It is shocking to see a farmer having to go thru a military checkpoint to get to his land

From the new New York Times correspondent in Jerusalem:

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  1. i wonder if she attended the hearing about ulpana this morning.

  2. Citizen says:

    Meanwhile, Israel has commenced building its wall extension–along the border with Lebanon: link to
    At least castles and moats use to be beautiful to look at from afar.

  3. Linda J says:

    OT, but thought people might be interested in this straightforward AP article about Palestinian refugees and the Nakba from the Seattle Times this morning: link to

  4. David Samel says:

    Interesting article, Linda, and not really OT, since Phil’s larger point is about a trend in the MSM toward more decent coverage of Palestinians.

  5. Ellen says:

    This might be a little off topic, but I do not know where else to post.

    What, exactly, is meant by “the land of Isreal?”

    Have you noticed it too? Israel is no longer referred to simply as…Israel, like France would be France, or Canada, simply Canada. But it is The Land of Israel

    Are we supposed to now say things like the land of France? The land of Italy? The land of Egypt?

    What is this all about?

    • MHughes976 says:

      I suppose that the English language has built into it the idea that countries can be named after the inhabiting nation – EngLAND for one. ‘Eretz Israel’ is the Hebrew counterpart.
      Margaret Macmillan’s ‘Peacemakers’ records that the Zionists began immediately on the creation of the Mandate to call for the name to be changed to Eretz Israel. Also that Lloyd George, Christian Zionist that he was, used the phrase ‘from Dan to Beersheba’, which he had found in the Bible, to define the aims of British diplomacy – which bears on the question ‘what is Eretz Israel supposed to be?’. It’s what the Bible says God promised to the Israelites. The other important defining phrase is ‘from the Euphrates to the River (or Brook) of Egypt’. Whether this means the Nile or some less significant stream on the other side of the Sinai Peninsula is debated.

    • ellen, no it is not like the land of france. it’s a biblical space..and probably why israel doesn’t have borders.

  6. seafoid says:

    The land is a fetish. They are slowly killing it while they claim to revere it.

    link to

    “The existential difficulties Jews face in Israel always serve as the explanation when violence is needed against humans or against the landscape. The land turns into a place that people do not really love, but rather a patriotic imperative.”