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Ben White is author of 'Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner's Guide' and 'Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, discrimination and democracy'. Follow him on twitter at @benabyad and on his website

Beyond Brooklyn College: How and why Israel advocates are fighting BDS


The Palestinians’ Boycott Divestment Sanctions campaign is making headlines, thanks in part to pro-Israel advocates’ attack on an event scheduled for tonight at Brooklyn College. But it would be a mistake to assume that this sort of crude bullying is the main, let alone only, way Zionist groups are fighting back against the growing movement for Palestinian rights. Here are some examples of how Israel and its supporters are targeting BDS.

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The Case for Israel (Studies): It’s not hasbara. Honest.

On the eve of the Association for Israel Studies annual conference, Ben White looks at Israel Studies’ role in masking the facts of Israeli oppression, and thwarting growing global resistance to that ugly reality.

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New book Palestinians in Israel explores the contradiction of the ‘Jewish and democratic’ state

Ben White discusses his new book “Palestinians in Israel.”

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A search of the archives show how little has changed

Yousef Munayyer’s post earlier today have highlighted the weakness in Ethan Bronner’s version of the events in 1947-49, quoting from the reports of the time from the New York Times itself. Similarly refreshing insights can be found in the archives … Continue reading

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Ameer Makhoul has spent a year in Israeli prison for exercising political rights

Today, 6 May, marks one year since Ameer Makhoul, general director of Palestinian NGO-network Ittijah, was arrested in the night from his home in Haifa. Ameer was held without access to a lawyer for almost two weeks, and subjected to … Continue reading

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Reut’s response is from a ‘familiar, tired script’

Apparently, The Reut Institute was sufficiently concerned about my post earlier this week on the role of Israel studies in Israel’s ‘rebranding’ exercise, that staff member Eran Shayshon contributed this reply. My original article was clear: “promoting Israel studies on … Continue reading

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Battle of the trenches: academic boycott versus… ‘Israel Studies’

On Tuesday, an article in The Guardian reported an “expansion” in Israel studies at London’s School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS), as well as “a new European Association of Israel Studies (EAIS) to be launched in September”. During the … Continue reading

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Goldstone: ‘retractions’ vs facts

The publication of Richard Goldstone’s op-ed in The Washington Post on Friday heralded a weekend of frenzied hasbara. Goldstone’s “retraction” (though ‘qualification’ is more accurate) of the report into Operation Cast Lead was welcomed by Israeli leaders, Israel advocates in … Continue reading

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Establishing the timeline on ‘Cast Lead II’

In a post today, Alex Kane asked the question, ‘Is another ‘Cast Lead’ in the offing?‘ I wanted to just add a couple of supplementary thoughts on the current “escalation” in Gaza. Firstly, the AIC have published a useful article … Continue reading

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Israeli Apartheid Week: A Beginner’s Guide

As activists around the world take part in Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW), Zionist lobby groups have swung into action, pushing a mixture of candy-coated distractions, lies, and trained hasbarists. Here are five commonly heard objections to IAW, unpacked.  1. “Arabs … Continue reading

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Israeli pressure mounts on British Telecom to divest from occupation

The letter from Boycott from Within to British Telecom, January 18, 2011: Dear British Telecom, We, Israeli citizens devoted to the promotion of a just peace and a true democracy in the Middle East, are deeply concerned about the potentially … Continue reading

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The borders of the Palestinian ‘state’ come into focus

An article this week in The Jerusalem Post suggested that "when the construction freeze in Judea and Samaria ends on September 26", Israeli PM Netanyahu intends to build mainly in the so-called settlement blocs "Israel will likely keep under an … Continue reading

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Update from the ‘Tent of Nations’

In late May, I wrote a piece about the Nassar family’s ‘Tent of Nations’ project outside Bethlehem, and the demolition orders that had been issued by the Israeli occupation forces. I have just got back from a visit to Palestine … Continue reading

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The ethnic cleansing of Palestine, part II

Mondoweiss has already reported the demolition of Bedouin Palestinian homes in an-Naqab in the south of Israel. Neve Gordon and others have correctly contextualised the events in terms of the wider strategic aims of ‘Judaising’ the Negev. The following story appeared in … Continue reading

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‘a wretched reality that should appall anyone with an ounce of humanity’ (still Israel seeks to justify blockade)

Israel’s apologists in Britain, aware that they’re fighting a losing battle, haven’t got many options left when it comes to making excuses for apartheid. With renewed focus on the collective punishment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the hasbarists have … Continue reading

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Israeli Foreign Ministry acknowledges Gaza is occupied

An article in Ha’aretz today will surely get attention for the headline, ‘Foreign Ministry warned Israel Navy not to raid Gaza flotilla in international waters’. Further down, is the following: Thus, according to senior figures familiar with the details of … Continue reading

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In Israel, discrimination against Palestinians justified because they ‘strike terror in our hearts’

Bnei Brak is a city of around 150,000, next to Tel Aviv. Apparently [according to Ynet], "notices against employing Palestinians in Israel without a permit" have been appearing in the last week. The notices stated, "As is known, for a … Continue reading

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Israel targets landmark Palestinian estate on West Bank with ‘papers from God’

This is Daoud Nassar. His family own a beautiful piece of land to the west of Bethlehem, in the Occupied West Bank. I have had the privilege of visiting their land numerous times since I first went to Palestine/Israel in … Continue reading

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‘Debate Ltd’ seeks guerrillas for international hasbara army

With worldwide Palestine solidarity and the BDS movement growing in strength, Israeli propaganda efforts intended to counter the "peace with justice" call have also come under the spotlight. We’ve seen Reut’s "delegitimization" report, crass campus hasbara, and a host of … Continue reading

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‘Sunday Times’ (UK) corrects its neocon attack on Human Rights Watch

Last week, the UK national newspaper ‘The Sunday Times’ featured an article attacking Human Rights Watch. In tones familiar to similar attacks on both HRW and Amnesty International, there was no prize for guessing which country was deemed to be … Continue reading

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Israeli education ministry censors Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On March 17, the following note appeared on the Promised Land blog: And this also happened this week: the office of the minister of education forbade distributing a booklet for kids about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, because it … Continue reading

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Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning, find someone who’s turning

Ben White has a big piece at EI, on Israel’s recent propaganda efforts: The Global Forum’s anti-BDS group talked of the "Jewish community" needing "a war room" that would be "tracking this movement, sharing best practices, coaching communities." It mentioned … Continue reading

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Canadian Hasbara outfit is scraping the bucket

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Goodbye Green Line, hello Yellow Line!

This in Ha’aretz today: Haaretz has learnt that Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is considering a five-year plan costing NIS 500 million to renovate and preserve national heritage and infrastructure sites, in an attempt to strengthen ties between global Jewry and Israel’s … Continue reading

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The landlord

The Jerusalem Post website today carries an "exclusive" interview with two settlers in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem. The whole piece is an interesting insight into this particular mentality – note, for example, Yuval’s observation that the "Galilee … Continue reading

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