James North and Philip Weiss


The exclusion by Labor/Meretz of a Palestinian lawmaker in the next election list is a reminder of the racism in Israeli politics. The main reason Israeli politics are stalemated and the country is going to its third election in a year is Palestinians don’t really count in election totals; and the leading Jewish party is happy to cut a deal with other Jewish parties but refuses to deal seriously with the third largest party, the Joint List of Palestinian parties.

Francine Klagsbrun writes in the New York Times that the Palestinian refugee problem was created by Palestinians who decided to leave “of their own accord” in 1948. This is Nakba denial. With the choice of rightwing Zionists Klagsbrun and Hillel Halkin to review books on Israel lately, the New York Times is demonstrating its commitment to support Israel in ideological battle.

When Donald Trump race-baits minorities, the New York Times offers his targets space to respond. But the Times published Netanyahu’s smears of Palestinian political parties as terrorists without giving them space to respond and repeatedly diminished their achievement in the election, in which they finished behind the two leading Jewish parties.

New York Times headquarters

A ‘New York Times’ analysis of the Israeli government’s refusal to allow two American congresswomen to visit the West Bank embraces a central claim of the Israel lobby, that bipartisan support for Israel is critical to US national security, and leaves out Trump’s largest donors, the Adelsons, for whom Israel is the overriding issue.

On CNN Jake Tapper uses the killings in El Paso to vilify Palestinians. When a guest says Trump has fostered violence against immigrants, Tapper leaped in to say that the tone set by Palestinian leaders encouraged suicide bombings against innocent Israelis. Tapper overlooked a lot of violence by Israelis against Palestinians, and he is being criticized on twitter for his bias. Bret Stephens made a similar comment on MSNBC.

The New York Times would never run an article asking a very legitimate question, “Is Zionism racist?” But it ran a full-page to answer whether BDS is anti-Semitic. The article was surprisingly fair to BDS, including the explanation that Israel supporters feel threatened by BDS because the call for “full equality” for Palestinian citizens would undermine the basis of the “Jewish state.”

Shuhada Street in Hebron/al-Khalil (Photo:

David Halbfinger’s report on a J Street tour for young Jews that spent a day in Palestine offered horrifying glimpses of conditions in occupied Susiya and Hebron that caused two on the tour to question the idea of a Jewish state. The New York Times report represents a giant step forward, and a real sign of things to come. There’s no way to prettify apartheid,