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November 30 2012

8 UC Berkeley’s new chancellor disavows Columbia divestment petition his name was on

0 Two Israeli policemen face charges after striking kidney patient with rifles at roadblock

22 Apartheid? Don’t be silly

34 No balance: CNN slobbers over Peres, grills Meshaal

6 A movement grows at American University

64 Reactions to UN vote: Livni calls Palestinian move ‘strategic terrorist attack’

91 Israel responds to UN vote by approving 3,000 new settlement units and plans to build in strategic West Bank corridor

0 Wildman and Jaber to speak at Brooklyn benefit for West Bank oncology clinic

1 Exile and the prophetic: Taking the U.N. cure

1 Israeli Supreme Court set to hear petition against on anti-boycott law

7 Time to call out the campus Israel Lobby

6 Reflections on ‘balance’ in media coverage of Israel/Palestine

November 29 2012

2 Director of Israeli human rights group: Ceasefire offers opportunity for easing of closure on Gaza

9 Confirmed: Stevie Wonder pulls out of IDF fundraiser

38 Don’t ‘target our Israeli ally’– Schumer warns Palestinians

9 If only . . .

59 Ashrawi: statehood is ‘game-changer’ and US is damaging its standing in world by opposing it

9 On crossing cultures as a western visitor to Palestine

111 UN approves Palestinian status upgrade with 138-9 vote (and US Senators threaten to cut aid)

27 Video: What if you built a refuge for a persecuted people in a place where another people already lived?

102 ‘We lost Europe,’ says Israeli official

1 Palestinians under ‘intense pressure’ to commit not to sue Israel

3 Exile and the prophetic: Empire detoxification

November 28 2012

36 With cynicism and apprehension, West Bank Palestinians support UN bid

9 ‘NYT’ analysis that Gaza assault was ‘test run’ for Iran war is ripped apart

16 Report: Stevie Wonder pulls out of IDF fundraiser after BDS activists wage campaign

21 Ruing Rudoren’s Facebook posts, NYT assigns her a minder

5 Al-Haq: International law must be at heart of Palestinian initiative at U.N.

23 The AP’s George Jahn serves up Israeli propaganda on Iran yet again

64 Israel calls its own bluff on the Palestinian Authority’s UN bid

25 Not skipping a beat, Israeli embassy alludes to ‘another Gaza’ over Palestinian UN bid

7 BDS movement grows as leading figures call for military embargo on Israel following Gaza assault

7 Mainstream journalists’ failure to explain reasons for Gazan resistance is professional malpractice

14 Exile and the Prophetic: What kind of future does empire and isolation hold for Jews in Israel and beyond?

17 Palestinians under occupation should demand voting rights (Goldberg’s latest variation)

1 Columbia, MO, mobilizes against Israeli assault on Gaza

9 US must not follow Israel into war ‘like a stupid mule’ — says Brzezinski

1 Palestine: Oppression will not work

33 The meritocracy is rigged

0 Cairo artist portrays revolution as wily Egyptian cat with one eye shot out

November 27 2012

6 Solemn march in NY commemorates Gaza victims, calls for GE boycott

28 If Hillel rejects nonviolent resistance to the occupation, what does it propose in its place?

15 Thankful to be alive in Gaza: My family’s story of survival

23 Israel considers racially-segregated bus lines in West Bank

9 Maguire: Sanction US for its $8 million a day in military aid to Israel

27 A binational state is actually a compromise — ask Derrida

6 Exile and the Prophetic: Gaza City is right around the corner from the Warsaw Ghetto

24 ‘NYT’ predictably comes under attack for reporting Israel targeted journalists in Gaza

0 Speaker of Iraqi parliament visits Gaza with delegation of 80

8 Gaza blockade stems from its ‘demographic’ threat to Jewish state — Wright

61 Avnery– leftist, and 89– warns of the ‘natural increase’ of Arabs threatening Jewish majority

November 26 2012

1 Iyad Burnat to speak on nonviolent protest in Palestine in Columbus Wednesday night

2 Not a single condemnation from the West when Israel violates ceasefire

14 New Yorkers to march on GE over its role in Gaza bombardments

32 Kristol’s declaration should force media to acknowledge, Israel is at core of neoconservatism

1 ‘New York Times’ failure on Congo is becoming chronic

6 Exile and the prophetic: Gaza is world’s largest live military test site

18 Aftermath of Gaza assault: Black eye for Israel and strengthened Hamas

29 Stevie Wonder, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Marco Rubio — all pony up for Israel

3 Who can (really) end the cycle of violence?

14 Anne-Marie Slaughter doesn’t know what hasbara is

10 Chris Hayes says US indifference to Palestinian nonviolence is fostering terrorism

November 25 2012

60 How Israelis imagine their future

17 IDF spokesman posts blackface photo of himself as Obama, then issues non-apology
Phil Weiss

2 Settlers vandalize Palestinian cars in Jerusalem as ‘price tag’ for Gaza

36 The war in the West Bank

26 Israel lost — LRB

79 Washington Post defends picture of dead Gaza child after complaints from ‘Jews in large numbers’

3 Exile and the Prophetic: Benjamin Netanyahu’s self-constructed hologram

16 The message sent from Palestinian resistance during the Israeli attack on Gaza

5 Counting the Gaza Dead: False equivalences, distorted dichotomies

November 24 2012

6 My little child

21 UK’s Owen Jones: ‘What people on earth would tolerate…’

2 Exile and the Prophetic: Square one

6 Avigdor Lieberman: Israel will eventually need to reoccupy Gaza, overthrow Hamas

5 Munayyer: Fundamental change needed in Israeli and US policy towards the Palestinians

19 Rudoren is a step in the right direction

4 Mahmoud Darwish: ‘Silence for Gaza’

November 23 2012

7 ‘New York Times’ Congo coverage goes from ‘F’ to ‘D-minus’

82 Two days after ceasefire Israel kills Palestinian man in Khan Younis

112 Who is Goliath?

November 22 2012

17 ‘New York Times’ fails dismally again, this time in Congo

17 US engagement fostered rogue Israeli policies, but Tom Friedman can’t say so

102 Regurgitating Israeli talking points, Amanpour lectures Meshal that ‘int’l agreements’ bar right of return

33 Brzezinski challenges Obama to put world peace ahead of ‘specific constituencies’

15 Exile and the prophetic: Gaza and the ethics of Jewish power

38 Thanksgiving fodder: ‘You should fight about Israel’

2 Two shot, more than 25 arrested, in West Bank protests

7 Ceasefire terms are almost identical to those after Cast Lead 4 years ago

3 Overwhelming US support for onslaught was given in prejudicial disregard of Palestinian perspective — Scholars
Terri Ginsberg, Fouzi El-Asmar, Raymond W. Baker, Ghada Karmi

November 21 2012

17 Note to Rudoren: Palestinians love their children and want them to live just like the rest of us

69 NYT’s Rudoren: Gaza funeral ‘didn’t feel incredibly human to me’

1 Here, in Gaza

59 Day Eight of Israeli Attack on Gaza: Ceasefire agreement reached; Palestinian death toll climbs to 145

6 Little hands

30 Winona LaDuke: ‘We can’t talk about Israel because we are Israel’

0 Video: Gaza grandmother forced to give the news of her granddaughter’s death to hospitalized mother

1 Palestinians running out of drinking water as Israeli offensive continues

111 NYT’s Jodi Rudoren responds to criticism of Facebook comments

23 Gaza on the precipice

8 A funeral in Nabi Saleh signals new political consciousness in West Bank

4 Exile and the prophetic: Gaza’s referendum on Jewish leadership

14 Israeli urges world to ‘deny us business and culture’ to force change from militancy

2 Palestinian Ministry of Health: Death toll stands at 137, with 1200 injured; 42% of dead are women, children, and elderly

40 Day after Israel rejects ceasefire, bus explodes in Tel Aviv outside IDF Spokesperson office

November 20 2012

121 Gazans are ‘ho-hum’ about the deaths of relatives — NYT’s Rudoren

6 Physicians for Human Rights-Israel: Damage to medical centers and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip
Physicians for Human Rights-Israel

4 Letter from Khan Yunis: ‘Our blood is being shed every day and the world has yet to learn that we are human beings’

10 Day Seven of Israeli Attack on Gaza: Death toll rises to 141, over 900 injured; No ceasefire yet; Palestinian journalists killed

38 4 myths about the Israeli attack on Gaza

13 Reflections from a San Francisco protest in solidarity with Gaza

21 Why did Obama greenlight the offensive?

20 As the discourse shifts, ‘NYT’ stays rooted in the past (the 1800s to be exact)

13 In Photos: Aftermath of an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City

0 Second Palestinian protester killed in West Bank

34 Israeli strategy is unsuccessful, just foments hostility by oppressed — Piers Morgan

1 Israeli assault on Gaza by the numbers

4 Exile and the prophetic: A state of moral emergency

22 Yes! The New Yorker publishes Munayyer’s call for ‘representative and democratic single state’

2 Scenes from the West Bank as protests spread in solidarity with Gaza

November 19 2012

60 AP’s Matt Lee confronts Nuland: ‘You’re staying silent while people are dying left and right’

11 Exile and the Prophetic: Few are guilty – all are responsible

8 Conversations with my mom in Gaza

22 Israel’s explanation for killing two journalists in Gaza? Palestinians aren’t journalists, they’re ‘targets’

5 Day Six of Israeli Attack on Gaza: Death toll rises to 115, over 900 injured; Media building targeted again; Cease-fire talks continue

8 Breaking: Protester in West Bank dies of injuries inflicted by Israeli soldiers

17 From London to Cairo to Barcelona, Gaza assault sparks protests

17 Video: Israeli’s car strikes Palestinian demonstrator
Allison Deger and Phil Weiss

9 The American-Israeli narrative of ‘terrorist natives’

31 Israel’s choice to inflict violence on civilians and ignore political offers violates ‘just war morality’
Jerome Slater

6 Video: Israeli rightwing parliamentarian calls for ‘erasing’ Gaza because no one there is innocent
Annie Robbins and Phil Weiss

4 Images of Palestinian children under attack
Mohammed Zaanoun

35 Israeli hasbara cartoon features white man fighting jungle animals

92 Israel has already lost this war

2 The war on Gaza

November 18 2012

36 Worldwide protests against Israeli aggression in Gaza

30 ‘Up With Chris’ on MSNBC features 2 Palestinians out of 4 guests — and bankruptcy of neocon Frum’s claims

15 Egypt allows 400 activists to enter Gaza

30 Day Five of Israeli Attack on Gaza: Death toll rises to 72, 520 civilians wounded; 4 children killed in Israeli strike; Tel-Aviv bound rocket shot down again

19 Israel targets (and defends attacking) journalists in Gaza

4 Exile and the Prophetic: The last gasp of the ‘purity of arms’ — robocalls over Gaza

37 The light doesn’t get much greener than this: Obama admin gives Israel the go ahead to escalate in Gaza

13 Why Gaza must suffer again: The four guilty parties behind Israel’s attack

6 An open letter to the President from a bereaved sister

November 17 2012

12 Exile and the prophetic: Is Israel going Gaza Rogue?

583 On the Jewish Israeli street, there’s no solution to Palestinian issue but more violence

12 Day Four of Israeli Attack on Gaza: Death toll hits 46 in Gaza, 381 civilians wounded; Israel destroys Ismail Haniya’s office in Gaza City; Cairo hosting cease-fire talks
Alex Kane and Adam Horowitz

86 Dissecting IDF propaganda: The numbers behind the rocket attacks

6 In Photos: Palestinians in Jerusalem protest against Israel’s air strikes in Gaza

6 Thousands of protesters call for ‘downfall of the regime’ in Jordan

21 Abbas: Israel instigating ‘blood bath’, aimed at sinking endeavors to reach the UN

November 16 2012

11 Gaza, Now

6 Photo: The scream

59 Gaza vs. Israel: The legitimate and illegitimate use of violence in the Western discourse

43 Exile and the Prophetic: Jewish warrior culture and Israel’s unraveling

9 ‘That doesn’t sound like the Shabbat siren’ (Jerusalem gets rockets)

17 Video: CNN’s ‘fair-and-balance’ coverage disrupted by Israeli bombs

26 Day Three of Israeli Attack on Gaza: At least 28 killed, 290 injured in Gaza; Missile hits West Bank settlement; Israeli television reports 75,000 reservists being drafted
Alex Kane and Adam Horowitz

5 Dead mothers, teachers and babies in Gaza yet media overwhelmingly focuses on rocket fire into Israel

53 No safe haven: Civilians under attack in the Gaza Strip

November 15 2012

72 Hundreds of New Yorkers come out to denounce Israeli aggression on Gaza

6 What comes after Cast Lead is worse

50 Israel supporters (and IDF officials) proudly display their bigotry on Twitter (UPDATED)

2 Brown Univ committee recommends considering divestment from companies that profit from Israeli occupation

0 Netanyahu’s political pandering leads to more Palestinian bloodshed

52 Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld: ‘If they dare to strike Tel Aviv… we’ll wipe the whole place out’

4 Video: Palestinian women occupy Israeli military base in West Bank to protest Gaza attack

1 A speechless girl in Gaza

16 Palestinian UN envoy: Attack was ‘deliberately timed to torpedo the UN vote’

15 Exile and the Prophetic: The Jewish community’s entire life is bound up with war

4 While world watches Gaza, Israel weighs plan to ‘topple’ Abbas if UN bid is approved

3 BDS Movement: Stop a new Israeli massacre in Gaza — boycott Israel now!

21 ‘Washington Post’ prints false narrative of how Gaza escalation started

13 ‘New York Times’ covers up a key Netanyahu motive for the vicious Gaza attack

8 Israeli watching bombing of Gaza from southern Israel: ‘Arabs are less than dogs, kill them all’

15 Day Two of Israeli Assault on Gaza: 19 killed in Gaza, including 7 children, over 150 injured; 3 Israelis killed near Ashkelon
Alex Kane and Adam Horowitz

November 14 2012

29 Gaza Under Attack: International eyewitnesses call for action

44 JVP: It is unseemly for Operation ‘Pillar of Defense’ to invoke biblical passage from Exodus when Israel is dominant military power in the region

24 On the West Bank, the mood is resigned, edgy

7 Nous accusons: Mainstream media fails to report context and severity of Israeli atrocities against Gaza
Noam Chomsky and the 'Gaza Eight'

6 Exile and the Prophetic: The face of war

3 Almost Dead: An eyewitness report from Gaza

6 Israeli elections . . and death in Gaza

8 Two new resources: Timeline of Israeli escalation in Gaza and Israel’s history of breaking ceasefires

8 Soundtrack for #GazaUnderAttack

165 Israel rejects truce and escalates fighting in Gaza with assassination of Hamas leader; 10 killed, 90 wounded in Israeli attacks
Alex Kane and Adam Horowitz

15 Site News — Welcome to our new Assistant Editor, Alex Kane

0 Israel’s War on Children: Jenin school occupied and 10-year-old Hebron child arrested

17 Don’t expect a second term Obama to take on Israel

11 A witness to history: Report from the UC Irvine divestment vote

7 UC Irvine student government passes bill unanimously to divest from Israeli military and settlements

November 13 2012

28 Avigdor Lieberman: ‘When it comes down to the choice between Jewish or Democratic Israel it has to be Jewish’

23 Couldn’t make this up — Official name of Israeli demolition plan for new East Jerusalem park is ‘They Won’t Know and Won’t Understand 2012′

24 Video: Watch Netanyahu ‘prepare international public opinion for an Israeli operation in Gaza’

7 Exile and the Prophetic: The 15 most wanted (Church leader) list

13 After Harvard Hillel drops event due to donor pressure, progressive Jewish org calls out ‘political litmus test’

3 Israeli Finance Minister: Netanyahu gov’t has doubled funding for settlements

2 ‘Jewish Daily Forward’ profile of Ahava CEO omits fact of settlement profiteering

November 12 2012

8 Pushing Obama’s arc toward peace

72 Did Israel provoke rockets from Gaza to pressure Palestinians to back off UN bid?

22 ‘All In’: Marriage, rights and hypocrisy in the case of David Petraeus

8 Video: Survivors of Israeli attack on Gaza says bombs continued to fall on the al-Shoja’iya neighborhood as civilians raised white flags

15 Exile and the Prophetic: The interfaith ecumenical deal is dead

5 Netanyahu meeting with foreign diplomats to ‘prepare international public opinion for an Israeli operation in Gaza’

19 ‘It’s time for Palestinians in Israel to stand firm against the Bantustan plan of Oslo’: An interview with Awad Abdel Fattah

40 A bad day in Nabi Saleh

November 11 2012

7 United Methodist Reverend brings the struggles of Wadi Foquin to Washington DC

7 Exile and the Prophetic: People have been predicting a ‘game change’ in Israel/Palestine since the early 80s. Why hasn’t it happened?

122 7 Palestinians, including 3 children, killed and 52 injured as Israeli attack on Gaza continues
Annie Robbins and Adam Horowitz

November 10 2012

11 US silent as thousands go on hunger strike in Turkey for Kurdish political rights

23 Exile and the Prophetic: Forget the ‘fiscal cliff’ — could Israel fall off the American political cliff?

4 Israel extends detention of Addameer human rights researcher Ayman Nasser

110 Broadwell scandal not the first time Petraeus was sloppy with email — in 2010 he leaked his own emails scheming with neocon Max Boot

37 At least four killed, dozens wounded, in Israeli shelling on Gaza

21 Battle within the Presbyterian church over stance on US aid to Israel

November 9 2012

31 Tensions rise as Iran shoots at American predator drone and covert war heats up

27 Netanyahu’s reliance on Arthur Finkelstein led him to completely misread the US presidential race

29 Irish Foreign Minister plans to push for EU ban on settlement products

8 Following Abbas statement on right of return, Palestinian youth in Lebanon call for end to Oslo and the Palestinian Authority

14 Exile and the Prophetic: Obama’s (and our) Jewish politics

14 Is Israel finally pushing Palestinians out of the Jordan Valley? — Over 1,000 evacuated from Jordan Valley villages for Israeli military exercise

4 Villagers watch as Israel destroys homes in two south Hebron hills villages

November 8 2012

106 Palestinians circulate draft resolution at UN as Barak implores US to help Israel delay bid

28 Mr. Adelson, how do you think your money was spent?

6 ‘Any American, whether Obama or Mitt Romney, is cruel’: Pakistani drone victims respond to the US election

6 California student groups blast ‘abuse’ of civil rights law to ‘silence’ Palestine solidarity in letter to civil rights commission

12 Exile and the Prophetic: The Clinton Presidency(s)

0 Video: Children in Nabi Saleh stand up to Israeli military

59 ‘A vision seen in a dream’: A leading religious Zionist’s 1956 call for the Palestinian refugees to return

7 A field trip to the front lines of Area C

November 7 2012

3 Palestinian hip hop track targets violence against women

24 Key members of the Congressional ‘Islamophobia caucus’ swept from Congress

19 Election results: The Jewish right goes down in the House and Senate
Adam Horowitz and Alex Kane

107 Comeuppance for Netanyahu? No, he might run against Obama– and increase daylight between countries

6 Exile and the prophetic: Two more years

36 What did the Sheldon and Miriam Adelson get for their money? (Not much)

9 Four more years for Obama — three more months for Netanyahu?

60 Obama’s victory highlights a bad night for the Jewish right
Philip Weiss, Alex Kane and Adam Horowitz

November 6 2012

24 ‘There’s now a visceral anti-Israel movement among rank-and-file Democrats’ — Adelson

12 Video: Romney (in ’07) on how the second coming will save the Jews

25 Update: Israeli Ministry of Ed teacher is moderator of scholars’ listserv on anti-Semitism (with predictable results)

1 Jordan said to allow Iyad Burnat’s passage to U.S. tour about Palestinian peaceful resistance

3 Berkeley student assembly condemns state legislature’s conflation of Palestine activism with bigotry

1 Israeli Public Diplomacy Minister proposes art project for separation wall – ‘From a p.r. standpoint, [the wall] has been a burden for us’

4 A monstrous little story that says it all

8 A sea change is upon us in Democratic Party attitudes on Israel

3 Exile and the Prophetic: Chomsky’s ‘Letter from a Gaza Jail’

27 Netanyahu on election eve: Approves 1,200 new settlement homes while promising Israel won’t wait for US to attack Iran

November 5 2012

22 Peter ‘Powder Keg’ Beinart is disinvited from gig at Atlanta Jewish book festival

4 Exile and the Prophetic: Election eve (Jewish) blues

47 Revolution and zealotry, a dialogue
David Bromwich and Phil Weiss

17 Pro-settler Israeli organization calls for an end to US aid to Israel

54 ‘Even a single night in jail is enough to give a taste of what it means to be under the total control of some external force’ – Chomsky on his recent trip to Gaza

10 A Sunday morning chat about drones with counter-terrorism chief John Brennan

32 ‘Haaretz’ undermines a foundational myth: FDR abandoned Europe’s Jews

12 Bil’in father prevented from visiting 5-year-old son in Israeli hospital because of activism against settlements

November 4 2012

13 Wasserman Schultz brags on Obama’s continuity with Bush policies in ME

8 Angela Davis: At least in the Jim Crow South the roads were not segregated

1 Palestinian injured by settlers is then arrested by soldiers

0 Exile and the prophetic: Getting past triumphalism (in our traditions and our selves)

6 Christian leaders will not be cowed into silence about widespread human rights violations

November 3 2012

13 BDS is a necessary, ethical response to a brutal occupation worsened by 20 years of Oslo
Donna Nevel and Dorothy Zellner

44 More divorce news: US Jews ‘don’t care enough about Israel’s survival’

45 Is the ‘New York Review of Books’ afraid of Islam?

2 ‘Flotilla is absolutely flying!’: Two-year-old filly ‘Flotilla’ owned by Qatari sheikh wins Breeders’ Cup race

11 It’s Thanksgiving vs. Palestine in one California Congressional race

17 Brazil’s barbarians at Israel’s gate: South American Israel lobby tries to shut down World Social Forum on Palestine

2 Jerusalem Post looks at the question: Why is Israel a ‘red state’?

November 2 2012

3 ‘Material support’ law used in Holy Land 5 case is how U.S. government harasses Palestine solidarity activists

54 Abbas to push UN vote this month on observer state status for Palestine, Israel promises retaliation

2 Why are Jordanian officials stopping Iyad Burnat’s US speaking tour?

22 The Suez Canal and the British empire’s need for the Balfour Declaration

5 Exile and the Prophetic: The Holy Land 5 were railroaded

7 Apple recognizes Palestine
Scott Roth and Phil Weiss

12 Israeli Ministry of Tourism map annexes over 60% of the West Bank

7 France’s Hollande slams Palestinians for getting uppity at UN

4 From questionable circumcision ritual to occupation tourism, NY Times chronicles Jewish life sans judgment

14 Divorce is coming: Israeli-Americans vote overwhelmingly for Romney

2 In dismissing 2-state solution, Romney echoed ‘Zionist sugar daddy’ — Guardian

3 Abbas tells Israeli TV he has no right to live on land he was displaced from

November 1 2012

40 Church denominations stand strong in the face of Jewish establishment uproar over letter to Congress

2 Arab Jews are focus of Georgetown U event

2 For just $50, you can hear Wieseltier and Halevi talk about the US relationship with Israel

14 Mamet sees creeping totalitarianism in Obama 2

13 Ed Koch assures Jews, Obama will maintain ‘commitment to Jewish state’ in second term

12 Secret Israel NIE warns of irreversibility of Israeli colonization

2 Exile and the prophetic: When the Holy Land 5 attorneys reached out to me

4 Holy Land 5 member Abu Baker following Supreme Court decision: ‘Roll up your sleeves and keep striving for JUSTICE’

2 Israeli court acquits border policeman in death of 10-year-old Naalin protester