How Israel’s government negotiates with terrorists

Yair Lapid sits to the right of convicted terrorist Natan Nathanson and across from Naftali Bennett

When Nathan Eshel, the former bureau chief of Netanyahu and admitted sexual harasser, was proffered by the Prime Minister as his coalition negotiator in January, Israeli Minister of Finance Yair Lapid announced that he would refuse to sit in any meetings with the scoundrel who had abused his secretary.

Lapid’s moral standards were on display again when he was spotted this month by Israeli blogger Tal Schneider seated at a table in heated negotiations over ultra-Orthodox national service obligations with Natan Nathanson.

Nathanson happens to be a felon who was convicted of membership in a terrorist organization — the Jewish Underground — in June 1980 after participating in a string of bombing attacks against Palestinian mayors. The attacks left Nablus Mayor Bassam Shakaa without his legs. Karim Khalaf, then the mayor of Ramallah, lost a foot in the Jewish Underground bombings.

Lapid has not yet stated whether he was aware of Nathanson’s history.

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  1. OlegR says:

    And Mondoweiss on more than one occasion favorably
    wrote about the convicted sex offender Ezra Nawi.

    link to

    How do you guys reconcile all those double standards in your heads?

    • what double standard? there’s only one convicted terrorist referenced. this story is about Lapid’s double standard, not the ” scoundrel who had abused his secretary” but the implication Lapid has no problem schmoozing with convicted terrorists while taking a moral stand against a “sexual harasser”.

      Nawi, “arrested more times then he can keep track of” ” a person of reverence,” and a local hero. who cares one way or another about the sexual aspects of either of these men, except maybe Lapid and ….you.

      • Krauss says:

        Annie, you are aware that Israel pays civilians and soldiers money to comment on websites in a “pro-Israel fashion”(a.k.a. pro-Apartheid)?
        This happens on the Guardians comment section all the time.

        Just saying this should be known and government trolls maybe shouldn’t be tolerated. OlegR isn’t interested in a discussion. Look at his comment history. No matter what Israel does he defends it. Even those skeptical of Israel have defended it’s actions in the past. I got a lot of heat when I defended it when it bombed Syrian military facilities, for example.

        OlegR and his ilk are never ever changing their tune. Because they are not interested in a discussion – it is hasbara. It’s an eyesore to witness them being let loose. OlegR has even admitted to being a soldier in the IDF, how many more signs do you need?

        • OlegR says:

          Krauss this reminds me an old anecdote.

          A Jew call’s a Russian nationalist party.

          Moishe : Hello is this true what they say that Jews sold Russia ?
          Yes : Yes you F$%ing J$%^%^
          Moishe: Can you please tell me then where do i get my cut ?

          Come to think of it i really should be getting payed for this …

      • Abdul-Rahman says:

        The British MP Gerald Kaufman dealt very well with this general topic in this famous speech: link to

        Kaufman specifically discussed Tzipi Livni’s Irgun terrorist father, and the thus shall we say “humorous” contradiction by Livni (with her personal family terrorist background in mind) and her hasbara/propaganda whining about Hamas today.

      • hophmi says:

        Of course, it’s a double standard. You want the whole world to welcome Hamas as a negotiating partner.

        • Abdul-Rahman says:

          Again hasbara clowns like you whining about Hamas, are depending both on people not being aware of the crimes you commit against the Palestinian people and also people not having any knowledge of the history of the foundation of Israel itself (the general ignorant US citizenry is in fact far, far behind what Israel’s new historians themselves have even proven link to

          Anyone who knows about the Irgun, Stern Gang, etc. etc. knows that Israel itself was founded by terrorists (and proud, often self-declared terrorists at that), so before people like Tzipi Livni whine on with their tired hasbara about “the Hamas”, she might want to acknowledge the history of her own father! But of course that would be honesty and acknowledgement of history and facts, all things you Zionists have proven over and over again that you aren’t very good at.

        • You want double standards, homphi? Jewish terrorists with blood on their hands view their sentences commuted and released then hailed as heroes:
          “Their (Jewish Underground terrorists) sentences were controversially commuted three times by then President Chaim Herzog and they were released after serving less than seven years. After their 1990 release the three were hailed as “heroes” by leaders of the Gush Emunim movement.[2] The Jewish Underground caused a rift in Gush Emunim. The existence of a violent underground had, until the mass arrests, been dismissed by most Gush Emunim members as falsehood circulated by Peace Now to discredit the movement. Reports from the terrorists’ release suggest tremendous support for them by their fellow settlers [8].”
          link to

        • seafoid says:

          Sorry hoph. Hamas is a valid party.

        • Talkback says:

          hophmi says: “Of course, it’s a double standard. You want the whole world to welcome Hamas as a negotiating partner.”

          I don’t like double standards. So I want the whole world to welcome the terrorist organisation Israel and it’s military wing Hertzl-Zahal-Brigades (in which Irgun and Lehi were dissolved) as negotiationg partner, too. And the members of Hamas should be decorated with military service ribbons like the members of Irgun (Etzl) and Lehi:
          link to
          And Hamas leaders should also become prime ministers of Palestine, like Begin and Shamir in Israel. Palestine should name most of its streets and places after the facist lover Mufti Mohammad Amin al-Husayni like Israel does with facist lover Jebotinsky.

          Oh, Palestine still has a far way to go to become like Israel …

        • hophmi says:

          “Sorry hoph. Hamas is a valid party.”

          Who said anything about validity? You can a valid party and terrorist organization at the same time.

          “I don’t like double standards. So I want the whole world to welcome the terrorist organisation Israel ”

          Uh-huh. It’s like children on a playground. Except that it’s Hamas that’s on the terrorist list, not Israel.

          “And Hamas leaders should also become prime ministers of Palestine,”

          I hope it happens; that Hamas leaders moderate and one day become Prime Ministers. It won’t as long as they have enablers in the West like you.

    • piotr says:


      you have a faulty example, if you were solving a math problem I would say that you improperly change the direction of an inequality.

      Max used this moral inequality: minor sexual offense < terrorism.

      Then you found an example that Mondoweiss does not care too much about minor sexual offenses in the past of the subjects of reporting. Hypothetically, they could favorably review a movie of Roman Polański, e.g., The Pianist gives a very moving description of the Holocaust and war which differs quite importantly from Zionist narrative. So the examples of the standards they use appear consistent, at least until you find a better example.

  2. Woody Tanaka says:

    “Lapid has not yet stated whether he was aware of Nathanson’s history.”

    Of course he was. The problem is that he didn’t care. He was a coward who maimed a couple of Arabs. To your average israeli in the government of that state (as the slap on the wrist the man received for his crimes), that’s a cause for celebration. They are a people without any sense of honor or decency.

  3. Nevada Ned says:

    While Israel has gotten a lot of milage about “fighting terrorism”, their most revered public figure is Menachem Begin, head of the terrorist Irgun way back in the 1940′s. Elie Wiesel was an Irgun member, but he’s a revered humanitarian.

    • Citizen says:

      Begin said in his memoirs that the Deir Yassein massacre was worth battalions of Zionist fighters as it quickly became legendary and created the fear that drove many natives out of the land. “Out of evil, came good.” I guess he felt the same about the murder of Bernadotte. This is not ancient history. American taxpayers need to know that their hard-earned tax dollars are sent in huge chunks to Israel with such founding fathers. Post-Nuremberg Trials and after much of the Toyko Trials, the latter ending in ’48.

  4. seafoid says:

    The whole Zionist terrorism shtick is so tedious. If a Jew puts on an IDF uniform he has the right to commit any atrocity. I don’t think so.

    • piotr says:

      Nevertheless, Nathanson was not in uniform when he was a terrorist, so he did not have “get out of jail free” card.

  5. Obsidian says:

    Palestinian terrorist behind killing of 38 Jews appointed as PA advisor.

    link to

    • Shmuel says:

      Palestinian terrorist behind killing of 38 Jews appointed as PA advisor.

      Well, sort of.

      From your link:

      However, Fayyad – who is not related to PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad – complained that the PA leadership has not done anything to ensure that he get the job.
      He also accused the PA of abandoning him and failing to meet its promises to support him financially.
      Fayyad, who is currently living in Algiers, has been on hunger strike over the past week to protest against the PA’s failure to help him.
      “I tried to phone many PLO leaders, but they don’t answer my calls,” Fayyad told Palestinian journalists.
      “I also sent letters to several Palestinian ministries, but haven’t received any replies.”
      Fayyad complained that the PA embassy in Algiers was also refusing to help him and that he was kicked out from the embassy by force.

    • Cliff says:

      So what Obsidian, Israel promoted Jewish terrorists to Prime Ministers.

      There are Israeli military awards in honor of the Jewish terrorist groups.

    • seafoid says:

      “Palestinian terrorist behind killing of 38 Jews”
      The terminology is fascinating. why do they never say “killing of 38 Israelis”? Because “killing Jews” is far more emotive.
      But be careful. Do not call Israelis “Jews”. For example do not say “That Jew Netanyahu. ” You must say “That Israeli Netanyahu” since “That Jew Netanyahu” is anti-Semitic.

      Do not call the settler roads in the West Bank “Jew only”. You must say “Israeli only” roads.

      You can only call them “Jews” when they are murdered.

      • NickJOCW says:

        Soon it won’t be any big deal to be accused of antisemitism; recipients of the label will just shrug their shoulders, you can’t spend your life walking on egg shells. Besides, I don’t see why anyone who is genuinely and actively antisemitic should seek to deny it.