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  • George Lopez turns into a Christian Zionist hack
    • George Lopez was baptized in waters polluted by raw sewage and saline waters from fish farms and industrial wastes from both Jordan and Israel. He's not alone though, 100,000 Christians go through the same ritual every year. Nothing holy about these waters anymore.

  • Revisiting 'Graveyard of Numbers': Israel refuses to return remains of Palestinian militants as a punitive measure
    • Annie, like you said, Israel is in the habit of storing remains for decades to be used in swaps. The really big swaps were with Hizbullah that only got into the game of swaps because this was the way of Israel. So the master at trading human bodies and human parts is Israel.

      1996- Israel traded 46 live Lebanese prisoners held at Khiam Prison and the remains of 123 Lebanese fighters with Hizbullah for the remains of 2 Israeli soldiers killed 10 years earlier in Lebanon.

      2003- Israel traded the remains of 2 Hizbullah fighters with Hizbullah in exchange of allowing the German negotiator to see the captured Israeli spy Elhanan Tanenbaum held prisoner by Hizbullah.

      2004- Israel traded 400 Palestinian and 30 Lebanese prisoners (including Dirani that was raped by the Israeli interrogator Captain George), and the remains of 50 Lebanese fighters with Hizbullah in exchange of the remains of 3 Israeli soldiers killed in Chebaa Farms 4 years earlier and the release of the Israeli spy Colonel Tannenbaum. On his release, Tannenbaum on live TV announced that he had been extremely well treated by Hizbullah during his captivity, given the best food ad all the books he had asked for to read during his 2 or 3 year imprisonment

      2007- Israel traded the remains of 2 Hizbullah 2006 fighters and the release of the mentally sick Lebanese prisoner.(Israel had dragged the 2 Lebanese corpses across the border for use in future swaps as well as a mentally sick man that had been sitting on his front porch watching the fighting a few meters away) in exchange with Hizbullah for the remains of the Ethiopian swimmer that had drowned in Israel but had gotten washed up on Lebanon's shore.

      2008- Nasrallah announced to the families of soldiers killed in 2006 that they had been lied to by their government in pretending they had brought back full bodies of killed soldiers when in fact, Israel had abandoned the remains of 21 soldiers on the battlefield in Lebanon and had lied about it. The IDF was too busy dragging corpses across the border for future swaps that it left body parts of 21 of their comrades.

      2008- Israeli traded 7 Lebanese prisoners in exchange with Hizbullah for the body-parts remains of 21 soldiers abandoned in Lebanon.

      2008- Israel traded the remains of 199 Lebanese that it had held for 30 years and released prisoner Samir Kuntar in exchange with Hizbullah for the remains of the 3 abducted soldiers in 2006.

  • 'You don't want us to breathe!': Video captures everyday frustration of life under occupation in East Jerusalem
    • "The current design sure whacked off a heckalotta excellent contributors – to mw’s detriment, I fear."

      Hi Taxi and Annie, although I don't consider myself in the "excellent" category, the new format whacked me off too for a while. I came back but not with the same assiduity; I felt that I was interacting with a magazine rather than with people. But perhaps this is Phil's vocation for MW to turn it mostly into a magazine format with commenters occupying a secondary role rather than the contrary as in the former format. Now I see some articles written by faceless, meaningless and impersonal "Mondoweiss Editors" and navigationally, it's torture chasing posts from "100 Recent Comments" to respond to them. But then again, we're guests here and it's Phil's site and he's free to do with it whatever he likes.

    • I wonder if it's still like it used to be decades ago in North America with the quota system under which each policeman needed to write up a minimum number of tickets each month because a substantial share of the towns' revenues came from traffic fines, as Kathleen wrote about Ferguson. It used to be something like 3 tickets a day. That's where month-end blitzes used to come in when a group of policemen would lay in wait in a good spot to write up a massive amount of tickets for various violations to make up the monthly quota if they loafed all month in writing up the required number of tickets. With the electronics stuff today, it probably only still applies in small towns.

    • "Israelis think the world will thank them for getting rid of the Palestinians.!! :

      Mooser, there is more truth in that statement than you can imagine, at least as far as some Arab leaders are concerned. George Friedman at Stratfor has said so on more than one occasion. on one of them in which he did not include Syria and SA, he wrote:

      "... For this reason, the entire peace process — including the two-state solution — is a chimera. Neither side can live with what the other can offer. But if it is a fiction, it is a fiction that serves U.S. purposes. The United States has interests that go well beyond Israeli interests and sometimes go in a different direction altogether. Like Israel, the United States understands that one of the major obstacles to any serious evolution toward a two-state solution is Arab hostility to such an outcome.

      The Jordanians have feared and loathed Fatah in the West Bank ever since the Black September uprisings of 1970. The ruling Hashemites are ethnically different from the Palestinians (who constitute an overwhelming majority of the Jordanian population), and they fear that a Palestinian state under Fatah would threaten the Jordanian monarchy. For their part, the Egyptians see Hamas as a descendent of the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks the Mubarak government’s ouster — meaning Cairo would hate to see a Hamas-led state. Meanwhile, the Saudis and the other Arab states do not wish to see a radical altering of the status quo, which would likely come about with the rise of a Palestinian polity.

      At the same time, whatever the basic strategic interests of the Arab regimes, all pay lip service to the principle of Palestinian statehood. This is hardly a unique situation. States frequently claim to favor various things they actually are either indifferent to or have no intention of doing anything about. Complicating matters for the Arab states is the fact that they have substantial populations that do care about the fate of the Palestinians. These states thus are caught between public passion on behalf of Palestinians and the regimes’ interests that are threatened by the Palestinian cause. The states’ challenge, accordingly, is to appear to be doing something on behalf of the Palestinians while in fact doing nothing.

      The United States has a vested interest in the preservation of these states. The futures of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are of vital importance to Washington....

      link to

  • Israeli police ransack homes of 40 Palestinians during al-Shaludi home demolition
    • In 2006 in Lebanon, the Israeli soldiers defecated in people's beds, on their sofas and in their refrigerators in addition to have used the stuff to smear the walls. Disgusting and sick people.

  • One week in Jerusalem and -- it's not complicated
    • More fun and games by the settlers yesterday, especially about the relaxing of gun control, which should substantially increase the number of Palestinians getting shot, from al-Akhbar:

      "Palestinians briefly capture settlers as Israel continues to demolish homes

      Published Friday, November 21, 2014

      A group of young Palestinian men managed Thursday morning to capture two Israeli settlers planning an attack after they entered the northern West Bank village of Qusra, a Palestinian official said, as Israel continues to demolish Palestinian homes.

      Ghassan Daghlas, an official who monitors settlement-related activities in the northern West Bank, told Ma’an news agency that the settlers came from the nearby illegal Israeli outpost Yesh Kodish.

      Daghlas said dozens of Palestinian youths from Qusra detained the two for more than half an hour before officers from the Palestinian liaison department took the settlers and handed them to the Israeli liaison department.

      On Wednesday, Palestinians were able to prevent a group of Israeli settlers attempting to burn down a house in the village of al-Mughayyir east of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

      According to locals, dozens of settlers approached a house on the outskirts of the village and were about to set it on fire when they were spotted by villagers who started throwing rocks at them.

      Settlers were forced to retreat to their nearby settlement under the protection of Israeli soldiers.

      The attempted arson came only a week after a group of settlers attacked the village and torched a mosque as well as 12 copies of the Qur'an, Islam's holy book, in an incident that sparked widespread Palestinian fury.

      According to Palestinian Religious Endowments Minister Yousef Adeis, in October alone Israeli settlers carried out 110 separate attacks on religious sites across the Palestinian territories.

      Hate crimes by Israeli settlers against Palestinians and their property, referred to as “price tag” attacks, are systematic and often abetted by Israeli authorities, who rarely intervene in the violent attacks or prosecute the perpetrators.

      In a move that will further escalate violence, Israeli Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch announced on Tuesday that Israeli authorities are to ease regulations on Israelis carrying weapons for "self-defense," raising fears that the number of attacks on Palestinians will increase.

      "In the coming hours, I will ease restrictions on carrying weapons," he said in remarks broadcast on public radio, indicating it would apply to any Israeli with a license to carry a gun, such as private security guards and off-duty army officers..."

    • Captain George (Doron Zahavi) now has a desk job, in charge of liaison with Arabs for the Jerusalem police dept. After the court case against him by Mustafa Dirani for rape, he was moved from his post as torturer-in-chief in the IDF’s special 504 intelligence unit to the desk job in Jerusalem.

    • John, great reporting. You mentioned guns everywhere; seems that in Hebron, all settlers over the age of 18 without a police record get a semi-automatic rifle from the government for free. I'm guessing this is happening all over the West Bank. Now apparently gun laws are being relaxed for Jerusalem:

  • Netanyahu's 'battle for Jerusalem' can't end well for any of us
    • Thanks, Annie, when I saw it suddenly appear, I knew it was you.

      Your link is to the full 1978 Christmas concert, The Ave Maria I was trying to post starts at 20:35 of the video. It's from Pavarotti's more serious days when he was younger and a bit less acrobatic than when he sang it at Caracalla in 94.

    • Kathleen, Ave Maria that you had to recite before the start of classes every morning came under different versions: Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Donizetti, Mendelssohn, Gounod and a dozen others and all of them very nice but my favourite is the one by Schubert, especially as sung by the late Pavarotti in 78 at Montreal's beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica.

    • Annie, in the video you posted, Tania Kassis sings about Jerusalem being the city of the cross, the crescent and the star. Among the scenes in the video, is one of Jews at the wailing wall.

      Getting back to the Ave Maria video, if you look close enough, you'd see that the star is also represented. I think the third religion was subliminally represented and rightly so since it was the fountainhead of the other two. Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part.

    • You'll surely like this too, Kay, a simultaneous muezzin's call to prayer with the Ave Maria sung by the Lebanese Tania Kassis and meuzzins Farès Massad and Maan Zakaria at the Olympia; in Lebanon on very special occasions, you can hear the moving overlapping chime of the church bells with the calls from the mosques:

    • Silverstein is repeating seafood's train wreck analogy:

      "Like Casey Jones of the American folk-myth, we are on a train careening down a mountain grade after losing our brakes. Furiously blowing the whistle to warn bystanders to get out of the way won’t help. We are headed for disaster and no one will be spared. It’s only a matter of time before it happens."

      In addition to Phil's take on where Zionism is dragging Judaism, Silverstein has an opinion along the same lines:

      link to

  • Palestinians who targeted Jerusalem synagogue have sights set on U.S. -- Israeli propaganda
    • "That Wolf, he love to do Israel’s dirty work, and help them as any Israel firster would. "

      He will surely get a street or a library named after him in Israel.

    • abc, these types of suicides also happen in the US; a few years back, a Palestinian-American fundraiser specializing in gathering used clothing, toys and books for Palestinian children in Texas committed suicide according to the police. He was found at the bottom of Lake Lady Bird in Austin with his feet and hands tied with duct tape.

    • Horizon, it was actually more than a dozen people. I saw several news clips of different groupies doing the idiotic "sweets-passing" routine and Hamas officials lauding what happened while denying any involvement in it. The ridiculous sweets routine signifying happiness with an event is the most some poor and uneducated Palestinians can do as their participation in the resistance. What is odd, is that the PFLP, now somewhat "low-level" resistance group famous for 60s and 70s plane and bus hijackings rushed to claim credit for the killing while family members are saying it and even Israeli authorities are hinting that the 2 cousins did not have any political affiliation.

    • Just, you evidently noticed that the ghouls are all spinning the same yarn. This is because Israel is always ready to spring into action with a centralized planning room that has all its agents speaking with one voice to get the desired impact. In this case, the Nazis were bad and now Hamas is the Nazis. The Israeli hasbara that kicks into action is very efficient and more often than not, it has an advance notice of something nefarious that Israel is about to commit so it has a good head start. With Cast Lead, a special PR department was formed 6 months before the start of Cast Lead that hit the ground running when Cast Lead actually began; Dan Gillerman ran that special Cast Leads unit.

      You've been monitoring the Zio press and the pro-Zio press, so you've been getting the unified message issued by hasbara central. The real news in this incident is to what degree it's a non-news item in the Palestinian press and to what level it's itself broadcasting the hasbara central message.

      For the Palestinian official non-reaction to the incident, you have to get it from al-Akbar; the PA mouthpiece, Maan, had nothing on it today:

      "Palestinian Authority media: Israel’s lackey in times of crisis

      By: Orouba Othman

      Published Wednesday, November 19, 2014

      When young Palestinian Yousef al-Ramouni was lynched by Israeli settlers, the Palestinian Authority remained silent. However, it rushed to condemn the [resistance] operation in Jerusalem yesterday. The Palestinian news agency, WAFA, and Palestine TV followed suit in their coverage of events.

      Gaza – As usual, the Palestinian Authority (PA) was not perturbed by the lynching of Ramouni in Jerusalem at the hands of [Israeli] settlers [on Sunday]. However, a flood of reactions were expressed over the five Zionists killed in the attack by martyrs Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal in a synagogue in occupied Jerusalem on Monday.

      These sentiments were taken up by the PA's media, as the official news agency WAFA repudiated the martyrs and only gave them a cursory mention. "Five Israelis were killed in a stabbing in Jerusalem and the assailants are dead," it reported.

      The martyrs were further marginalized when WAFA declared itself a “peace-dove,” implying that it could moralize on what is right and what is wrong. "The Presidency condemned the killing of civilians regardless of the party committing the attacks," it continued. "It also condemned the killing of Israeli civilians in the West Jerusalem synagogue attack."

      WAFA presented pre-packaged Zionist talking points to legitimize the killing of Palestinians after the "aggression" by the two martyrs against "innocent worshippers, armed only with their Torahs," terms used in line with the agency's editorial policy.

      On the other hand, WAFA mentioned the reasons behind the attack to be on the safe side. "[The Presidency] called for the immediate cessation of the storming of the al-Aqsa Mosque compound by extremist Jewish settler groups as well as an end to provocations of settlers and incitement of some Israeli ministers," it said.

      A striking gesture, however, was in WAFA's adoption of the Zionist division of Jerusalem into East and West. It made up a new justification to condemn the operation, saying it took place in "West Jerusalem," which is on the Israeli side and hence prohibited to Palestinians.

      Palestine Television, on the other hand, is still in a stupor. Despite the tensions in Jerusalem, it preferred to showcase the heroics of PA President Mahmoud Abbas. A few hours after the resistance operation, it broadcast a live program on the president's “quixotic” victories against the enemy, alluding to the future of the "two-state solution." Meanwhile, Jerusalem simmers with anger.

      Amid this exasperating coverage of the Jerusalem events, it seems most Palestinian media organizations are nothing but an additional obstacle to Jerusalem’s liberation.

      Local media flocked to transform the images of the two martyrs into lucrative commercial material, rebroadcasting pictures of their undressed bodies used in Israeli media. Local station Dunia al-Watan provided a free service to the Zionist enemy by promoting degrading nude images of the martyrs. Several social media users were infuriated by the transmission of such images, and digitally covered bodies of the two martyrs with the Palestinian flag.

      The most flagrant offense was by one of the most popular local newspapers, named after al-Quds [Jerusalem]. It allowed Israeli narratives to infiltrate its front page, publishing a malignant "plea" by a Zionist called Moshe Simkhovitch.

      "I address you hoping you would put a limit to the intensity of conflict in Jerusalem and allow wise Palestinians and Israelis a chance to say their word. I warn you from falling into the trap of the conspiracy against you," he wrote.

      Amid this exasperating coverage of the Jerusalem events, it seems most Palestinian media organizations are nothing but an additional obstacle to Jerusalem’s liberation."


      link to

  • More than 30,000 people are still living in UNRWA schools in Gaza. What does that look like?
    • Seafoid, the urgency was in not wanting to resettle the Jews themselves; it was more expedient to dump them on the weak Palestinians. The West did not want the Jews before the war, during the war, and after the war. It looks like the Jews are too embarrassed by this fact to admit it.

    • Just noticed that Marc Ellis on his "weenie" thread is also into the same discussion about the expanding of the Israel-Egypt-PA siege on Gaza and he throws in Europe for good measure:

      "... That the threat to Israel would become a huge international firestorm if the secret deliberations became public, passed and implemented, is also telling. Unasked is what these sanctions would mean on the ground. Forbidding foreclosure of a two-state solution that everyone knows has already been foreclosed isn’t bold at all. Such a debate and policies if implemented would only buy Israel more time to consolidate its occupation. Perhaps the EU’s not-so-secret deliberations are really about forcing Israel to finalize what is left over from Israel’s expansion – a truncated, dependent, Israel-Egypt-United Nations-NATO occupied Palestinian autonomy. - See more at: link to

    • The al-Akhbar article of a couple of days back is saying there is no reconstruction program on the horizon and a 3-way affair is in progress involving the UN, Israel and Abbas to prolong the siege over Gaza. Abbas is agreeing to conditions imposed on Gaza by Israel with the consent of the UN without having cleared them with the people of Gaza.

      link to

  • Muslims' beliefs are 'untrue' and 'ridiculous,' 'Salon' author says, offering support for Maher's intolerance
    • Repeat scenario. Rula tried to chase and corner the vile-mouthed Maher in the washroom. She should have known better than to take on a comedian with a serious discussion. Maher is trash.

  • RE/MAX cashes in on Israel’s illegal settlements
    • You would like Deek's massage, Light2014, he begins by saying the Palestinians were lied to by the Arabs when they told them to flee and his other opening line about 800,000 Jews having been chased from Arab countries. The rest of his pro-Zionist speech is of no consequence.

      Your man is the Vice-Ambassador for Israel. There was nothing brave about his grandfather's decision; the man is a coward. Deek is bragging how an Israeli got his grandfather back into Israel and got him his job back at the electricity company, but he doesn't say if he got him his house back.

      For anyone that doesn't believe there are Arab Zionists, this is a good view to learn.

  • This is not yet an intifada, Palestinians say
    • For the US to be so adamant in not letting this creep out of jail, there had to be many Americans that lost their lives as a result of his and Israel's treachery. After he dies, the US can ship his body to Israel where his burial place will become a sanctuary for other creeps like the one for Goldstein.

    • "they died with their tallits and tefillin on

      Does it mean that they go straight to heaven?

    • Seafoid, there's going to be blood anyway. Hebron had 20,000 soldiers riding shotgun for 500 crazies, which made them even crazier. If Israel pulls the same stunt with the soldiers, same will happen on the Haram.

      I guess it boils down to goodwill and regrettably Israel doesn't have any, so you're probably right. I'm for sharing but it's evident that Israel wants it all.

    • Teapot, provided they don't eventually get carried away and end up asking for a Jewish structure to be built there, what would be the harm in letting Jews pray on the plaza on their Sabath?

      About the Vatican/Mecca question, why is it that the Saudis can build a mosque that can hold 12,000 people 3km (as the crow flies)from the Vatican, while hundreds of thousands Christian ex-pats in Saudia are not allowed to have a single place of worship?

    • "I don’t want more soldiers here,” he says. “I make the bottom line– Let them leave the Al Aqsa mosque, we leave them alone."

      That medical student has the brilliance of a 15 watt incandescent bulb. This is exactly what the Israelis are striving for and this tactic has served them well since 60 years; Israelis put a stranglehold on the Palestinians and when they release it, the Palestinians believe they won something. Here the Palestinian student will end up celebrating a victory if the Israelis leave the Haram grounds, even if the occupation continues another 60 years. Palestinians should leave the Israelis alone only when the occupation ends.

  • Yad Vashem
    • Mooser, don't be so hasty in wanting to name your future son after this scientific mumbo-jumbo about protons and neutrons. The inspired one who clearly defined its significance lived on the Isle of Patmos where they probably grew the good stuff:

  • Caltech prof says Israeli scientist passed NASA rocket secrets to his government
    • "... “infiltration” is not a very nice word.."

      Mooser, you can use "penetration" as an alternate.

    • Page: 67
    • "Wow, that is one arrogant SOB."

      abc, that SOB is aware that Israeli spies enjoy some kind of immunity from prosecution in the US and that makes them grow really big ones and become arrogant in their actions. In essence, the SOB answered Troian to F-off. After that virus-transfer incident, he went on to snoop in off-limits labs, which he arrogantly described as being done under instructions from a guy at the Technion in Israel.

    • What provoked the arrival on the scene by the FBI? The agency supposedly interrogated Troian in an investigation of Gat, but something must have tipped them to come knocking at her door.

    • "Unless the whole system is corrupt, which may be the case. "

      Impossible, ritzl, the director of the JPL and VP of Cal-Tech is Lebanese, not Israeli.

    • "... She deserves it and she’s done her job by taking this public -"

      Maybe, John Fearey, but why now after having supposedly started blowing the whistle on the bad guys 4 years ago? Is she taking this publicly out of a sudden surge of civic responsibility or because the guys at work have been short-changing her? I guess we'll have to wait for the trial to get the full story of what really happened.

      As to Israel's spying on its best friend and stealing its industrial and military secrets, Israel has a long track record of these misdeeds that go unpunished except for the token guy in jail, Jonathan Pollard; all other caught spies are released and sent on their way to Israel where they probably become heroes, like the spy Gat at the Technion..

    • I was in Troian's corner up to the point where she refused to sign the affidavit for the FBI, which would have provided her with the necessary cover to block harassment by her colleagues. After her failure to do so, the harassment actually increased and still no affidavit that the FBI needed to take their investigation to the next level. There is no doubt whatever about the Israeli guy spying; spying against the US as it's in the Israelis' nature to do so. But there is something obscure in her story. In spite of her several bad moves, she's coming across as a being totally innocent of any wrongdoing.

  • US Jewish voters have more favorable feelings about Netanyahu than Obama
    • That was my lame attempt at sarcasm, Blownaway.

    • "What pressure has he exerted on Israel?"

      1. Israel's Defense Minister Ya'alon was snubbed by senior Washington officials.

      2. Something or other to do with "chickenshit"

      Not that bad after all in light of all the billions in handouts Israel keeps getting.

  • Israel bans renowned doctor and human rights activist Mads Gilbert from entering Gaza for life
    • "... and even extermination of their own people still provokes outrage and rebuttals.”

      Less and less, seafoid, the subject of the collusion is becoming less taboo, even here at Mondo where it's now OK to dip a big toe in these troubled waters, but not more. It wasn't just Murmelstein with the funny business, there was Kastner that ended up getting killed for it in TA in 1957 and there were others. In that infamous category, Jordan's King Abdullah also had a sorry ending at Friday prayers at al-Aqsa in 1950 or 1951. Palestinians won't put up indefinitely with this stuff.

    • Seafoid, about not going back to Hamas for talks, it's much worse. With the ongoing collusion between Abbas' people, the UN and Israel about the reconstruction that's looking more and more that it's not about to happen, it's getting obvious that the UN is actually involved in prolonging the siege of Gaza. As the PA's involvement, it's been secretly accepting siege-continuing conditions by Israel without the knowledge of Hamas

      A question or probably more an disturbing assertion in al-Akhbar yesterday: "“The UN has to make up its mind, is it a partner in reconstruction or a partner in the blockade?”

      "UN setting the ground for Israel’s expanded siege on Gaza

      Fifty-one days of war were not enough to erase the consequences of seven years of siege, which affected every facet of life in the Gaza Strip. After the havoc and devastation caused by the war, it now seems that the siege has been reproduced in different ways. Since before the end of the Israeli shelling, international conditions stipulated that no one was allowed to bring in reconstruction material to Gaza except the “legitimate authorities” [the Palestinian Authority], who only gave “formal” support to Gaza yet was quick to declare that it had reached a tripartite agreement with Israel and the United Nations.

      Gaza – While Israel was the first to leak information about this agreement, the Palestinian Authority (PA) did not deny it later. But resistance factions in Gaza, particularly Hamas, officially rejected its terms after several of them were put into force. Hamas declared that it had not known the agreement would lead to an “electronic siege by Israel” in a plan under the name of [UN peace envoy in the Middle East] Robert Serry.

      A lot has been written about the details of the agreement, including the fact that the Zionist state has been seeking guarantees to tightly monitor building materials so they don’t reach the Resistance.

      To this end, Israel imposed “booby-trapped” conditions, including setting up monitoring cameras that work around the clock in storage locations in a territory where electricity is supplied barely six hours a day. This is in addition to deploying guards – who must have a “history of good conduct” – in these warehouses, surrounded by fences that must have a specific height, all in parallel with GPS trackers that the occupation forces wants installed on vehicles and heavy machinery...

      for full grim article:

      link to

  • West Bank protesters cross separation wall in effort to get into Jerusalem
    • Abbas is what's been keeping the Palestinians from breaking out into Intifada III.

    • The first photo by Allison of the youths crossing the wall and the last one of the protesters on a hill overlooking the Israeli soldiers on the road below reminded me of the moving mad rush of Palestinians down the hill towards the fence and the Israeli soldiers at Maroun al-Ras on Nakba Day in May 2011:

    • Bravo to those youths of the West Bank; they're the start of a true resistance. This week, Marwan Barghouti from his jail cell called on the Palestinians to take up an armed resistance to the occupation and got 10 days in solitary for his outburst.

      Today, Israel lifted the age restriction on male prayers at al-Aqsa. It's too little and too late; the Palestinians have had it with being told by their leaders to take it lying down.

  • Ilan Pappe offers a reminder that the 'ongoing Nakba' implicates many of us in Israel's history
  • Why I confronted Gregor Gysi
    • Bandolero, Sheen lost sight of the initial purpose of the invitation and went after the guy like a raging bull. It was a disservice to the group that invited them, to Max, to the Palestinians and to himself.

      Same could be said of the cousins that went on a rampage in the synagogue; it was wrong. Had they gone after military people or places, there would have been merit in what they did and actual heroes to their people. That too was a disservice to the Palestinian cause.

    • Bornajoo, try googling youtube: Yosef Yaakov Shem Tov - Kul ma adawi bik ya galbi

      Hope it works.

    • Bornajoo, when you start reading up on Iraq's rich Jewish cultural heritage, I suggest you also get into its music. Before the Zionists came on the scene and spoiled it all, practically all of Iraq's musicians and singers were Jewish. A couple of samples:

      link to


    • "Would you mind resending that link as I’m very interested to read it, thanks" (Bornajoo)

      Bornajoo, there are lots of testimonials on the Internet and all presented by prominent Iraqi Jews, with one moving story by the Israeli-Iraqi novelist, Samir Naqqash, who reluctantly left Iraq at age 13 talking about his trip to the airport and of how much he missed his Iraq; he died in 2004 . The video you asked for was :

      link to

      You would be very interested in reading Ella Shohat describe what it's like being an Iraqi Arab Jew; a small excerpt:

      "... As an Arab Jew, I am often obliged to explain the "mysteries" of this oxymoronic entity. That we have spoken Arabic, not Yiddish; that for millennia our cultural creativity, secular and religious, had been largely articulated in Arabic (Maimonides being one of the few intellectuals to "make it" into the consciousness of the West); and that even the most religious of our communities in the Middle East and North Africa never expressed themselves in Yiddish-accented Hebrew prayers, nor did they practice liturgical-gestural norms and sartorial codes favoring the dark colors of centuries-ago Poland. Middle Eastern women similarly never wore wigs; their hair covers, if worn, consisted of different variations on regional clothing (and in the wake of British and French imperialism, many wore Western-style clothes). If you go to our synagogues, even in New York, Montreal, Paris or London, you'll be amazed to hear the winding quarter tones of our music which the uninitiated might imagine to be coming from a mosque.

      ... Stripped of our history, we have been forced by our no-exit situation to repress our collective nostalgia, at least within the public sphere. The pervasive notion of "one people" reunited in their ancient homeland actively disauthorizes any affectionate memory of life before Israel. We have never been allowed to mourn a trauma that the images of Iraq's destruction only intensified and crystallized for some of us."

      link to

      Another great of Iraqi Jewish roots is Yehuda Shenhav that has written extensively on the plight of Iraqi and other oriental Jews on their arrival in Israel; a short sample:

      "... Any reasonable person, Zionist or non-Zionist, must acknowledge that the analogy drawn between Palestinians and Mizrahi Jews is unfounded. Palestinian refugees did not want to leave Palestine. Many Palestinian communities were destroyed in 1948, and some 700,000 Palestinians were expelled, or fled, from the borders of historic Palestine. Those who left did not do so of their own volition.

      In contrast, Jews from Arab lands came to this country under the initiative of the State of Israel and Jewish organizations. Some came of their own free will; others arrived against their will. Some lived comfortably and securely in Arab lands; others suffered from fear and oppression.

      link to

      Another Iraqi Jew Naiem Giladi wrote that the 1941 Farhud rampage was most probably committed by British Gurkha troops. He also wrote about the Zionist plot in collusion with Iraqi officials to transfer all of Iraq's Jews to Israel and of Zionists bombing the Jewish quarter to make the Jews flee:

      "... About 125,000 Jews left Iraq for Israel in the late 1940s and into 1952, most because they had been lied to and put into a panic by what I came to learn were Zionist bombs. But my mother and father were among the 6,000 who did not go to Israel. Although physically I never did return to Iraq-that bridge had been burned in any event-my heart has made the journey there many, many times...

      ... After 750,000 Palestinians were uprooted and their lands confiscated in 1948-49, Ben Gurion had to look to the Islamic countries for Jews who could fill the resultant cheap labor market. "Emissaries" were smuggled into these countries to "convince" Jews to leave either by trickery or fear.

      In the case of Iraq, both methods were used: uneducated Jews were told of a Messianic Israel in which the blind see, the lame walk, and onions grow as big as melons; educated Jews had bombs thrown at them.

      A few years after the bombings, in the early 1950s, a book was published in Iraq, in Arabic, titled Venom of the Zionist Viper. The author was one of the Iraqi investigators of the 1950-51 bombings and, in his book, he implicates the Israelis, specifically one of the emissaries sent by Israel, Mordechai Ben-Porat. As soon as the book came out, all copies just disappeared, even from libraries. The word was that agents of the Israeli Mossad, working through the U.S. Embassy, bought up all the books and destroyed them. I tried on three different occasions to have one sent to me in Israel, but each time Israeli censors in the post office intercepted it.

      ... Soon after, Zionist and Iraqi representatives began formulating a rough draft of the bill, according to the model dictated by Israel through its agents in Baghdad. The bill was passed by the Iraqi parliament in March 1950. It empowered the government to issue one-time exit visas to Jews wishing to leave the country. In March, the bombings began.

      Sixteen years later, the Israeli magazine Haolam Hazeh, published by Uri Avnery, then a Knesset member, accused Ben-Porat of the Baghdad bombings. Ben-Porat, who would become a Knesset member himself, denied the charge, but never sued the magazine for libel. And Iraqi Jews in Israel still call him Morad Abu al-Knabel, Mordechai of the Bombs."

      link to

    • "It’s more like that they wanted Max & David in Berlin to make a better point for their pro-Palestinian positions, to get them influence the Left Party members and the German public that..."

      Thanks for the insight into German politics, news from there will now be more interesting for me. I still wonder how much of this is due to the leftists being sincerely pro-Palestinian and how much is due simply to weaken their opponents. I get the same perplexing feelings here at Mondo that has me wondering how much of the great fervor for justice for the Palestinians is out of pure concern for the underdog and how much of it is attributable to anti-Israel and anti-Zionist hate, especially from Jewish participants because of what's being done to their Judaism. I'm seeing a possible parallel with the anti-imperialist invitation to Max and Sheen and the resulting washroom outburst by Sheen.

    • "The stand-off between Gysi and Sheen/Blumenthal – who were invited by members of the “anti-imperialists” – is just one more episode to this. "

      Bandolero, if you are saying that Max and Sheen were "used" or were recruited by the anti-imperialists to get back at Gysi, it may explain the absurd washroom episode.

    • "David Sheen has family in Israel which raises the heat, I suppose. "

      Yes, Bintbiba, but aren't other anti-Zionist writers experiencing the same fears?

    • "Why should he have to throttle back from telling the truth to avoid being attacked or killed on a street on Israel? "

      American, from a Zionist point of view, is he any less outrageous than Gideon Levy, Amira Hass, Uri Avnery, and the group over at +972? These are all Israelis, living in Israel and writing about the horrors of Zionism but none are going on and on about their lives being threatened or are chasing after accusers into washrooms with camera in hand. I'm all for Israelis writing to expose what Zionists are doing, but if he can't take the heat because of it, he should stop doing it. I don't think he could more hated than Gideon Levy.

    • Au contraire, Just, I don't buy into Zionist hasbara, but this doesn't mean I have to accept it from another party. I'm somewhat faulting him for getting into it himself. He claims to be (with Max) the only journalists in the world outside of Israel to be reporting on the IP conflict; he made chopped liver of Phil's effort as a journalist that's been practically not writing anything other than IP related issues.

    • "Anyway he’s a lot braver than me!"

      Bornajoo, I have no doubt whatever about his courage, what I'm putting in doubt are his theatrics about his life and that of his family being at risk. If it's as serious as he is claiming, why doesn't he simply throttle back instead of inflaming the Zio nutjobs even more. Someone here on this thread or on another made reference to Ayaan Hirsi Ali having made a career of claims that Muslims were after her. I feel Sheen is on a similar tangent.

    • Just, I'm 100% on his side but I can't help think that there's a bit of show business in his pleadings to be allowed to live safely among the Zios. The Zionists are forever using existential fear to spook the masses into sympathizing with them and here I feel Sheen is doing the same thing with his pleading and going after the creep into the washroom. I get annoyed whenever I feel someone is trying to play on my emotions, even if that someone is from my side of the fence.

    • "Isn’t Sheen an Israeli citizen who lives in Israel, whereas Max is an American citizen who lives in the USA? "

      Maximus, are there less crazies running around the US, and didn't the really dangerous ones in Israel coming out of Brooklyn? Sheen is probably safer in Israel than Max is in the US. I see Max educating Jews while Sheen is baiting the crazy Zios.

    • "This is very true. Takes good dentition to eat a bagel"

      Not all bagels are like rubbery NYC bagels, Mooser, some are actually soft and tasty.

    • *contradiction

    • "err…now let’s examine my statement. “is an extremely brave man..” Yes that’s right, you have to be brave and courageous to speak out against human rights abuses, war crimes and for the dignity of others in modern day Israel ".

      Bornajoo, this is somewhat of a contraction. If he is so brave, why is he so afraid for his life? He keeps throwing stones on the evil Zios, then is pleading left and right for them to spare him from violence. A little too much paranoia going on there. In contrast, Blumenthal is going on on his mission without any brouhaha about his life being at risk.

    • "... because you endorse obsessively comparing Israel with Nazi Germany "

      Please count the ways they are different from each other, Hophmi, especially in the treatment of Gaza; you could be right, at least Palestinians are not being forced to wear distinctive markings on their clothes.

  • 'We will make soap out of you!': Violent right-wing protest against Jerusalem art exhibit reflects rising anti-democratic tide in Israel
    • Nothing wrong with your Jewish background and nothing to be ashamed of either, unless they have been tainted with Zionism and this doesn't appear to apply to you.

    • Shingo, with these maniacs getting out of hand, time is fast approaching for a civil war between Jews in Israel. The only thing preventing it from happening now is their artificially created existential threat that's keeping them from going after each other. The current bugaboo is Iran; makes you wonder what's the next gimmick to keep Israel from crumbling.

    • How much different from ISIS are these guys?

  • Netanyahu announces return of controversial punitive home demolitions widely viewed as collective punishment
    • "... After the massacre on the Mavi Maara, they once again, blamed the victims, and said... THEY were attacked. I think lying is in their blood. "

      They were, Kay; there's no doubt the Israelis boarded the ship full of nefarious intentions, but the Turks saw them coming and correctly read that they intended to hurt them, so they sort of mobilized grabbing whatever they could get their hands on and jumped the soldiers as soon as they landed on the deck of the ship. In fact, they grabbed a couple of IDF soldiers and dragged them downstairs where they held them prisoner (and treated their wounds) for a while until their release was negotiated.

      The Turks actually attacked in self defense and can't be blamed.

  • Video: Routine exchange on a bus reveals racism embedded within Jewish Israeli society
    • " I’d rather be at the beach."

      Can't blame you, Mooser, I'd join you at the beach. Great arabesque boards, especially the inchallah one, saw them last time you put them up.

    • "... the invasion of privacy involved to a bare minimum, without allowing every tom, dick and harry to demand; let me look through your purse. "

      Yonah, this wanton invasion of privacy is probably the result of living in a checkpoint mentality wherein everyone is either an Ok-Israeli or with all the rest being suspects. You can't legislate away this diseased paranoia.

    • "aleha ha sholem"

      Mooser, this sure sounds like "aleyha as-salaam". You're not a crypto-Moslem, are you?

    • You have to make up your mind, Yonah. First you side with the Palestinian woman, then you go on to say that you are aware "of the impulse to wish to inspect the belongings of any “suspect” who gets on a bus." You went on to describe who has or doesn't have the right to inspect passengers.

      You want it both ways.

    • "reality test. we’re not israelis, we’re americans. - See more at: link to

      Great post, Annie.

    • "Jews have no reason to attack Israeli buses"

      There was a time that this happened every Saturday morning. Stones were prepared in advance early on Friday by the ultras and placed in barrels along the bus routes. I don't know if this still going on.

  • Sea change down under: Ex-Australian Foreign Minister announces himself a 'Friend of Palestine'
    • ,,, and sorry for the typos.

    • Cliff: "Anyone who says ‘Moslem’ should be banned"

      Cliff, this happens to be my preferred way of writing it. I only started using "Muslim" here to avoid confusing Americans here not accustomed to it. In fact, the proper way of pronouncing "Moslem" taking care not to convert the "S" sound into a "Z' sound, brings it closer to the actual Arabic words that is pronounced as "Mooslem" as in "Mooser". The English version "Moslem" is used in most Moslem countries.

      I'm assuming that the word "Muslim" sneaked its way into American English with the rise of the Black Muslim movement in the US, especially with the American tendency to vulgarize words into newly accepted ones such as "throughway" that the Americans now accept as "thruway" and other shortened words that are now an accepted part of the American English.

      As to the word "Muslim", Americans mispronounce the first 3 letters "Mus" as in the word "mustard", whereas it should be pronounced as "Mooslim" as in "Mooser". Insult is added to injury when people convert the "s" sound in "Muslim" into a "z" sound that make it as if "mustard". That's how the very literate George Bush pronounces it with the "z" sound.

      Ivry was most correct in using the term "Moslem".

      Annie, about the confusion between Moslem and Mozlem, the words muzlim or mozlem actually means "dark" or "shadowed". The mistranslation is of the root word "zulm" pronounced zoolm, meaning oppression and the person who commits the oppression is a "zalem", pronounced "zaah-lem". The person who suffers the oppression is called a "mozlem". So the History Network translation is off-base.

  • Rather than exhibit real solidarity, church leaders appeal to Israel's occupation to protect Al Aqsa
    • American, 67% of the Christians answer to the pope that doesn't dare offend Israel while 32% answer to the Greek Orthodox patriarch that's practically on Israel's payroll.

      A couple of years back, the heat from Abe Foxman was so intense on the Vatican that it forced it to redraft and water-down one of its most important position papers that had been intended to come out squarely against the occupation in stating that the land was not promised to the Jews, they were not the exclusively chosen and therefore had no justification for the continued occupation.

    • W.Jones, Marc Ellis lightly touched on the fact that the Christians know they are next in line after the bad guys finish with the Haram, so this lame attempt at a show of solidarity is just that. Israel has the Church so spooked, it's being prevented from going forward with the canonization of one of its popes. Remember the book Netanyahu gave to the pope?

    • "Abbas accuses Israel of starting a religious war."

      The man's got all the motions. Today's threat about going to the UNSC before the end of this month to have the occupation ended or "else" is another in a long line of stalling tactics that benefits the Zios. There is nothing instantaneous in how the UNSC operates and it already has its resolution 242 of November 1967 to end Israel's occupation to no avail since 47 years. The threat is show business, so is the declaration about this being a religious war; it's more a continuation of a land grab that has nothing to do with religion. Bringing religion into it at this stage is a smoke screen. The only occupation ever ended by Israel came at the hand of the armed resistance in Lebanon in 2000 after a period of 25 years in spite of a dormant UNSC resolution 425 demanding it all these years. One more attempt to get a UNSC resolution to have Israel lift the occupation, with 100% chance of getting vetoed by the US would be futile.

  • Al Jazeera investigates the USS Liberty attack in 'The Day Israel Attacked America'
    • "Although the neocons made negative comments about it, Hillary Clinton said it was “real news”. "

      That was in 2011 when Clinton took the opportunity to be critical of VOA. It somehow surpassed her that as Secretary of State, she had under command 3 TV and radio networks, Voice of America, Radio Liberty and Hurra TV with all three costing the State Department a total of $200 million/year and all 3 are mouthpieces for the State Department and the 3 of them total failures. Her aides probably forgot to mention that little detail. Hurra was hastily put up by State Dept after the Iraq invasion to have an "American voice" to give the Arabs a different point of view from Jazeera's. Viewership surveyed in 10 Arab countries showed that Hurra has less than 1% penetration with an annual operating budget of about $75 million, roughly the same amount as Jazeera Arabic, which is fully covered by the Emir of Qatar's petty cash.

    • "As an American, it was one of the few news outlets that I could trust. What does that say? "

      Horizontal, Jazeera offices were twice bombed by the US with some of its journalists thrown into Abu Graib. George Bush even discussed bombing it but Blair dissuaded him from doing it but the US forces did it anyway. The network because of its straightforward reporting has a long history of getting into trouble all over the world. Jazeera was my favourite choice up until it started becoming partial with its misreporting on the uprisings in Libya and Syria. It was instrumental in the overthrow of Mubarak and the Tunisian dictator, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. Jazeera, that's staffed wall-to-wall with members of the Muslim Brotherhood (in the Arabic section at least) currently has a couple of reporters in an Egyptian jail serving a 7-year sentence for having sided with Morsi after his overthrow.

      From The Nation in 2004:

      "... Donald Rumsfeld has called Al Jazeera's coverage "outrageous" and "inexcusably biased" and implied that he'd like to see the satellite channel thrown out of Iraq. So far the American military has bombed the network's offices in both Baghdad and Kabul, killing one employee; arrested and briefly jailed twenty-one of Al Jazeera's reporters; and now has imprisoned and allegedly abused and humiliated Hassan and Darwish in ways that the UN convention on such matters would consider torture.

      At the same time that the US military is harassing Al Jazeera reporters, other parts of the US government, including the State Department, are attempting to answer Al Jazeera in its own language and format. On February 14 the United States launched a nominally independent, US-funded Arabic-language satellite channel called Al Hurra, which means "the free one." The purpose of this effort is to address the lack of popular support for the US occupation in Iraq, as well as the deepening crisis of American legitimacy throughout the Arab world; polls from the region indicate that more and more people hate the United States every day.

      Unlike other US-funded forays into Arabic-language media, Al Hurra, with an annual budget of $62 million, could be quite sophisticated and possibly effective in reshaping the beliefs of the politically important and demographically dominant Arab youth scene. ..."

      link to

  • In travesty of justice, Rasmea Odeh found guilty despite history of Israeli torture
    • A bit more detailed insight from The Nation (just before the guilty verdict) and how the Israeli torturers got her to confess to the bombing by threatening to have her father rape her:

      "... Rasmea Odeh was one month old when her family fled from their home in Lifta, a village outside Jerusalem. By February 1948, the Zionist army had destroyed Lifta and expelled its residents as part of its strategy to take control of Jerusalem. Odeh grew up as a refugee in Ramallah in the West Bank, which she saw come under occupation by the Israeli army in 1967.

      When she was 21, in 1969, Odeh was arrested in the middle of the night by Israeli soldiers at her home, and for twenty-five days her interrogators tortured her. She was beaten from head to toe with sticks and metal bars; her body, including genitalia and breasts, was subjected to electric shocks after she was forced to watch a male prisoner tortured to death in this very way. All the while, she was told she would die if she did not confess. But it was not until they brought in her father, threatening to force him to rape her, that she agreed to sign a confession stating that she had helped orchestrate two explosions in West Jerusalem that killed two civilians. Even then, her torturers raped her with a thick wooden stick.

      Standing before a military court less than one month later, Odeh renounced the confession. But the panel of judges ignored that, and Odeh was sentenced to ten years plus life in prison. Ten years later, she was released in a prisoner exchange, along with seventy-five other Palestinians. That same year, in 1979, Odeh traveled to Geneva, where she described to the United Nations precisely how she came to be convicted of terrorism by Israel. In the years following, Odeh lived in Lebanon and Jordan, where she obtained a law degree. In 1995 she immigrated to the United States, joining her brother and father, both US citizens, and the large Arab-American communities in Detroit and, later, Chicago...."

      link to

    • At the commemoration ceremony on the anniversary of Arafat's death, President Abbas just dropped 2 bombshells:

      1. Before the end of the current month, Palestine will apply for full membership in the UN and if not accepted, will sign agreements to commence proceedings against Israel with every agency.

      2. Abbas openly accused Hamas of the 15 bombings in Gaza of last week.

    • Rasmea is one of the few Palestinians in the news actually born in Palestine and probably the reason why she has been targeted. She, like mostly all other people of the Odeh family was born in Lifta, the only Palestinian village out of 500 that's still left standing; all the others having been razed to the ground with either highways cutting through them or new Israeli communities built over their ruins. Of the village's original 400 houses, there are about 60 still left standing and almost intact as a reminder of the 3000 Palestinians chased off the land by the Zionists in January 1948. It's also a constant reminder of the Palestinians' RoR. 3 years ago, Palestinian and Israeli activists succeeded in getting the Israeli court to block the building of upscale homes on the village's territory that would have demolished the remaining houses. Lifta is a thorn in Israel's side and it's only a matter of time before Israel destroys it. Rasmea is also a reminder of Lifta and the RoR.

      As to Judge Drain, he replaced Judge Paul Borman, on Rasmea's case who according to Wiki, " recused himself after he learned that his family had held investments in the Jerusalem supermarket that Odeh and others were convicted of bombing in 1969, stating that his financial ties "could be perceived as establishing a reasonably objective inference of a lack of impartiality in the context of the issues presented in this case."

      He had refused an earlier request by Odeh's lawyers to step down from the case on the basis of his long history of involvement with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, that he had raised more that $3 million for a pro-Israeli charity, and had made numeorus trips to Israel, saying that Odeh's lawyers were engaged in "careless and rank speculation" for suggesting that he could not be impartial in the case."

      Makes you wonder how close Judge Drain is to Judge Borman.

  • What is the vision of Jews who want to replace Al Aqsa mosque with temple?
    • "Oh, and arguing with a moose will only get you so far. He is the pet around here"

      From the royal treatment he gets here, I get the impression that the pet is Yonah.

  • In and out of love with Israel: Tzvia Thier's story
  • ICC believes Israel may have committed war crimes in flotilla attack, but not of 'sufficient gravity' to justify formal investigation
    • " Or when the ICC is begins to investigate Hamas and the PA for their own war crimes?"

      FWIW, I'm all for it, JustJess; one of those crimes should be the Palestinians' refusal to have the ICC investigate Israel's war crimes.

    • The Special Tribunal for Lebanon that has so far cost jointly the UN and Lebanon over $500 million and running with an indefinite term that could stretch for another 20 years was created by the UN under Chapter 7 in contravention of the Lebanese Constitution. It's under the direct jurisdiction of the UNSC and by extension, of the US. The court is a running joke, but a very costly one.

      The STL is housed in a 6-storey building in The Hague, employs over 300 people of which 96 are lawyers with an annual operating budget of 50 million euros. The first presiding judge of the court about 8 years ago was the late Antonio Cassese, highly decorated as a friend of Israel and former President of the International Court for Yugoslavia.

    • The only agency that didn't accept the US' marching orders was UNESCO and it's paying dearly for it now. Although the ICC is not UN-related, there are still some strings attached, along with the usual marching orders. There's something screwy in the ICC's statement that said that what Israel did was a war crime, but not serious enough to be prosecuted! Maybe the number of people killed by Israel is not enough to make the issue a serious one.

  • Root cause of current crisis is Israeli government effort since 1967 to transform East Jerusalem into a Jewish city
    • Hi, Aiman, at least your read my post that was intended for Mayhem that doesn't believe there are Jewish Arabs. You mentioned that Gog and Magog being like old style tabloids. Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj) were twice mentioned in the Quran, 18: 83-98 and 21: 95-96. I'll continue looking for sources other than Wiki for the history of Arabs that converted to Judaism. You'd be interested in the history of the grandfather of Mohammed Ibn Abdel Wahhab, the founder of the Wahhabi sect in Saudia.

      Maybe there aren't any Jewish Arabs in your neck of the woods. These are rooted from Arabs that at one time converted to Judaism, which makes them Jewish Arabs, lots of them from Iraq too; A few years back, I read in Haaretz that there's a small Palestinian village of crypto-Jews in Israel someplace that adhere to Jewish customs and rituals (en cachette). It's a good thing I didn't mention that the Quran repeatedly refers to the Jews as the "chosen" or that the Quran also says that the land was promised to the Jews by God. That would have really made me suspect.

    • Mayhem, get your head out of the sand and take a couple of minutes to read the linked Wiki article that explains how Arabs were Judaized thus making them Jewish Arabs, some by the sword. Unless of course you're enjoying irritating Annie with your continued deliberate ignorance.

    • "... no Jewish Arabs"

      Mayhem has never encountered a Jew from Lebanon. For most of these to be told by Mayhem that they are not Arab, is to run the risk of having his eyes gauged out. A very close family friend is a Lebanese Jew that's more Arab than I am. His ancestors were of the Judaic faith so he is very religiously Jewish, but very much an Arab in every sense of the word.

      About the Judaized Arabs before Islam, from Wiki:

      "Judaized Arabs
      In about 400 CE, Himyarite King tubba Abu Karib As'ad Kamil (385-420 CE), a convert to Judaism, led military expeditions into central Arabia and expanded his empire to encompass most of the Arabian Peninsula. His army had marched north to battle the Aksumites who had been fighting for control of Yemen for a hundred years. The Aksumites were only expelled from the region when the newly-Jewish king rallied Jews together from all over Arabia, with pagan allies. The relationship between the Himyarite Kings and the polytheistic Arab tribes strengthened when, under the royal permission of Tubba' Abu Karib As'ad, Qusai ibn Kilab (400–480 CE) reconstructed the Ka'aba from a state of decay, and had the Arab al-Kahinan (Cohanim) build their houses around it. Qusai ibn Kilab was the great-great- grandfather of Shaiba ibn Hashim (Abdul-Mutallib, who had a Jewish wife). Shaiba ibn Hashim was fifth in the line of descent to Muhammad, and attained supreme power at Mecca. Qusai ibn Kilab is among the ancestors of Sahaba and the progenitor of the Banu Quraish. When Qusai came of age, a man from the tribe of Banu Khuza'a named Hulail (Hillel) was the trustee of the Kaaba, and the Na'sa (Nasi)—authorized to calculate the calendar. Qusai married his daughter and, according to Hulail's will, obtained Hulail's rights to the Ka'aba. Hulail, according to Arabian tradition was a member of the Banu Jurhum. Banu Jurhum was a sub-group of the Banu Qahtani from whom the Himyarites originally descend.

      Around 455 CE, the last Himyarite King is born, Zur'ah Yusuf Ibn Tuban As'ad Abu Kaleb Dhu Nuwas or Dhu Nuwas. He died in 510. His zeal for Judaism brought about his fall. Having heard of the persecutions of Jews by Byzantine emperors, Dhu Nuwas retaliated by putting to death some Byzantine merchants who were traveling on business through Himyara. He didn't simply kill them with hanging—he burned them in large pits—earning him the title "King of the burning pit".

      These killings destroyed the trade of Yemen with Europe and involved Dhu Nuwas in a war with the heathen King Aidug, whose commercial interests were injured by these killings. Dhu Nuwas was defeated, then he made war against the Christian city Najran in Yemen, which was a dependency of his kingdom. After its surrender, he offered the citizens the alternative of embracing Judaism, under coercion, or being put to death. As they refused to renounce their faith, he executed their chief, Harith ibn Kaleb, and three hundred and forty chosen men. Many scholars suspect that the Hamyarite Kings, in their display of violent recruitment, lend the greatest weight to any explanation of "why contemporary Jews do not proselytize"—in fact Contemporary Judaism actively discourages conversion and converts even after conversions have occurred.

      Rise of Islam
      Four-hundred ninety years (70x7) years had passed from the destruction of Bar Kochba's armies until the year 622 CE. Bar Kochba was a failed Messiah and now, according to Daniel, "would come the true warrior Messiah". "A warrior with 'the helmet of deliverance on His head' and clad in armor". "He will don garments of vengeance (as his) clothing and will put on a cloak of zealousness". "He will fight the battle of Gog ha-Magog and against the army of Armilos (Heraclius)". Most of the Jewish tribes of Arabia were on alert for a new Messiah—anxious to usher his arrival. This is in agreement with Islamic sources which state that the coming of the Final Prophet, Mohammed, was predicted in both the Torah and Bible and other sacred scriptures, and as forefold by prophets and messengers of God. With this knowledge in divinely revealed books, the Jewish tribes of Arabia were aware that soon a new divinely-appointed leader would arise in Arabia and that he would usher in a new era.

      The Jewish tribes played a significant role during the rise of Islam. Mohammed had many contacts with Jewish tribes, both urban and nomadic, and apparently was influenced by Judaism, as his early teachings seems to borrow from Jewish tradition. Mohammed could neither write nor read, and history attests to this fact;[16] so it is highly questionable to assert he borrowed from Jewish writings. However, when the Jews began to distance themselves from Mohammed, not recognizing him as a prophet, he started to minimize the Jewish influence on Islam, shifting the direction of prayers from Jerusalem to Mecca, making Friday a holy day, and shifting from the Jewish dietary laws, although the eating of pork has always been strongly prohibited in both religions, which contradicts the suggestion that he aimed to only oppose them. It is noteworthy to mention that the holy day of Friday was never considered holy in the sense it is to Jews. And although Islamic and Jewish dietary laws share many similarities, the two sets of rules are not identical nor equal. The shift of the prayer direction from Jerusalem to Mecca can be viewed from a religious a divine test from Allah to distinguish the true believers that followed the Prophet Mohammed, from those who would turn their back on the Prophet of Allah. (Quran 2:143).

      In 622 CE, Mohammed, hoping to capitalize on Jewish-Arab despondency at successive military defeats, abandonment by Persian Jews, loss of Jerusalem, the murder of the Exilarch Nehemiah ben Hushiel, and the renewed opposition of the Banu Quraish, set out for Taif. Mohammed worked hard to turn the hearts of the Jewish-Arabian and Pagan tribes from the Jewish prophesies and Pagan beliefs respectively, hoping thatt the Jewish Arab tribes waiting for redemption at the hands of a Messiah would receive him well. But when Mohammed arrived in Taif, and called upon the Jewish tribes to hear his teachings, he was rejected.

      In late 622 CE, Shallum ben Hushiel [18] went to visit Mohammed in Medina, and offered his submission (desiring conversion to Islam). With the submission of an Exilarch, Mohammed found resistance to submission, by some Judaized Arab tribes, begin to wane.

      Some of these tribes, or some of their members, were conquered and converted to Islam, some lived as crypto-Jews, while others remained Jews living among Muslims though protected by the Constitution of Medina. Other tribes, who still resisted conversion, were banished or put to the sword.

      link to

    • "King Abdullah's Hashemite monarchy has been custodian of the sites since 1924, paying for their upkeep and deriving part of its legitimacy from the role. " (Haaretz)

      The Hashemites actually had custody of the Jerusalem site decades before. They had ruled a good part of Arabia until 1924 and were the custodians of the 3 holy sites of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. That's when the Americans and British showed them the door and put the Sauds in their place and gave them Jordan and Iraq as a consolation prize and they ended up being the custodians of only the Jerusalem site. It should be said that the Hashemites lost custody of the 2 sites in Arabia in 1924 rather than having been granted Jerusalem's in 1924.

    • The rolling must be from his apprehension that the peace treaty could be terminated; he was the coziest of the cozies with Israel. ( I don't think that was English, sorry, RoHa)

    • More on the explosions. Sparks are starting to fly between Fatah and Hamas after Fatah has openly accused members of Hamas for being behind the explosions. From when the new unit agreement between Hamas and Fatah was announced, I've had the feeling that it was bogus. The suspicious death of the 3 Israeli teenage settlers appear to have put an end to it.

      From al-Ahram (also being discussed on Arabia, Jazeera and everywhere):

      "Gaza bombs spark new row between Palestinian factions
      Friday 7 Nov 2014

      A series of bombs in Gaza Friday targeting the Fatah movement of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas triggered a bitter new spat with rivals Hamas in a blow to reconciliation efforts.

      At least 10 blasts hit the homes and cars of several Fatah officials, triggering a furious response from the party which placed the blame squarely on Hamas, the de facto rulers in Gaza.

      There were no immediate reports of casualties from the early morning bombs.

      Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah, who had been due to visit Gaza on Saturday with new EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini, promptly cancelled his trip."

      link to

    • "The words “occupation, blockades, and suffering of the Palestinians”, are NEVER heard nor discussed by the zio pundits."

      Not just the zios, Kay, same happening elsewhere:

      "Al-Arabiya echoes Zionist rhetoric in reporting about al-Aqsa

      It was rather normal for Al-Arabiya news channel to retract its story about the unprecedented closure of al-Aqsa Mosque on October 28. The channel may have thought that the terminology it used would go unnoticed. However, Al-Arabiya later deleted the story from its website after having caused an online backlash for echoing Zionist rhetoric.

      In an act further promoting Zionist terminology, the Saudi news channel replaced al-Aqsa Mosque with the “the holy compound,” a term usually reserved for Zionists in their reference to the holy site.

      In fact, Israel had closed the mosque following the shooting of hardline Rabbi Yehuda Glick [allegedly] by Palestinian Mutaz Hijazi, with Al-Arabiya reporting the news as, “A right-wing Israeli activist was shot and wounded last night as he left a conference promoting a campaign to permit both Jews and Muslims to pray at the holy compound.”

      The channel, hence, adopted the terminology used by Zionists. This caused an angry backlash over social media websites, with activists accusing Al-Arabiya of committing “political and religious treason” by adhering to the “Zionist plan” to Judaize Palestine.

      This caused an angry backlash over social media websites, with activists accusing Al-Arabiya of committing “political and religious treason” by adhering to the “Zionist plan” to Judaize Palestine.

      However, after thoroughly reading Al-Arabiya’s report, one would notice that the channel not only resorted to Zionist terms, but framed the story in a manner that reflected the channel’s policy that complies with Zionism. The term “occupation” did not appear, not even by chance, and the channel opted to use “Israeli police” instead. Moreover, the story depicted Jewish hardliners present at al-Aqsa on an equal footing with Palestinians.

      The story was hence reported as follows, “the Israeli police closed the Noble Sanctuary… in a rare step aiming to prevent clashes between Muslims and Jews.”

      Full article:

      link to

    • Just, a bit more on the cui bono; The PA cops are doing Israel's dirty work in the area that's under Israel's control around Hebron, picking up resistance fighters that are supposedly involved in criminal activities:

      "Hebron: Cracking down on Palestinian resistance under the pretext of criminal offenses and business interests"

      link to

    • Not necessarily, just, these guys have been pulling tricks on each other for years. Just before the latest assault on Gaza, many Hamas officials on the WB were picked up by Israeli forces and the PA didn't appear too disturbed by it. Hamas is still very popular and probably why there won't be Palestinian elections any time soon. Denials by both groups about the explosions don't mean anything.

    • "What form of primitive fundamentalism is this?"

      Bryan, even if religion and states become separate, the folklore will always be there. I agree with you that all this brouhaha over this place by the 2 religions is hocus pocus. But what makes one religion's voodoo more acceptable than that of the other? The site being contested was at one time a Roman temple of Jupiter, then believed to be the site of the Jewish temple twice, then a Byzantine Christian one, then the Muslims built a dome over it around 690 AD, then back to a Christian Crusader one, then back to a Muslim one followed by a succession of different groups of Muslims ending with the Ottomans and so on over a period of 1300 years.

      Provided the Jews don't try to set the place on fire as they did a few years ago, I think they should be allowed to worship there at least on the plaza around the Dome of the Rock at designated times since "the Rock" was sacred to the Jews before it became sacred to the Muslims when they first arrived in Jerusalem in 638 AD. The "Rock" is 90 million years old and can withstand the prayers of more than one religion. It would be better to see people praying there rather than fully armed Israeli soldiers pushing people around. Jews have no interest in the al-Aqsa Mosque other than for fanatics wishing its disappearance.

      About the Foundation Stone or "the Rock" that's sacred to both religions that's under the Dome:

      link to

  • A reverend sermonizes justice in Jerusalem
    • "Especially if we see the New Testament as I do, stretching more or less the same number of years as the Hebrew Bible does. If so noted, the New Testament stretches from Jesus to Auschwitz. " (Marc Ellis)

      Marc is back with his Christians thing about the giant holocaust logs in their eyes. Seeing that the NT stretches from Jesus to Auschwitz/Treblinka is as absurd as saying it covers the same number of years at the Hebrew Bible and he completes the picture by recalling Pope Benedict's youth as a young Nazi. Must be smoking the same stuff as John of Patmos. Now he is sermonizing the good reverend about his holocaust omissions. Still can't figure out which bugs him most, Christians or Muslims.

  • Chickenshitgate: A dissenting view
    • "None of those prime ministers wanted, or even grudgingly accepted, a Palestinian state — not even Rabin, contrary to myths much cherished in this country. (To the end Rabin advocated “a Palestinian entity, less than a state, that runs the life of Palestinians ..."

      Finally, someone has come out and said it. Rabin was not as peace-loving as it's always pretended.

  • Overcoming rage through action
    • "btw, I do believe that President Obama will utilize his executive privilege. "

      Your man makes nice speeches but does very little. Now he'll do even less.

  • Israel lobby stakes claim for Jerusalem at Supreme Court, but Kagan isn't buying
    • And what if the US ends up moving its embassy to Jerusalem, other than for the usual rhetoric, who will actually do anything about that, Saudia, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt or Jordan?

    • ... interest of Israel ahead of those of the US (of course).

    • Annie, I don't like Hillary either but at least she's honest and up front with her Israel-firster vocation. Much more than Obama that had everybody fooled. Is there any potential candidate from either party that wouldn't put the interests of the US ahead of those of Israel?

  • Is Israel the wallpaper in US culture?
    • "Jews play a major role in the popular culture of the US, and Israel is a part of the wallpaper in the lives of American Jews. "

      Yonah, you started out the sentence OK but went and spoiled it in the second part.

    • "Israel is part of the wallpaper for many American Jews today. (43% of those polled by Pew answered that Israel is an important part of their Jewish identity. " (Yonah)

      Probably, but this is because this concept has been so hammered into their minds at every opportunity that without Israel, the world's Jews would perish; a totally absurd concept. Yonah seriously believes it. I'd be curious to know how many Israelis picked up and left in answer to invitations to return "home" by Spain, Portugal and Ukraine.

  • As conditions worsen in Gaza, residents ask: ‘Where have all the activists gone?’
    • "The world’s attention is elsewhere "

      Maximus, Turkey, Sudan and Qatar are busy backing one Islamist political/militia faction "Dawn" in Libya while Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE are also busy backing an anti-Islamist political/militia faction "Dignity" there that's recognized by the US. Maybe after they 'll finish setting up a system of government in Libya, they will turn their attention to what's happening in Gaza and help fix things there. It's all about priorities.

    • From al-Akhbar yesterday:

      "... First rains soak victims of war-torn Gaza Strip

      Israel also agreed to allow construction material into Gaza.

      But two months after the war ended, no building material has entered Gaza due to Israel's ongoing blockade.

      With the first winter rains, fears of Gaza citizens whose homes were destroyed by Israel came true Friday and Saturday, especially in Khuzaa neighborhood in the southeast, where displaced citizens live in movable houses supplied by donor countries.

      “Rainwater leaked into the caravan from the roof and from the sides just as winter has begun,” says Osama al-Najjar who lives with his wife and daughter in a 30-square-meter caravan after his house was completely destroyed.

      He said that some of the caravans in the area moved from their places by floods of rain water which sweep away sewage water and earth.

      Disappointed with her new living conditions, al-Najjar’s wife said that her family used to live in a 250-square-meter house before the war.

      “After we have been living in a big house not paying the least attention to rainwater, we are now spending our time and effort trying to repair the caravan we live in so it can stand in the face of storms and floods.”

      The summer aggression led to widespread destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure, reaching levels of devastation that UN chief Ban Ki Moon called “beyond description” in a visit to the Strip on October 14.

      According to estimates based on preliminary information, as many as 80,000 Palestinians homes were damaged or destroyed during the days of hostilities, a higher figure than was previously thought. UNRWA estimates that at least 20,000 of these are uninhabitable.

      Over 106,000 of Gaza's 1.8 million residents have been displaced to UN shelters and host families, the UN says.

      The majority of Gaza’s homeless people are children.

      According to Palestinian Authority, rebuilding Gaza will cost $7.8 billion.

      Commenting on the situation after the first rains, the mayor of Khuzaa warned of a possible disaster which could be more difficult than the one caused by the war itself.

      The municipality, he told Ma’an, has very little equipment for relief work.

      “As winter approaches, there will be a humanitarian disaster in Khuzaa because we can’t control the route of floods after the war has changed the structure of the landscape and destroyed all constituents of life in the town including water, electricity and telecommunication networks and infrastructure.”

      Israel routinely bars the entry of building materials into the embattled coastal enclave on grounds that Palestinian resistance faction Hamas could use them to build underground tunnels or fortifications.

      For years, the Gaza Strip has depended on construction materials smuggled into the territory through a network of tunnels linking it to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

      However, the recent crackdown on the tunnels by the Egyptian army has effectively neutralized hundreds of tunnels, severely affecting Gaza's construction sector."

      (Anadolu, Al-Akhbar, Ma’an)

    • Israel opened 2 of the crossings this afternoon, which of course doesn't mean much. They must need the business in Israel for having done so. Still no construction materials being allowed-in and still, fishermen being shot at if they stray offshore.

      The cease-fire brokered by Egypt was bogus.

  • 'There’s no such thing as illegal houses, there is such thing as racist laws': Israelis demonstrate against collective punishment in East Jerusalem
    • For some reason, the French JDL keeps getting free passes from the French Police.

      "The French Jewish Defense League

      By many, the French Jewish Defense League is considered as an offshoot of the American Jewish Defense League, which was founded in New York by the ultranationalist Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1968 [1] and that the FBI considers a domestic terrorist group. [2]

      The group was created in October 2000 and was first named Liberty Democracy and Judaism before being dissolved and renamed LDJ in 2003. Since that, this group has had no legal existence, and counts approximately 300 members. This organisation denies any connections with the Israeli movement Kach and claim to be independent from the American Jewish Defence League despite the fact that they use a similar logo.

      The organisation’ spokesperson declared in 2009 that it is “a Zionist organization that strives every day to fight against anti-Zionism therefore against anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism “. [3]

      According to a program played on the state-owned French public broadcaster, the members of the JDL exercise (Krav-maga, Israeli army martial art) in a public (state) building guarded by the National Police [4].

      The organization has been involved in numerous violent protests and aggressions that in most cases had no judicial proceedings:
      -In 2002, during a protest, they were implicated in the stabbing of a police chief. [5]
      -In 2004, they vandalized a bookshop in the Marais, Paris, during the book signing of the writer and sociologist Alain Soral as shown in the video below. [6]
      -In 2005, the humorist Dieudonné, while in Martinique, was attacked by four sympathizers of the JDL. [7]
      -In 2009, they vandalized a pro-Palestinian bookshop; in 2012 they attacked two anti-Zionists: Jacob Cohen, writer and Olivia Zemor, co-founder and leader of CAPJO (Coordination Group Calling for a Just Peace in the Middle East).

      link to

    • They are probably mimicking the street-roaming youths vigilantes of the French JDL looking for action. These youths received krav maga training from the IDF and are out at night looking for action.

    • Just, that's show business for the benefit of the natives. Nothing will come out of it and the ambassador will quietly go back in a few days.

  • Ambassador Power to kick off 3-hour event on 'never-ending' genocide of Jews
    • "For a ‘philosopher’, BHL seems extraordinarily simple-minded."

      You probably haven't heard about the pseudo-philosopher having been lampooned by France's weekly satirical "Le Canard enchaîné" in 2010. The Canard's fiction-writer made up a story about a series of lectures supposedly given by a specialist on Kant's sexual life in Paraguay. Bernard-Henri Lévy picked up the philosophical discussion from ther Canard article on his blog unaware it was fiction and and exposed himself as a faux-philosophe by quoting and criticizing the fictitious Kant specialist and became the laughing stock of France for a while.

      The guy is a clown but a very dangerous one because he convinced Sarkozy to undertake the Libyan adventure to oust Gadaffi.

      link to

  • 'Let the police mow the lawn': Israeli right-wing demands stronger crackdown as Netanyahu increases attacks on East Jerusalem
    • "The middle East is going to go through hell with climate change and Israel will get sucked into it inevitably."

      To its credit, Israel has the best water management expertise in the region and from way back has been developing ways of recycling waste water, desalinating sea water, reducing water needs in agriculture and so on. Its desalination is now producing about half of its drinking water requirements and 80% of its wastewater is recycled, making it the highest recycler in the world. Nonetheless, Israel to its discredit has been getting by and continues to do so by stealing about 75% of the water it needs from the Syrians, the Lebanese and the Palestinians. The 75% is being stolen from the Golan, Chebaa Farms and the West Bank. Water is probably the main reason why Israel refuses to end its occupation.

    • "Ah …. relatively… to what?"

      Ivri is probably thinking relative to Gaza and the shit that Israel dumps on it. President Abbas has to be thanked for that. His PA police are doing a good job in keeping the natives from becoming overly restless. The Israeli-Egyptian siege of Gaza is back to business as usual and the West Bankers are relatively quiet about it. Winter started and construction materials are still blocked from entering Gaza but it should be noted that Israel gave its approval for the building of a Coca Cola bottling plant there.

  • The UN can bring peace to Jerusalem by moving its headquarters there
    • "“Maybe that’s what we need around here, a fresh new mind.”

      Evidently this didn't work either. What about the lion's share of the UN's operating expenses that are being currently picked up by the US because it's located in NYC and so on; would Israel jump in and pick up the tab in consideration of the economic fallout as the US is now doing? The US and Israel have already jumped off the UNESCO bus and Canada off the UNRWA one. Relocating the UN to the heart of Zioland is absurd.

  • 'We are in a violent fight with extreme Islam' -- Feiglin leads rightists to pray at al-Aqsa Mosque
    • "The world should be afraid of Jewish extremism, they have the backing of one of the well armed military forces in the world, and an equally ruthless secret service that can get into other nations on fake passports and kill their citizens. "

      Kay, fasten your seat belt, Haaretz and Silverstein are telling us that the next head of Shin Beth is a "messianic" Orthodox settler of Yemeni roots, Roni Alsheikh. Silverstein goes on to describe the good things in store for Palestinians and good-guy Israelis from this guy:

      "... You can see where this is going. Israeli democracy, dying a slow death at the hands of the radical right will be strangled like a baby in its cradle by the incoming Shin Bet chief. The witch hunts against Palestinians both inside Israel and in the Territories will escalate. The Iron Hand will clench its fist even tighter. Religious war, just now simmering in Jerusalem, will be brought to the boiling point. Formerly marginal figures like Moshe Feiglin and Yehudah Glick will be given the run of the Temple Mount. Al Aqsa will be sealed more often (yesterday was the first time since 1967 it was closed to Muslim worship). Instead of stealing the homes of scores of East Jerusalem settlers, hundreds and thousands will be expelled by settler NGOs like Elad."

      link to

    • From where I'm standing, the terrorists in this story are Feiglin and the rabbi that got shot.

  • Ritualized Solidarity
    • Safavids with Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Persian,and Turkmen,Georgian, Circassian, and Pontic Greek roots came from Azerbaijan. Iranians were not given the luxury of choice; most Sunni clerics were liquidated.

      Yes, I'd agree that the Fatimids were an earlier version of the Zionists. When they ruled Palestine, only Fatimid Muslims were allowed to enter Jerusalem. They shut down the synagogues and churches in the city and ordered the total destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. In time, the Zios also shut down mosques, turning some of them into bars and now they have plans for the Haram al-Sharif.

    • RoHa, vanishing Palestine as a country as in vanishing the 500 or so villages from existence, building over their ruins and giving them Jewish names.

      Vanishing Palestine as a people as in vanishing their culture, renaming their streets with the names of Israeli terrorists, preventing them from cultivating zaatar and claiming humus and falafel as Israeli dishes, cutting off their water, hindering their education and so on.

      Iraq survived the American invasion, but did it really? It's still there but the political landscape has changed. Same would happen with Israel and Palestine and with Jews and Arabs remaining after the demise of the Zionist enterprise.

    • Seafoid, I meant to say that Egypt was never really Shia but actually always Sunni.

      When is the edit button going to show up?

    • Seafoid, Egypt was never really Sunni but it was dominated by the oppressive Fatimids that had set up their headquarters there. The Fatimids, an offshoot the Ismaili Shia had been underground for a couple of hundred years with claims that their imams were divine popped up in North Africa among the Berbers. The Druze sect was spun off the Fatimids in Egypt. Their 200-year iron-fisted rule of North Africa and Syria was ended by Salah ad Dine that reunited Egypt with the rest of the Abbasid Empire around 1100 AD. Fatimids were bad news and their mistreatment of Christians (and Jews) was one of the causes that provoked the Crusades.

      As to Iran, it was actually Sunni in majority until the 16th century with small pockets of Ismaili and Fatimid influences here and there. That's when the Shia Safavids took over in Iran and converted the whole country to Twelver Shiism.

    • Great video, Kay, it answers why Israel has been refusing to relinquish Area C that covers 65% of the WB.

    • I'm just as sure as you are, seafoid, that Israel's days are numbered and may they come sooner than what we hope for. But this ultimate end doesn't preclude Israel from completely vanishing Palestine before its own doomsday arrives. The only chance of Palestinian survival is for BDS to shift gears and going for the jugular, which is Israel itself. Palestine doesn't have the 70 years that the anti-settlements orientated BDS needs to accomplish its vocation.

    • "Is anyone in the upper echelons of the “friends” of Palestine listening?"

      Actually, Palestine doesn't have any real friends, not in the upper echelons and not in the lower ones either. When some will start boldly boycotting Israel itself rather than boycotting timidly the settlement activity, these will be the true friends of Palestine and that's when real things will start happening in Palestine's favour. Until then, Palestine will continue passively on its way to extinction.

  • SodaStream says it plans to leave West Bank for the Negev, but boycotters promise to not let up
    • "My point was that it would be lovely if you had provided some sort of sourcing for your assertion that Bedouins had title to the land that GoI took from them "

      Where is Hostage?

  • A visit to Auschwitz
    • "Although Zio-supremacists and “Jewish State” would no doubt find them offensive and perhaps even anti-Semitic, I’d prefer to see “Crimes Against Humanity” museums in which all acts of injustice and immorality "

      I agree, eljay, too much of the holocaust memorializing and telegraphing of guilt is starting to reach the point of diminishing returns in places such as France. The Zios there would have you believe that the high rise of anti-Jewish feelings are because of the great numbers of North African and other Muslim immigrants. In fact, France has had its share of putting up with the antics of both Jews and Muslims.

    • Just, the Wiki leak is misleading in showing that France has over 75 holocaust museums, which isn't so. There are holocaust museums in France but most of those 75 listed are about the deportations of French people, which included Jews, of course, but these are devoted mostly to non-Jews that fought in the resistance against the Nazi occupation such as communists, fascists, nationalists and so on.

      There's currently a movement in the French courts to force the French railways system (SNCF) to admit its guilt in having transported Jews in France to concentration camps, to pay compensation and to put up a specific holocaust museum. On the downside for the SNCF if it refuses to comply, bit's being threatened (with the backing of the US Congress) with the cancellation of some of its rail management contracts in the US and from the bidding on the Florida and California TGVs projects.

    • Nothing wrong with having holocaust museums, Just, they are needed but the great numbers of them that already exist and more being built are bound to become counterproductive. Some countries now have several museums.

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