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Watch: 9 Jewish activists arrested after occupying Friends of the Israel Defense Forces office

Nine Jewish activists protesting the Israeli assault on Gaza were arrested today after occupying the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) office in midtown Manhattan. The protesters, members of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and Jews Say No! (JSN), stood in the office for an hour, holding a banner, singing songs in Hebrew and English and reading the names of the more than 600 dead who have been killed as a result of the Israeli attack. The act of civil disobedience came amidst a wave of global protests against the Israeli attack.

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Nobel peace laureates and celebrities call for military embargo on Israel

A letter calling for the UN and governments to impose a military embargo on Israel was published in the Guardian on July 19 2014. It is signed by six Nobel peace laureates: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Adolfo Peres Esquivel, Jody Williams, Mairead Maguire, Rigoberta Menchú and Betty Williams. Other signatories include Noam Chomsky, Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, playwright Caryl Churchill, US rapper Boots Riley, João Antonio Felicio, the president of the International Trade Union Confederation, and Zwelinzima Vavi, the general secretary of the Confederation of South African Trade Unions.

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Caught in a lie: E-mails prove right-wing pro-Israel donor Adam Milstein gave money to California student candidates

Last week, philanthropist Adam Milstein denied that he gave money to student government candidates at UCLA to help the election campaigns of those who were pro-Israel. But documents published by a student news outlet reveal that Milstein, contrary to his denials, did fund the elections of members of the Bruins United slate at UCLA–proving that outside pro-Israel money is being injected into student politics. The revelations have sparked a controversy that threatens to derail the appointment of Avi Oved, one of the student government members aligned with Milstein, to a seat on the powerful UC Regents, which oversees the UC system.

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Chomsky and BDS

Parsing Noam Chomsky’s argument against portions of BDS in The Nation, Tom Suarez says Chomsky grants too much authority to what Israelis will accept, or maybe not, and fails to see the power of BDS in educating the world about Palestinian conditions in exactly the way the world was educated about South African apartheid

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Pro-Israel Muslim-basher Adam Milstein at center of storm over funding of California student elections

Right-wing philanthropist Adam Milstein is not a particularly well-known advocate for Israel in the U.S. But the Israeli-American has found himself at the center of a storm over an e-mail sent to him by a student government candidate at UCLA thanking Milstein for his “generous donation” to his election campaign. The disclosure of the e-mail has kicked up controversy, with students across the UC system calling for an investigation into the candidate’s relationship with Milstein, who has repeatedly derided Muslims and Islam. Above, Adam Milstein (far-right) with his wife (far-left) and Sheldon and Miriam Adelson.

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Hewlett-Packard’s complicity in occupation makes headlines

The lead article in Sunday’s business section of the San Francisco Chronicle warns HP’s role in Israel could lead to political pressure. Although never mentioning the Boycott Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement directly, the Chronicle informs its readers Hewlett-Packard, a local Bay Area company, is the target of “an international campaign” that has “emerged to pressure Israel by persuading investors to dump shares of companies that do business with the government or operate in the disputed territories.”

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The case for a BDS coalition

Jerry Haber makes the case for a coalition between the BDS movement and progressive Zionists who support boycotting Israeli settlements.

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‘J Street has to change or die’: Divestment battle exposes tactical rift among liberal Zionists

The Presbyterian Church’s decision to divest from three corporations linked to the Israeli military has highlighted a growing rift between two-state solution advocates who see divestment as a legitimate tool and J Street, the leading liberal Zionist group who lobbied against the church measure. The divestment resolution comes at a time of growing frustration among those who believe in a two-state solution. Increasingly, those desperate to end the occupation are looking to the tactics BDS is pushing for salvation. And those same people, J Street’s natural constituency, are starting to voice criticism of the group for its ardent opposition to BDS.

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Jeffrey Goldberg leads the charge on latest BDS smear: Presbyterian Church divestment is anti-Semitic because David Duke supports it


Never before have so many pro-Israel Jews and mainstream Jewish organizations excitedly promoted the website of David Duke and wanted to know: “What does former Klansman and white supremacist David Duke think?” What’s the cause of this turn of events? Duke recently issued a statement in support of the Presbyterian Church USA’s move for divestment. The insinuation—rarely spelled out—is that if someone as anti-Semitic as Duke agrees with an action, the action itself is anti-Semitic. The tactic of using Duke to smear progressive movements is an old one, and this time the charge is being led by none other than Jeffrey Goldberg.

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Three critical responses to ‘Growing Jewish support for boycott’

Last week we published “Growing Jewish support for boycott and the changing landscape of the BDS debate” by Paul Duffill and Gabriella Skoff and it has generated quite a discussion. Below are three critical responses that were sent to us.

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In ‘turning-point’ vote, Presbyterians divest from occupation-linked corporations

Nearly 30 years after it divested from corporations complicit in South African apartheid, the Presbyterian Church voted 310-303 to divest from three corporations involved with the Israeli military and its occupation. The historic vote came after an hours-long debate that was spirited and wide-ranging.

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Reform Jewish leader offers alternative to Presbyterian divestment: meet Netanyahu

Liberal Zionists lobbying against the divestment measure at the Presbyterian General Assembly in Detroit have a new strategy: saying it is part of the BDS agenda, aimed at ending a Jewish state. Reform Judaism head Rabbi Rick Jacobs warned the Presbyterians that they would alienate Jews and offered another plan: “if we are truly partners and you disapprove this divestment overture I look forward to sitting with your leadership in the Prime Minister’s office in Jerusalem.” Jewish proponents of divestment say the liberal Zionists are employing threats.

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I’m a Lutheran member of a Jewish organization, and I support Presbyterian divestment

Have you seen both sides of the wall? American Christian delegations to Israel and Palestine do, while most Jewish delegations do not. The damage to interfaith relations is tragic, but it should not stop Christian denominations from passing divestment legislation. And Jewish Voice for Peace shows that Jews can educate themselves about the conflict.

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Presbyterian Church takes step towards divesting from Israeli military-linked companies

The Presbyterian Church’s Middle East Issues Committee voted 45-20 to endorse divestment from companies doing business with the Israeli army. While the measure still has to go to the general plenary for it to be adopted, Palestinian rights advocates celebrated the move as a first step towards divestment. Above, Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council members Lynn Gottlieb (left) and Brant Rosen (right) at the Presbyterian Church assembly.

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Growing Jewish support for boycott and the changing landscape of the BDS debate

Increasingly the question is no longer whether or not to boycott, but rather to what extent do we boycott? Paul Duffill and Gabriella Skoff explore the growing Jewish support for both the BDS movement and other civil society boycott activities which advance the human rights goals of the movement.

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BDS activists slam art groups for taking tour to IDF-linked Technion

Two art groups–Creative Time and Independent Curators International–have come under criticism from supporters of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement for taking a traveling exhibition to the Technion, an Israeli university with strong ties to the Israeli military and its occupation. Some art collectives involved in the show have pulled out in protest, and an open letter signed by intellectuals and artists criticized the show for violating the BDS call.

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Local activists welcome Gates Foundation divestment of all shares from G4S

After worldwide protests, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has liquidated their entire stock in British security company G4S. Local and international campaigns had raised concerns about the role that G4S plays in helping Israel run prisons in which Palestinian political prisoners are held without trial and subjected to torture.

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Video: ‘CBS This Morning’ runs hard hitting spot on boycott of Israel

CBS This Morning ran a short but relatively informative segment on the boycott against Israel today.

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Check out the new Rolling Stones logo

The Rolling Stones arrived in apartheid Israel yesterday. The music is about to begin.

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LA City Council members denounce student activists over ethics pledge critiquing Israel lobby trips

Los Angeles City Council members led by Bob Blumenfield, above, have introduced a resolution denouncing an ethics pledge against trips for student leaders organized by groups that fuel anti-Muslim and anti-Armenian sentiment. The move is the latest chapter of a roiling controversy sparked by student activist efforts to have student government members refrain from being wined and dined by groups like AIPAC and the ADL.

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Gates Foundation begins to divest from occupation profiteer G4S

After pressure from activists, the Gates Foundation has sold the bulk of its shares in the world’s largest private military and security company, G4S.

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UC Santa Cruz student government votes for divestment from occupation-linked companies

The student government at the University of California, Santa Cruz voted this week to divest from corporations linked to the Israeli occupation. The 22-14 vote made Santa Cruz the fifth UC chapter to endorse divestment in recent years. Last year, a similar resolution failed by a vote of 17-19.

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DePaul University student body votes to divest from Israeli occupation in campus-wide referendum

Following two months of campaigning at DePaul University, student coalition DePaul Divest has declared victory in a campaign to divest from corporations that profit off of human rights violations perpetrated against Palestinians via the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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European Union ruling: Ban poultry imports from settlements

European officials have informed Israel that the EU has issued a ruling banning the import of poultry and eggs from Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem.

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Interview with Haidar Eid: Resisting 66 years of Israeli Apartheid

Video of a 2010 interview with Dr. Haidar Eid in Gaza on the peace process, BDS and the one state solution.

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