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  • Phila Inquirer publishes a lie: 'Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are one and the same'
    • "hatred of Israel can no longer be separated from loathing of Jews "

      FWIW, while I have deep hatred of Israel, I feel no loathing whatever of Jews.

      Weinthal's axiom is bogus.

  • 'The New York Times' throws another sop to lovers of Israel
    • Buttu and fellow lawyer Michael Tarazi were doing super great in representing Palestinians to the outside world until the Zionists twisted Abbas' arm to fire them. Buttu and Tarazi were Canadian and American Palestinians working for the PA that actually spoke English coherently. Too coherently it seems and the Palestinians returned to relying on the bumbling stuttering Erekat as the official mouthpiece.

  • The growing ties between #BlackLivesMatter and Palestine
    • Thanks for answering, Maggie, it makes your position clearer. I too at times wonder how much of the solidarity with Palestinians is somewhat of a cultish "save-the-whales" sort of activism and how much is out of sincere concern for the Palestinians. The other perplexing question is of the Jews here waving the Palestinian banner and how much of it is actual pro-Palestinian feeling and how much is against a Zionist-Israel because of what it's doing to their Judaism. The differences are so close that they become blurred.

    • Tokyobk, hard to get a grasp of what she's about, looking through her other cryptic posts, the recurring thought was her reference to "mondo readers" as being easily influenceable.

    • Maggie, do you believe that most blacks are "thugs and looters"? Those Dream Defenders delegates in the photo on top sure don't look like thugs and looters to me.

    • That's a very encouraging article for the Palestinians. Black affinity with Zionism was doomed to fail because Zionism itself was oppression and this is still being seen today in Israel's mistreatment of its black minority. Israel yanked black Jews and pseudo black Jews out of Africa as a PR stunt and once it had them in Israel walked all over them. Israel is a fake.

  • Former Obama aide's thinktank calls for 1/4 of French Jews to move to Israel
    • "Walid, most of my comment above was addressing Jews from Nazi Germany, not Jews in general. ' (tree)

      You've convinced me, tree, now I know.

    • "Deal with it."

      Keith, I was being sarcastic.

    • "Jews should have the right to choose to stay in France or anywhere else on the planet Earth they wish to live…”

      Not according to Zionist ideology that dictates that there is only one place they should live. I'm expecting more black flag operations to start happening soon to "encourage" the French to realize the wisdom of moving to Israel.

      Up to 2012, the average number of Jews leaving France for Israel annually was around 2000, but the year after the Toulouse attack on the school in 2013, the number rose to 3289. In the first quarter of 2014, the number that left for Israel was 1778 so we can estimate that the full 2014 year will be around 7 to 8000 and now after the Charlie Hebdo/supermarket attacks, the Zionist are capitalilizing on these events to have 120,000 French Jews abandon France for Israel. More people get killed in road accidents on Israel's highways every week than Jews are getting killed in France in one year and Israel is supposed to be safer for French Jews?

    • "But the issue is not right but reality. Jews in France—and, given certain trends, elsewhere in Europe, from Great Britain to Scandinavia—have to consider their literal survival… "

      Laurent, I believe you're hinting at the current trend of Jews marrying out of the tribe as putting the survival of the Jews as a collectivity at risk. Even if all French Jews move to Israel and adopt the Hebrew language, in time they will be overtaken by the Arab population there.

    • Tree, one of the issues here is not Jews in general but Jews from Hitler's Germany and the 1938 FDR conference that united 32 nations at Evian to discuss swapping Jews for the cash that Hitler wanted. The other issue was the Zionist collusion that permitted German Jewish emigration only to Palestine.

      To his credit, Canada's Prime Minister Harper apologized to the Jews for not having let them in when they really needed it.

    • Why did the US go through the excercise of calling a conference of countries to save the Jews when none had any intention of taking in any of them? It was a wicked chapter in American history that more or less signaled that nobody cared what the Germans would do.

    • "(as we didn’t in 1940s)?"

      Pabelmont, I never found out why. Was it because America didn't want to take in Jews or was it because it did not want to pay the ransom demanded by Hitler. I read something or other about fear of Jews taking over American jobs and things like that but I have a feeling there was more to this refusal.

    • Just, Obama was not at his smartest when he started out his mandate by nominating Ross as his special envoy on Iran policy in just about the same week that Ross and co-author Zionist piranha David Makovsky released their book "Myths, Illusions and Peace", essentially an anti-Iran message. When the mistake was realized, Ross was taken off the Iran post but instead of getting booted out altogether, he was given an even higher post, that of senior White House advisor, and Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director at the National Security Council for the Central Region. And that's the guy the US put in charge along with Martin Indyk time after time as supposedly negotiators in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Don't be surprised if next year you see him back as a negotiator in the same conflict. BTW, Makovsky was chosen by Indyk to be on the last negotiating team in 2013. No wonder negotiations never get anywhere with all these Zionists supposedly representing the US but actually representing Israel.

    • 120,000 French Jews for Israel? Piece of cake; all Israel has to do is place a couple of small bombs in Jewish quarters of Paris and in no time, Israel will have its 120,000 French Jews.

      Been done before, in Baghdad in early 50s, Also in Beirut when the Magen Avraham Synagogue was bombed by the Israeli navy on August 12, 1982. Very convincing.

  • Israeli forces detain 10-year old boy and assault his family members in East Jerusalem
    • Yediot reporting that it's possible that a prisoner may have been taken by Hizbullah.

      Israel is shelling left and right all over Chebba Farms as it did in Gaza's Rafah, when an Israeli soldier was captured.

    • According to Israeli sources, the transport carrier was a big one with many soldiers on board.. If you tune in on Manar TV, you'll get the direct Channel 10 telecast.

      link to

    • Al Mayadeen reporting at least 15 Israeli dead and one missing soldier in a Hizbullah attack

    • Israeli Channel 10 TV reporting 2 Israeli troop carriers have been hit on the occupied Chebaa Farms. 4 dead or injured.

      Israel shelling Lebanese border areas.

    • "They are basically cowards..."

      This why i'm sure they'd never use the Samson Option; they are too afraid of dying to even think of killing themselves.

    • More about the Kurdish victory, today Turkish border guards used tear gas to prevent Turkish Kurds from the village of Suruc from crossing the border into Syria as they didn't want them to join in the celebrations for having defeated the ISIS forces in Kobani.

    • For Obama watchers, he and his wife in a bright blue dress landed in Saudi Arabia a few minutes ago to present their condolences for the late king. When did they stop wearing black for funerals in the US? She should have worn a black abaya and scarf.

    • Getting back to the Kurdish victory over the head-choppers, the Kurds in Syria, Iraq and Turkey were in the streets dancing the dabkeh to celebrate the victory at Kobani. Only one person appeared pissed-off by this victory and it was Erdogan.He announced last night that he will not tolerate an independent Kurdish province or state in northern Syria close to the Turkish border. Guess this should indicate which party or parties have been backing the ISIS forces against the Kurds.

    • Last week, Israel surpassed itself by condemning a 14-year old schoolgirl to 2 months to an adult prison for having thrown stones, the youngest ever to receive such a sentence in Israel. Now if it could get a condemnation for this 10-year old, Israel will have broken its own record. Someone should call in the Guinness people, they should be very interested in these breaking records.

    • Speaking of real brave fighting men and women, the Syrian Kurds with help fom the Iraqi Peshmerga today succeeded in chasing ISIS out of the town of Kobani in Syria after a 4-months battle. Salah ad-Dine al-Ayubi (a.ka. Saladin the Kurd to the West) would be very proud of his people.

    • Brave Israeli soldiers; 6 grown men in full battle gear to arrest a 10-year old. No wonder these brave men break down in tears when they have to face men.

  • End the silence -- Support Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk
    • "I find it curious that yet another article appears on Mondoweiss claiming that the situation in the Yarmouk refugee camp is all or mostly Assad’s fault. " (Keith)

      This is the opposite of what you read on the Moonies' blog that believes that Syria has never done anything wrong and all its woes are to be blamed on the imperialists. Both pro and anti-Syria versions have to be blended to come up with something closely resembling the truth starting with "no smoke without fire" and had the regime played straight with its people in the first place, the imperialists in attempting to break up Syria would have ended up pissing in the wind.

    • "What next, ISIS and the Takfiris as freedom fighters? " (Keith)

      Keep watching what happens with Turkey now that the Kurds have routed ISIS in Kobane. Erdogan is furious and is saying he will not tolerate a Kurdish autonomous zone in Syria as the one in Iraq. Now the pressure is on the Americans to send in troops to train the "rebels" to fight Assad. Rather than having rounds of training in Turkey and Jordan as planned, I suspect the American trainers will go straight to Syria to do their work there directly. The tide is starting to turn on ISIS in Iraq and Syria and Western and Gulf countries aren't very happy with this prospect. The US-led coalition hitting an ISIS pickup truck every 3 or 4 days is theatrics. And the Syrian regime is no angel in all this mess; it wasn't that long ago that Syria was party to the inglorious American renditions program.

    • Bandolero, the truth lies somewhere between the 2 versions of this story; the camp's Palestinian leadership screwed up when it welcomed-in the rebels. In a nutshell, it wagered on the wrong horse and the Syrian regime made all the camp dwellers pay heavily and with a vengeance for it. It wasn't without cause that after all these years Hamas' Big Boss packed-up and moved from Damascus to a 5-star Doha hotel as a guest of the Qatari government, that incidently was backing the rebels. Now that Qatar is begining to wash its hands of the Syrian conflict, Khaled Meshaal as well as 7 other high ranking Hamas leaders that had taken refuge in Doha have been asked to move out of the country.

      Another truth is the never-ending competition for the hearts of the camp dwellers by the different Palestinian political factions that you mentioned and not only at Yarmouk but at every other Palestinian refugee camp in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Sadly, innocent Palestinian refugees are caught in these messes.

      Same shit as at Yarmouk happened in Lebanon's Nahr al-Bared refugee camp that had become a haven for Islamic fundamentalists that were using the camp as a base of criminal operations because of the immunity from Lebanese authority granted to Palestinian camps in that country. After the cold-blooded throat-slitting of a dozen sleeping soldiers in their tent by the Islamist terrorists and their taking refuge the camp, the Lebanese army over a period of months levelled the camp and wiped it clean of the fundies but a cost of 160 Lebanese soldiers' lives and having made 40,000 Palestinian refugees homeless yet one more time and for some, it was their 4th time. Syria repeated the levelling of Bared at Yarmouk and today, it's not known how many of the remaining 18,000 residents of Yarmouk are innocent Palestinian civilians and how many are terrorist rebels and Syria isn't bothering to make the distinction.

      It started with with Nahr al-Bared, then to Yarmouk and the next big battle will most probably be at Ain el Helweh in Lebanon, a camp with over 100,000 Palestinians with its own paramilitary forces armed to the teeth of different political factions and currently hiding Islamist terrorists wanted by the Lebanese law.

      Of course, all this plays perfectly in the Zionists' plans and really big losers are the innocent Palestinian refugees.

  • Tell your congressperson: Don't attend Netanyahu's speech
    • Hummus is just one of the culture thefts practiced by Israelis. There's also falafel, Arabic bread, tabouleh, zaatar and surprisingly, they still haven't discovered shawarma and kibbee.

      Taxi, on a more serious (or not at all serious) note that involves Israeli dirty tricks, which you surely heard about, there was the mini crisis in Lebanon last week concerning Miss Lebanon in Florida for the Miss Universe contest. she was being hounded by Miss Israel to have her photo taken with her. When she asked her what country she was from, the pest answered she was from Israel at which point, Miss Lebanon told her that she refuses to be photographed with her because it was against Lebanese law. But the persistent Miss Israel intent on getting a photo of Miss Lebanon with her, probably as directed by her Israeli handlers to make trouble, waited for the opportunity when Miss Lebanon was getting her photo taken with 4 other contestants, Miss Israel jumped in front of them and took a selfie without anyone realizing what had happened and she immediately posted it on her FB.

      The FB stunt raised a big stink in Lebanon with some people asking that the title be stripped from Miss Lebanon and others asking to have her punished. After a long investigation, it was concluded that Miss Lebanon was innocent and that the whole episode had been set up by the Israelis and the case was closed.

    • "I was told inNYC that they only carry ‘Sabra’ and ‘Tribe’ brands of Hummus because anything else they buy rots on the shelf." (Bilal)

      The guy that told you that is most probably a rabid Zionist. Go down to Atlantic Ave between Court and Clinton Streets in Brooklyn and you'll find good Lebanese and Syrian stores on both sides of the street selling the real stuff even stores of Syrian Arab Jews and they too have the good stuff. The most famous and probably the oldest there is Sahadi's. The original store opened in Manhattan in 1898, long before Zionists were thinking about Israel or knew anything at all about hummus, and moved to its current location in Brooklyn in 1948.

    • "... I have flesh and blood in Israel. Iran’s nuclear bomb is their enemy. " (Yonah)

      Yonah. the more you say, the more you're exposing yourself. An Iranian bomb on Israel would kill more Moslems than it would kill Jews and a bomb on Israel would destroy Islam's 3rd holiest site. Get a hold on your paranoia; take a nerve pill or a good stiff drink.

  • On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz
    • "But while million-dollar apartments pop up throughout her Tel Aviv neighborhood "

      A few years back, there was a Haaretz article on the plight of survivors describing how reparations monies that had been destined to help survivors was being diverted by the Israeli government to build apartment buildings to house incoming immigrants from Brooklyn. It's shameful of Israel of having received billions and billions in reparations monies to still have tens of thousands of survivors living in poverty.

  • Like the Wind, We Will Be Free: How being detained at Ben Gurion airport during a family trip to Palestine reaffirmed my identity
    • Both a happy and a sad piece by Samah that made me look up her blog. There I found an ending to her story of her latest trip to her Palestine with her picture as if standing on top of the world and her promise to return soon:

      "Ma’a Salama, Goodbye - View of our village Beit Hanina behind our home in East Jerusalem right as the skies begin to dim to night. Unfortunately, tonight is my last night in this breathtaking country — my home. And as much as it hurts me to say goodbye, I’ve promised myself it’s only for now, which makes it a bit easier to leave this place.

      One month is not enough time to capture Palestine’s beauty, and one thing is for sure — I will never again let 13 years pass before my next visit. Inshallah I will be back within the year to continue rediscovering my roots and take you all through my journey once again.

      Although I will be settled back into the U.S. by Monday night, I will continue to post photos from my trip afterward as there are hundreds I have yet to share. Within the next few days I also plan on writing up a reflection of my trip — how the country’s changed since my last visit, people/places/events I’ve witnessed, what I’ve learned and what my vacation has confirmed for me.

      I wanted to thank everyone who has reblogged, liked, or shared my work so far in any way, as well as followed me on my trip! Al-hamdullah I’ve gotten a lot of feedback and support, which I greatly appreciate from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to continuing this blog…peace! :)"

      link to

  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • The previous ambassador was also an US citizen serving the State of Israel, and if I am correct Netanyahu also may have a US citizenship, he grew up in this country. " (Theo)

      The previous one was Oren and to be eligible to become ambassador, Israel made him renounce his American citizenship. Probably same thing happened with Dermer, but then again, this probably not much than theatrics. Oren most probably got his US citizenship back within 20 minutes of being replaced in his post by Dermer and most probably Dermer would also get his back too when his term is up in Washington. I keep thinking of the strings that were pulled to get Martin Indyk his American citizenship within a few weeks after he landed in the US from Australia.

    • Taxi, he's already made a speech about retaliation before the Quneitra hit, so he can't make another speech about something he'd do in the future. I'm betting Israel wil not retaliate and the story will end there.

    • The anxiously awaited Nasrallah statement is scheduled for Friday 3 pm. Enormous pressure is on Nasrallah to do something in retaliation to what Israel did at Quneitra and part of the pressure is coming from the Iranians that have promised to make Israel pay heavily. But since Iran is into deep serious negotiations with the US and wouldn't want to upset the applecart, Iran's response has to come from Hizbullah. It's being guessed that Israel will not be reacting to a punch to its chin on the Golan by Hizbullah and this would be the end of it. If these calculations are wrong and Israel decides to retaliate to whatever Hizbullah does to it, things will become very ugly for both sides. I'm guessing that by Friday's 3 pm speech, something by Hizbullah will have already happened.

    • Soap was my favourite, used to wait all week for it; no other comedy program has made me laugh as much since then.

    • Thanks for your reply, Aiman, I was never much of a fan of either the "rebels" or of the regime.

    • Aiman, are you giving Assad a clean bill of health?

  • When discussing Islam, which Islam and whose rationality? 
    • "I suggest that we need to look at Islam contextually and in historic terms, placing our understanding of it, in the milieu in which we find it, instead of looking for an ‘essential spirit’ of the religion. " (Sabith Khan)

      A blending of the historic with the geographic to come out with what makes it tick? Sounds like creating little justifications here and there for things that are hard to take about the religion. Perhaps not as scholarly described as in this essay, Nasrallah explained that what the Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly did brought more harm to Islam than any caricatural drawing of the Prophet. To look at Islam and especially fatwas from a historic context as Sabih Khan is suggesting is to defoliate it of much of its mystery.

  • Exhibit of iconic 1948 photos -- 'The Long Journey' -- opens today in NYC
    • "a surprising bit of news. Abbas was in Russia signing the deal for developing the Gaza gas fields. It is not clear if any coordination with Israel occurred. "

      There has to be some show-business behind this story since it involves the PA. We have to account for the PA having signed a 20-year deal with Israel in January a year ago, so why would the Palestinian turn around and sign with the Russians? One could safely guess that there is some tie-in between the Russian deal and the already signed Israeli one, that the PA is not devulging. If something or other is happening with Russia, one can be sure that this is being done with Israel's consent.

      From Israel News January 2014:

      "Israel to Supply PA With Gas for Next 20 Years

      A deal for the sale of natural gas from Israel to the Palestinian Authority was signed Sunday.

      David Lev

      First Publish: 1/6/2014, 12:14 AM

      A deal for the sale of natural gas from Israel to the Palestinian Authority was signed Sunday. The deal was signed in Jerusalem by Israeli and PA officials.

      According to the deal, gas shipments will commence in 2014 and continue for 20 years. The gas will be piped to a power station to be built in Jenin, which will be operated by the PA and produce electricity. As a result of the deal, the consortium that licenses the Leviathan and Tamar gas fields – Noble Energy, Delek Drilling, and Avner – will earn NIS 1.2 billion.

      Over the period of the contract, the PA will receive 4.75 billion cubic meters of gas.

      Yitzchak Shalita of Delek Drilling said that “I believe that a strong and stable economy will bring peace and stability to this region. With peace the entire region will benefit economically. Economic cooperation, such as the agreement signed today,will help us bring the nations closer together and built a strong basis for peace,” he added."

      link to

      We have to remember how Cast Lead conveniently got in the way of the BG deal that was set to begin.

  • In Iraq and Syria the US sanctions its allies while its friends back its enemies (got that?)
    • Many countries still have them. The US took them out of active service in 1996 and retrofitted them into becoming pilotless practice drones to be shot at. The Turkish F4 that was shot down by Syria over a year ago was believed to be one such pilotless drone. An article on the F4 says, "Since 1991, 254 Phantoms have served as unpiloted flying targets for missile and gun tests conducted near Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida and Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. The use of F-4 drones (designated QF-4s) is expected to continue until 2014."

      Where Have All the Phantoms Gone?

      link to

    • "The AP says that two to three Iranian aircrafts land at Baghdad airport every day. "

      They are landing with munitions and arms to help the Iraqi army fight ISIS. The US is going out of its way to leave Iraq high and dry in waiting for US arms to arrive. The game plan appears to be aiming at having Iraq up the ISIS creek without a paddle until it smartens up and gives in to the US in allowing it military bases there along with a SOFA agreement, that are both being rejected by Iraq. The US carries a big stick and one of them has ISIS written all over it. If Iraq hasn't yet totally fallen to ISIS, the Iranians have to be thanked for it. Same for the Kurds that are valiantly defending their territory also thanks to arms supplied by Iran. The last US airdrop of munitions and supplies accidently landed in the middle of ISIS-held territory.

  • How a culture remembers its crimes is important: A review of 'American Sniper'
    • "... ‘Leave no one alive,’ but they said, ‘Show no mercy,’ ” he explains. “The brigade commander said to kill as many as possible.”... Just kill! Kill everyone you see.” ... The wrenching, taped testimony is not from last summer’s bloody battle in the Gaza Strip but from the 1967 war,... "(NYT Review)

      Not as it was in last summer's assault on Gaza but as it was at the start of Cast lead, as Israeli soldiers were instructed to do so by the rabbis in the Israeli military.

      From Max Blumenthal: "In 2008, when the IDF’s chief rabbi, Brigadier General Avichai Ronski, brought a group of military intelligence officers to Hebron for a special tour, he concluded the day with a private meeting with Lior, who reveled the officers with his views on modern warfare: “no such thing as civilians in wartime.” (For his part, Ronski has urged Israeli troops to show Palestinian civilians “no mercy.”)

      Blumenthal also recalls: "“When 2.5 million people live in a closed-off Gaza, it’s going to be a human catastrophe,” Soffer argued. “Those people will become even bigger animals than they are today, with the aid of an insane fundamentalist Islam. The pressure at the border will be awful. It’s going to be a terrible war. So, if we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day.” And that is exactly what Israel did when it followed Soffer’s logic in Operation Cast Lead. (Note the use of the word “animal” in Soffer’s language and in the language of Israelis responding to the murders in Itamar; the word is essentially a signal to kill Palestinians indiscriminately)

      While Soffer and Kasher have both served as outside consultants for Israeli governments and the army, another advocate for slaughtering Palestinian civilians, Yaakov Amidror, has been appointed to serve as Benjamin Netanyahu’s National Security Advisor. “That’s a totally illegal order,” Amidror once snapped at Israeli news anchor Haim Yavin, who had said that Israeli soldiers were instructed to avoid civilian casualties in Lebanon. “What should be said is ‘kill more of the bastards on the other side, so that we’ll win.’ Period.” Amidror has criticized Kasher for formalizing the army’s ethical code — “I said this should remain unwritten, so there wouldn’t be anything written, ..."

      link to

    • "I suspect. For the general U.S. audience, Palestinians are not on the radar screen. "

      You can say the same thing about the general Arab audience, Boomer, there each one is too preoccupied with his own pains and aches to give a second thought to what the Palestinians are suffering. It isn't any wonder that Israek sees that it's got a free hand to do as it wills on the hapless Palestinians.

    • The more there are criticisms and complaints about this movie, the more people will rush to see it. Those Arab-Americans making a stink about the movie are only fueling it more and more.

    • "Colonel James Naughton of U.S. Army Material Command stated in a Pentagon briefing that “They want it to go away because we kicked the crap out of the them.” "

      Just, they won't admit it, but it's there staring them in the face. There are about 200,000 American veterans of the 2 Gulf wars currently suffering from ailments associated with exposure to depleted uranium, which the US government is refusing to acknowledge. In both wars, the US dumped over 400 tons of depleted uranium munitions all over Kuwait and Iraq and US soldiers that handled these munitions as well as those exposed to bombed areas on the battlefields are today suffering from it. It took the US government 40 years to acknowledge the radiation suffered by the soldiers during the testing of the first fission bombs. Ironically, the Israeli army also handled tons of depleted uranium that were dumped on Gaza and Lebanon in 2006 and in subsequent years on Gaza and by next year, the ailments associated with exposure to radiation should start appearing among Israeli veterans; it takes about 10 years for the symptoms to show up.

      Problems of US veterans with radiation discussed:

      link to

    • Just, the really big shame is that Americans actually believe what they are seeing in these movies. A couple of years back, you had "Argo" about American heroics in saving the 6 Americans in Iran whereas the actual heroic caper was pulled off by Canadians. But after the movie, you'd never convince an American of this important fact. Maybe if the movie would have been about Canadian heroes, it wouldn't have been a success.

  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • I wouldn't be surprised, Kay, it's obvious at this point that Hizbullah returned the Quneitra favour and doesn't have any intention of escalating the situation any further. Unless of course, Israel responds with an attack on Lebanon, to which Hizbullah will respond. It's a tough situation because if Netanyahu doesn't react in force, he will look weak and if he does, Hizbullah will have to respond with equal force to not appear weak. It looks like it's about to get very ugly unless Netanyahu blinks.

      All Palestinian resistance groups have declared their support for what just happened, but not a word from other Arab countries. The limp Arab League is asking the UNSC to meet to discuss the situation, but it's not issuing any condemnation of Israel. Bin Jiddo at Mayadeen is livid about this non-Arab support for Hizbullah

      The Spanish UNIFIL soldier that was injured by Israel's shelling has died.

    • The story about the missing soldier, which at this point is only guesswork. Hizbullah attacked a convoy of 8 vehicles that each had 2 soldiers. Since only 15 soldiers have been accounted for, it's being assumed that the 16th soldier was captured. Still too early for accurate numbers on how many were actually killed, injured or captured.

    • "Battle is generally upsetting and really young soldiers often get overwhelmed.” -Dabkar

      Not necessarily, DaBakre. Between yesterday afternoon and this morning, 8 Lebanese soldiers (average age 22) died repelling a massive ISIS attack on Ras Baalbek in Lebanon's badlands. It was the 4th attempt by ISIS in the last year and the 4th time it ended in ISIS' failure but at a cost of 8 Lebanese lives and over 40 terrorists killed. Ras Baalbek is a town of 5000 mostly Christians that ISIS wishes to massacre. Last summer, the UK spent $250,000 building an observation tower on the town's outskirts as an early warning measure against ISIS. During yesterday's onslaught, Hizbullah sent in reinforcements to help the army repel the terrorists and drive them back across the Syrian border. During the funeral of the soldiers today, there was no crying and wailing as in funerals for Israeli soldiers. The 8 soldiers, all Moslem, along with Hizbullah fighters fought and died bravely defending the Christian town. Nobody was overwhelmed.

      link to

    • Israel has been itching for almost a decade to find out what Hizbullah has in store for it, but Hizbullah is not budging, preferring to hold on to their secret till the last crucial moment. Maybe Hizbullah is bluffing and maybe it's not.

    • "I’d rather see an organic Shia hegemony in the Levant than a creepy alien zionist one. "

      Exactly my feeling, Taxi. Now if the US would actually start fighting ISIS instead of "accidently" air-dropping arms to it or knocking out an ISIS Toyota pickup or 2 every 3 days, ISIS would be history in no time. For now, ISIS is actually helping the US by creating havoc all over Iraq and Syria. Iraq has to make up its mind on the lesser of 2 evils, ISIS or American bases forever all over Iraq. As to Syria, Assad has to decide if he wants war for another 10 years or to let Israel's and the Gulfies' fundy pals run the country.

    • "They’re close friends !" (lonely rico)

      Harper, contrary to other Western leaders, began his relationship with Israel by admitting and apologizing for Canada having turned away Jews from Germany in their hour of need in the 1930s. I don't recall the US has made such an apology eventhough it continues paying for it year after year.

    • "Two Arab nations are currently without leadership and Iran is poised to influence the outcome." (DaBakre)

      If you're thinking of Lebanon and Yemen, Iran may have an influence on the outcome, but it will not be alone to determine it. Determination is by the US, Iran, Syria ,and Saudia, collectively.

    • Nothing to delighted about, jon, the White House announced that Obama will not meet with Netanyahu during his visit. That to me looks like Obama is giving him the finger.

  • 'No to martyrdom by hunger in Yarmouk camp': Palestinian refugees protest Assad’s siege
    • Rusty Pipes, Palestinians have been going through a succession of catastrophes since 1948, having to move from one refugee camp to another and more often than not, through making wrong calls and backing the wrong horse, and Yarmouk is no exception. It wasn't without cause that Khaled Meshaal had to pack up and leave Damascus after all these years as he too played the Qatar horse in the Syrian conflict. Now he's having to relocate again from Doha to either Iran or Turkey. Palestinians are allowing armed fundy rebels to stay in the camps and when the going starts getting rough, they want them to leave. Another Yarmouk in the making is the Ain el Helweh camp in Lebanon situated on the outskirts of the city of Saida. It's a camp of 150,000 refugees, armed to the teeth, a no-man's land for the Lebanese authorities and currently a nesting place for both al-Qaeda and Nusra/ISIS untouchables and sooner or later to be turned into another Nahr al-Bared theatre. To suffer will be the tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians that want nothing other than to be left alone in their squalid camp. All this to say where Yarmouk came from that's bearing the brunt of both the Nusra/ISIS fighters and the regime's army. It's sad what the camp's remaining 18,000 are going through, but most of those are probably armed insurgents. Even sadder is the plight of the other 140,000 refugees that fled the camp to other locations, for some their 4th or 5th relocation.

    • "... but compared to the US and Israel he’s practically a saint. "

      You're going overboard there, Oy Vey. I wouldn't refer to him as a saint by any measure. True the West torched up his country, but had he given the people an honest-to-goodness new constitution as he had promised instead of the cosmetic re-write of the oppressive one they had, the West wouldn't have made it to first base in its destruction.

    • 100% right on, Bandolero, Jeffrey Feltman testified to a Senate Committee to having spent $400 million of State Dept budget on a PR program with Lebanon's youth to discredit Hizbulah. It yielded poor results; money couldn't buy love.

      Now since a few weeks, the International Tribunal that has been looking into the 2005 Hariri assassination shifted its attention from Hizbullah and is back chasing after proof that Syria was behind it. It blew the first 5 years investigating Syria and concluded it had nothing to do with it, started chasing leads involving Hizbullah for 2 years and now has again changed course and is back trying to pin it on Syria. The 300 people from 40 countries running the Special Tribunal have a guaranteed job for the next 20 years. Total annual operating costs of the tribunal of $50 million and to date have cost over $500 million, paid 50% by Lebanon and the other 50% by UN donor countries most probably comprised of only the US.

    • Bandolero, true that not all the bad stories you hear about Syria are true, but neither are all the stories you hear about Syria being squeeky clean. Today barrel bombs dropped by the Syrian army on supposed terrorist positions resulted in killing 13 civilians. But this is reported by the Central Observatory for Human Rights that reports only on Syrian government misdeeds, same as with the situation in Yarmouk. This Central Observatory with a heavy sounding name is actually a one-man show operating out of the guy's house in Coventry, UK , so you can take what he says with a grain of salt. From NYT a couple of years back, he's most probably funded by the US:

      "A Very Busy Man Behind the Syrian Civil War’s Casualty Count

      Andrew Testa for The New York Times
      link to

      Published: April 9, 2013

      COVENTRY, England — Military analysts in Washington follow its body counts of Syrian and rebel soldiers to gauge the course of the war. The United Nations and human rights organizations scour its descriptions of civilian killings for evidence in possible war crimes trials. Major news organizations, including this one, cite its casualty figures.

      Yet, despite its central role in the savage civil war, the grandly named Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is virtually a one-man band. Its founder, Rami Abdul Rahman, 42, who fled Syria 13 years ago, operates out of a semidetached red-brick house on an ordinary residential street in this drab industrial city.

      Using the simplest, cheapest Internet technology available, Mr. Abdul Rahman spends virtually every waking minute tracking the war in Syria, disseminating bursts of information about the fighting and the death toll. What began as sporadic, rudimentary e-mails about protests early in the uprising has swelled into a torrent of statistics and details.

      All sides in the conflict accuse him of bias, and even he acknowledges that the truth can be elusive on Syria’s tangled and bitter battlefields. That, he says, is what prompts him to keep a tight leash on his operation.

      “I need to control everything myself,” said Mr. Abdul Rahman, a bald, bearish, affable man. “I am a simple citizen from a simple family who has managed to accomplish something huge using simple means — all because I really believe in what I am doing.”

  • Living in Israel isn't the solution to antisemitism
    • Speaking of Israel, Manuel Valls is under attack today from all political sides including Sarkozy's for what they say is his misuse of the word of "apartheid" to describe France's ghettos. Valls is on a self-imposed mission to break up the racial, ethnic and socially apartheid ghettoes all over France as a means to counter the negative influences of fundy Islamism. Valls said he stood by his word "apartheid" because it describes the situation in France exactly and that he wants to see more blending of France's social classes. 66% of those polled about it in France agree totally with what Valls is out to do. He appears to be on the right track to fix things, his popularity jumped 30% to reach 65% in the last 2 weeks and Hollande's too shot up about 30% to reach about 45%.

    • Just, disgraceful is how today the Zionists tell lies about the Arab and Moslem treatment of Jews. During WW II, about 1500 French Jews were hidden by Moslems in the Paris Mosque, given fake Moslem IDs and smuggled out of the country by French Arabs. Also during the war, in Morocco, the king protected the 200,000 Jews from having to wear the yellow star as in France or from being deported by the Vichy government. In Beirut during its 1975 civil war, the Palestinian militia protected the Jewish neighbourhoods and provided the inhabitants with food.

      Kirsten Schulze in her book about the Jews of Lebanon wrote that 3 years after the the 1948 war between the Arabs and the Israelis:

      "... In 1951, during the Passover celebration, the president of the Jewish community Joseph Attie held a reception at Beirut's Magen Avraham synagogue which was attended by Lebanese Prime Minister Sami as-Solh, Abdallah Yafi, Rachid Beydoun, Joseph Chader, Habib Abi Chahla, Charles Helou, Pierre Gemayel and the Maronite Archbishop of Beirut,”

      link to

      That sure doesn't sound like the Jews were not welcome in Beirut. In the list of names that attended the reception at the synagogue, all were Moslem and Christian VIPs of which 2 became prime ministers and one became President.

    • "but i would not limit his speech."

      I would because it creates problems, same with the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo that are doing it simply to create a stir and sell magazines, not because it's a cultural statement. Your American roots gave you a false sense on what freedom of speech is about.

    • "Seems like an article with some depth of thought. But this paragraph jumped out at me:

      ... What bushwa. Let a thousand pens and a thousand nonviolent protestors take to the streets in objection to depicting the prophet. Let the Muslims be as sensitive as they want... " (Yonah)

      Seems like something or other is jumping out at you almost every day, Yonah, what do you say to having non-violent protests about people questioning the Holocaust or making fun of it like Dieudonné does rather than simply throwing a criminal charge at them? Or does your suggestion apply only to Moslems?

    • "Let us hope that the French will see the utility (reducing terrorism) of getting out of what are not unreasonably... " (Pabelmont)

      Today, Manuel Valls announced his intention of undoing the ghettos of France by relocating certain sectors of the polulation to avoid having the underprivileged all concentrated in same schools or same ghettos. The VAT tax was lowered to 5.5% in 1300 underprivileged neighbourhoods and is preparing incentive programs to help newly married young couples in HLMs to purchase homes in other parts of the city. The master plan should be ready by March.

      link to

  • Diaspora Jews are not in 'exile,' they are at home
    • "The rabbis in France at that time were opposed to Jews receiving civil rights as individuals. It undermined their position as spokesmen of the Jews as a collective. " (Stephen Shenfield)

      That was back in 1789, but you still have the same situation in Lebanon with the Christian and Moslem clerics that are fighting tooth and nail any civil measures, such as marriages, that would relegate them into irrelevance and loss of revenue. As in Israel, couples have to fly to Cyprus for quickie civil marriages, which on their return to Lebanon are recorded in the civil registries without fuss. But where this gets tricky, is when the time will come to settle inheritances or divorce settlements since each sect has its own laws and religious courts.

    • GL, Vall's wife is a Jew from Moldavia. Maybe he's afraid she'd be among the 100,000 to leave.

    • "Jews will be at home in France when they stop being Jews and start being French. "

      That was the axiom behind the drive to emancipate the Jews in France in 1789 when Clermont-Tonnerre opened the first debate on this issue in the Constituant National Assembly. He declared that Jews a nation, must be denied everything but that as individuals, nothing must be denied to them; they had to be citizens. Opponents of Clermont-Tonnerre argued that this is impossible to do for Jews because of their religion. They eventually became citizens, but they never really renounced their Jewishness because of their varrying religious laws. Those that yearn to go to Israel where they feel that this is their home were never really French to begin with, and antisemitism has nothing to do with their fears. Of course, some Jews became French as we saw of those in the Grand Synagogue that rose to sing la Marseillaise in the face of Netanyahu after his sales pitch to bring them all to Israel.

    • This is what French Jews are being asked to go home to: Israel condemns a 14-year girl 2 months in an adult jail for having thrown stones.

      From Gulf News:

      14-year-old girl sentenced to Israeli prison

      Human rights groups accuse the Israeli regime of arresting 2,400 children per year

      By: Nasouh Nazzal, CorrespondentPublished: 17:25 January 22, 2015Gulf News

      Ramallah: A 14-year-old Palestinian girl from the village of Bateen near Ramallah was sentenced to two months in Israeli prison after she was convicted on charges of hurling stones at Israeli occupation forces.

      Malak Ali Al Khatib was arrested by Israeli regime forces in front of her village’s school on December 31, 2014.

      The Israeli regime’s policy of arresting minors violates all international laws and conventions.
      Testimonies from the girls friends at school say Malak had not even been throwing stones.

      Malak’s parents have not been allowed to visit her in jail, despite repeated attempts by her father to secure a permit.

      Under Israeli law, a parent of a minor should attend the interrogation of their child, but the regime does not apply the law when it comes to Palestinian minors.

      Malak has been said to be suffering seriou psychological difficulties during her incarceration.

      According to the Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights, throwing stones is not even considered a crime under international law.

      It added occupation forces often arrest minors without reason and falsely claim they were throwing stones.

      The Palestinian National Authority has condemned the arrest and urged international organisations to intervene to secure Malak’s release.

      Human rights groups and advocacies have accused Israeli occupation forces of arresting as many as 200 minors a month, or around 2,400 per year, in the West Bank.

      In 2013, 1,000 arrests were recorded, Fedaa Najadah, an official at the Palestinian Prison Club, said that arresting Palestinian minors is not a new Israeli policy, but the occupation used this policy during the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising) in 1989 when it arrested thousands of Palestinian minors who were subjected to all types of physical and psychological torture.

      She added during the second intifada (Al Aqsa Intifada), occupation forces arrested more than 10,000 Palestinian minors, many of whom were also subjected to torture.

      link to

  • Palestine, an Islamic issue?
    • JLD, the video begins and ends with the British involvement with Islamists but the story continues with the Americans after the British dropped this strategy. The British began the collusion with radical Islam in the early 40s to pit Moslem against Moslem in Egypt, where it actualy financed the Muslim Brotherhood to Saudi Arabia and India. In the early 50s when the British decided they no longer wanted to pursue this strategy, the US moved in and took over with the collusion to use it in fighting the Soviets and have never stopped using it since back then; the latest success was in Libya where Islamists were used to topple Gaddafi and are now using it against Assad in Syria.

      There's a great short essay on this subject of collusion with the Islamists first by the British and then by the Americans in Mondoweiss by Nu'man Abd al-Wahid on September 10, 2011 :

      link to

      Some excerpts:

      "... Needless to say, this alliance or collusion between the West and Islamist did not originally arise with the invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet troops. Its provenance can easily be traced back to the challenges faced by British Imperialism in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

      As we shall see, in Egypt, India and in what became known as “Saudi Arabia”, the British Empire, when faced with challenges to its occupations or policies fell back on Islamism or Islamic sectarianism to hold back the tide of independence and unity against its presence.

      ... The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt was founded by Hasan al-Banna during his teaching stint in Ismaliyya, a town generously populated by employees of the then British owned Suez Canal Company, in 1928.

      One of Hasan al-Banna’s admirers was a James Heyworth-Dunne, an employee (and future scholar) of the British Embassy in Cairo. His admiration, even hero-worship, for Mr al-Banna is contained in the first book (in the English language) on the Muslim Brotherhood, “Religious and Political Trends in Modern Egypt”. [2]

      ... In 1942, the Britain began officially financing the Muslim Brotherhood. [9]

      ... It is in the Middle East where Britain had greatly assisted the Saudi tribe to power. The head of this tribe, Ibn Saud was an exiled figure in what is now “Kuwait” in 1899. Upon meeting the British in Kuwait, Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud managed to capture Riyadh in 1902 with British weapons and his fanatical Wahhabi allies. -

      ... All three strands of Islamism, the Egyptian, Saudi and Indian came to modern political formation during the British imperial reign in the Arab World and South East Asia. It is these three strands of Islamism that the United States “inherited” from Britain. "

  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'
    • Just, of course the Alwan exhibition is great but it's on only for about 20 days, then it's the auctioning of the photos and the closing of the exhibition. It's a half-assed effort in the tradition of Arabs. These photos and other memorabilia of Palestinian culture should form part of permanent exhibition in a prominent NYC or European location to be seen by thousands that could be funded by the oil-rich Arabs that are spending billions on things of much less importance. Saudis, Qataris and Emiratis are buying up the most prized real estate projects all over Europe and it would be nothing for them to donate space in one of them to house a permanent museum on Palestine.

    • News out of Israel: Settlers living near the borders with Lebanon keep hearing noises in the night and are sure it's coming from tunnels being dug under their villages, so they hired specialists to come inspect the ground around the settlement. Some settlers are saying they can smell the sweat of Hizbullah fighters in the air around their homes. Drugstores must be doing fantastic business selling nerve relaxing pills to the Galilee settlers.

    • Israelis are going to have to live through another week of hell; Nasrallah will make his declaration only next Friday October 30th and until then, they will be wondering what's in store for them. Maybe he'll surprise them and tell them he hasn't yet made up his mind.

    • Spenser and Landor make it much more serious than Pat Boone.

    • Oldgeezer, your federal legislators are in the same Israel fan club; will Harper win or lose next October or would it make any difference?

    • Obama said this of Netanyahu at the 2011 G20 Conference in Cannes.The actual conversation between Sarkozy and Obama overheard by journalists:

      Sarkozy: "Netanyahu, I can’t stand him. He’s a liar."

      Obama: "‘You are sick of him, but I have to deal with him every day.’

      link to

    • JLD, the Palestinian refugees are the source of the Zionists' nightmares and they very stupidly feel that if the UNRWA would just fade away, so would the Palestinian refugees. Zionists abhor the UNRWA much more than they ever did the PLO in the past and the Hamas in the present. You could tell by the UNRWA schools they love to bomb in Gaza. Zionists blame the continued existence of the refugees on UNRWA.

    • The tide also washes it away:

    • Jeffrey Blankfort's great articles are missed here.

    • JLD, the Rabble article makes Canada appear stingy, which of course it isn't. It cut off the funding of $15 million to UNRWA, Israel's big bugaboo because it's one of the Palestinians' lifeline to millions of refugees, but Canada simply redirected the $15 million away from UNRWA and directly to Abbas' security apparatus on the West Bank and threw in an additional $5 million to raise Canada's contribution to $20 million. Canada reasoned that by diverting the money to Abbas, it's preventing refugees in Hamas-controlled Gaza from getting any of it.

  • Gaza war blowback? Palestinian stabs 13 on Tel Aviv bus.
    • "On numerous occasions I’ve expressed my disgust for all terrorists, anyone who deliberately targets random innocent civilians, regardless of nationality, race, religion, ethnicity (of the victims and of the terrorists)."

      Jon, would you say that the IDF's attacks on Gaza were such terrorist attacks?

  • The ‘hasbara’ tweeps who brought down Jim Clancy, and their ties to Israel and the Israel lobby
    • Zofia, in a nutshell, the 120,000 Syrians chased off the Golan have today become 400,000 refugees living all over Syria. There were also Palestinian refugees from 1948 and these ended up in various refugee camps in Syria.

      I fault Syria for having done nothing between 1974 and today to regain its occupied territories. I fault them again for having bought Israeli-grown apples on the Golan (10,000 tons annually until the current civil war) on the excuse that Israeli apple orchards were providing employment to some of the Syrian Druze living on the Golan.

    • Another great and fair CNN journalist that occasionally took risks in the way he was reporting on the Palestinian conflict that could have landed him in trouble with the bad guys was Ben Wedeman. He is currently posted out of harm's way in Rome. Wedeman's and Clancy's approach to the news were very much alike.

  • Pro-Israel parliamentary group in Europe says Israelis suffered 'worst' of Gaza conflict
    • Activists in Gaza announced a new Gaza freedom ship or ships in the works only this time it's in reverse. Instead of heading to Gaza, the ships will depart from Gaza with hundreds of Gazans needing medical treatment on the outside. It should happen with much publicity within the coming 2 months.

  • Update: On MLK Day, lots of folks are talking Palestine
    • Sorry, the FP Journal article was in 2010.

    • "My father arrived in 1940 as a refugee from Nazi Europe, where all too many Christian theologians were declaring Jesus an Aryan, not a Jew, and throwing the Old Testament out of the Christian Bible because it was a Jewish book. It seemed miraculous for him to discover Martin Luther King, Jr., placing the Exodus and the prophets of Israel at the center of the civil rights movement. "

      Light2014, you have evidently inherited your father's passion for folklore.

    • Light2014, your post about the 67 Israeli aggression is total bullshit. This should shed some light on what really happened; from Foreign Policy Journal in 2014:

      "Israel’s attack on Egypt in June ’67 was not ‘preemptive’
      by Jeremy R. Hammond July 4, 2010 153 Comments

      It is often claimed that Israel’s attack on Egypt that began the June 1967 “Six Day War” was a “preemptive” one. Implicit in that description is the notion that Israel was under imminent threat of an attack from Egypt. Yet this historical interpretation of the war is not sustained by the documentary record.

      The President of Egypt, then known as the United Arab Republic (UAR), Gamal Abdel Nasser, later conveyed to U.S. President Lyndon Johnson that his troop buildup in the Sinai Peninsula prior to the war had been to defend against a feared Israeli attack.

      Israel's June 5, 1967 surprise attack on Egypt resulted in the obliteration of Egypt's air force while most of its planes were still on the ground.

      In a meeting with Nasser, Johnson’s special envoy to the UAR, Robert B. Anderson, expressed U.S. puzzlement over why he had massed troops in the Sinai, to which Nasser replied, “Whether you believe it or not, we were in fear of an attack from Israel. We had been informed that the Israelis were massing troops on the Syrian border with the idea of first attacking Syria, there they did not expect to meet great resistance, and then commence their attack on the UAR.


      Anderson then told Nasser “that it was unfortunate the UAR had believed such reports, which were simply not in accordance with the facts”, to which Nasser responded that his information had come from reliable sources (presumably referring to intelligence information passed along by the USSR).

      Nasser added that “your own State Department called in my Ambassador to the U.S. in April or May and warned him that there were rumors that there might be a conflict between Israel and the UAR.”

      U.S. intelligence had indeed foreseen the coming war. “The CIA was right about the timing, duration, and outcome of the war”, notes David S. Robarge in an article available on the CIA’s website.

      On May 23, Director of Central Intelligence Richard Helms presented Johnson with the CIA’s assessment that Israel could “defend successfully against simultaneous Arab attacks on all fronts … or hold on any three fronts while mounting successfully a major offensive on the fourth.”

      In an document entitled “Military Capabilities of Israel and the Arab States”, the CIA assessed that “Israel could almost certainly attain air supremacy over the Sinai Peninsula in less than 24 hours after taking the initiative or in two or three days if the UAR struck first...

      ... ”Neither U.S. nor Israeli intelligence assessed that there was any kind of serious threat of an Egyptian attack. On the contrary, both considered the possibility that Nasser might strike first as being extremely slim.

      The current Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., Michael B. Oren, acknowledged in his book “Six Days of War“, widely regarded as the definitive account of the war, that “By all reports Israel received from the Americans, and according to its own intelligence, Nasser had no interest in bloodshed”.

      Rest of the article proving Israel's version of the story is all bull:

      link to

  • French terror attacks contribute to Israeli's isolation
    • Bandolero, Kurdish and ISIS oil is already flowing through the pipeline that's runing through ISIS controlled areas from Iraq to Turkey with a lttle more ISIS oil from Syria to Turkey. I agree about the Israel factor in determining policy; this is obvious in Lebanon whose offshore gas reserves are greater than those of Israel but are 10 years away from being developed while Israel starts producing gas this year. Outside influences from the east and the west are preventing Lebanon from advancing in its gas extraction. Same problem with Gaza's gas that's not being discussed. Last time we heard about it, the PA had signed off something or other about it to Israel.

    • "Why the EU and the US tried to oust Assad? Because Israel and it’s lobby want that, because Iran, Syria and Hezbollah reject zionist colonialization of Palestine. -

      Bandolero, that's one of the reason but not the main one. It's mostly about a pipeline that needs to cross Syria to a terminal on the Med to short-circuit Russia's dominance of supplying Europe's gas and oil needs, which also explains Russia's desperate hanging on to Syria.

      There are 2 pipeline projects on the drawing board and both of them concern Syria and need Syria to make them happen. The first proposal involves the 3500-mile long "Islamic Pipeline" Iran-Iraq-Syria natural gas line to supply gas to Europe, which is favoured by Syria. There is a second proposed Saudi/Qatar-Syria-line that would go to Turkey and from there to Europe which is favoured by the US, the EU and Israel, which Assad is opposing.

      Interestingly, the very first government overthrow of an independent Syria happened in 1949 and it was also the very first international operation of the CIA and even more interestingly, the reason behind the CIA's overthrow was over Syria's refusal to allow the Trans-Arabian Pipeline (Tapline) from crossing Syria. Immediately after the overthrow, the new government propped up by the US signed the agreement to allow the Tapline to happen.

      This may explain all this current Saudi-Qatar-Turkey-Israel-Europe-US joint effort in the Syrian war. Syria is a poor country with very little natural resources that would be of interest to any other country, but it's of a primordial importance because of its geographical location that could negatively affect Russia if the West is allowed to build a pipeline there. A Saudi-Qatar-Syria line would include having Israel tapping into it.

      History is now repeating itself.

      About the proposed pipelines:
      link to

      About the CIA's 1949 overthrow of Syrian governement over the pipeline:
      link to

  • Avraham Burg's Israeli vision, and French passport
    • Marry a French citizen, Boomer, and you'll get one in 3 years without having to live there during that time. It used to be the country where Jews were happiest, until Netanyahu started putting spooky ideas in their heads that they were no longer safe there.

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