad and good

2 If Lanny Davis is such a good Democrat, why is Obama-attack-dog Omri Ceren his VP?

22 Why Alan Dershowitz is wrong on Israel’s ‘rights’

20 We’ve almost reached our fundraising goal–please kick in!

2 Inspire us! Mondo Awards 2011, a call for entries

32 Israel says it’s ‘disgusting’ for world to take stand on ‘domestic affair’ –settlers

December 21 2011

16 Only a grinch could like restrictions on Palestinian Christians’ travel

36 Thomas Friedman finds Al-Qaeda in Iraq

38 Swiss museum cancels competition after prize-sponsor Lacoste rejects Palestinian artist

58 Israel’s image tanks as it slowly loses support of US media and Europe

5 Human rights for invented peoples: Tamimi vs. Gingrich

8 ‘A matter of justice’: Joe Sacco on the Suez war, Gaza, and his future work

60 Naming Weinstein and Comcast chief as bundlers, ‘Forward’ wonders about ‘Jewish influence’ on Obama I/P policy

50 For Hanukkah this year, our chefs prepare a special dish: their own words

105 Columbia U book on Iraq war suggests Wolfie, Feith, Wurmser and Perle had ‘Israeli interests, not just U.S. interests at heart’

66 Bias in the Great Library at Alexandria?

December 20 2011

7 Settlers have carried out over 100 attacks on Palestinians in 2011

33 UK, France, Germany and Portugal condemn Israeli plan to build 1,000 new settlements homes

45 Bed Bath & Beyond flash mob: Stop selling illegal Israeli settlement products

5 We will not be silent releases new t-shirt designs

41 The Colonial Frontier at Home: Extrajudicial executions, surveillance drones and indefinite military detention

50 Republicans want Jerusalem? Herzl promised pope, kaiser and sultan to leave it outside Jewish state

64 Howard Fineman seeks to redline Ron Paul’s populist Iran ideas as extremist

57 Busted by Goldberg, Klein now says commas caused war in Iraq, not neocons

December 19 2011

49 Former Israeli general: Provoke a settler attack, then shoot the ‘Jewish terrorist’

15 Eldar: ethnocentrism has called on religious and secular alike

73 Klein: Ron Paul is surging because he opposes another neocon war for Israel

11 Iraq war was brought to you by Democrats, too

13 Another 550 Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli jails

68 Israeli university bids (w/ Cornell and $350 million) to set up on Roosevelt Island in NY

42 Defense lawyer Lichtman says Palestinians have a ‘culture of death’

16 Our second Christmas of protests in Adelaide– now kids ask, ‘What is Palestine?’

23 What my God chip says about Jerusalem

56 Obama’s rabbi sidekick is opposed to ‘too many Arabs’ in Israel

11 ‘Joker’ now says he will play Tel Aviv

14 We published inaccurate photo for Sabra and Shatila massacre anniversary

December 18 2011

32 Has NYT become an ‘existential threat’? Oren says Friedman column was ‘dangerous’

22 ‘Silly messianic superstitious nationalistic … waste of Judaism’ (Did Hitchens abandon these ideas?)

11 ‘The Social Network’ and the Acceptance World

22 Important tantrum: Netanyahu adds ‘NYT’ and Thomas Friedman to growing list of enemies

71 Israel is incapable of taking on the settlers

5 New details emerge on IDF interrogation methods of prisoners

21 Kinsley ran many pieces in ‘New Republic’ opposing Palestinian statehood even though he didn’t agree

13 Video: army brutalizes demonstrators in Cairo

December 17 2011

17 Assailed on Facebook for Tel Aviv gig, British musician Joker appears to back out

40 Mainstream press sniggers at Ron Paul’s antiwar message

79 Is portrait of Mark Zuckerberg in ‘The Social Network’ anti-Semitic?

23 Time Magazine says 2011 was the year of the Protester. We agree!

4 More funding for Jewish museums in the West Bank

19 Turn of the screw: EU considers making inequality of Israeli Palestinians a ‘core issue’

82 Liberal Zionists (at last) say non-Jews have a right to criticize Israel

December 16 2011

9 Occupy Olympia launches Rachel Corrie Community Center

44 Obama says nothing about Palestinians– because Indyk says Netanyahu has Congress in his ‘back pocket’

51 ‘Christopher Hitchens’s loathing for Israel…’ –John Podhoretz

123 Iraq– I’m sorry

41 Give it up to Hitchens!

209 Ron Paul’s stunning antiwar performance: Iran threat recalls Iraq, ‘a useless war that killed 1 million Iraqis’ and 8000 Americans

18 Adelson is helping Gingrich, as he once helped Bush

31 US and Israel march in lockstep towards expansion of military detention

79 ‘Bought-and-paid-for Congress’ passes Iran sanctions, 410-11

86 Hitchens’s Jewishness

December 15 2011

24 Obama administration is likely to fold on AIPAC-backed legislation it opposed targeting Iran

8 Saban funds a) Democratic Party, b) D.C. thinktank, c) Israeli army, d) all of the above

33 Kristol is going to ‘punch’ Obama administration, in Palm Beach and Vegas

16 Settlers torch West Bank mosque, second attack in two days

53 ‘New Yorker’ editor tells American readers one thing– and Israeli readers something else

25 ‘Haaretz’ hosts Ron Paul ad, and questions about Israel’s ‘sway’ in U.S.

55 Israel’s war on Christmas –Updated

73 Friedman line, ‘Congress is bought and paid for by Israel lobby,’ is shot heard round the world

8 Obama to Palestine: Drop dead

18 Newt’s New York visit for funds was about Israel

December 14 2011

11 Settlers attack Israeli military base and set fire to Jerusalem mosque

14 When the late great creator of ‘the Joker’ took on the dastardly Elliott Abrams

41 A single-state vision must go beyond Israel vs Palestine, and be inclusive

4 Funeral march

178 Why did it take 6 years to talk about the Israel lobby?

19 #IsraelKills: Activists take to Twitter to protest Tamimi death

36 How a comic book healed the wounds of normalization

December 13 2011

12 ‘If we lived in any other country we’d be honored for this work’ -prisoner Ghassan Elashi of Holy Land Foundation

52 JNF board member resigns over eviction of Palestinian family in Silwan

33 ‘One of the most disturbing days I have ever experienced’: An eyewitness account of the Israeli attack on Mustafa Tamimi’s funeral

7 I was Mustafa Tamimi
Refaat Alareer

502 David Remnick erases Norman Finkelstein

50 What are they smoking? Wiesenthal Center lumps Abbas appearance at U.N. with ‘neo-Nazis and crackpots’

4 Tamimi was killed because of occupied village’s insistence on access to its only well

79 What would happen to Palestinians who attacked an Israeli military base in occupied territory?

3 VIDEO: Israeli soldiers attack against women at Mustafa Tamimi’s funeral

12 Little drone on the prairie: high-tech surveillance comes home

50 Likud’s perfect candidate: Newt Gingrich (UPDATED)

15 attacked from Iranian IP address

6 Berkeley Jewish Student Union labels J Street chapter ‘anti-Israel’

4 Thousands protest plan to forcibly evict Bedouins from the Negev

December 12 2011

88 Who’s creating instability in Southern Lebanon, and why?

27 ‘WaPo’ says Block could be casualty of ‘anti-Semites’ accusation

11 Can I dare?

12 Israeli army excuses on death of Mustafa Tamimi don’t hold up

27 Lowe’s faces boycott after pulling ads from ‘TLC’ show on Muslims

34 Let’s say you got to ask Israel’s president 8 questions– what would they be?

4 ‘Hadeel is gone, and her brother Ahmed lost his sight’ –Rafeef Ziadiah

14 ‘Ha’aretz’: Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists storm ‘Jewish supermarket’!

24 Obama ad attacks Romney, Gingrich and Perry for wanting to cut aid to Israel

61 Gingrich has opened an important door

41 Remnick says Gingrich has been reading 1984 ‘propaganda tract’ Wiesel, Peretz and Bellow fell for

14 Mer-Khamis’s widow speaks to ‘Haaretz’

114 The never-ending double standard

18 ‘Mustafa was freedom’: Testimony from an eyewitness in Nabi Saleh

December 11 2011

4 Ads calling for end to aid to Israel return to Bay Area subways, buses

0 My Nabi Saleh story

62 Nabi Saleh not allowed to bury their beloved son in peace

100 Gingrich comment that Palestinians are an ‘invented people’ enters primary debate

41 Liberal pundits and Democrats are stifling conversation on failed peace process, AIPAC’s power, and push for war on Iran

62 One day in the State of the Jewish People, a ‘light unto the Nations’

5 Mira Nabulsi: Palestinian youth virtually commemorate the first Intifada on 24th anniversary

35 ‘Huffpo’ gives Ginsberg platform to push for illegal covert war against Iran

7 ‘NYT’ continues to fiddle with the Nakba

5 Mustafa Tamimi is buried, Gaza is attacked, again.

10 Don’t take this wrong– ‘WSJ’ says Republicans are trying to raid Obama’s Jewish donors

15 Keep Mondoweiss going strong — make a donation today

December 10 2011

92 IDF kills Palestinian protester and tweets ‘#Fail’

85 The lobby blinks! Democratic insiders throw Josh Block under the bus

2 Hajoo family hands its Jerusalem house keys to a court, to make way for Jews

84 Mustafa Tamimi has died

December 9 2011

5 The aftermath of a bombed home in Gaza

54 Iran: If it had been a fighter jet not a drone, ‘U.S. bases would have been pounded’

118 Gingrich says Palestinians are an ‘invented people’

8 Two Palestinians dead in Gaza, a story of mourning and peace

199 Israeli soldier shoots protester in face at close range with teargas canister
Alex Kane and Philip Weiss

28 Robert Siegel scolds Kalle Lasn

15 Why the tight security at J Street president’s Syracuse talk?

7 70-year-old Palestinian professor is now a political prisoner –updated

13 Appeals judge upholds sentencing for Holy Land Foundation Five

7 Football in Burin

19 Lawsuit fights hotel’s decision to bar Muslim employee from serving Israeli officials (UPDATED)

December 8 2011

84 Iran airs footage of US drone intact

5 Lobbyist privately calls on journalists to hector Schumer & Pelosi about ‘anti-Semites’ at Democratic thinktank

71 A Lebanese shepherd looks at the land of Palestine

110 AIPAC posterizes Obama in Senate, 100-0

12 Karen Greenberg’s evasion

11 US continued arms shipments to Egypt despite proof they were being used on protesters

40 Bachmann has secured funds from private donor to move US embassy to Jerusalem

12 Wasserman Schultz’s new talking point: Romney is invested in Iran

December 7 2011

0 Official denies report that Hamas is leaving Syria, breaking ties with Iran

59 GOP presidential candidates offer red meat on Israel (UPDATED)

5 New Lupe Fiasco song honors Palestine, Rachel Corrie and Occupy Wall Street

21 Accusing Obama of ‘appeasement,’ Romney says he’d travel to Israel on first trip as president

9 ‘Politico’: battle has begun for the soul of the Democratic Party over love affair with Likud

6 How we started ‘Radio against Apartheid’ in Philly

21 Is Ethan Bronner whitewashing rape by a former Israeli President?

64 US loses stealth drone over Iran – accident or mobile jamming?

5 AIPAC dinner with missile-maker keynote met with protest

18 Washington Post gives respectful treatment to Palestinian fears of Israeli drones

263 Israel isn’t good for the Jews anymore

16 Paul O’Neill, adversary of neocons, to speak in NY tonight

December 6 2011

72 State Department says Amb. Gutman was ‘speaking on his own’

12 Israel continues wave of West Bank housing demolitions in East Jerusalem

54 Israel’s myth of invincibility drives a dangerous idea– attacking Iran

61 New York liberal Democrat implies Gutman is anti-Semitic

58 Gutman is right: Anti-Semitic incidents in England spiked after attacks on Gaza and flotilla

6 Virtual Appeasement: Obama’s iMunich?

15 ‘We refuse to be complicit’: Over 150 Swiss artists call to boycott Israeli art fest

9 A.P.: ‘Fiery’ political debate over Israel is battle for votes, donations

0 Child dragged out of his house by his throat as Israel demolishes homes near Qalqiliya

9 Now he tells us (Jeffrey Goldberg says ‘many’ American Jews regard occupation as ‘moral disaster’)

12 Another Israeli hankering to be in the Diaspora

85 Israel trades $100 million in frozen PA funds for nuke-ready submarine

0 Israelis destroy two Palestinians houses in Jerusalem to make way for Jews

15 Pappe on why Palestinian Israelis are ‘second-rate citizens’

December 5 2011

202 Welcome Annie Robbins as Writer at Large

17 The tax-deductible Occupation

5 Jewish establishment gives White House cover to criticize Israel–just not on Palestine

146 Beinart says Israel must give citizenship to Palestinians under occupation

22 Read the Ambassador’s speech on settlements fostering anti-Semitism that has neocons calling for his scalp

11 Free Razan Ghazzawi: Syrian blogger, feminist, and activist
Scott Long

25 About that blue box
Liz Shulman

27 Bill Kristol says jump, Romney and Gingrich say How high?

13 Will Palestinian woman’s humiliation by border guard warrant condemnation by NYT or Tablet?

3 Funny and not-funny responses to misguided Israeli ad campaign

44 A point for the Israel lobby theory, from Panetta

December 4 2011

19 Israeli lawmaker targeting dissidents praises… Joe McCarthy’s ‘every word’

2 Letter from Cairo: A general’s torture– Nada Zatouna’s story
Scott Long

42 Students stage dramatic walkout on Avigdor Lieberman mouthpiece in Michigan

3 Israeli forces prevent Palestinians from reaching their fields as gov’t announces another 650 settlement units

7 Netanyahu throws in with Lieberman on legislation targeting dissident NGO’s

16 Rania’s story
Pamela Olson

183 Game changer: Hillary says Israeli restrictions on women remind her of Rosa Parks and Iran

16 Letters to The New York Times and letters to The Rhodesia Herald

December 3 2011

104 Kristol accuses Obama of wanting the Jewish state to disappear

63 Panetta’s last words to Israel: ‘Get to the damn table… Get to the damn table’

80 Roll over Ben-Gurion and tell Jabotinsky the news (even Tablet’s had enough)

33 ‘Commentary’ suggests Ron Paul’s heresy on Israel support is anti-Semitic

23 Israel’s true fear re Iran is… balance of power

2 Settlers are excluded (sort of) from hasbara campaign on college campuses

December 2 2011

52 From Occupation to ‘Occupy’: The Israelification of American domestic security
Max Blumenthal

17 Israeli gov’t cancels oafish ad campaign targeting Christmas, US marriage

57 ‘This is how they drove us out’–Tiberias’s exiles recall the Nakba
Sam Kestenbaum

19 Letter from Cairo: the liberals, the Brothers, and the poor
Scott Long

112 A Warsaw Ghetto with guns (my recent trip to Israel/Palestine)

134 Marcus warns, US Jews could abandon Israel over treatment of women (ixnay about alestiniansPay)

65 Nakba denial: ‘NYT’ removes the word ‘expulsion’ from article describing Palestinian refugees

17 Even Foxman warns Israel’s rightwing tilt will kill the brand

3 Jewish exiles, from Pakistan to Brooklyn

2 Anti-Zionist rabbi to be subject of panel at National Press Club

December 1 2011

14 Israeli station airs footage of soldiers attacking handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinian

60 The Iran plot thickens

49 Wolf Blitzer will host surging Paul, but Republican Jewish Coalition won’t

4 After missteps on aid to Israel, GOP candidates set to prove their devotion

16 An open letter to Seth Klarman

3 Israeli forces uproot 100 olive trees and ‘arrest’ a farmer’s tractor to extend wall in Occupied Territories

12 Missile-maker ♥s the sunset and talking to young American Jews about Israel
Allison Deger and Phil Weiss

81 The earlier me
Liz Shulman

9 No freedom in the land of false prophets

18 ‘Washington Post’ says ‘questions surfaced’ about Amb. Gary Locke’s possible dual loyalty to China

30 About last night

40 Roger Cohen says our foreign policy has been ‘Likudized’