Shmuley Boteach seems to think US army serves Israel

Yesterday I did a post about Shmuley Boteach, Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 9th CD, visiting Israel (and Bibi Netanyahu) on Election Day instead of pressing the flesh back in New Jersey.

Well here’s another item from the Shmuley Boteach file. Rabbi Boteach’s son Mendy was trying to get into West Point earlier this year and Boteach thanked a potential rival for Congress, Rep. Steve Rothman, for nominating Mendy to go there. I don’t know if Mendy Boteach is going to be a cadet next year. If he is, congratulations; but I sure hope he doesn’t share his father’s view of what his role is. Shmuley Boteach (emphasis below):

Congressman Rothman knew I might run against him. But that did not stop him from rewarding my son’s application with the nomination to West Point. Rothman’s decision to put merit before political consideration showed character and integrity and I salute it. It also demonstrated a willingness to populate our officer corps with deserving men and women, whatever the political consequences.

Having been nominated, Mendy may join his elder sister Chana, who has now volunteered for two years of army service in Israel — training male soldiers for combat — to help an embattled democracy survive against brutal enemies. Mendy is now down to 4000 applicants from which 1500 will be chosen as cadets for the West Point Class of 2016.

He faces an uphill battle.

Mendy has to be incredibly physically fit, even though his Yeshiva in Frankfurt has no gym facilities and he therefore has to daily improvise for all his physical activities, and this while having a grueling daily regimen of Torah study that begins at 7am, ends at 10pm, and is only interrupted for hours of spiritual work with the community. Still, he wants to serve his country

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  1. OlegR says:

    He also seems to think genuinely that the IDF serves America as well.
    You can obviously argue with this opinion of his (as i do) but it seems to me that you try to misrepresent it in a manner that will suit you own political preconception and that is not fair of you Philip.

    • Cliff says:

      Um no, Oleg.

      You see, according to your standard of what fits a reasonable ‘difference of opinions’ – we could be ‘disagreeing’ about whether the Earth is flat or not (hint, Zionist, it’s not).

      The IDF is not protecting America’s interests. Israel is not our ally. Israel is not like us. You are not like us.

      Of course, people like you are working day and night to contrive an overlap of interests and similarities through war and Islamophobia and an industry of hate and fear-mongering. At which point, I suppose we WILL in fact be like you, and you will be like us. I also believe that is when Jesus Christ will be making his cameo though, and John Hagee and all the Christian Zios will be flying there spaceships up to Heaven while you and your unrepentant (don’t worry, you still have time) cultists burn in an every-lasting lake of fire.

      Technically, I’d be burning there with you. So we all lose! I’ll bring the bean dip.

  2. “Still, he wants to serve his country”

    So did Jonathan Pollard, and he did so, quite successfully.

  3. giladg says:

    When the Left runs out of ideas, they revert to character assassination.

    • MarkF says:

      “When the Left runs out of ideas, they revert to character assassination.”

      Just like neocons. Must be one and the same. Oh, that’s right, they are.

      • giladg says:

        And an example from the Right is? Oh, I have one. They accused Van Jones, whilst in the WH, of being a communist. And what do know, he was, is and will continue to be one. Now who else do you have on your list?

    • Cliff says:

      What does character assassination have to do with a fifth column clown serving in another country’s military. Go live in that country, and serve in that army. Stay there.

      End of story. Don’t reap the benefits of American citizenship and use American political office to benefit another country (you know, the one where your DAUGHTER IS SERVING IN THE ARMY).

      Of course, a pro-settler/religious-fanatic-Jewish-supremacist nut wouldn’t see anything wrong with screwing over another country so long as it was good for Israel.

      That’s called ‘country’ assassination. A tad bit worse than character (singular) assassination, Mr. Zio.

  4. Dan Crowther says:

    I dont think hes saying it that way Phil, I think he is saying Israel and America are embattled democracies, and that his kids are protecting each, respectively.

    • Dan Crowther says:

      Am I the only one who reads it as Boteach saying both his kids are endeavoring “to help an embattled democracy survive against brutal enemies” – one in Israel, one in the US? Thats how I read it. Anyone?

      • OlegR says:

        No, i read it the same way.
        People here are just not willing to believe that Boteach genuinely
        sees American and Israeli interests as one and the same.
        Or they just ignore it.

        • Philip Weiss says:

          he probably does. and voters ought to understand that’s his belief

        • Woody Tanaka says:

          “People here are just not willing to believe that Boteach genuinely
          sees American and Israeli interests as one and the same.”

          Of course he does. All the israel-first and israel-only people share that delusion.

        • American says:

          OlegR says:
          June 11, 2012 at 5:04 pm

          No, i read it the same way.
          People here are just not willing to believe that Boteach genuinely
          sees American and Israeli interests as one and the same.
          Or they just ignore it.””

          Ah yes the Great Zionist Self Delusion.
          Whether a person genuinely believes something or not doesn’t make it true or real and no one is obligated to respect the delusions of people or let them act on a patently false belief.

        • OlegR says:

          I don’t think he is hiding it, so …

        • Dan Crowther says:

          But there is nothing in what he says here that says he believes Israel’s and America’s interests are the same. Just that they are both democracies that have enemies. I disagree with his use of “democracy” to describe Israel, and to some extent, America, but nowhere does he say America and Israel are one and the same, or if you fight for Israel, you fight for America and vice versa.

        • Cliff says:

          Who cares. People genuinely believed the world was flat.

          People genuinely believed there were witches and then proceeded to burn them at the stake.

          People genuinely believed that Blacks were the son of Ham and that THAT justified slavery.

          ETC ETC

          Sincerity means nothing if a crazy idea is still a crazy idea.

          That is what Zionism is, and you are sincerely – crazy. Much like ‘America’s (not my America) Rabbi’.

          Oh, didn’t this guy’s nephew just get nabbed by the FBI for shenanigans in the arms trade? His nephew was in his 20s wasn’t he? And he had a contract to sells weapons to contractors in Afghanistan? I wonder how he swung that.

          Boteach is a Israel-firster. He first and foremost cares about Israel. That is why his daughter is in the Israeli military. We are at war in Afghanistan.

          Israel isn’t doing anything right now other than beating 11-year-olds at night whilst calling their mothers obscene names. Or bulldozing Palestinian homes. Or sending in drones to blow up Gazan militans occasionally (once in a blue moon). Or frisking Arab SJP members at airports and then denying them entry inevitable after swifting through their emails illegally.

          Israel is a joke. A laughing stock on the face of the planet – everywhere except in America. It’s only asset is cruelty – which makes it no different from every other fascist State/country throughout history.

        • OlegR says:

          Well no he does not say it explicitly, this is my conclusion based on
          the fact that he is encouraging his children to risk their lives in the service of both countries.He certainly does not see any contradiction
          in it.
          Philip and everybody else here do.

      • Woody Tanaka says:

        That reading doesn’t make sense. The daughter is training terrorists as part of the israeli stormtroopers, in the zionist entity. The son is supposed to go to West Point in the US, which in no way can be described as being an “embattled democracy.” Further, Schmulo said that the son will “join” the daughter.

        The US and the zionist enemy are two different states, so there is no way to describe these two states as “an embattled democracy” (which is unquestionably in the singular). That, and the statement that the one will “join” the other, seems to betray an opinion that they are the same.

        Bizarre, but in keeping with the lunacy of the American zionists.

        • Dan Crowther says:

          But its the guy speaking it, woody. spoken english is always more vulgar. im really not trying to defend the guy here, well maybe i am in this instance, but i think he is saying – again, just my opinion- that his son is joining the effort to “defend an embattled democracy” (here) like his daughter has in Israel. Im just not sure that he is in fact saying by joining the US army, you are actually protecting Israel.

          As for the US not being an embattled democracy, thats debatable – but its definitely true that most of US Foreign Policy the last hundred years or so was defended as necessary to protect democracy, or extend it. So, I would say, Boteach here is not really out of step in regarding the US as a country in constant peril. Whether it is or isnt is beside the point here, I happen to think Boteach is indeed describing the US as embattled, and his son is joining the “cause” to defend democracy (singular)…..could be wrong, either way, if im wrong, hes prob 1 out of the millions who think that way, and we all know it

        • Woody Tanaka says:


          This wasn’t spoken, it was a column that Shmulo wrote in Huffington Post. So maybe it was just poorly written (having read a bunch of his work, that’s very likely; he’s not a very good writer [or thinker, for that matter]).

        • Dan Crowther says:

          Woody — Oops. For some reason I thought it was an excerpt from a speech, or maybe i convinced myself of that, because it was so poorly phrased. Ha. Either way, this guy Shmuely B. is a real hack who deserves no time at MW!!

      • AllenBee says:

        the only “brutal enemies” the American people have is their own government.
        the only “brutal enemies” Israel has are the people it oppresses.

        the way to resolve each state of enmity is not by killing them but stopping the oppression.

  5. What a bizarre post.

    Chana is joining the IDF, where she might train soldiers and Mendy is trying to get into West Point and, if he fails admission there, he might enlist in the IDF.

    What’s the problem Phil? How does Shmuley’s kids plans have to do with US Army serving Israel?

    • braciole says:

      With the fascist settlers having already taken over the IDF, that they might have now trained their sights on taking over the US Army along with the Christian Zionists controlling the USAF does give cause for concern! Especially since the US Congress does nothing but kiss Israel’s arse!

      • “the Christian Zionists controlling the USAF”

        Now it’s just straight Israeli Zionists:
        link to

        “Kass was born, raised, and educated in Israel. She has a PhD in Russian studies and is fluent in Russian and Hebrew in addition to English. Kass reportedly reached the rank of major in the Israeli air force before moving to the United States and working her way up through the US defense establishment. She is currently the most senior civilian adviser to Air Force Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz and is believed to have access to most American defense secrets. Kass is best known to the public for her role in promoting Air Force cyberwarfare, but she also appears to have been a major player in counter-terrorism policy and in war preparations directed against Iran even though she has no actual substantive background in those areas. She believes that the US is engaged in a long war against Islamo-radicalism and that “winning” against Iran is necessary but the American people must be willing to pay the price to succeed.”


    • Woody Tanaka says:

      “Chana is joining the IDF, where she might train soldiers and Mendy is trying to get into West Point and, if he fails admission there, he might enlist in the IDF.”

      One would think if Mendy was loyal to the US, that if he did not get into the prestigious West Point, he would enlist in the US Army, rather than become a scum-sucking merc for a foreign power.

  6. - “Mendy … his Yeshiva in Frankfurt.”

    I should go there and say hello to Mendy.
    The Chabad Lubavitch Yeshiva in Frankfurt has a notoriously combative director, Rabbi Zalman Gurevitch who, a couple of years ago, got into a street fight with an Arab youth in downtown Frankfurt.

  7. lysias says:

    What entitles daughter Chana to train male soldiers for combat? I don’t imagine she has any combat experience.

    • OlegR says:

      You don’t need combat experience to teach certain skills like
      operating various weapons sharpshooting etc.
      The girls are usually highly motivated so they deliver the knowledge on a high level.
      The rest of the training and the experience the soldiers get in the field
      when they integrate into the regular units.

      • Cliff says:

        What possible skills? What do you do in the IDF except kill children every few years when Israel bombs a refugee camp or invades Gaza?

        Or stop pregnant woman from getting from a checkpoint to a hospital? Or demolishing homes?

        I could be in the IDF too. I’d just need to be brainwashed and believe I was ‘Chosen’ above all others to be the very best, the best that ever was.

  8. lysias says:

    Mendy has to be incredibly physically fit, even though his Yeshiva in Frankfurt has no gym facilities and he therefore has to daily improvise for all his physical activities, and this while having a grueling daily regimen of Torah study that begins at 7am, ends at 10pm, and is only interrupted for hours of spiritual work with the community.

    Frankfurt, Germany? (There is no Frankfurt, New Jersey. Frankfurt am Main, on the other hand, does have a Lubavitcher yeshiva.) What’s the son doing there, especially if he wants to serve his country?

    • piotr says:

      There are two Frankfurts: the main one and the other. I think that in Kentucky there is Frankfort.

      I would be weary of religiously overeducated officers. They may have visions. I tried to understand a video in which Lt. Col. Eisner exhibited considerable physical fitness. He approached a Danish protester with this strange look in the eyes as if he were not exactly “here”. He stared, and than he started to swing his gun, I presume against all principles of tactical deployment. (Less docile opponents could easily beat him up when he separated from his troop.) I think that Eisner started to see an ass jawbone in his hand and a crowd of jeering Philistine men and beguiling Philistine women.

  9. “What’s the son doing there [in a Frankfurt/Germany Yeshiva], especially if he wants to serve his country?”-

    I got to go there and ask him. It’s just a 20 minutes bicycle ride from where I live.

    • Just a hunch, but he’s pretty much in the birthplace of Israel:

      “Born in the ghetto (called “Judengasse” or Jewish-alley) of Frankfurt, Mayer developed a finance house and spread his empire by installing each of his five sons in the five main European financial centres to conduct business. The Rothschild coat of arms contains a clenched fist with five arrows symbolizing the five dynasties established by the five sons of Mayer Rothschild”
      link to

      His yeshiva might be the Harvard of yeshivas.

  10. radii says:

    I thought the entire US Congress, military, and most of the intelligence agencies’ personnel served israel first – this is news?

    • Carowhat says:

      Don’t sell the study of the Torah short. The actual content may be meaningless but the habits of research, argument and disputation that grow out of it are invaluable to people who later go into law, politics, finance, and academia.

  11. ahadhaadam says:

    “embattled democracy survive against brutal enemies”

    The delusional detachment of American Jews from the reality of Palestine seems to indicate they vicariously live their superhero fantasies through a notion of Israel which they created in their minds… I think a psychologists would be better suited to explain this phenomenon.

  12. Woody Tanaka says:

    “this while having a grueling daily regimen of Torah study that begins at 7am, ends at 10pm,”

    Are we supposed to be impressed that he is wasting his life studying fairy stories?

  13. Basilio says:

    The reality is that Shmuley wants his son to use his military training in the U.S. to help Israel. It’s like getting on-the-job training somewhere with the goal of ultimately working for another country. It shows the father has a strong focus on his ethnicity to where he wants his son to use his American military training to help a foreign country. On the surface, there’s nothing wrong with it, but the son is going to Yeshiva, he’s super religious, not a secular American, so I’m not sure how much the family cares about your average American out there. Some Jews have chosen to worship a God called Israel instead of principles connecting to the universality of humankind. The same applies to many Muslims and Christians. The more you focus so much on your ethnicity or religion, the more you’re disconnected from your fellow man, in my experience. The son’s in Germany in a mystical, hyper religious Yeshiva. How connected is that to America?

  14. Carowhat says:

    People who want to help America by serving in the military ought to serve in the American military, not that of some other country.

    • RoHa says:

      When I registered my son at the British Embassy to establish British citizenship for him, I was warned that service in any armed forces other than US armed forces could jeopardise his (natural born) US citizenship.

      Is the IDF an exception?

      • Carowhat says:

        Yes. Apparently it’s been that way for sometime time. Ten years ago a US Army intelligence major by the name of Shawn Pipe who had served 30 days in the IDF during a time when he was not on active duty in the US was subsequently transferred out of his regular job commanding a US intelligence unit. He fought the demotion as unfair, claiming he had never tried to hide his foreign service. A couple of months later he was reinstated. One argument he offered in his defense: He has people who worked for him who also had dual loyalty citizenship issues and no one was demoting them. So why should the army come after someone as conscientious and hard working as he was?

        • Woody Tanaka says:

          If it were up to me, anyone who served in a foreign army should lose his citizenship and be kicked out with only the clothes on his back. The same goes for “dual” citizens. If you’re not in all the way for the USA, get the f out.