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Interview with Dr. Haidar Eid: ‘The Palestinian struggle is not about independence — it is about liberation’

David Letwin (Jews for Palestinian Right of Return) interviews Dr. Haidar Eid, Associate Professor, Department of English Literature, Al-Aqsa University, Gaza Strip, Palestine. Dr. Eid is also a one-state activist and a member of Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). This post is part of “What Comes Next?: A forum on the end of the two-state paradigm.”

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Masterful combo: Aya El Zinati’s video of Susan Abulhawa reading ‘Black’

During the recent power outages Gazan Aya El Zinati made this knockout video with clips of her friend Susan Abulhawa reading ‘Black’, a masterful harsh/heart-thrashing critical poem from her first volume of poetry My Voice Sought the Wind.

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Turn the Gaza lights on

Imagine that you have to spend your night in utter darkness, to arrange your plan for each day according to a power-cut plan, or to force yourself into bed as there is nothing you can do other than to sit in the dark. If you find it hard to imagine, just ask a Palestinian from Gaza. No one could explain it better. Sarah Salibi writes from Gaza on how she is surviving on 6 hours of electricity a day.

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Medical heroes arrive in Gaza, no fanfare, no NBC

The Palestine’s Children Relief Fund arrived in Gaza yesterday. The team carries out pro bono surgeries for children living in the Middle East and North Africa who have musculoskeletal deformities. Dr. Nancy Snyderman from CNN was not there to report their arrival. They literally arrived “quietly, with no fanfare”.

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Gaza forum showcases youth creativity despite crippling blockade

The Palestinian Forum for Innovation and Technology was held in Gaza City in late October. The forum opened their doors to more than 100 creative enterprises to show and market what Gaza’s youth have done.

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When dreams are arrested: Students stuck in Gaza at the Rafah crossing

Esraa Yaseen was supposed to be in Egypt on Sunday October 27 to start a trip to Doha along with a distinctive group of Palestinian students. They were planning to attend the WISE conference. But the Rafah closing was closed, and they were stuck in Gaza.

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Love under apartheid

Palestinians Louay Odeh and Areen Sweetat (groom and bride above) had to get married in Jordan because they lived across checkpoints from one another. Their friend Tamam Abusalama explains, Love under occupation is especially complicated when one’s lover has a different Hawiyyeh (ID card) from that of the other. I wonder why only we, Palestinians, must think a billion times before letting our hearts open up to a Palestinian living on the other side of Palestine? Why should our love stories be so complicated, be so agonizing?

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Palestine to Sheffield: One month away from home

Malaka Mohammed is a graduate in English Literature and Education from the Islamic University of Gaza and is now studying for a Master’s degree in Global Politics and International Law at the University of Sheffield in the UK. She will documenting her experience in Sheffield in monthly posts for Mondoweiss.

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New documentary ‘Flying Paper’ showcases the creativity of Palestinian youth in Gaza

The new documentary film, Flying Paper, is premiering across the country in the coming weeks. Flying Paper is an uplifting story of Palestinian youth in the Gaza Strip on a quest to shatter the Guinness World Record for the most kites ever flown.

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Elie Wiesel claims he doesn’t ‘know anything’ about Operation Cast Lead

Elie Wiesel’s statements about Israel’s 2008-09 attack on Gaza don’t add up.

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Gaza: Crushed between Israel and Egypt

The furor over the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria has overshadowed disturbing events to the south, as Egypt’s generals wage a quiet war of attrition against the Hamas leadership in Gaza. And, as ever, Israel is far from an innocent bystander. Above, an empty tunnel connecting Egypt and Gaza.

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A honeymoon apart

(This is cross-posted from Sameeha Elwan’s blog Here, I was Born) This is how we planned it: I get my Schengen visa to attend a Peace conference in Geneva and then we fly, together, to France, where we first met, … Continue reading

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‘Maybe it’s better not to dream,’ says Gaza student stopped at border

Two students who dreamed of leaving Gaza for education in the UK and Dubai have been blocked by the quixotic border regulations of the world’s largest open-air prison

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Egyptian navy and Israeli gunboats attack Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza

Gaza under blockade Egyptian navy attacks fishermen in Palestinian waters GAZA (PIC) 15 Sept — The Egyptian naval forces opened fire on Saturday evening at Palestinian fishermen and physically assaulted two of them during an incursion into the territorial waters … Continue reading

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Kerry’s rationale to attack Syria could have also justified attack on Israel over Gaza

John Kerry’s case for military action against Syria would have paved the way for Russia to unilaterally attack Israel in the wake of Israel’s assault on Gaza in 2008-2009.

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Egypt closes Rafah crossing to Gaza indefinitely

Gaza Witnesses: Israeli navy fires at Gaza fishing boats GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 20 Aug — Israel’s navy opened fire at Palestinian fishermen off the northern coast of Gaza on Tuesday, witnesses said. Israeli ships fired several shells at the boats, … Continue reading

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Foreign citizenship is dream ticket for Gaza residents as Egypt squeezes harder in wake of coup

European and foreign citizenship has become a dream for the people of Gaza, who are suffering while traveling from or arriving to the Gaza-Egypt border. Foreign citizenship has become all the more coveted in the wake of Egyptian restrictions at the Rafah border, which have intensified in recent days.

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‘All we want is to farm our land peacefully’: Civilians in Gaza continue to suffer from Israel’s restrictive buffer zone

On November 21, 2012, a ceasefire ended the Israeli military operation called “Pillar of Defense.” As part of the ceasefire agreement, Israel declared that farmers could access more of their land in Gaza’s border area. But killings, injuries and incursions continue to occur in what is called the “buffer zone.” Because of these Israeli restrictions, farmers are still unable to access all of their land, leading to financial losses.

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Eight months after the truce: A report from the ‘killing fields’ of the Gaza buffer zone

Eight months after the truce between Hamas and Israel following the November 2012 Israeli offensive, life in the border areas of the Gaza Strip struggles on, desertification increases, and farmers and fishermen risk their lives to work their boats and land.

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Purported IDF video has men laughing as Palestinian is brutally killed

Gruesome video posted on Facebook has Israelis laughing as Palestinian is brutally killed, apparently during Cast Lead, the offensive in Gaza in 2008-09

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Never mind the coup: U.S. military aid will continue to flow to Egypt

American law stipulates that foreign aid is cut-off in the event of a military coup–but in the case of Egypt, that won’t happen. Too much is at stake for U.S. elite interests–namely Israel, the Suez Canal and influence in the Middle East–for a military aid cut-off to actually go through. In fact, Secretary of State John Kerry already signed off on $1.3 billion in aid to the Egyptian armed forces this year. Above, Egyptian protesters celebrate after Mohamed Morsi was deposed from power.

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Gaza in shadows

Candid photos taken in Gaza that offer a “glimpse of the situation in the Gaza Strip, a closed, besieged place put under a blockade by the Israel”

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UPDATE: Mohammed Assaf IS Arab Idol!!!

Last night was the final night of competition for Arab Idol 2013, and the favorite for Palestinians and many others around the world is Mohammed Assaf, the 23-year-old songbird from a refugee camp in Gaza. Watch the videos of his three songs from last night. And watch the stunning audition tape that began his global story, when the judges spoke of a “voice to remember” and asked, “You came from Gaza?”

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Slam poet Tahani Salah rips into ADC 2013 audience performing “Thunder”

Raw power, talent and beauty streaming from Tahani Salah at the 2013 ADC National Convention in Washington DC last weekend. I’m goose-pimpled blown away listening to her spoken word performance of “Thunder”. Salah is a Brooklyn-born Palestinian, an activist and … Continue reading

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Singing sensation Mohammed Assaf has given us a ‘national umbrella’ — writes Palestinian political prisoner

The Arab Idol competition featuring Mohammed Assaf has become explicitly political. Hussam Shaheen, a Palestinian prisoner serving a 27-year sentence in an Israeli jail, sent an open letter to the judges of Arab Idol describing the impact the Gazan sensation has had on the lives of ordinary Palestinians, and a judge read from the letter on air,

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