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Read 25 entries in ‘New Yorker’ fiction parody contest

Mondoweiss received many entries for its New Yorker parody fiction contest. Here are 25 finalists. Pretty funny!

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Reminder: ‘New Yorker’ fiction parody contest ends in 3 days!


The New Yorker published a story saying Palestinians beg Israelis to shoot them to gain world sympathy. We try and outdo the New Yorker in its own genre

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Announcing the ‘New Yorker’ parody fiction contest — put your spin on history!

The New Yorker recycled Israeli propaganda about Palestinian killings in a piece of fiction. We try and outdo them with a New Yorker fiction parody contest!

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Richard Witty’s 10,000th comment

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Joan Walsh discloses her religious investment in a political issue

Joan Walsh, on Hardball two nights back: “The choice issue is a very tough issue, especially for those of us raised Catholic.” Thank you Joan Walsh.

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Washington wisdom

The other day Steve Clemons of the liberal New America Foundation helped organize an important letter calling on Obama to condemn the settlements in the Security Council; and loose cannon Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post promptly derided him as … Continue reading

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Honored speaker at Bard College derides Muslims’ praying habits and sniggers at First Amendment

In two weeks Bard College is staging a lecture in New York by New Republic editor Martin Peretz. You have to wonder how appropriate this is given Peretz’s latest rant against Muslims and the First Amendment.  Peretz’s anti Arab-racism is … Continue reading

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In NYT portrait of ‘Netanyahu the peace maker,’ there’s room for just one dissent

How do we define hasbara? A day or so after a fine Isabel Kershner piece in the Times talked about extremism on the West Bank, her colleague Ethan Bronner produces an article portraying Netanyahu as a peacemaker: Netanyahu is following … Continue reading

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Lesson for Democrats: substitute ‘Israel’ for ‘insurance industry’

From an email sent out by Barack Obama’s group today, Organizing for America, on the health-care debate: Reports just leaked from a closed-door meeting where insurance industry lobbyists frantically warned Republican members of Congress that it was not in their … Continue reading

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Mississippi breathes easier following killings of 3 Freedom Riders

The Israeli propaganda unit has a foothold at the most important American newspaper. Shocking story in the Times about how life has returned to normal in southern Israel after the slaughter of 1400 people in Gaza. Artists turning rockets into … Continue reading

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‘The Times’ lets everyone off the hook on Goldstone

The New York Times is covering the Goldstone Report. Where is it covering it? Well: the furor over the report among Palestinians. We’re pretty sure this is a good story. Neil MacFarquhar is on it. But it’s really not The … Continue reading

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