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  • PLO: Abbas to head new Palestinian government, weighs national unity with Hamas
    • Article in Ma'an yesterday is saying that Fatah is upset with Hamas' direct negotiations with Israel which could only serve to destroy any chances of a united Palestinian state.

      "... Both Hamas and the Islamic Jihad group condemned the unilateral dissolution of the government, saying they had not been consulted over the decision."

      Chances of seeing a unity government are close to nil.

      From Ma'an:

      "Fatah says Hamas threatening national aspirations
      June 20, 2015 5:36 P.M. (Updated: June 21, 2015 2:15 P.M.) "

      link to

    • "Dr. Barghouti said he favors scrapping the national consensus government and formally establishing a unity government with Hamas as a partner. " (Allison)

      Dr. Barghouti is the sanest and cleanest one of that useless group but nobody buys into his vision. If they go ahead and scrap the national consensus government, it would be simply to sideline Hamas from any acceptable Palestinian government, which would please Israel, the US and especially the PLO. Wasn't it at just about the same time that the bogus national consensus government was announced when the 3 Israeli settler-teens were killed and the massive June 2014 assault on Gaza and the WB begun? A unit government is probably the last thing Abbas & Co would want.

  • Tutu endorses UCC divestment: 'It is unconscionable to remain silent'
    • While the million member UCC is debating the divestment and may still come out against BDS, another UCC (United Church of Canada) with half a million members along with the Canadian Quakers has been active riders on the BDS bus since 4 years and for them it's not just a matter of shifting investment portfolios. The UCC and the Quakers are actively campaigning for BDS by issuing regular circulars to their members encouraging them to boycott Canadian department stores that carry Israeli settlement-produced products. To simply divest is not enough.

      The recently passed Canadian anti-terrorist (and zero-tolerance of boycotts of Israeli products) law C-51 takes direct aim at Canada's UCC and the 50,000-member Canadian Union of Postal Workers that's also on the BDS bus. Major clashes are anticipated between the pro-BDS groups and the government if it tries to enforce the new law.

  • New program provides 'birthright' trips for US evangelicals to visit the holy land
    • Marnie, the Hebron shops opening couldn't be much more than an Israeli PR stunt. Makes you wonder why some shops would be allowed to open and some would not. A perfect recipe to make trouble for Palestinians among themselves.

    • Ramadan Mubarak, gamal.

    • "Ya’juj and Ma’juj, as in 21:96, are from Al-kahf, " (gamal)

      You're right, gamal, my mind went off into the wrong direction with majouj or majouz as I was writing it and compounded the error by doing worse to Ya'jouj. You're right also that the story is on the wild side.

      Thanks for the correction.

    • Hi ckg, lots of useless information but a good exercise to keep the mind sharp.

    • "a trip to Armageddon. I passed by the valley on my way to Nazareth and saw the rows of church tourist busses taking it all in where it’s all going down." (ckg)

      About Armageddon, there's a misconception about it that refuses to go away. It's the not the actual place where it's all going down but simply the location where the forces of good and evil would be massing for the big battle. The actual location where the big boom is supposed to happen is in the Valley of Kidron, just outside of Jerusalem, which is about 60 miles south of there. Armageddon is only mentioned once in the Bible but the story is pieced together from various prophecies in the Old Testament in Chronicles, Joel, Daniel, Zechariah, Amos and so on that in a nutshell puts the location of the big battle at Kidron Valley outside of Jerusalem. The story goes on to say that the battle will happen only when the forces of good will pass by Bethany to pick up the returned Jesus that is to lead them against the forces of the antichrist. Oddly, Moslems are also into this story of Jouz and Majouz (Gog and Magog)

      Maybe Kidron is not on the tour because that's where hundreds of tons of raw sewage are dumped in the valley's river by Israel, the settlements and the Palestinian towns.

  • Netanyahu likens BDS to Nazi Germany
    • "You really have to be some kind of psychopathic personality to put out something like this and ask for people to take it seriously, and to do it the day after you’ve exonerated your military for the brutal killing of children. That’s vile." (abc)

      Would you expect anything less from these people knowing how at one time Rabin gave truncheons to the IDF soldiers and ordered them to break the bones of children? Wiki mentions:

      "... In an article in the London Review of Books, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt asserted that IDF soldiers were given truncheons and encouraged to break the bones of Palestinian protesters. The Swedish branch of Save the Children estimated that "23,600 to 29,900 children required medical treatment for their beating injuries in the first two years of the Intifada", one third of whom were children under the age of ten years old."

      Australian TV documentary on Israel dealing with Palestinian children:

  • After a hard week in the news, Israeli gets valentines all weekend from NPR
    • "Oh please spare us, the SAME exact claims were made during the Lebanon war of 2006, that Hezbollah were using civilians for human shields." (diaspora)

      Hizbullah fighters were actually fighting from within residential areas, but what the lame-brained Zios could never understand was that these fighters were doing the fighting to defend their homes. One of the findings on the resons behind Israel's failure to occupy south Lebanon in 2006 was that Hizbullah fighters were assigned to protect their respective villages in contrast to young Israeli soldiers having been thrown in to fight in a foreign country for a cause they didn't believe in. This was made clearly evident in the battle of Bint Jbail that was so obliterated by the shelling they started comparing it to Stalingrad. Yet, the Israel army of thousands could not take what was left of the city because the Hizbullah fighters there were citizens of Bint Jbail that were fighting for their homes and they knew every nook and cranny of the city. The same scenario was repeated in all the other villages that the IDF tried to enter and they failed at every opportunity. You could say the same of Hamas fighters in Gaza that have nowhere to hide. Saying that Hizbullah and Hamas use human shields is just making excuses for Israel's failures.

    • jon s, the land on which you are living may not be stolen but as with the rest of every Israeli irrespective of where they are living, you are assuredly living off the stolen fruit of the land. Over half of the water you are consuming is stolen and this cannot be denied.

    • "A nice, hot Reuben on rye beats pastrami any day. Come and get it! " (JLD)

      Doesn't take much to beat a fatty pastrami, JLD, ever try a hand-sliced Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich on rye?

  • BDS could cost Israel $4.7 billion a year
    • Kay, the Louvre and Sainte-Chapelle people are saying they get an average of 400 daily requests for group reservations with most days and specific visiting hours busier than others. Nothing was preventing the 12 students and their teacher from entering both sites individually by waiting 45 minutes in line like everybody else. The groupie reservation requests must have been to get in at a cheaper admission price if not altogether free as for EU students.

    • Kay, the Liberation article mentions something about time-slot approvals requests for tours being automated and a couple of other reasons why the TA student group request was rejected. Apparently demand for time slots for groups exceed the museum's availability. The group's teacher then filed a time-slot request using false names such as Abu Dhabi and the affirmative reply came back from the Museum within a few hours or a few minutes.

      Israelis using the phony Abu Dhabi name is actually dirty pool being played in light of Abu Dhabi having paid The Louvre $550 million for the rights to open a Louvre branch in Abu Dhabi and has spent another $750 million building the museum scheduled to open this year. So it was only natural that the Louvre would grant approval to Abu Dhabi students within 15 minutes of the phony requests.

      I think it's a minor problem since the 12 students were not refused access to the Museum or the chapel but simply refused the groupie-desired "time slots" and the Zionists as usual, jumped on the occasion to milk the story for whatever they could get out of it. The museum gets about 10 million visitors/year and I don't think they can be bothered to refuse entry to 12 arts students from TA.

      In the end, Israel will get egg all over its face from this story.

  • The 'Forward''s apprehension about sending a reporter to Gaza -- a further response
    • "Well, color me embarrassed. I’m sorry. Don’t trust what I say about certain topics where my knowledge is only as deep as the headlines. I saw the movie with Angelina Jolie and I thought that if such a serious accusation had been made by credible people it would have reached the headlines, but apparently not." (Yonah)

      Nothing to be embarrassed about, Yonah, lots of Jews got their history by way of MGM and de Mille oldies. I do it myself all the time; must have seen the Ten Commandments at least 20 times. Samson and Delilah was another great historical movie. So what if Angelina Jolie's movie said nothing about Pearl being a spy; even if the allegation was proved true, do you really think she'd say anything so detrimental about Israel?

      I didn't see the movie, but I'm guessing it's about Pearl the "martyr" so why would anything related to spying real or fabricated be included in this movie?

    • Jon s, the only thing I implied was that based on Israel's history of spying on everyone on this planet including its main benefactor the USA, there was a good probability that Pearl was a spy. I also mentioned that it was not proven that he was. And I don't believe anyone deserves to be cut up into 10 pieces, not even Zionists. BTW, Guantanamo confessions obtained under torture are meaningless.

    • "... Daniel Pearl. He, too, was a Jewish-American journalist"

      The journalist was more than simply Jewish-American, he was an Israeli-American, his 2 sisters are Israeli, his father and mother are Israeli with one of them having served in the IDF. It's claimed that Pearl was a spy for Israel although never proved. Based on the history of Israeli spying and false flags, there's a good probability that Pearl was a spy. How is it that Dan Cohen can walk freely and safely in Gaza?

  • Divestment with a bite
    • MHughes, Pius it now seems according to various Jewish publications actually saved over 200,000 Jews from Hitler.

      But this is not good enough for Abe Foxman and the Zionists that continue blocking his canonization by the Vatican. Foxman the man behind the blocking of the canonization since 2005 is claiming that many of those Jews were saved by Pius by having converted them to Catholicism (exactly as what had happened to Foxman himself during the war to save him from the Nazis) and he wants the Vatican to come clean and provide the names of all the Jews that had been converted to make them aware that they are actually Jews. In short, no list means no canonization of Pius and the Vatican is shaking in its pants at the prospect of being branded antisemitic by the Jews.

      From the ADL website in 2005:

      "ADL to Vatican: Open Baptismal Records and Put Pius Beatification on Hold

      January 13, 2005

      The recent disclosure of a Vatican directive, urging Catholic officials in France not to return Jewish children who were baptized and hidden during the Holocaust to their families, has raised anew questions about the appropriateness of the beatification of Pope Pius XII. ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman, a Holocaust survivor who was baptized by his Polish nanny and hidden in Lithuania, has said that the document's insensitivity toward Jews in the aftermath of the Holocaust is shocking.

      In a letter to Vatican officials in charge of Jewish-Christian relations, Mr. Foxman called on the Vatican to freeze the beatification process until the Holy See opens its archives and makes available all documentation on Pius' actions during the war. Beatification is the penultimate step before sainthood.

      The Vatican directive on hidden children evoked painful memories for Mr. Foxman, who as a child was hidden from the Nazis by his Catholic nursemaid as his parents were exiled into Jewish ghettos and concentration camps. At the end of the war, when Mr. Foxman's parents came to reclaim their only child, his nanny refused, prompting a drawn out custody dispute. The Vatican directive sheds new light on the woman's actions, Mr. Foxman said in a letter to The New York Times.

      In addition, ADL wrote to the Vatican Secretary of State to call once again for the release of wartime baptismal records. "There may have been tens of thousands of rescued and baptized Jewish children who to this day are not aware of their true origins," Mr. Foxman said. "

      link to

    • "Does this mean Christian churches in America are dependent on the government of Israel?! That would be amazing control! " (JWalters)

      Not the churches of America as much as the churches of Palestine that are under a more recent form of Babylonian captivity. Ellis touched lightly on this issue when he mentioned that Israel controls everything that the Palestinian churches do, almost to the point of controlling the air they breathe. This is in return for Israel allowing Christian churches operating in Occupied Palestine and Israel a very minimal and limited degree of autonomy, especially to the Greek Orthodox Church, which is the largest in the land and which owns the majority of land currently under the control of Israel. In fact, Israel has a say, along with Jordan and the Palestinian National Authority, on who gets elected as Greek Orthodox Patriarch. The Greek Orthodox Church, that's actually controlled by Greece rather than by Palestinians, is the landlord holding the current leases with the Government of Israel on the land on which the Knesset is built, the Museum, the Prime Minister's residence and most of Jerusalem's developed downtown and all these leases are set to expire with all properties built on them becoming property of the Church in about 15 or 20 years. This involves billions that Israel is trying to negotiate their lease renewals with the church leaders in Greece and a much more important investment/divestment issue than the few millions currently invested in Israel by the various American churches.

    • For ever the lout, Netanyahu gave his father's book to Pope Francis in December 2013. As soon as Francis was elected, stories about his questionable past as Archbishop of Buenos Aires and earlier began to appear. It involved stories of turning a blind eye to the junta's persecution of priests to mysteriously disappeared babies born to incarcerated Argentinian women. But just as fast as they had appeared, those stories disappeared from the news. The stories were briefly touched on by the BBC:

      "... It has all been perceived as a breath of fresh air. The stuffy papacy, which resembled a mediaeval monarchy, some say, is now gone.

      But lurking beneath the surface are pressing concerns that threaten to dog Jorge Mario Bergoglio from his time as Jesuit superior and cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church in Argentina.

      Within 24 hours of the white smoke from the Sistine Chapel, allegations emerged that he withdrew protection from two of his fellow Jesuits during the early years of the brutal military dictatorship of 1976 to 1983, which resulted in their captivity and torture.

      The Vatican acted swiftly to deny the claims. The remaining surviving priest, Fr Francisco Jalics, issued an initial statement saying he was "reconciled with these events". The words appeared ambiguous. Might he be saying he was betrayed but has now forgiven the Pope for his betrayal?

      A week later, a more robust statement was issued from his secluded monastery in southern Germany, saying that it was "wrong to assert that our capture took place at the initiative of Father Bergoglio". Any suggestion of a smoking gun appeared to have been extinguished.

      But can Bergoglio's efforts to be a witness for justice during the dark days of the military regime compare with those of Oscar Romero, the archbishop from El Salvador, whose uncompromising criticism of government death squads and oppression of the poor led to him being assassinated in 1980 as he celebrated Mass?

      "Bergoglio was not a Romero. Very few people were like that," says Ivan Petrella, religious affairs commentator at think tank Fundacion Pensar in his Buenos Aires office.

      But if Romero scored 10 on a 10-point scale for his courageous stand, how had the current Pope fared? "I´d say 7.5," says Petrella. "Allegations against him have no basis in evidence."

      But there is another story that demands answers - the supremely toxic affair of "disappeared" pregnant women, who gave birth to their children while being held in detention centres. Most of the mothers were murdered and their children handed on to "deserving" couples who were well connected with the brutal military junta.

      This is very much a live political issue. A number of the children have discovered the painful truth about their past, while hundreds more still remain blissfully ignorant of their parentage. The campaigning grandmothers assert that many priests and nuns were complicit in what happened and are still at large in society. They show no sign of letting the matter rest..."

      link to

    • "Has this new populist Pope said anything about Gaza, Israel, the Palestinian plight?" (Citizen)

      You are betting on the wrong horse; inasmuch as Benedictus XVI was beholden to the Zionists, Pope Francis is now more so; he's practically a kosher-approved pope. Abe Foxman had read the riot act to Benedictus in 2010 when he was about to announce that the Catholic Church neither recognizes that Palestine was promised to the Jews nor that the Jews are the chosen people; these 2 concepts have now been set aside by the Church. The threat remained in effect throughout Benedictus' papacy to prevent the overdue canonization of Pius XII. This pope issued the 3rd repudiation of the Jews' guilt of deicide, he said Jews as a collectivity had nothing to do with it and instead pinned the blame on those rooting for the release of Barabbas. The Zionists were holding some thing against Benedictus because he was in a Nazi youth party.

      Now 2 years have gone by for Pope Francis and he hasn't gone anywhere near the Pius XII canonization story but instead has canonized 2 unknown Palestinian nuns for show. When Francis visited Israel a year ago, everyone was hopeful that he would get a concession out of Israel for its land grab of the Cremissan Monastery but not a word was mentioned about it. As a Cardinal in Buenos Aires, he was very close to the Jewish community there and on becoming Pope, the Zionists knew they had someone on their team. Abraham Foxman congratulated the new Pope and said that he was a true friend of the Jews. Bnai Brith International President Jacobs congratulated the new Pope and Shimon Peres was the first head of state to invite the new Pope to Israel.

      In short, Pope Francis is so close to the Zionists, don't expect him to make any major waves to the benefit of the Palestinians.

  • Israel failed to interview eyewitnesses to soccer boys' slaughter
    • It's very hard to get into a discussion with someone that begins his first sentence with an insult. Anyway, you can alternate between "Moslems" and "Arabs" and the end result would still be the same. The same goes for Vera whether whatever she's feeling is out of religious, racial or any other type of affiliation. You're telegraphing to Vera that she's right in feeling ashamed for something she has nothing to do with.

      Who's claiming apostasy?

    • Echinococcus, I feel anger and repulsion for what ISIS/Nusra are doing in the name of Islam, but I feel no shame whatever and I don't consider myself irresponsible.

    • Nothing wrong with your background, Vera, the problem is with what the Zionists are doing in its name. Moslems have ISIS and Nusra giving them a bad name and the Jews have the Zionists doing the same to Judaism.

  • It's the borders, stupid (forget the BDS hysteria)
    • MHughes, the bigger problems are created by the interpretations much more than by the editing. Every group adapts whatever is being read to fall in line with what is the aspired meaning of any text. I saw it with how Jerusalem was assumed as a holy Moslem city. It's not just the Jews that have wild and wooly interpretations, Moslems have a few of their own too.

  • Orange CEO flies to Jerusalem to apologize personally to Netanyahu: Israel is ‘fantastic’
    • "... Everyone knows, of course, that the Chirac sentiment is still alive somewhere, so what is called anti-Semitism can also be called ‘endemic’" (MHughes)

      You are sort of saying that Gaullism is still alive in France; maybe that's what Netanyahu was hinting at when he asked the Jews of France to move to Israel. The "Crif" Jewish lobby that carries on in France as a state within a state and that keeps everyone in a constant state of spook under threat of anti-Semitic tarring surely had something to do with Orange's change of position on Israel.

  • Untold Stories: First-ever US Nakba Museum opens in Washington DC
    • Lots of internet background chatter from various Jewish sites to this museum's opening in DC. While none of them come out and actually attack it head on, they are critical of it because it doesn't go anywhere near the BDS issue and most importantly, it's giving rise to these sites to complain about the non-representation anywhere of the 850,000 Jewish refugees supposedly expelled from Arab states. I see the museum becoming a launching pad for press coverage on the Jewish Arab refugees. These sites are stressing that the problem of the refugees is caused only by the Arab states that are refusing to naturalize the Palestinian refugees.

    • Just, you also have other museums pertaining to Afro-Americans. There's the underground train museum and Freedom Center in Cincinnati and others for the underground railway in Ontario and Nova Scotia as Canada with its long border with the US was a popular destination of escaping slaves.

      A few words about the underground railway from Wiki:

      "... Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses used by 19th-century enslaved people of African descent in the United States in efforts to escape to free states and Canada with the aid of abolitionists and allies who were sympathetic to their cause. The term is also applied to the abolitionists, both black and white, free and enslaved, who aided the fugitives.[ Various other routes led to Mexico or overseas. An "Underground Railroad" running south toward Florida, then a Spanish possession, existed from the late 17th century until shortly after the American Revolution. However, the network now generally known as the Underground Railroad was formed in the early 19th century, and reached its height between 1850 and 1860. One estimate suggests that by 1850, 100,000 slaves had escaped via the "Railroad".

      British North America (present-day Canada), where slavery was prohibited, was a popular destination, as its long border gave many points of access. Most former slaves settled in Ontario. More than 30,000 people were said to have escaped there via the network during its 20-year peak period, although U.S. Census figures account for only 6,000. Numerous fugitives' stories are documented in the 1872 book The Underground Railroad Records by William Still, an abolitionist who then headed the Philadelphia Vigilance Committee."

      Full article
      link to

    • A great program and an imposing lineup of speakers.

    • Maybe they should include a giant poster of D B-G in the same vein that the holocaust museum in Jerusalem has one of Haj Amin al- Husseini or steel sculptures made up of hundreds of old keys to the properties all welded together in one blobby art piece.. Would be great "deep conversation" starters.

    • There was a 3 week exhibition by 6 Palestinian artists in NYC at the Bridge Gallery in 2006. It attracted about 2200 visitors on opening night. Tanoreen Restaurant of Bay Ridge served Palestinian food..

      link to

    • "This is not about victimhood, politics or religion,” said Nassar, acknowledging the controversy and divisive rhetoric that often surrounds the issue of Palestinian refugees. “We want deep conversations that can lead to equality and justice in Israel and Palestine…. I’m trying to tell stories that people haven’t heard.”

      This sure sounds like a half-hearted, timid enterprise for such a catastrophic event that would need drastic measures. It wouldn't buy the refugees a cup of coffee but these "deep conversations" will surely score high points in normalizing an abnormal situation between the Zionists and the Palestinians.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg has never faced 'pundit reckoning' for pushing Iraq war
    • "Fight against Hizbullah or Assad or both lead to the same goal " (traintosiberia)

      Curiously, the mighty US along with a coalition of 20 partners all of them armed with F16s, drones and satellites are knocking out an ISIS Toyota pick-up every 5 days or so (never one of ISIS' 2500 Humvees for some mysterious reason) while Hizbullah is busy clearing the Lebanese-Syrian badlands border areas of all ISIS presence there without the need of any sophisticated weapons. Also doing a great job cleaning up Anbar and retaking Ramadi for the Sunni by capturing hundreds of ISIS fighters:

  • 'You have dual citizenship with Israel' -- NPR host hits Sanders with internet canard
    • "... but why wouldn’t a dual citizen have dual loyalties?" (Annie)

      We are confounding loyalties with sympathies, which of course makes it easy to have sympathy for both countries but the real test of loyalty comes up when there's a conflict between the interests of the countries in question and the person with the dual citizenship has to decide with which one to align himself. American-Israelis or Israeli-Americans are often faced with these conflicting choices and more often than not, the preferred choice is Israel, which demonstrates that there was never anything dual about loyalty in the first place.

    • "adding that Russia and China promised to veto any U.S. proposal in Security Council to delay investigation." (Kay)

      We are critical of the US automatic veto in favour of Israel and we applaud that of Russia and of China when they come to the defense of Syria but how is it that supposedly good guys Russia and China are AWOL at the UNSC when the questions of Yemen and Bahrain are raised? It demonstrates that these veto powers in the hands of the Big 5 are for nothing other than to serve their own interests. There has to be a deal of some sort in effect between the US and Russia/China to continue turning a blind eye on the systematic destruction of Yemen or the continued oppression of 80% of Bahrain's population.

      As to the prospect of a Russia/China veto to block the US' blocking of an investigation of Israeli crimes, I wouldn't hold my breath hoping. They'll work out something or other in the wording that would allow the investigation to go through without risk to Israel and without Russia/China losing face; that's how the cookie crumbles. Remember al the excitement and anticipation with the FIFA thing and how it fizzled out in a flash?

  • Is BDS practicing a double standard with respect to Arab countries?
    • What does Egypt's FMG have to do with the Israel-Palestine conflict? Is Cohen hinting that he wouldn't object to it if there'd be no boycott of Israel?

    • "... or as malevolent towards Jews as Algeria was to the pieds noirs. " (Yonah)

      I would hope so, since the exploitation of Palestinians by Zionists is not much different from that of the Jewish pieds-noirs towards the Algerian nationals. The Jewish and other colonists of Algeria got what was coming to them. The US is benevolent?

    • "Boycotting Saudi or Kuwait or Bahrain would be a great idea." (traintosiberia)

      Not really, yesterday's chatter at the Herzliya "annual" had senior Israeli officials hinting at possible joining of military forces of Israel with those of certain Arab countries to take on Iran. Those that you mentioned as possible targets of boycotts are the very country involved in the chatter. Last week it was all smiles and handshakes between Israeli piranha Dore Gold and a former general of Saudi intelligence.

  • Notes from the Munayyer-Beinart debate
    • "Interestingly, I actually own a property in Hungary that belonged to my father and I still possess the deeds. Whilst my family were not refugees, there was a period where it wasn’t possible to take ownership during the Cold War." (Freddy)

      Are you saying that your father walked away from filing a reparations claims? JVL reports that Hungarian Jews whose property had been confiscated have been compensated already with additional claims underway and your house is most probably on the list so hold on to that deed.

  • 48 Years Ago: Commemorating the ’67 War
    • Misterioso, Jordan knew what was up Israel's sleeve before the fist shot was fired; it always had advance warning. In 1967 whether to actually attack or simply to bluff, the Arab armies were mobilizing. Lebanon refused to join the mobilization simply because it did not have the capacity to do so and was made to pay the price for it by the Arabs a couple of years later. Those minor and meaningless attacks by Jordan you mentioned were strictly for show for the benefit of the Egyptians and the Jordanian nationalists at home. Same thing had happened in 49 when it had been agreed in advance that Israel would let Jordan take the WB unopposed and it put up a minor show of force to show the Arabs that it was on their side. The only thing that wasn't pre-planned was Jordan taking over East Jerusalem; Jordan cheated the Israelis when it took it.

    • "It hearkens back to the time before 1948 when Jews, Muslims and Christians lived in peace, and with harmony, in Palestine." (just)

      This was wishful and nostalgic thinking on the part of people of good will, but in actuality, peace and harmony were not around between these groups, especially not after the Balfour Declaration and the Ashkenazi/Zionist move to colonize Palestine at the expense of Palestinian Arabs.

    • "But than Jordan began firing artillery at Israeli air force bases, and enough was enough." (Jackdaw)

      Jordan never really got into a war with Israel and anything thrown at Israel by Jordan was simply for show. In 48, 67 and 73, the only army of worth was the Jordanian one, but to Israel's good fortune, it wasn't into fighting any serious battles with Israel. There was a collusion of sorts for the 48 war and advance warning given to Israel for the one in 73, which the Jordanians did not join. The Hashemites had been cooperating closely with the Zionists since the early 20s.

    • "Helmeted soldiers, guns poised, barged into the basement apartment. They searched every room, confirmed we were unarmed, confiscated watches and gold jewelry" (Iris Keitz)

      A very telling statement; there's nothing in the way between Zionism and thievery. Israelis still do it today, millions of dollars in cash and jewelry were reportedly stolen by IDF soldiers during their search for the 3 teens on the West Bank. Israel is a nation of thieves and Iris Keitz gives one more example of this from 1967.

  • Netanyahu under siege, in 'the most embattled democracy on earth'
    • "Druze Day of Rage" is nothing more than drama. I don't know about the Circassians, but I can tell you that the Druze don't like to make any waves, especially in Israel where they enjoy certain degree of limited autonomy. The whole thing, most probably up to the last minute cancellation was choreographed. I doubt the Israeli government would make a $625 million decision a few minutes before a scheduled strike.

    • "I for one wanted this megalomaniac re-elected because I knew it would accelerate the awareness of this disgraceful regime right around the world (Bornajoo)

      Isn't this somewhat similar to what the US thought about the Muslim Brotherhood when it leaned on Tantawi to allow them to run in the upcoming elections after Egypt had banned them from doing so for 50 years? That's another way of giving them enough rope to hang themselves and most probably the US knew all along what would happen with the Brothers in power in Egypt. That's dirty pool.

    • "Israel is determined to attack Lebanon to neutralize Hezbollah in preparation for bombing Iran. " (JLD)

      Israel is more preoccupied with the creation of a Palestinian state than with Hizbullah or Iran that would attack Israel only in retaliation. All the Israeli war talk is a prelude to hitting the Palestinians in Gaza and the WB. As to Iran, Israel, forever the hooker, is simply dickering over the price with America; it doesn't really want to attack it but is simply using the opportunity to milk the situation.

    • "And shut down those dang wineries, no one’s drinking that swill anyway." (abc)

      This is a $350 million/year industry in Israel, of which a quarter comes from Israel's theft of the Golan. The biggest Golan export is the bottled spring water and ironically, while Scotland and other European countries are actually boycotting stolen Golan (Strauss) bottled water, among its customers are the Palestinians on the West Bank. Before its current war, Syria each year had been actually buying tens of thousands of Golan-grown apples from Israel. When it comes to supporting BDS, Arabs are its least enthusiastic participants.

      The EU is currently drafting directives to its members in dealing with Israeli settlement products and Israel is doing its utmost to block this.

  • In June, three more U.S. churches to consider ending financial support for Israeli occupation
    • Don't hold your breath waiting for the largest of the churches to get on board the BDS bus; The Vatican talks a great game in wanting to back the Palestinian cause but when it's time for it to step up to the plate, it falls apart and runs for shelter from the wrath of the Zionists that are always at the ready with a couple of spitballs, the Christ-killers thing and the false Pius XII Nazi-collusion accusation. The Zionists are still holding back their consent to the long awaited canonization of Pius. 3 years ago under threat of being labeled "antisemitic"by Foxman and the ADL, the Vatican backtracked in its planned double declaration that the Jews were NOT the "chosen" and that the Biblical promise was voided by the advent of Christ and that these 2 elements were being misused by the Jews to continue dispossessing the Palestinians. I'd say Foxman carries a bigger stick than the Vatican; 2 recently canonized Palestinian saints among the already 10,000 Catholic saints are not about to change the fortunes of the Palestinians.

  • A banner day for BDS -- though you'd have to read the Jewish press to know it
    • The annual shitdisturbing scenes at G4S general meeting are not much more than rituals. The G4S has been promising to walk away from Israeli contracts since 2002 and so far hasn't walked away from much; it still maintains over 8000 employees there to manhandle Palestinian prisoners in Israel and the WB jails. The closest thing to a ripple that happened to these ghouls a couple of years back was the divestment by Bill Gates.

      Until BDS decides to turn its guns at Israel itself and not only the settlement enterprise, it won't be scoring any meaningful home runs.

  • Gaza’s al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades prepares for next Israeli war
    • "Egypt must comply under the 2005 agreement and the Israel/Egypt Peace Treaty." (talknic)

      Talknic, in the ME, no one does anything because some law or other such as a peace treaty says it must; Egypt simply doesn't want the American aid tap to be shut to it. Jordan, another beggar state is in the same predicament.

      How to explain Hamas being taken off the Egyptian list of terrorist organizations?

    • Don't break out the champagne just yet, Egypt still has a long way to prove its goodwill towards Palestinians. Last week, Asa'ad Abu Khalil put Egypt's contemptuous relationship with the lesser people into perspective: In the last 6 months, Egypt has allowed the crossing at Rafah to open for a grand total of 7 days.

  • What I Was Told: Arabs hate Jews
    • Speaking of hate on another topic, some bad news for Islamophobes, especially French ones. Latest PEW research poll of June 2015 show that the popularity of Moslems in France actually increased after the January 2015 bogus Charlie Hebdo attack. Seems same thing happened in the US in the aftermath of 911; attacks appears to be backfiring:

      "Ratings of Muslims rise in France after Charlie Hebdo, just as in U.S. after 9/11

      By Richard Wike
      The attack on the Paris offices of the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo in January was the most devastating terrorist incident in France since the Algerian War more than five decades ago. Two French-born Muslim brothers affiliated with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula carried out the attack, killing 12 people and injuring 11 more.

      French Views of Muslims, 2014-15In the aftermath, there has been considerable debate in France about the extent of radicalization among the country’s nearly 5 million Muslims, and more broadly about the role of Islam in a country famous for its secularism. However, there has been no backlash against Muslims in French public opinion. In fact, attitudes toward Muslims have become slightly more positive over the past year.

      A new Pew Research Center survey finds that 76% in France say they have a favorable view of Muslims living in their country, similar to the 72% registered in 2014. Meanwhile, the percentage with a very favorable opinion of Muslims has increased significantly, rising from 14% last year to 25% today. Attitudes toward Muslims tend to be more positive on the political left in France, but ratings improved across the ideological spectrum.

      The pattern is similar to what we found in the U.S. following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Favorable views of Muslim Americans rose from 45% in March 2001 to 59% in November of that year. The increase took place across partisan and ideological groups, with the biggest improvement occurring among conservative Republicans."

      link to

    • "I wonder why Iran’s remaining Jews chose to remain rather than accept fully funded immigration to Israel " (talknic)

      What to say about the Jews of Lebanon that in general refused to go to Israel or to have anything to do with the Zionist enterprise? Lebanon's Jewish population actually kept growing during about 20 years after the creation of Israel. This Jewish hating narrative surely did not apply to the Arabs of Lebanon.

      Kirsten Schulz wrote:

      "... In 1951, during the Passover celebration, the president of the Jewish community Joseph Attie held a reception at Beirut's Magen Avraham synagogue which was attended by Lebanese Prime Minister Sami as-Solh, Abdallah Yafi, Rachid Beydoun, Joseph Chader, Habib Abi Chahla, Charles Helou, Pierre Gemayel and the Maronite Archbishop of Beirut,”

      Sure didn't sound like they hated the Jews in Lebanon.

  • Dutch government issues travel warning about 'violent Jewish colonists'
    • " Dutch Government issues travel warning about violent settlers" (Kate)

      This is the 2nd Dutch torpedo launched at Israel in a week; in fact, last May 27th, the Israeli Embassy complained to the Dutch about their having issued school textbooks that describe Israel's Nakba massacres along with Israeli Prime Ministers that had been terrorists. Israel's joyride is coming to its end.

      A bad week for Israel in the Netherlands; from the JTA last week:

      "Israeli embassy slams ‘outrageous’ Dutch textbook
      May 26, 2015 2:06pm

      THE HAGUE, Netherlands (JTA) — Israel’s embassy in Holland condemned the appearance of anti-Israel statements in a textbook on history for high school students. The embassy’s statement on Tuesday about the book “Geschiedeniswerkplaats,” or “History Workplace,” by the Noordhoff Uitgevers followed complaints by members of the country’s Jewish community...

      The book also states that former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin is now known as a peacemaker, “which is noteworthy considering that much of his life he was known as a terrorist and extremist."

      link to

  • Goldberg predicts 'civil war' between American and Israeli Jews as Israel is 'defined as an apartheid state'
    • Kris, I don't know if it can help get you the $100,000 Wiki prize, but you could look into what's happening in Canada with ISDS, the TPP and similar national poison deals since it's a fact that Canada's dealings are a reflection of deals that the US is into. The exception is with the Patriot Act that's about to fizzle out while Canada is rushing through its own version known as Bill C-51.

      Most European countries and especially the EU are preparing anti-ISDS legislation. Australia is already off the ISDS bus refusing to enter into any deal that is hinged on ISDS, Canada appears poised to not enter any deal on which it is not. NAFTA that is founded on an escape or exit clause of 6 months has already cost Canada $190 in ISDS claims. On the other hand, Canada is getting locked into one with China that to China's advantage for the next 30 years. Current ISDS agreements that Canada has entered into are anticipated to increase Canada's drug costs by $2 billion/year.

      Germany and France have expressed reservations about ISDS have been joined by Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands (where its parliament condemned ISDS). Something is definitely not kosher with the US and Canada rushing into these deals while others are refusing them.

      Good article on the subject from the Canadian site last week:

      link to

      ... and another on the EU set to vote on it in the coming weeks:

      link to

  • Israeli propaganda dominates front page of 'New York Times' today
    • Not just the Zionists, oldgeezer, Yonah is not alone in his exceptionalism shtick.

    • "Yonah, why do you look for hatred of Jews in everything?" (RoHa)

      He must feel that it's part and parcel of his exceptionalism that's dear to him.

  • 'Peace Now' and 'Breaking the Silence' leader call on Americans to oppose peace talks (Netanyahu is 'anathema to peace')
    • Citizen, maybe not nuclear powered but it can still remain underwater for 30 days and has a refueling range of 9,000 km carrying 6 nuclear cruise missiles that have a range of 1500 km. The initial nuclear powered Nautilus could stay underwater for only 2 weeks. Can still do a lot of damage, especially in the hands of crazed Zionists. The Arabs have their nightmare with ISIS and the rest of the world has an equal problem because of the Zionists it has to deal with.

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