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  • 'Slate' blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel
    • Yesterday, I saw a news clip of him leaving the hospital all smiles and walking out. He had also been injured at Bint Jbail in Lebanon 2006.

  • Israel's 'defeat'
    • This morning, a 2-month old baby died of suffocation from some shit or other dropped by Israel.

    • With 7 on the "very seriously injured" list. Probably Israeli jargon to mean these are already dead but will be declared so over a period of several days to break the news softly to Israelis.

    • seafoid, I agree as the BG closure has put a permanent dent in tourism and the only way out of this mess to get the Jewish tourists back is to make an all out peace with the Palestinians.

      What are all the stranded tourist in Israel to do? I heard about hundreds of Israelis stranded in Turkey.

      From Haaretz today:

      "Thousands stranded in Israel by canceled flights desperately try to get out
      Passengers are not eligible for compensation for canceled flights or hotel expenses.
      By Judy Maltz | Jul. 23, 2014 | 5:19 PM

      A departure flight board displays various canceled and delayed flights in Ben Gurion Airport.
      A departure flight board displays various canceled and delayed flights in Israel's Ben Gurion International airport. Comments (0)

      Israeli travel agents were inundated today with desperate phone calls from tourists stranded in the country and Israelis stuck overseas after most international airlines announced on Tuesday that they were temporarily suspending flights to Ben-Gurion International Airport."

      “The whole industry is on the verge of a nervous breakdown,” said the manager of a big travel agency in Tel Aviv, who asked that he not be quoted by name."

      link to

    • Just, a bigger WOW are the 12 Hercules military transport planes given to Israel that came with the 1973 Yom Kippur airlift of munitions and a couple of Boeings. As of last April, the US began deliveries of a new batch of Super Hercules transport so Israel is going to end up with a fleet of at least 24 Hercules transports. The odd thing about all of this is that Israel is only 170 miles long. What are all those military transports for, if Israel's only a defense force?

      As to those 44 pre or post Cast Lead containers (they started arriving at Ashdod in March 2009, There's an agreement between the US and Israel whereby the US stockpiles munitions in Israel but Israel is given a blanket approval to use whatever it needs from them to defend itself. That's a polite way of stating that the US pays for all the bombs and missiles that Israel dumps on other people for its wars.

    • More important than the suspended flights into TA, we're not hearing this time anything about the airlifting of munitions between the US and Israel as is the custom whenever Israel decides to start massively bombing its neighbours.

      There were the airlifts of 1967 and those of 1973 that were publicized. We didn't hear much about those of Lebanon 82 but there had to be an American airlift, there always is. We had the airlift for the 2006 war on Lebanon that caused a big stink in the UK because of its laws against using its airports for this purpose and there was the huge transfer of arms in 45 containers that left the USA by ship in anticipation of the 2008-2009 war on Gaza. The worst of it is that Israel doesn't pay for these munitions dumped on Israel's neighbours.

    • Arab pro-Gaza news stations have been saying something about an F16 having beeen hit. Not necessarily downed but simply hit along with about a dozen tanks and troop carriers. Time will tell if there's any meat to the F16 claim. Major difference between Hizbullah 2006 and Hamas & friends 2014 is that Hizbullah had a camera crew taping every operation and every Merkava that was immobilized as well as the cruise missile hit on the Israeli frigate "Hanit" that was 10km out to sea on live television.

  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • seafood, it's hoped that the Palestinians aren't going to sing that 2000-year song for just as long. Current Palestinians in the former Palestine have either been or will be ghettoized with not much worrying being done about them, those naturalized in Western countries are comfortable where they are and the only real pressure coming is from those in the camps of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan but these aren't allowed to raise their voices. Who's to fuss about the refugees when the Arabs themselves aren't bothering?

    • Shingo, a 10-year hudna serves to let Israel, the Palestinians and the rest of Arabs keep the right of return issue under the rug as by 10 years from now, about 95% of 1948 refugees will have died. For years now, all talk is centered on the siege, on checkpoints, on 67 lines with and without swaps, but never about the return of Palestinians. Israel has succeeded in messing up the Arabs' heads so much with other issues that the return has practically become a dead one.

    • "Meanwhile, Kerry and el- Sisi and most probably Blair are in Egypt discussing the future of the Palestinian people! "

      Just, the Arabs have been doing it to the Palestinians since 1920 and they haven't stopped. The Egyptian cease-fire plan was drafted in Israel by Blair, handed over to Sisi to adopt it and Abbas agreed to it with none of these parties having discussed a word of it with the Gazans. The West and the Gulf are all for the Egyptian plan, which is just short of a Gaza surrender and return to the status quo.

  • Arab reporters come under attack from Israelis
    • "... Air Jordan..."

      Of course; it goes without saying.

    • "Is there any word on whether or not HB intends to get involved?"

      dbroncos, not a word other than for Nasrallah's statement that they stand by the Palestinian resistance and that Gaza must not fall, which could mean nothing other than moral support. But if the massacres don't stop, it will reach a point where I think something could happen.

    • "Walid I thought Dahlan was living in UAE? Did he relocate?"

      My mistake, Sumud, I have my villains and villainous countries all mixed up. My scorecard is filled up with so many corrections and changes.

    • After having spent 5 days flying back and forth between Arab capitals on the cease-fire project, a discouraged and dejected Abbas returned to Ramallah feeling most of his friends had betrayed him and the Palestinians. He convened a meeting of his council and spoke of taking the Palestinian problem to the UN to ask for its protection of the people. he finished his meeting with Quranic verses that could be interpreted as a call to an intifada.

    • I don't know about that one, Maximus, but I know a few Arab states joined the gang-bang on Gadaffi under the guise of an Arab spring. From there, the traveling road show moved to Syria.

      Odd that leader of Hamas, Mashaal, lives in Doha as does the leader of the Fatah group that tried to oust Hamas from power in 2005, Dahlan. Odd that Dahlan was able to pull strings in Gaza to get Hamas to allow the 40 spies to leave Gaza. Twilight Zone stuff.

    • Canadian and Dutch airlines got on the no-fly-to-TA list.

    • The Jazeera/ UAE/Lieberman story is starting to come into focus with the story of the 40 thieves. Just missing an Ali Baba.

    • Hope you're right, Maximus.

    • Emir of Qatar just arrived in Saudia. Looks like big daddy is upset.

    • Kay, there has to be something big brewing. Dozens of missiles fell on TA and the airport and other than for some disruptions there didn't appear to be any major physical damage. Could be that Israel and the US are planning something really big, which could have an effect on the airport, or that they got wind of something planned by the resistance that involves the airport. Either way, it's not a good sign. There's another party in the area that can hit anything in TA with accuracy.

    • Jazeera and its owner, the State of Qatar also under attack from the UAE after it aired a report about Lieberman having visited the UAE to discuss the attacks on Gaza. He probably did. UAE is asking for an apology. This may also have something to do with Lieberman's anti Jazeera outburst that went as far as accusing Qatar of supporting ME terrorism. The Arabs are still punishing Qatar for backing Morsi.

      BTW, Air France, Lufthansa, and the Scandinavians also suspended flights to TA. Not a good sign.

  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
    • Kerry just held a press conference in Cairo which began with his declaration that Israel has a right to defend itself and stopped short of calling Hamas a terrorist organization. All he had to say was that the Egyptian proposal remains unchanged, which involves a cease-fire to be followed by talks between Israel and the Palestinians and a relaxation of the Rafah shutdown. A total waste of time. Both Al-Jazeera and al-Mayaden cut short their coverage because the more he spoke, the more he added insult to the Palestinians' injuries but the Saudi al Arabia covered Kerry's talk in full.

      Elsewhere, a rumble is brewing between Qatar and the UAE after the UAE accused Al-Jazeera of misrepresenting it. Al-Ahram wrote:

      "... UAE State Minister for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash demanded an "official apology" from Doha-based Al-Jazeera for publishing news stating that a meeting had taken place between foreign ministers of the UAE and Israel, local media said Monday.

      The website of Al-Jazeera Mubashar Misr, reported on Saturday that UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahayan had met with his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman and proposed "financing" the Israeli "agression" against Gaza "on the condition that Hamas would be completely eliminated."

      Al-Jazeera was quoting a website named "Arabi21", which in turn said it was quoting Israel's Channel 2.

      Local Emirati media reported that Channel 2 has denied it had published such information.

      On his Twitter account, Sheikh Abdullah wrote that "I have chosen not to respond" to such claims.

      Local media has also slammed a campaign by Qatari Tweeters accusing members of the Emirati Red Crescent mission in Gaza of being "spies" for Israel.

      Columnist Mohammed al-Hammadi criticised Qatar's "incitement against the United Arab Emirates" in an article on Abu Dhabi daily, Al-Ittihad.

      "Qatar will be held responsible for endangering the lives of the Emirati Red Crescent team due to its direct incitement against them," he wrote.

      Qatar is a staunch supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, viewed by most conservative monarchies of the Gulf as a threat to their grip on power because of its grass-roots political advocacy and calls for Islamic governance."

    • For what's it's worth in the field of useless information, the Druze commander of the Golani brigade that was seriously injured in Gaza by Hamas was also injured 8 years ago in Bint Jbail, Lebanon by Hizbullah. Unlucky guy.

    • "Where are you getting this information from Walid?"

      Sumud, live coverage from al-Jazeera and al Arabia that have journalists inside Israel monitoring army press releases and Israeli media and al-Mayadeen that has journalists on the West Bank and Gaza, all of them Hebrew-speaking. Watching all 3 and CNN that's running with about 5 or 6 dead Israeli soldiers..

      Al-Jazeera offices in Gaza just took a direct hit from an Apache and it was definitely a targeted hit. Minimal damage, but the office's staff of 30 all standing on the sidewalk just in case there's another hit. Israeli press has been bitching that Al-Jazeera is broadcasting in a way that's encouraging Hamas. That, combined with Lieberman's threat could have something to do with the attack on Al-Jazeera. The station's Jerusalem bureau chief called the government to ask about the attack and was told they are aware of it and "will investigate".

    • Israeli Army now saying that a couple of days back when it lost 7 soldiers, only 6 bodies were recovered and the 7 th could be the corpse of the soldier that Hamas is claiming to have captured. Guess until Hamas proves that it has the live prisoner, Israel may be right unless Israel is baiting Hamas to say if it's got a live prisoner or a dead corpse.

    • Israeli Army admitted to having a "missing" soldier since 2 days.

    • "No one outside the cult is fooled by this, talknic."

      Sounds like a confession of sorts, hophmi, glad to see you've come clean and accepted that your Zionism is a cult.

    • Mahane, Israel has now admitted to 29 deaths, it still has 21 more to admit to. In time the number of declared dead will increase and Israel will simply say that the additional deaths were results of seriously injured soldiers having died. Usual Israeli lying.

    • Thanks, Shingo.

    • If the Lieberman gets his way, Israel would see its several trade and commercial offices in Doha shut down in retaliation. I wouldn't be surprised if Brookings got the boot too. Israel has much more to lose by pissing off the Qataris.

    • Mahane, you may be right in what you say about the longer time frame that Israel needs to ascertain deaths, but regrettably because of Israel's past record of lying about its dead, it cannot be given the benefit of the doubt.

      It brings to mind Israel's botched raid at Mansouriyeh, Lebanon in 1997 when Hizbullah was waiting for them in ambush after having hacked into drone transmissions, which resulted in the 12 servicemen of Shetayet getting killed. Israel at the time told the relatives of the 12 dead Israelis that they had died during a military exercise. The truth came out only 13 years later in 2010 when Hizbullah released videotapes of the hacked video transmissions and actual videotape of the landing and the ambush. Last we heard about Israel's lying on this matter was that the relatives of 12 killed servicemen had sued the Israeli government for having lied to them.

      Getting back to the current war on Gaza, after it will be over, you will be discovering that the number of actual Israeli deaths is closer to 50.

    • Word starting to leak out about a long term hudna with international guarantees of which the jihad group is refusing to allow any American involvement in it.

    • Maximus, it's no longer just a matter of cease-fire no matter who calls it and who accepts it. Israel's Channel 10 is sending up smoke signals that Israel may be willing to relax some crossing points. The people of Gaza don't want any relaxing but the total lifting of the siege. Tonight, word came out of Doha that Abbas and Meshaal agreed on something or other. That doesn't sound very good for the Palestinians because Abbas has been campaigning for a cease-fire to Israel's advantage. Hopefully Abbas changed his position and decided to side with Gaza.

  • In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated)
    • Kids were not swimming but playing soccer on the beach.

    • News now showing live pictures of the children on the beach, some with missing arms, others with missing legs, A very sad sight.

      If this is Israel's idea of spooking the Gazans into submitting, they're mistaken. Gazans are becoming more determined with each massacre.

    • 3 missiles just aimed directly at a group of children swimming on the beach. 4 children dead so far all aged less than 10 and all from the same family of fishermen that live on the beach . Israel specializes in killing children, A couple of days back, Israel hit a home for the handicapped. Wicked people.

    • Spring, India is far away and with the Modi connection, you can almost understand it but how do you explain the same thing happening to Palestinians at the hand of Palestinian police? From AIC:

      "The Palestinian Authority prevents people from expressing their anger at the occupation, so the centers of struggle moved to areas where the PA has no influence: Jerusalem, within Israel and the West Bank's Area C.

      Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces erupted across the West Bank, Jerusalem and within Israel following the abduction and assassination of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, constructing a new and volatile political reality.
      Abu Khdeir was abducted at dawn on July 2. The 17-year was forced into a car, taken to a nearby forest and burned to death by Jewish Israelis.

      Clashes erupted the same day at 8am, when police attempted to forcibly disperse concerned neighbors who came to visit the family as they heard news of the abduction.

      Since then the situation has evolved to appear like the possible beginning of a third intifada, accompanied by an Israeli military offensive against the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank, the Palestinian police retreated from the main roads and other areas of friction and confrontation. In the past the police used to prevent such confrontations.
      The second intifada began in Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque, and later spread to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The second Intifada did not address the question of the Palestinian Authority, which then was led by Yasser Arafat, who succeeded in maintaining national unity and avoiding the trap of internal confrontations, as pushed by Israel.

      he situation is different now, after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas clearly stated he won't allow "a third intifada." His directives are applied by the Palestinian security services, leading to escalating tensions between the Palestinian government and Palestinian people."

      link to

    • Harry, I trust you didn't believe a word of what Erekat supposedly said.

    • Remember the Israelis picnicking at Sderot to watch the Cast Lead phosphorus show over Gaza in 2009:

      Israelis were back at it last Wednesday; from the NYT with photos:


      July 14, 2014

      Last Wednesday night, as he stood on a hilltop outside the Israeli town of Sderot and watched the bombardment of Gaza on the plain below, a Danish newspaper reporter snapped an iPhone photo of about a dozen locals who cheered on their military from plastic chairs while eating popcorn.

      Allan Sørensen, a veteran Middle East correspondent for Denmark’s Kristeligt Dagblad, then uploaded the image to Twitter with a sardonic caption that described the macabre scene as “Sderot cinema.”

      The image of the Israeli spectators was taken after 9 p.m. local time on Wednesday, the reporter said, about the same time that what was intended to be a “precision strike” from Israel’s military killed at least eight of their Palestinian neighbors, seated in similar plastic chairs at a beachside cafe in Gaza, waiting to watch the World Cup semifinal between Argentina and the Netherlands.

      As his image reverberated around the social network, where it was shared more than 10,000 times, the reporter was surprised by the response. It was, he said in a telephone interview from Israel, “nothing new.” Similar scenes, of Israeli spectators gathered on the high ground above Gaza to view the destruction below, were documented in a Times of London article and a video report from Denmark’s TV2 during Operation Cast Lead in 2009.

      Explaining that he has also previously witnessed Palestinians cheering news of bombings that killed Israelis, Mr. Sørensen said that, in a war, “this is what happens.” Civilians and fighters on both sides, he said, “go through a process of dehumanizing the enemy.”

      link to

    • Harry, Hizbullah's threat to shut down Israeli shipping should Israeli blockade Lebanon again is not dependent on 1-man submarines but more on shore to ship cruise missiles that Hizbullah has in its arsenal. It's the C802 that was used to cripple the Israeli frigate INS Hanit in the 2006 war that has a range of over 500 miles and cruises at 5 meters above the sea surface.

    • Jon, why would Palestinian sympathizers chose the day of the Gaza demonstrations from all other days to make trouble at the synagogue? Israel has a long history of planting people to make trouble.

      The demonstration by about 6,000 pro-Gaza activists was made up mostly of women. Nothing happened throughout the 4.2 km march from Barbés to Place de la Bastille until it arrived at the end at the Bastille and young men started scuffling with the police and breaking storefront windows. They could have started from when the march began. The whole thing smells very fishy and Israeli.

    • "... Also the tastiest falafel in the world, which I ate in a little jewish-owned restaurant"

      Best I've had were in an Iranian-owned restaurant that had just the right spicy bite to them and crunchy-crispy. Those I tried in a few Israeli-owned joints were tasteless, soggy and served in Greek flatbread pita that tasted like cardboard.

    • Must have been very very hard for Israel to do, but it has finally admitted that it has downed a Gazan drone over Isdoud. Israel that's built on a myth tries to keep all such news from its people. Maybe Israel broke its own rule this time to justify an even more vicious onslaught on Gaza ahead. It has already admitted to having 4 of its navy's Shatayet commandos injured in the failed seaborne mission to infiltrate Gaza, but has yet to admit to having lost a couple of Humvees to Hamas' anti-tank missiles a few days ago.

      No matter if the missiles run out or what's left of them is discovered and destroyed by Israel, Hamas now possesses the know-how to mass-produce them in the future as they have been doing in the last 2 years and they continue to do during the ongoing war now. It seems they learned how to make drones from studying children's toy model planes.

      Now all Netanyahu talks about is putting an end to the Gaza missiles. He's not talking much about anything else these days such as the need of Abbas to break the PN's relation with Hamas.

    • "... that Gazan militant should know just how much support Hezbollah, Syria and Iran have been giving them for years."

      A note for those believing to know all about the sectarian strife that separates Muslims, here are Hisbullah, the Syrian (regime) and Iran that are all Shia helping Gaza in spite of Hamas being 112% Sunni. Ironically, it's the other Sunni (only 100%) countries like Egypt, Jordan and those 130% Sunni Gulfies (except for Qatar) that are against Hamas and would like to see it ride into the sunset.

    • Mahane, it would have been helpful to have provided a mini translation of what the video is about. For someone that doesn't understand the language, it's just a bunch of ranting Arabs, which is probably what was behind your posting of it. For someone that is fluent in Arabic such as yourself, it couldn't have taken more than a minute.

      The people in the video were expressing their solidarity with the resistance in Hamas and cheering the launching of all the missiles that are giving them hope for the future. The greater good of those hundreds of missiles is not so much in having made nervous wrecks of Israelis, but in having lit a spark of hope in Palestinians.

    • American, if you look close enough, you'd see which parties are actually working in the shadows to fuel ISIS. It has become somewhat of a Murder Inc. arm of the central Sunni mafia.

      The Syrian "moderate"rebels for whom Obama has been campaigning to give the $500 million in arms and that had already received their second shipment of American anti-tank missiles have defected and sworn allegiance to ISIS that's already reaping millions from the sale of the Syrian oil, most probably to Turkey, and reaping other millions from the Kurds in royalty fees for the oil transiting in their held Iraqi territories to the terminal at Ceyhan, Turkey to be shipped to Israel and the US. For some reason, the US is allowing this to happen while it immediately jumped all over the Libyan rebels when they seized and tried to sell the oil in Libya.

    • A call for a massive demonstration to gather at Cairo's Journalists' Syndicate Center yesterday yielded only a few hundred participants. The only strong Egyptian voice to speak against the aggression was Coptic Pope Tawadros II that expressed solidarity with the Gazans. The photo above of the demo in Lebanon was in Saida led by a Nasserite group where a few hundred including Palestinians from the camps held a small rally for the usual speeches.

    • Kay, about that medical help, Shifa Hospital that has been treating mostly all of the 1300 injured and storing the dead is almost down to no supplies at all. During Cast Lead, there were long lines of medical teams and trailer trucks with medical supplies and even a Qatari mobile surgical hospital parked for weeks on the Egyptian side of Rafah border waiting for Egypt to open the gates. Made one think back to how the Israelis had held down the Palestinian refugees at Sabra-Shatila in 82 while the Lebanese militia butchered them. This time around, there is nothing out there at Rafah, Egypt parked and ready to roll in. The UAE sent in a small team of 15 medics and they brought with them some medicines.

      While the Saudi medical aid is welcomed, it brings to mind the Israeli doctrine of "starving the Gazans but not letting them die". Meaningful Saudi aid would be a simple phone call to Sisi, who just received billions in aid from Saudia, to open the Rafah gates and to keep them open.

      Half the ambulances in Gaza have become inoperable for lack of fuel and 70% of Gaza is without electricity, running water and an operating sanitary drainage system. A couple of days back, Israel tanks shelled fuel reservoirs and set them on fire. That Saudi help will mostly allow Israel to prolong the agony.

    • "... for instance Abbas refuses to formally sign up to the ICC and thereby gain standing,"

      In the absence of such signing up to these necessary conventions, you have no other choice but to agree with what Ramzi is pushing. It's bad enough that the WB is occupied and the Palestinians are not free to move around in it, in the case of Gaza is much worse as it's under an inhuman siege that has it locked tight on all sides since 9 years, especially by Egypt.

    • A cease-fire would advantage mostly Israel at this point, this is why the big scramble by all of Israel's friends to stop the Gaza missiles. Nobody is talking about the Israeli bombings though. It's missiles, missiles, missiles to make you feel sorry for Israel and to discount the horrors caused by the Israeli bombings.

      Yesterday Maariv reported that it was the very first time that Israel actually calls on the US to get a cease-fire in place. Usually it's the US that calls on Israel to stop its attacks.

      In short, eventhough Israel is killing Gazans and maiming many, it's desperate to get a cease-fire because Israelis can't take it anymore because they're not used to be the ones dodging the missiles.

      Gaza should hold on until the siege is lifted and not fall under Arab pressure to stop. Everything else is detail.

    • 6,000 demonstrators in front of Israeli Embassy in London. Another demonstration is scheduled for Tuesday and another massive one at the embassy next Saturday.

    • Shingo, Abbas called in Blair to fix things for Gaza. Take it from there. BTW, Sisi also hired Blair to help him manage the billions in funding coming to Egypt. The man must have some talent we can't recognize.

      Keep in mind that most Arab countries are anti-Brotherhood and for all intents and purposes, Hamas people are considered by near and and by far as Brothers. Only Qatar is pro-Brothers but it has had to soft-pedal that picture of itself lately to fall back into the good graces of other Arabs.

      UAE has sent into Gaza 15 medics with a bit of medicine.

    • Israel Channel 2 relayed Reuters report on rocket that fell on Israeli Air Force base near Beit Shemesh.

    • No, Kay, I hadn't seen that one but I'm a big fan of Galloway. He has a bi-weekly program on al-Mayadeen TV. Here is a short clip of him teaching some Arabs a thing on two about what they are doing wrong; the students ask their question in Arabic and he answers in English.:

    • amigo, Annie's and the others' in in the "ABOUT" section at the top of the page.

    • In one of the massacres of last night an F16 dropped one bomb on the house of the family al-Batch. The total family of 18, aged from the father that is 50 to the youngest aged 2, totally wiped out with most reduced to small pieces of skin. The blast was so powerful that it almost destroyed the totality of all surrounding buildings of the neighbours causing serious injuries to 45 neighbours, some of which are surely to die from their injuries.

    • Thanks, Annie.

      I don't know if I should be embarrassed or angry at the Arab non-showing in all these demonstrations. I heard one Gazan militant on TV saying that they didn't need the Arabs' arms, their fighters or their money. They just want the Arabs to stand with them in the same way the Americans, the French, The Brits, the Germans and every other country having come out in support of Israel in the shit they are doing. It's embarrassing and hurtful that Israeli ambassadors are sitting in Amman and Cairo while the slaughter is ongoing without being expelled..

  • Video: A beautiful brother went looking for his family in the death zone (Updated)
  • Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja'iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters
    • Good video, seafoid, it showed me that the spokeswoman in it was Miri Eisen that I had previously identified as Miri Regev; my mistake.

    • 13 Golanis (I understood the 13th fell to friendly fire) must have really shaken up the already weak Israeli confidence. Same thing had happened to the Golanis in Bint Jbail and Maroun al-Ras. Another tank taken out this morning by the Kassam Brigade in which 5 IDF soldiers were killed. Those Golanis are not up to the image created of them. Marches by Israeli mothers to get their boys out of Gaza should be starting soon.

    • Israel this morning reported 5 of its dead in 2 separate attacks on them. Also admitted to using 6 flechette bombs. These are used to kill as many people as possible in areas of heavy concentration of people.

      "Small" phosphorus bombs being dropped on peripheral areas of Gaza this morning. These are legally being used to light the sky or to create a smoke screen.

      Shifa Hospital reporting treating people hit with DIME munitions.

    • Good news or bad news? Nasrallah has declared he stands with Hamas; does that mean just spiritually or all the way?

    • Maximus, expect Israel to now carpet-bomb a couple of neighbourhoods, just to get it out of their system. They coined the term "Dahieh Doctrine" back in 2006 and they've had ants in their pants since then to repeat it on the Palestinians. Now's their opportunity.

    • "decision had been taken"

      Is this some kind of palace revolt while Abbas and his group are away trying to remove Netanyahu's chestnuts from the fire?

    • Haaretz today:

      "Thirteen Israeli soldiers were killed on Sunday in several incidents across the Gaza Strip, bringing to a total 18 troop fatalities in less than two days.

      The IDF spokesman released a statement confirming that during fighting, 13 soldiers in the Golani Brigade were killed. Two of the soldiers were U.S. citizens, the IDF confirmed.

      "The IDF is currently completing the identification process; when the process is completed, and with the families' approval, the names of the fatalities will be released," the statement said.

      In one incident in the Tufah neighborhood north of Shujaiyeh, Golani troops fell into an ambush in which an RPG was fired at their APC, killing seven and severly wounding two. Senior IDF officers criticized the use of the aging APC, built in the 1960s. In another incident, three soldiers were killed, including two officers in the battalion. Three more soldiers were killed in another gun battle nearby.

      In another incident, an anti-tank rocket was fired at a building in Shujaiyeh where troops were staying, killing three and wounding many more.

      Six Golani soldiers were wounded in another incident, when a grenade exploded near their positions. Army officials do not know whether the grenade was thrown by army troops and wounded the soldiers afterward, or thrown at the troops by armed Palestinians. In yet another incident, several soldiers suffered from smoke inhalation.

      Five soldiers were killed on Saturday: First Sergeant Eitan Barak, 20, of Herzliya; Major Amotz Greenberg, 45 of Hod HaSharon; Sergeant Adar Bersano,20, of Nahariya; Second Lieutenant Bar Rahav, 21 of Ramat Yishai; and Sergeant Bnaya Rubel, 20 of Holon."

      link to

      Not mentioned in the Haaretz article are the 89 IDF soldiers injured in Touffah today.

    • A few minutes ago, al-Mayadeen called Erekat in Doha to ask him for his reaction to the capture of the IDF soldier. There was silence after the journalist's question and it appeared as if the line went dead. Guess that could be interpreted as a "no comment".

      Elsewhere, celebrations under way all over the West Bank including Jerusalem and in Arab towns in Israel.

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