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  • Pelosi blasts Netanyahu speech as 'insult to intelligence of U.S.', Amanpour calls it 'dark, Strangelovian'
    • Hophmi, Amanpour is married to a Zionist and is most probably more Zionist than you are.

      Now Hala Gorani is on; are you going to make a snide remark about her Lebanese roots?

    • I've been watching Amanpour for the last hour or so and she and the guests she has on her program have been wiping the floor with Netanyahu. Never thought I'd see the day when this would happen on CNN.

      Now she has ended her program by pushing talented Iranian musicians and Iranian art.

      Looking forward to hearing Blitzer's comments>

  • Why Iran is not and has never been Israel’s #1 enemy
  • Bipartisanship is dead, as Netanyahu, AIPAC, and GOP square off against Obama over Iran
    • "Answer: Al Nusra. Self-confessed “Alquaida in Syria” – that’s what they call themselves. "

      Taxi, as of a short while back, Nusra dropped the al qaida tag and joined up with ISIS. It took a while for them to combine forces because of differing points of view on leadership and who was to call the shots With that little detail out of the way, they're now considered as one force. The only true rebels are what's left of the Free Syria Army that comes to life and then quickly fades out of view every few months. Free Syria Army with the green, white and black flag is the one that the US uses to legitimize its involvement in Syria and also the one that the US drops all the arms to ($400 million's worth 2 months ago) that somehow "accidently" fell into the hands of Nusra/ISIS. It was the FSA that got the ball rolling in July 2011 with BHL in Paris that made the initial deal with Israel in exchange for its help to drop all claims to the Golan and sign a peace treaty with Israel. Lately the FSA has been begging Isrel to bomb Syria and its army. Ever hear of anyone asking the enemy to bomb one's own country?

    • You're right, seafoid, nothing is forever, but until that happens Palestinians will continue suffering a painful calvary. How much longer do Palestinians have to continue paying for the sins of the Europeans?

    • Kay, the poison is not Netanyahu but Israel itself. All previous leaders starting with BG have been just as vicious with the Palestinians. Look at all the doom and gloom promised would be done by those other Israeli contenders. Which of them would be good for Palestinians?

    • Hi Taxi, don't allow your hopes get too high, only yesterday afternoon, Kerry was in Geneva apologizing to the UNHRC for Israel's occupation. He told the commission that it was too obsessed by Israel and not giving its attention elsewhere to really bad guys like in North Korea.

      Confusing signals are coming out; first they give Netanyahu the finger about his Congress speech but at the same time, they are acting as his lawyer at the UN. Wouldn't be surprised if all this hocus pocus ends up with an announcement of another big handout for Israel.

  • Bil'in marks ten years of resisting the occupation
    • Bil'in's celebration of sorts was not only for Bil'in but for all the neighbouring villages that have been struggling with Bil'in non-violently against the occupation. Bil'in with a population of less than 1500 Moslems and Christians is at heart of the non-violent movement and its 10-year struggle resulted in many deaths and many injuries, but it also resulted in many successes not only for Bil'in but for other villages too. Bil'in succeeded in getting back through the Israeli justice system about 700 hectares, but its leadership in the struggle also resulted in inspiring other villages into fighting and winning legal battles here and there that totalled several thousands hectares that had been stolen by the Zionists.

      Bil'in is also at the center of a decade-long battle against the billionaire Russian-Israeli thief, Lev Leviev the man known for his theft of Palestinian lands through his bribery of Israel's Land Redemption Fund that does the stealing through fraudulent claims. Leviev also known for his blood diamonds was often discussed here at Mondo and was the target of Code Pink and other Jewish activists, because of his theft of Palestinian land for his real estate development projects.

      Other victories for the people of Bil'in were getting 3 Scandinivian sovereign funds to divest from Leviev's real estate ventures and in getting the UK Government to walk away from a major lease for its embassy in a Leviev-owned building. It also convinced a US major brokerage firm, BlackRock, to also divest.

      The little village of Bil'in sued Leviev's 2 companies that were building on its stolen lands in Quebec's Superior Court, since they were registerd in Quebec and it's against the law there to be building on occupied land, but it turned out the 2 companies were only shell companies to throw smoke around Leviev's activities and their registered address in Montreal were that of a dry cleaning shop or a vacant small office, if I'm not mistaken. Regrettably after 2 years, the court ruled that it did not want to get involved in a situation happening in a foreign land and suggested to the people of Bil'in to try suing the companies in Israel. Bil'in's major defeat was in its inability to convince the rulers of Dubai to not allow Leviev from opening a couple of his blood diamond shops there.

      All this to say that the little village of Bil'in is full of piss and vinegar and is a major thorn in Israel's side and that will continue refusing to give up no matter how many people Israel kills or maims. It deserves a huge BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO for its 10-year struggle.

  • It's not about nukes, it's about the US shifting the power balance -- Parsi
    • Annie, that would appear the most logical way of doing it, but there must be some economical twist that doesn't make it as attractive as we'd see it on the surface. As an example, you have to account for Israel acting as America's pit bull in the whole region and is always on the ready to attack, such as with what was done at Osirak or Syria's alleged nuclear site, which I'm sure was done mostly for the account of the US. As one senator referred to Israel, it acts as America's permanent carrier in the region. Factor-in the cost of alternatively maintaining 70,000 soldiers , 500 aircraft, missiles and nuclear arms to safeguard America's interests in the region and you'd come up with an annual cost that would 3 billion. In only a few months of sparadic bombings and destroying a few ISIS pickups, the US has already billed Iraq the cost of $250 million.

    • I think it's a combination of true and false affecting parts of the story but more on the true side. This probably happened at the time when there were a lot of rumours going around on how Saudia had consented to allow Israel an air corridor to reach Iran. The false part I'm guessing is about Israeli planes having actually penetrated Iranian air space; they probably reached the border and for that they would have had to go through Iraqi air spce which is controlled by the US, which probably gave its consent for the practice run, the refueling and so on. Another probably true part was about the American threat but not necessarily as drastic as it was made out to sound.

    • "We must look like the biggest dupes in the world," (Kay)

      Not necessarily, Kay, while so true that Israel is undeservingly riding the gravy train, you have to account for some of that American benevolence actually working itself back into the American economy. A lot of those arms that Israel gets for free help the American arms industry that employs a lot of people and keeps some Congress people in Congress, which makes foreign aid also an indirect subsidy to congressional districts. Whatever route the American aid takes, it always ends on the backs of the American taxpayer. Look at all the expensive weaponry in the hundred of millions that the US supplies to Israel for free every time Israel decides to give its neighbours a beating and take into consideration all the free fuel supplied to the Israeli military for its land vehicles, tanks, and aircraft. When missiles and bullets cost nothing, Israel can go on shooting people as there is no cost and when gas costs nothing, you can go on taking joy rides all the time thanks to American taxpayers. It's like the host and the parasite that feeds off it; they both benefit but in varrying degrees.

      Israel is the only one benefitting from Amercan generosity. Hundreds of Humvees were supplied to the Lebanese military to replace its Korean vintage Jeeps and the internal security services that received over 1000 Dodge Chargers to replace their 15-year old Nissans. Both these gifts were awful horrible gas guzzlers but the Lebanese were not in a position to look a gift horse in the mouth; the US made those grants when GM and Chrysler were in deep doo-doo, so the help was also directed at the ailing American automakers.

    • "... “Spring Offensive” against Mosul has now, due to the incapacity of the Iraqi Army, been postponed to Autumn, ..." (Daily Beast)

      Another great announcement by the Pentagon; now the ISIS guys have been given a break to go on breaking things until the fall. Makes you wonder who it is really that the Pentagon is trying to spook with these announcements, the ISIS, or the Iraqi Government to make it reconsider its refusal to allow permanent US bases in Iraq. If this doesn't work, the US could always use the old horse-head-in-the-bed tactic.

    • Page: 76
    • Philadelphialawyer, accepting what Cockburn said about the bogus numbers of soldiers and that Sunni rights are being trampled as seafoid is saying, how to explain why when the Kurds' Erbil was threatened, the US sent in the 7th cavalry to save the day but when Mosul was equally threatened, the US simply made popcorn and watched the show? And where does Israel fit in all of this chaos since it has been firmly installed in the Kurdish Iraq since the establishment of the northern no-fly zone in 1992. At one point, there were 500 Israeli companies doing business there.

    • "... look what happened when a couple of thousand Islamic state head choppers invaded Iraq, 30,000 heavily armed Iraqi troops dropped their weapons and ran for their lives.." (Harry)

      Harry, final verdict on what really happened there is still not in. An army of 30,000 trained soldiers and their commanders fleeing in the face of 2000 terrorists and abandoning all their arms, 1200 tanks, troop carriers, canons, surface to air missiles and even the uniforms on their backs is too much "hollywood" as Taxi would say. Believing in UFO's is easier than believing this absurd scenario of what we are told happened.

      To make the situation more complex, last week the Pentagon in a video-conferencing statement to the press announced for all to hear that it intends invading Mosul with a ground army of Iraqi soldiers to take back Mosul from the barbararians in March or April of this year. Even more perplexing, the Pentagon announced that it will do it with 20,000 soldiers. The only thing not announced is the exact date and hour of the assault. This must make sense to someone with miltary training, which I don't have.

      A couple of days or so back, the Washington Post quoted a retired US general that really knows the situation in Iraq as saying that this planned March or April mission is bound to fail as ISIS must have by now started booby-trapping the whole city. Of course this wouldn't have any effect on US miltary people as the Pentagon's participation in the assault will be to provide the air cover.

    • "This is a serious setback for Iranian plans to ... " (MHughes)

      Actually no. The exact opposite is happening in Iraq and whatever gains Iraqis including the Kurds are having over ISIS, are not being attributed to the American-led coalition cosmetic bombings of ISIS locations,but to arms and munitions sent to help them by non other than Iran.
      There's even a Hizbullah force there helping out with either the training or the actual fighting and this too is of course instigated by Iran.

      What goes unreported in the West is that Iraq since a while back had ordered and prepaid hundreds of millions' woth of arms and munitions from the US but is not receiving them under one ppretense or other while ISIS is slowly chewing up the country. What unclear is why the US is refusing to arm Iraq . For now, Iraqi lives are actually being saved with Iranian help while the US and the 80-country coalitiion take out the odd ISIS Toyota pick-up here and there in the desert every other day or so. The blocked shipments of arms may have something to do with Iraq's reticence in granting the US the rights to air bases and perhaps help them realize how much they need the permanent presence of the US in Iraq.

    • "remember the Shia take their shrouds into battle" (Harry)

      Harry, the shroud stuff is show business intended to spook the enemy; shrouds are not worn but are white sheets in which the naked body is wrapped in for burial..

    • "The answer is that if Iranian military is armed, trained and prepared as well as Hezbollah but more numerous, then no. " (piotr)

      Who do you think trained, armed and funded Hizbullah's military force? Think back to 2006 and the land-to-sea cruise missile that immobilized Israel's modern frigate, the Hanit. It missed the Hanit's critical point that would have sunk it by a few meters but it still succeeded in killing 5 Israeli sailors, injuring several and keeping it in dry dock for repairs for 2 years. Since then, Israel has been under threat by Hizbullah that if it tries blockading Lebanon's coast again, Israel's incoming and outgoing shipping would be totally shut down as Hizbullah's missiles have a range of about 300 miles. In 2006, Hizbullah also stopped about 80 supposedly invincible Merkavas with their TOW missiles. And that was 9 years ago, so that should give an idea of what both Iran and Hizbullah could have up their sleeve.

  • Hillel's segregated lunch counter
    • "Activists in the Fatah movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced the boycott plans last month, " (Kay)

      This is President Abbas' second drive around the block with this, the last time was about 3 or 4 years ago and included the preventing Palestinians from working in Israeli companies. Merchants selling Israeli-made or produced goods were threatened with fines, confiscations and worse. The campaign lasted something like 2 or 3 months before it fizzled out and the campaign became yesterday's news. This time, the president has targetted 6 Israeli companies only selling mostly non-essential foods and has given the merchants 6 weeks to liquidate their stocks of Israeli goods before the fines kick in.

      Ironically, one of the companies on the current black list sells bottled water from Israel's theft of water on the Golan. But of course this has nothing to do with President Abbas' decision to launch the boycott. All Israeli products without exception should be boycotted. The PA's notices of condolences for Charlie Hebdo and the Chapel Hill victims were touching, even joined in the Paris parade and for the 3 Moslem American kids because thay all had Palestinian roots.

  • Thanks to Netanyahu, Israel support turns into a political football
  • Oxfam says Gaza reconstruction will take a century to complete due to Israeli blockade
    • I have o go along with Mayhem's snark. Egypt negotiates the cease-fires and puts on the theatrical fund raisers that don't go beyond announcements, yet all these times it is itself maintaining a blockade of Gaza for whatever valid or invalid reason it may have. Maybe it should be re-named the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza.

  • What we talk about when we talk about ISIS
    • Real Jew, there are reportedly many thousands of Caucassian volunteers that joined the ranks of ISIS. Many of them are from Chechnya. In Syria, it was surveyed that fighting among ISIS and its associates, there are people from 80 different countries.

    • Very gentlemanly of an Israeli to come to the defense of Saudia.

    • Wood's article has all the markings of a press release intended to move the spotlight away from what ISIS actually is and who nurtured it into becoming what it is. For his authority on the article within another article about what makes al-Baghdadi tick, he refers on 2 occasions to another article of a supposedly former jailmate of Baghdadi, an "Abu Ahmed" that describes their imprisonment at the Bucca military prison camp with the colour-coded prisoner uniforms as somthing just short of Club-Med, which is absurd. Equally absurd in this romantic recounting of how al-Baghdadi's wicked streak came into being, was how the inmates wrote each other's phone numbers on the elastic waistband of their boxer shorts that months or years later after their release, they would hasten to cut up to get to the phone numbers to call each other to form terrorist cells. We are to believe that whatever ink they used to write down the phone numbers on their boxer shorts withstood months of washing or wearing until the inmates were released.

      In recounting the history of al-Baghdadi, which forms an important part of Woods' piece, he doesn't mention that al-Baghdadi's prison term lasted a whole 10 months before he was released from Bucca, or that at the time he was caught in the American dragnet, he had been simply a mild-mannered and somewhat meek company clerk and not as he is described as having already formed his own small and insignifant terror cell. Abu Ahmed's testimony doesn't make sense.

      I will re-post here a US-made 12-minute video I had put up on Kate's thread yesterday that details the origins of ISIS, how it remained almost insignificant until last summer and what was behind its rapid success. It sheds a not so pleasant light on American involvement, something the Woods article does not discuss. Either the Woods article is bogus or the accusatory video below is bogus. Maybe both are.

  • White House says Netanyahu offers no alternative but military action (and Liz Warren won't say if she's attending speech)
    • Kay, Esther like a true falling star actually fell off the stage a couple of days back at the British Awards. She was making a grandiose entry up the stairs of the stage wearing a super-long Armani cape that someone was supposed to remove from her shoulders by tugging it away from her. It was tied too strongly and when the guy pulled on the cape, it dragged her down the stairs:

    • Kay, that's what I meant. The French guy is to Jews what Maher s to Moslems. Both are vile people.

    • Oldgeezer, the French comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala is in hot water not because he is anti-Zionists but simply because he is anti-Jewish and makes fun of the holocaust. The guy is France's version of Bill Maher.

  • From Brooklyn to Palestine: A thank you note to Palestinian and Middle Eastern sisters who re-educated me on my world view
    • "Who wants to write this book, I wonder?" (Helena)

      Would that be about the loss of affinity between those in the Palestinian struggle and the SCLC or about those created between the Zionists and African-Americans?

      About the "“We are not Red Indians" remark by Arafat, it was not made in disdain for the Amerindians but in reference to having been pushed aside by world leaders for "90 years after Sykes-Picot." It was an apt comparison.

      There was a somewhat likewise dramatic comparison made 40 years earlier in the title of a book written by Pierre Vallières, a Québécois journalist and intellectual of the terrorist organization FLQ struggling for independence from Canada and its English dominance. He called it "Nègres blancs d'Amérique" or "white niggers of America" and he too had not used the term in disdain but to compare the plight of the French-Canadians to that of the African-Americans. The book was not a success, but the tag "Nègres blancs d'Amérique" stuck and became the theme of the separatists.

  • AIPAC and Bill Kristol turn up the pressure
    • Mustafa Barghouti on the phone was saying that these weekly demonstrations over 10 years have succeeded in recapturing tens of thousands of dunams that Israel had stolen but that more importantly, these weekly demonstrations have galvanized the people of the West Bank and of Gaza into joining in peaceful resistance to the occupation and that now that Palestinians have involved the ICC, we should expect to see more concrete action towards the occupiers.

      The soldiers were unable to fire their tear gas grenades on the Palestinians as much as they would have wanted to because the wind was blowing the gas back towards the soldiers and into the Israeli settlement.. As you saw, there were dozens of journalists, photographers and Israeli and European activists among the demonstrators.

    • Kay, live streaming of today's demonstration in progress on the West Bank:

      link to

      It's the 10th anniversary of the weekly demonstrations at Bi'ilin.

  • New DC bus ad takes on the special relationship on eve of Netanyahu’s address to Congress
  • Banksy goes to Gaza
  • FAQ: Palestinians and the Israeli elections
    • Thanks for the great desription, Allison; now I will feel a little less ignorant when I see the results of these elections and the ensuing jockeying to form the government. In the end, it will be as seafoid predicted, with no difference for Palestinians who wins.

  • About me: The olive tree
    • No doubt about her beautiful style, Annie. I was captivated from begining to the end and wished there was more.

    • Amal talks about the Zionists uprooting of the olive trees that are so national to Palestine and perhaps what was behind their obsession with destroying this landmark.

      Ramzi Jaber with whom we are all familiar at Mondo is behind the Vizualizing Palestine campaign that put what the Zionists did to the olive trees in perspective and for that, his group used the example of NYC's great and beautiful Central Park. The park cover 843 acres and contains 24,000 trees. The Zionist enterprise destroyed 800,000 Palestinian olive trees, which makes it 33 times the number of trees in Central park. 80,000 Palestinian families have been affected by the loss of livelihood from the olive trees that would have yielded over $12 million in annual revenue. There are still another 80,000 families living off the harvest but these too are seeing their trees gradually diminished each year by the settlers' destruction.

      Visit Vizualizing Palestine's site for other great visuals:

      link to

    • Nice nostalgic story and worthwhile remembering that the first recounting of the olive was with Noah and the returning dove with the olive branch or leaf in its beak. I can understand Amal's perplexity as to where her actual roots lie. She isn't any more Arab than she is an American and the options she ponders as to where she should go don't include any Arab country eventhough she lived many years in one. Today she lives in the US but there is something eating away at her telling her she shouldn't be there because it's not her country, which of course is not true. I'm assuming this comes from having been reminded at every opportunity year after year by her paternal relatives that she's an Arab and as such, America is not her home. When she'll realize what was done to her, she will become perfectly happy living with her American half-self and she'd start being happy wherever she is. As an American Palestinian she should be happy in both worlds.

  • Leading NY institutions discuss the Nakba -- and there is not a Palestinian in sight
    • "In any event the Peel Commision recommendations never got off the ground, as the Arab side rejected partition in principle " (jon s)

      Never got off the ground because the British withdrew their support of it and BG and Jabotinsky weren't that crazy about it either as it provided the compulsory transfer of the plains Arabs and the voluntary transfer of the Galilee Arabs, which BG didn't like because he knew the Galilee ones would never leave voluntarily and he'd be stuck with them. It's understandable that the Zionists accepted the partition since they didn't have much anyway and they only stood to gain. It was the opposite for the Arabs.

    • Kris, while Neil is not all that right, he's also not all that wrong. To keep repeating that Arabs and Jews lived in one beautiful mutual admiration society until the evil Zionists rode into town is a bit of a stretch because this goes against human nature of both Arabs and Jews. Both groups were used as pawns and not much more by the western powers and by Arab leaders with the Jewish ones receiving somewhat of a more favourable treatment. Neil mentions that the story starts before 1920 which makes it before the Peel Commission, the White Paper, and Ben-Gurion's obsession with ridding the land of its Arabs at times with voluntary transfers and at other times with compulsory transfers. Other elements came into play in the region in pre-1920 days with the western powers opting to give Arabia to the Sauds and giving the descendants of the prophet, the Hashemites, the consolation prize of a promised Greater Syria, which of course included Palestine..

      The Hashemites around 1920 struck a deal with the Zionists by which the Zionists would be given all of Palestine minus jurisdiction over Moslem holy sites in Jerusalem and a chunk of the east bank in exchange for their help in backing the Hashemites to reach the fulfilment of the promise to them of a Greater Syria which covered just about all of the Arab Middle East minus Arabia that was already given to the Sauds and for some Zionist technical and scientific knowhow to help the Arabs. None of this was discussed with the Palestinians but the deal collapsed as the British reneged on their promise of a Greater Syria to the Hashemites and the whole region fell under the mandate of the British and the French. The Hashemites were kicked out of Damascus and given a reworked consolation prize of 2 separate Hashemites kingdoms of what became Jordan and Iraq.

      Skipping over the clashes , riots and so on between the Arabs and the Jews covered by others here, you have Ben-Gurion starting early on in the planning of transfers and actual discussions and monetary negotiations with Arab leaders even before the Peel Commission. There was talk of purchasing or renting land on the east bank to be populated by Jews or in the least to settle Palestinians that would be transferred there, there was talk about shifting the Upper Galilee Palestinians to the northern desert of Syria, which was summarly rejected by Shekib Arslan, then there was talk of either transferring 100,000 Palestinians or 300,000 European Jews to the equally Hashemite Iraq for which the Jews would pay 10 million pounds sterling and at one point the amount discussed reached 25 millions. There was also talk of exchanging Palestinians for Iraqi Jews. The Egyptians and especially the Sauds were against transfers to Iraq because they feared an increased population and army in Iraq.

      All this to say that in all all these dealings and wheelings on the fate of the Palestinians by the East and the West, the Palestinians were not consulted and had absolutely no say about what was being planned for them by everybody. They were shafted by Jews and by Arabs from as early as the 1920s and it's still ongoing today and the main reason why the Palestinians continue being the losers.

    • Lysias, Rami Khouri, a top notch journalist was born in the US to Palestinian Christians. He worked a while in Jordan before moving to Beirut and the Daily Star.

    • Pabelmont, are Palestinians being excluded or are they excluding themselves? Do they have to be begged to show up and isn't it about time Palestinians starting inviting themselves to these things. On the Center for Palestinian Studies at Columbia site, I counted at least 20 Arabic -sounding names of which over half must Palestinians that include heavyweights Nadia Abu el-Haj and Rachid Khalidi that know a thing or two about real Palestinian history and that don't spook easy. It's odd to see Jews here arguing on behalf of the Palestinians' history.

  • Kerry says Netanyahu was wrong the last time he pushed war for the U.S.
  • Forensic expert says Israeli forces killing of 19-year-old Palestinian 'similar to an execution'
    • Interesting video on the driving power behind ISIS, which is yet to attack a pro-West country, how it came out of nowhere and within a year or so became a formidable military force:

    • More on the adventures of Israel's pals at ISIS. About 10 days back, they gathered 2000 historic books from the University of Mosul library and burned them “on the stake” because they contained no mention of Wahhabism.

      Last Sunday, they raided Mosul's main library and collected 8000 historic books and manuscripts and burned them too and blew up the library building. The city's notables had tried in vain to stop them. Mosul's library built in 1921 housed manuscripts from the eighteenth century, Syriac books printed in Iraq’s first printing house in the nineteenth century, books from the Ottoman era, Iraqi newspapers from the early twentieth century and some old antiques like an astrolabe and sand glass used by ancient Arabs. The library had hosted the personal libraries of more than 100 notable families from Mosul over the last century. The same day, Israel's pals burned a historic church and the university's theatre in Mosul. The total burning of books between January and February of this year in Anbar province totaled over 100,000.

      Rumours have been going around that ISIS (like Israel) had been looting artifacts in the culturally-rich areas of Iraq they controlled to sell them on the black market. It's being assumed now that the show of destruction put on at the Nineveh Museum of Mosul on Thursday was motivated by ISIS' desire to dispel rumours about their looting of artifacts for profit, as one illustrious smasher of statues in the video declared how they didn't care if what was being destroyed was worth billions.

      What these enlightened “people” are out to do is imitate the life of the prophet of 1400 years ago when he supposedly entered a temple of idol worshippers and started breaking up the idols. Regrettably, Israel’s pals in Mosul pulled a major boner in that of all the statues they destroyed none were idols, but symbolic guardians of the king or mythical winged creatures in Assyrian folklore.

      It’s now feared for the many remaining cultural artifacts and structure in the areas under the control of ISIS in Iraq and Syria; they are out to destroy everything and anything that does not relate to Islam. It started in 2001 with the Buddhas at Bamiyan that had survived 1400 years until America’s pals the Taliban destroyed them. It’s somewhat similar to the Zionists that have been on a 60-year mission to destroy everything and anything to do with Palestinian culture. No wonder ISIS and Israel are pals.

    • About Israel's last 4 or 5 wars on Gaza, we have been discussing that the main cause of these vicious wars by Israel have been really about Gaza's offshore gas reserves.

      Now Juan Cole has again brought it up in a comprehensive essay and how Israel was trying to revive the Palistianians' gas contract with British Gas by meeting with BG officials without the knowledge of the Palestinians that are party to the contract.

      Israel has been blowing its horn on how it is about to become a major energy exporter and in the same league as the big guys, but a secret report leaked to Haaretz has senior energy officials in Israel doubting that Israel would have enough gas left over to export in 10 years, so what Netanyahu has been bragging about are lies. Here at Mondo, American made referrence to that fact about 10 days back. Given all the facts listed by Cole and the Haaretz report and an interview with energy journalist, Nafeez Ahmed in the video below, it seems that Israel has no choice but to steal the Gaza gas. The only thing standing in the way of Israel's theft is Hamas and this is the reason why it has tried over and over to destroy it or to make living conditions so harsh for the Palestinians to make them overthrow Hamas.

      Juan Cole's essay:

      link to

      Cole describes how in the BG contract with the PA, control of the gas and the cash from it will be in Israel's hands, which explains the secret meetings with BG. The Nafeez Ahmed interview:

    • "The European Union and UNICEF jointly marked the completion of the first component of a €10 million desalination plant which will provide over 75,000 Palestinians with clean, drinking water in Gaza. The event marked the completion of an 18-kilometer long pipeline, which will transfer 6,000 cubic meters of desalinated seawater from the desalination plant to at least 35,000 Palestinians living in Khan Yunis, and 40,000 in Rafah, southern Gaza. "

      For how long until ISIS' pals in Israel destroys that one too???

    • "Al-Ja‘fari had been active in the Al-Aqsa Brigades, a militia linked to Fatah, that was demobilized as part of an agreement with Israel. "

      I wonder what Palestinians got in exchange for demobilizing its men.

  • Israel gives out 'security Oscars' at the UN to Iran, Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia and PA
    • retry of video:

    • Bintbiba, it was heartbreaking to watch those barbararians smash history from 3000 years in a matter of minutes. I just noticed that the video has been blocked by YouTube.

    • Speaking of the enlightened ones, today they took sledge hammers to the archeological museum of Mosul destroying vestiges of Assyrian art, among them a statue from 1000 B.C.

      Wahhabism is doing wonders to the religion. What the Americans and Israelis didn't steal of Iraq's rich cultural heritage, Israel's pals at ISIS are destroying..

    • I thought Ukraine was the payback for Georgia.

    • Could Russia be preparing an exit out of Syria? I wouldnt put it past these big powers that keep making under-the-table and pie-sharing deals between each other.

    • Taxi, you probably saw yesterday's Iranian naval excerices around Hormuz and how carriers would be taken down. Very impressive and I agree with you that neither Saudia nor Israel would dare attack Iran unless they were assured that the US would come to their rescue. The US has its hands full elsewhere these days.

    • The world upside down. Now the Americans are saying the Israelis are the bad guys and the Arabs are saying the Israelis are the good guys. And this in spite of Israel awarding a stink bomb Oscar to Saudia.

      From al-Manar:

      "Kerry Blasts Zionist Stances on N-Deal, KSA Welcomes Israel Jets to Strike Iran

      Local Editor
      US Secretary of State John Kerry blasted the Zionist PM Benjamin Netanyahu's stances which oppose the nuclear deal between Iran and the West, stressing that what has been said about the talks is false.

      Netanyahu had said that Iran would be able to produce nuclear bombs with an international acceptance after reaching the deal.

      For its part, Saudi Arabia expressed its readiness to let the Israeli warplanes use its airspace in order to strike the Iranian nuclear facilities, according to Israeli media sources.

      The sources added that Riyadh and Tel Aviv are coordinating their political and field positions on Iran."

      link to

    • "In the category for Best Visual Effects – for making women disappear from the public sphere, the Oscar goes to… surprise surprise… Saudi Arabia. No competition there. "

      That's the thanks Saudia gets from the Zionists for kissing up to them, for helping normalize relations with them, for inviting them to interfaith conferences, for alowing them a flight corridor to hit Iran etc etc etc. Israel doesn't have a real friend in the world.

  • Netanyahu speech is 'destructive' of 'bipartisan, immutable relationship' between US and Israel, Rice says
    • "If Benjamin Netanyahu hadn’t gone into politics he’d be on Broadway, hamming it up as a pantomime villain -"

      A graying Oil Can Harry.

    • "If you are an example of zionism then it’s an abject failure and needs to be driven out from society. "

      Oldgeezer, Ahmadinejad said exactly the same thing about eliminating Zionism as an ideology and true to form, the Zionists deformed it into a statement to mean that he wanted to destroy the Jewish people and they have been hanging on to it like a dog with a bone since then. Ahmadinejad has long been gone but you just can't get those Zionists to drop the bone.

  • Israel turns off power to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the dead of winter
    • Talknic, I second Bornajoo in thanking you for the explanation of where you're coming from. it makes your insightful posts that much more meaningful and I hope it rubs off the hasbarists here.

    • Talknic, that elevator incident has to be one of the most horrifying stories I've heard in my life.

  • Israel's new Asian allies
    • "In Israeli mental sphere, the universe is centered on Israel, and position of all heavenly and terrestrial bodies are defined by their distance and angle (which can have pro- or anti-Israeli inclination) in respect to Israel. "

      Israelis believe it because the Bible says so:

      Ezekiel 5:5, Jeremiah quotes God as saying, "This is Jerusalem; I have set her at the center of the nations."

      Ezekiel 38:12, the Jewish people are referred to as the people who live at the "center of the world." And actually, the literal Hebrew reads, "the navel of the world."

  • No matter who wins the Israeli elections, Palestinians lose
    • "Saudi and the US may want to hurt Iran and Russia but there is more to it than just that. "

      Seafoid, after the releases of a few billions, how much money is the US still "holding" for the Iranians and how would that be handled if the US and Iran kiss and make up?

  • The 15 billion dollar deal that will make or break Israel's regional hegemony
    • "Yet they can’t be bothered to match the Israeli price? Or, as you suggest, is something else going on "

      Most probably, although not necessarily the US. Most probably local interests. It's ongoing elsewhere in the Middle East.

    • This Gaza gas angle looks like we're backt to the pre-Cast Lead deal involving British Gas/CCC/Abbas/Israel that was cobbled together by Blair. WE were told that this deal had died a natural death but now we are being told that the 1999 deal is still alive and kicking. Up to a few weeks back, the gas deal for Jordan involved only Israel but it kicked up a powerful national storm both in and out of the Jordanian government. Now out of the blue, the British Gas/CCC deal of 1999 is back in the news, which I suspect is a decoy to finalize the gas deal with Israel. In any event, the 1999 British Gas/CCC deal is actually also an Israeli deal, which means that Israel will have out its hands on Gaza gas.

      Does Hamas have anything to say about this pretended Gaza deal?

      From Global Research with maps:

      "... Who Owns the Gas Fields

      The issue of sovereignty over Gaza’s gas fields is crucial. From a legal standpoint, the gas reserves belong to Palestine.

      The death of Yasser Arafat, the election of the Hamas government and the ruin of the Palestinian Authority have enabled Israel to establish de facto control over Gaza’s offshore gas reserves.

      British Gas (BG Group) has been dealing with the Tel Aviv government. In turn, the Hamas government has been bypassed in regards to exploration and development rights over the gas fields.

      The election of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2001 was a major turning point. Palestine’s sovereignty over the offshore gas fields was challenged in the Israeli Supreme Court. Sharon stated unequivocally that “Israel would never buy gas from Palestine” intimating that Gaza’s offshore gas reserves belong to Israel.

      In 2003, Ariel Sharon, vetoed an initial deal, which would allow British Gas to supply Israel with natural gas from Gaza’s offshore wells. (The Independent, August 19, 2003)

      The election victory of Hamas in 2006 was conducive to the demise of the Palestinian Authority, which became confined to the West Bank, under the proxy regime of Mahmoud Abbas.

      In 2006, British Gas “was close to signing a deal to pump the gas to Egypt.” (Times, May, 23, 2007). According to reports, British Prime Minister Tony Blair intervened on behalf of Israel with a view to shunting the agreement with Egypt.

      The following year, in May 2007, the Israeli Cabinet approved a proposal by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “to buy gas from the Palestinian Authority.” The proposed contract was for $4 billion, with profits of the order of $2 billion of which one billion was to go the Palestinians.

      Tel Aviv, however, had no intention on sharing the revenues with Palestine. An Israeli team of negotiators was set up by the Israeli Cabinet to thrash out a deal with the BG Group, bypassing both the Hamas government and the Palestinian Authority:

      “Israeli defence authorities want the Palestinians to be paid in goods and services and insist that no money go to the Hamas-controlled Government.” (Ibid, emphasis added)

      The objective was essentially to nullify the contract signed in 1999 between the BG Group and the Palestinian Authority under Yasser Arafat.

      Under the proposed 2007 agreement with BG, Palestinian gas from Gaza’s offshore wells was to be channeled by an undersea pipeline to the Israeli seaport of Ashkelon, thereby transferring control over the sale of the natural gas to Israel.

      The deal fell through. The negotiations were suspended:

      ”Mossad Chief Meir Dagan opposed the transaction on security grounds, that the proceeds would fund terror”. (Member of Knesset Gilad Erdan, Address to the Knesset on “The Intention of Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to Purchase Gas from the Palestinians When Payment Will Serve Hamas,” March 1, 2006, quoted in Lt. Gen. (ret.) Moshe Yaalon, Does the Prospective Purchase of British Gas from Gaza’s Coastal Waters Threaten Israel’s National Security? Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, October 2007)

      Israel’s intent was to foreclose the possibility that royalties be paid to the Palestinians. In December 2007, The BG Group withdrew from the negotiations with Israel and in January 2008 they closed their office in Israel.(BG website).

      Invasion Plan on The Drawing Board

      The invasion plan of the Gaza Strip under “Operation Cast Lead” was set in motion in June 2008, according to Israeli military sources:

      “Sources in the defense establishment said Defense Minister Ehud Barak instructed the Israel Defense Forces to prepare for the operation over six months ago [June or before June] , even as Israel was beginning to negotiate a ceasefire agreement with Hamas.”(Barak Ravid, Operation “Cast Lead”: Israeli Air Force strike followed months of planning, Haaretz, December 27, 2008)

      That very same month, the Israeli authorities contacted British Gas, with a view to resuming crucial negotiations pertaining to the purchase of Gaza’s natural gas:

      “Both Ministry of Finance director general Yarom Ariav and Ministry of National Infrastructures director general Hezi Kugler agreed to inform BG of Israel’s wish to renew the talks.

      The sources added that BG has not yet officially responded to Israel’s request, but that company executives would probably come to Israel in a few weeks to hold talks with government officials.” (Globes online- Israel’s Business Arena, June 23, 2008)

      The decision to speed up negotiations with British Gas (BG Group) coincided, chronologically, with the planning of the invasion of Gaza initiated in June. It would appear that Israel was anxious to reach an agreement with the BG Group prior to the invasion, which was already in an advanced planning stage.

      Moreover, these negotiations with British Gas were conducted by the Ehud Olmert government with the knowledge that a military invasion was on the drawing board. In all likelihood, a new “post war” political-territorial arrangement for the Gaza strip was also being contemplated by the Israeli government.

      In fact, negotiations between British Gas and Israeli officials were ongoing in October 2008, 2-3 months prior to the commencement of the bombings on December 27th.

      In November 2008, the Israeli Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of National Infrastructures instructed Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) to enter into negotiations with British Gas, on the purchase of natural gas from the BG’s offshore concession in Gaza. (Globes, November 13, 2008)

      “Ministry of Finance director general Yarom Ariav and Ministry of National Infrastructures director general Hezi Kugler wrote to IEC CEO Amos Lasker recently, informing him of the government’s decision to allow negotiations to go forward, in line with the framework proposal it approved earlier this year.

      The IEC board, headed by chairman Moti Friedman, approved the principles of the framework proposal a few weeks ago. The talks with BG Group will begin once the board approves the exemption from a tender.” (Globes Nov. 13, 2008)

      Gaza and Energy Geopolitics

      The military occupation of Gaza is intent upon transferring the sovereignty of the gas fields to Israel in violation of international law.

      What can we expect in the wake of the invasion?

      What is the intent of Israel with regard to Palestine’s Natural Gas reserves?

      A new territorial arrangement, with the stationing of Israeli and/or “peacekeeping” troops?

      The militarization of the entire Gaza coastline, which is strategic for Israel?

      The outright confiscation of Palestinian gas fields and the unilateral declaration of Israeli sovereignty over Gaza’s maritime areas?

      If this were to occur, the Gaza gas fields would be integrated into Israel’s offshore installations, which are contiguous to those of the Gaza Strip. (See Map 1 above).

      These various offshore installations are also linked up to Israel’s energy transport corridor, extending from the port of Eilat, which is an oil pipeline terminal, on the Red Sea to the seaport – pipeline terminal at Ashkelon, and northwards to Haifa, and eventually linking up through a proposed Israeli-Turkish pipeline with the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

      Ceyhan is the terminal of the Baku, Tblisi Ceyhan Trans Caspian pipeline. “What is envisaged is to link the BTC pipeline to the Trans-Israel Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline, also known as Israel’s Tipline.” (See Michel Chossudovsky, The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil, Global Research, July 23, 2006)"

      link to

    • Train, about those coups, fom Wiki:, you could probably add a few more such as Gadaffi's Libya. or Saddam's Iraq.

      Covert United States foreign regime
      change actions

      1949 Syrian coup d'état
      1953 Iranian coup d'état
      1954 Guatemalan coup d'état
      1959 Tibetan uprising
      1961 Cuba, Bay of Pigs Invasion
      1963 South Vietnamese coup
      1964 Brazilian coup d'état
      1973 Chilean coup d'état
      1976 Argentine coup d'état
      1979–89 Afghanistan, Operation Cyclone
      1980 Turkish coup d'état
      1981–87 Nicaragua, Contras

    • What's behind Israel's blockade of Gaza;from Global Research 2011:

      "Israel Authorises Mining of Natural Gas off Gaza Shore in Defiance of Palestinian Sovereignty

      This is the real reason for the maritime blockade of Gaza: Gaza’s offshore natural gas. Denying Palestine its rights over Gaza territorial waters is intent upon appropriating Gaza’s extensive reserves of natural gas.

      Michel Chossudovsky, June13, 2011

      Tel Aviv – PNN – The Israeli Ministry of Infrastructure has demanded permission from the gas company Nobel Energy to start working in developing the natural gas field that was found off the Gaza Strip shoreline, under the pretext that Israel fears gas shortages in the coming year.

      In a press statement on Monday, the Israeli Ministry of Infrastructre said that it officially requested permission from Nobel Energy to submit a work programme to dig and develop gas fields by July.

      The ministry explained that the reason official permission has been sought before digging the oil is because the field is close to the territorial waters of the Gaza Strip.

      Israel gets natural gas from Egypt through an agreement in which Israel pays less than internationally recognised prices to Egypt. After the Egyptian uprising and the toppling of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian people demanded that the channeling of gas to Israel would be stopped until a new agreement could be reached, so that the Egyptian people could benefit first from their natural resources.

      A large concentration of natural gas was found off the Gaza shoreline, and the British Gas group along with Lebanese partners were given the right to dig there and sell the gas during an agreement wthat was signed in November 1999 with the Palestinian Authority.

      The British company had already set up two gas wells called Gaza Marine 1 and Gaza Marine 2. According to the British Gas group, the natural reservoir offf the Gaza shore is estimated at 1.5 trillion cubic meters, at a net worth of around $4 billion US dollars.

      However, Chossudovsky, a Canadian economist, estimated that the amount of gas in Palestine is much more, adding that it could make the future Palestinian state as rich as Kuwait, due to the average population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

      Nobel Energy is a US based company based in New York that digs oil and natural gas internationally.

      Dmitry Dliani, Fatah top official, commented on the Israeli Ministry of Infrastructure decision as a license to steal the Gaza gas, as part of Israeli attacks on Palestinian rights. Dliani demanded international protection for the Palestinian natural gas reservoir off the Gaza shore."

      link to

    • W.Jones, those fields actually belong to the countries you mentioned, but the trouble is in their overlapping in certain areas. For now thanks to Abbas, the Gaza field is in deep freeze and can only come to life ( an Israeli requirement) when the PA takes full control of Gaza and Hamas becomes history. Had you read between the lines of Cast Lead, this was supposed to have happened then, but it didn't. Last summer was supposed to be a replay or a re-attempt, and it also failed.

      As to the overlapping of the Israeli amd Lebanese fields, Israel has already served notice on Lebanon that it intends tapping into the overlapping part, to which Hizbullah has responded by telling Israel that if it tries to, it will blow its rigs out of the water. Cyprus is the only place where it's clear cut and without any overlapping. What is not being discussed as someone mentioned, maybe it was you, that nobody is talking about the Syrian fields and they are waiting for Assad to become histoty.

    • "It sounds like they are shooting themselves in the foot."

      They are; the mortgagees call the shots and they are American, Saudi, Iranian, French, Qataris, Syrian, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.

    • Things in Israel's gas situation may not be as rosy as is being pretended; from Times of Israel last fall:

      ".Israel an energy superpower? Not quite

      David Andrew Weinberg September 7, 2014, 3:19 am17

      ... And despite proclamations that the U.S. could handle the Ukraine crisis better by accelerating the licensing of facilities to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe, these complex projects are still in their infancy and not yet anywhere near the scale required to displace Russia from being the continent’s top source for imported natural gas.

      Similarly, the Jewish State is not about to become “the next energy superpower”.

      True, Israel has discovered large deposits of oil in the form of kerogen, and an innovative company has pursued a pilot project to prove the resource’s commercial viability. But even they admit that a decade from now Israel could only meet between 20 and 40% of its overall needs, suggesting that producing enough oil for significant exports remains an unproven, distant concept.

      Just like America, Israel’s transportation sector is deeply vulnerable to foreign energy disruptions. During the war with Hezbollah in 2006, Israel faced the prospect of a crippling cut-off of oil imports because the shipping industry considered Israeli waters too risky to insure inbound oil tankers.

      Israel now faces the exciting prospect of energy independence in its electricity sector. Its deep-sea natural gas fields at Tamar and Leviathan were the biggest new discoveries in the world in 2009 and 2010, but they take much of their significance from their size relative to Israel’s population. When it comes to the volume of its gas reserves, Israel is not just no Qatar – it is not even an Egypt.

      Despite recent claims to the contrary, this gas is not “Putin’s horror” because it would not be sufficient to singlehandedly threaten Russia’s supreme role in European energy imports. Further, it is not even clear Israel has a viable pipeline route to European markets given the unfriendly nature of Turkey’s government.

      The gas contained by Tamar and Leviathan are large enough to boost Israel’s economy and play a positive role in its relationships with Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinians. But in all three cases such deals are still only tentative and face major domestic opposition.

      Additionally, extracting the gas requires billions of dollars in foreign investment, and domestic pressures at home have forced the government to keep moving goal posts for taxation. This is arguably what convinced Australian firm Woodside Petroleum to opt out of a deal this spring that would have given it a stake in bringing Leviathan online and motivated it to help transform the gas into LNG for export.

      At this rate, energy expert Gal Luft worries that prematurely proclaiming Israel an energy superpower is “hallucinatory and reckless,” warning that Israel faces a real possibility “the gas will be left in the ground”.

      There is a great deal that the U.S. and Israel can do to partner on energy security, from joint R&D on unconventional energy extraction to advising Israel’s Navy how to better protect each of our civilians on Israeli natural gas rigs from terrorist attacks like the rockets allegedly fired at them this summer by Hamas.

      Indeed, the recent signing ceremony between Israel and Jordan was hosted by America’s ambassador to Amman because of the role U.S. energy experts played in facilitating a deal between the two sides. At the very least, this announcement is a reassuring step in the right direction for preventing Luft’s nightmare scenario.

      Yet we continue to face common challenges in the field of energy security. Let’s not declare victory prematurely.

      link to

    • About Israel's gas and Egypt:

      "... Egypt’s Energy Minister Sharif Ismail confirmed to local media that importing gas from Israel was a possibility. He added that decisions on import are made with Egypt’s best interests at sight. The partners in the Leviathan and Tamar fields have signed MOUs to export natural gas respectively to BG’s LNG plant in Idku and to the LNG plant in Damietta, operated by Union Fenosa Gas.

      Recent regulatory hurdles in Israel have however made Israel’s regional ambitions questionable. A climate of uncertainty and hostility is surrounding the development of Israel’s offshore resources. In December 2014, Israel’s Antitrust Commissioner announced he was reconsidering an agreement that would have allowed Delek and Noble to pursue their partnership in the Leviathan and Tamar if they sold two smaller fields, Tanin and Karish. A final decision is expected by February 2015, but there is no doubt that the risk of the partners being qualified a cartel might deter international investors from participating in Israel’s gas developments, push Noble out and defer the development of the Leviathan further beyond 2018, and with it all the deals attached. "

      link to

    • Pabelmont, there's a lot going on all over the Middle East and gas is behind the whole thing. If you look carefully on the war being waged on Syria, it's all about gas pipelines and where they would pass. There are pipelines in the works from Qatar that would pass either through Iran or through Syria to reach Turkey and Europe and Syria which is the better route has been making it difficult for the West. The plan is to get the pipeline to Europe to short-circuit Europe's dependency on Russian gas and this may explain Russia's great interest in Syria. 1949 was the year of the first coup d'état in Syria sponsored by the CIA because Syria was refusing to allow ARAMCO to pass its pipeline through Syria. After the coup, the contract was signed. In 2011, Syria again refused the proposed pipeline and it got itself a war. There's really nothing worthwhile in Syria for Russia, Saudia or Qatar except its geographic location.

      Gas was discovered in Lebanon's offshore years before Israel discovered its gas but Lebanon's sponsors are preventing it from moving ahead with the signing of deals with driling companies. So everything is frozen and foreign companies are screaming to enter the bidding but the government is refusing to go ahead with it until it get the signal from outside. Exploration has shown that Lebanon has much more gas than Israel, but it can't touch it. Now it's feared that since Israel is advanced in extracting the gas, it may begin slant digging to siphon Lebanon's gas before touching its own. Israel is sleazy enough to do it.

    • "... A possible Israeli deal with the Palestinian Authority comes as Palestinians are being prohibited from extracting their own natural resources. ' (Juman)

      Great; what else is new. I wouldn't be surprised if the PA hasn't already signed on to that condition. Not very different from the deal the PA signed for Gaza's offshore gas with BP, which blocked out any Hamas involvement, on the eve of Cast Lead.

    • especially that the deal wouldn't be going directly through the Jordanian Government but through its potash company that's partly owned by a Canadian potash company that also has interest in an Israeli potash company. Israel would sell the gas to the Israeli potash company that in turn would sell it to the Jordanian potash company that would sell it to the Jordanian Government. That's a lot of potashing going on. So where's the gimmick?

      Jordan and Qatar have been negotiating for years to have LNG unloaded at Aqaba, but it seems this cost is slightly higher than the cost with Israel. Qatar has been known to offer Arab countries great bargains on price so why isn't Jordan taking gas from friendly Qatar?

    • With the gas in Qatar and with all the gas in Iraq and the about to be mined gas in Lebanon and Gaza and possibly on the West Bank, Jordan could find no better source of gas than Israel???

      Something not kosher about this deal.

  • Ten year old Palestinian boy attacked by settlers and abducted by Israeli soldiers while playing in the snow in Hebron
    • 2 days ago, a mosque in Jabaa, near Bethlehem was torched by settlers, Qurans burned and grafitti all over the walls left.

      Last night, the seminary adjacent to the Greek Orthodox church was torched and grafitti left on al over outside walls insulting Jesus.

      It was the settlers' way of celebrating the anniversary of Baruch Goldstein's Hebron massacre. Sick sick people.

    • Back to the story of drones over France. A couple of days back, 3 journalists from al-Jazeera were picked up and placed under house arrest for having flown a drone over the bois de Boulogne but at this point it's appearing that the incident is a misdemeanor.

      More disturbing after the 5 reported flights that lasted 6 hours earlier this week, the very next day there was a repeat of all these flights over exactly the same targets and at the same time which is leading the French authorities to be very disturbed as these flights are pre-programmed. Today, it was announced that since October 5th, there has been 56 drone sightings over Paris, over the 17 nuclear sites and over the nuclear submarine base. French authorities are saying that there is no reason to be alarmed but they are annoyed at not knowing what is going on.

    • Last night between midnight and 6 am this morning, 5 mini drones buzzed the sky over Paris and over very sensitive locations such as the US Embassy, the Eiffel and government buildings. The authorities said these flights were illegal and had no idea who was behind them. A few weeks ago the same thing hapened but over France's 17 nuclear installations. I wonder if Israel has anything to do with it; wouldn't be surprised. If Israel can spy on the US, it can also do it on France.

    • A beautifully haunting song; my tears started with the scene of the boys playing soccer on the beach that brought to mind what happened to the boys on Gaza beach last summer. Again with the scene of the little boy digging up his smashed violin from the rubble.

  • Jewish groups that blindly support Israel make US and European Jews potential victims of violence -- Avnery
    • MRW, I used the term in addressing people at Mondo. If you were to ask the average Arab to define Wahhabism, they's probably answer you that it has something to do with the Egyptian songwriter, singer, actor of the 1940s and 1950s Mohammed Abdul Wahab. I doubt Americans in general would know what Christian fundamentalism is about either.

    • 1. "Many of those who have shifted from admiring Hezbollah to hating the group did so in less than a decade...

      2. ... Anger began to surface when Hezbollah’s militias occupied west Beirut during the events of May 7, 2008," (al-Shark al-Awsat/gamal)

      gamal, for number 1, this is totally false and wishful thinking by the pro-US faction. Hizbullah is admired more than ever especially that it has been fighting ISIS and losing hundreds of men in Syria to prevent the terrorists from entering Lebanon. A couple of years back, ISIS declared that once it finishes mopping up Syria, itwas heading into Lebanon and this is when Hizbullah decided to take the fight to them in Syria and in doing so turned the tide for Assad that was about to lose it all.

      As to number 2 about the May 7, 2008 takeover of the country by Hizbullah, this other piece of propaganda has been repeated so often by the Pro-US faction in Lebanon that it has started believing it. While the takeover was very real and it took all of 6 hours to complete, what is not being written for obvious reasons is that 2 days before, the pro-US government had a midnight meeting and resolved to put out Hizbullah's lights by dismantling its private land line phone system, especially that it had just been concluded by the Winograd Commission that the defeat of the Israeli forces in 2006 was attributed to Hizbullah's land communications network. The move on Hizbullah began with Jumblat revealing on TV the map of Hizbullah's secret communications network. The next morning Nasrallah on TV gave the order to his people for the first time in Hizbullah's history to defend themselves by any means. Thousands of kids from the north of the country with no training that had been supposedly hired as security agents for commercial buildings by the pro-US faction were armed and bussed to Beirut unknowingly to take on a fully militarized Hizbullah. Within hours, the thousands of kids with zero training were routed by Hizbullah and handed over to the army and all strategic positions also taken over by Hizbullah and transferred to the army. Within a couple of days, Hizbullah fighters disappeared from view as fast as they had appeared and the country went back to being normal. That's what happened on May 7th. The army eventually released all the kids as it was concluded that they had no knowledge of why they had been hired and even less knowledge that they were being sent to Beirut to take on Hizbullah.

      3. al-Shark al-Awsat is a Saudi publication owned by the royals that back and fund the pro-US faction in Lebanon.

    • "Most people don’t realize that Judaism is a religion, while Zionism is a racist ideology that is opposed by some Jews. " (Kris)

      Exactly, Kris, and you can say the same ignorance exists in the US where most peopled don't realize that Islam is a religion while sicko Wahhabism manifested by ISIS and like groups has nothing to do with Islam. Tarring all of Islam because of a few terrorists is as wrong as tarring all of Christianity because of organizations like the KKK.

  • How two Palestinian Americans plan to PIVOT the world
    • I have to try harder, bintbiba, my background is more French and English.

    • Kay, another feel good story for you: A major US company is currently guiding and funding an entrepreurship program for 18 graduate but currently unemployed women in Gaza. The ladies have been selected and they are now preparing the presentations of their proposed projects to kick-off the program, so we'll soon be hearing about 18 new projects in Gaza..

    • "was just being a little mischievous !"

      I know you were, bintbiba. For those you got curious about those 2 names, they both have just about the same meaning, which is "exalt" or "extreme highness" especially in the case of Sami that has the same root as "soumou" to to mean "His/Her Highness". It's a nice "poetic" coincidence that the names of Asma and Sami mean the same thing.

    • Just, you'd enjoy Darwish' "Rita and the Rifle" about his first love that was soldier in the IDF.

    • Bintbiba, sorry my Arabic is too amateurish to give you something poetic.I'll leave that to Ramzi..

  • 'Large group' of indigenous Indians are cleared to immigrate to Israel and convert to Judaism
    • "Is there anyone sentient who still believes that the “terrorists” are the enemies of the empire? - (Keith)

      You, Citizen and I had a lot to say on this subject and PNAC back in 2011 on a Mondo thread that described how American imperialism replaced the British one in the use of Islamic fundamentalism as a subversive force in its employ begining with the Mujahideen that fought the Soviets in Afghanistan and that it's still ongoing today.

      At the time, you mentioned Simon Bolivar predicting USA hegemony over the South American continent: "Already early in the 19th century, Simon Bolivar observed that: “the United States seems destined to plague and torment the continent in the name of freedom.”

      It was a great piece from which I learned a lot back then and it continues being proven today that these so-called terrorists are actually mercenaries in the employ of the Western powers.

      The thread in question from 2011 on Mondo:

      Colonial Strategy and the 911 Blowback
      by Nu'man Abd al-Wahid

      link to

    • Yesterday, 500 soldiers of the Turkish Army invaded Syria to reach within 40 miles of its border, the mausoleum housing the remains of the Turkic Suleyman Shah that died in 1236. Suleyman Shah was the grandfather of Othman that founded theOttoman Empire that lasted 400 years. The mausoleum was a place of worship and pilgrimage to Turks.

      Until a few months ago, the area in question, (Kobani region) had been under the control of ISIS for a little less than a year and during this time, ISIS destroyed churches. mosques and mausoleums as these are sinful in the eyes of ISIS, but surprisingly or maybe not so surprisingly, the only mausoleum spared by ISIS was the Turkish one of Suleyman Shah. During all this time of occupation, Turkey did not feel that the mausoleum was at risk.

      But when the Kurds liberated Kobani and the region at the end of last month, Turkey suddenly felt that the area was no longer secure for the mausoleum. So last night, Turkey invaded Syria, gathered the remains of Suleyman Shah and took them to Turkey and destroyed the mausoleum themselves.

      Another indication of who are ISIS' pals. We have been hearing about Israel's close ties with ISIS on the Golan and yesterday from Wesley Clark, we heard how the WEST helped ISIS get founded. Today we see how close Turkey is to ISIS other than being simply where ISIS has been fencing its pirated oil.

      BBC wrote about yesterday's Turkey invasion:

      link to

  • Is flying a nationalist flag ever a progressive act?
    • "2007 American Lt Gen Keith Dayton was put in charge of upgrading this force, and the PA security sector today employs almost half of the 145,000 people on the PA payroll and consumes $1 billion of the PA’s $3.9 billion budget "

      Dayton's training and arming of the security forces was paid for by Saudi Arabia in a $400 million grant. All this for the protection of Israel's blue eyes.

      As to the illustrious Masri family that doesn't let any daylight get in between it and Israel, it's worth remembering that the American grandson of the the patriarch of this family was shot and crippled at Maroun al-Ras, Lebanon by Israeli snipers in 2011 but the story was quickly swept under the rug by the Masris and the Americans. The Masris also employ the "put-the-Palestinians-in-formaldehyde" asshole Dov Weisglass as their PR liaison with the Israeli government for their settlements-copycat red-tile roofed Rawabi project, a feature accorded only to Jewish settlements to help identify for the Israeli air force which buildings to NOT bomb.

    • " that they warned Arafat before Operation Cast Lead in Gaza and withdrew their own forces to join in the attack -" (Max B>)

      That would have been Abbas, not Arafat that was killed in 2004.

    • "The implication is that all members of the nation stand together and have the same interest in opposing the oppressor power. "

      Not necessarily. From personal exerience, they may stand together and carry a common flag against an oppressor but each one may have his or her own special reason for being there.

  • In Their Own Words: Four residents of Yarmouk speak
    • Rws450, I'm sure you're right about it being a small group of shit-disturbers in the camp that started the anti-Assad demonstration. Feltman never really left the State Department and he appears to be doing his job at the UN as if he's still at State. He developed very strong friendship ties with some of Lebanon's political leaders and for while appeared to be calling the shots on internal matters there. The guy seemed to love his job passionately.

    • Rws, Sweden will not take in 2 million refugees; nobody would., not even Arab states.There are long standing offers from Canada and Australia to take in 20,000 each but under very restrictive conditions that would apply to any other nationality, so these are really non-offers. Jordan has naturalized many of its refugees and so has Lebanon that naturalized about 100,000 but this was only because they were mostly Christians and Lebanon wanted to balance out its demographic imbalance created by its civil war with many Christians having emigrated. There is a good chance that many Yarmouk refugees that left the country which suits Syria just fine. In the past it was not averse to encouraging some Palestinians to move into Lebanon's camps, so it's very doubtful that Yarmouk would again grow in the stature it once had.

    • Bornajoo, the story of the "opposition" started earlier than 2012, its roots go back to 2011 with what were called at the time "Friends of Syria " meetings in Switzerland and elesewhere in Europe. One main meeting was held in Paris on July 4th by the super Zionist BHL full of piss and vinegar for having succeeded in turning the world againt Gadaffi. It's worth nothing that at just about that time, Turkey had erected its border tent-cities for the civil war that was about to start. In short, the whole stage was set outside of Syria for the war that hadn't yet started. The Paris meeting turned to have been attended more by Zionists from France such as Bernard Kouchner and Laurent Fabius and from Israel that acted as the spokesmam for the Syrians than by actually concerned Syrian citizens. One Syrian woman at the meeting complained about the presence of so many Zionists but she was thrown out of the meeting kicking and screaming.The Brotherhood offered to normalize relations with Israel and said that the West and the Gulf were with them

      Extracts from article about the Zionist-Muslim Brotherhood meeting of July 4, 2011:


      Yoshie Furuhashi

      Bernard-Henri Lévy, well known for his devotion to humanitarian military interventions, organized a conference to “stop the massacre” in Syria, “SOS Syrie,” in Paris on the fourth of July. There is no doubt that BHL is eager to replicate his Libyan success in Syria. Given the clear Russian opposition to any military intervention in Syria, however, his goal, at this stage in the game, is to manufacture the Western public’s support for a UN Security Council referral of the Syrian leadership to the International Criminal Court and for yet more economic sanctions against the country.

      The call for the conference, issued through BHL’s journal La Règle du Jeu, was joined by France-Syrie Démocratie and “Change in Syria for Democracy,” the latter being a group that had emerged from the Syrian opposition conference held in Antalya, Turkey on 31 May-2 June 2011. On the “Change in Syria” Web site, posters for SOS Syrie are prominentlydisplayed.

      On the French side, SOS Syrie featured such participants as Bernard Kouchner, André Glucksman, Axel Poniatowski (a member of the Union for a Popular Movement and the president of the foreign affairs commission of the French National Assembly), and Frédéric Encel, “who cut his teeth in the Betar youth organization of Likud.” As if that is not enough, former Knesset member Alex Goldfarb was also included.

      What Syrians would want to join hands with the who’s who of French Zionism and imperialism? Most of the prominent Syrian invitees named in the conference advertisements are the leaders of the aforementioned organizations that backed BHL’s call. According to As-Safir‘s Paris correspondent Mohammad Ballout, among the invitees were many of the Executive Council of “Change in Syria”: Amr Al-Azm, Ahed al-Hendi, Abdel Ilah Milhem (a leader of the Anza tribe), Ammar al-Qurabi (chairman of the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria), Sondos Sulaiman (of Al Hadatha Party). Lama Atassi, the president of France-Syrie Démocratie as well as a participant in the Antalya conference, took credit for linking up the Antalya opposition with BHL in an interview with Le Nouvel Observateur.

      What happened at the conference itself, where “the obscure faces of the Antalya opposition and of the Muslim Brotherhood” were seen among about 200 like-minded friends of BHL who filled the very much bobo Saint-Germain-des-Prés cinema?

      According to La Règle du Jeu itself, Goldfarb, of all people, acted as “spokesman, in Paris, of Change in Syria for Democracy.”

      There was also Ashraf al-Moqdad, a member of the “National Salvation Front in Syria” led by Abdul Halim Khaddam. Moqdad, says As-Safir, bragged that, once “democracy” comes to Syria, “Hezbollah, ‘Iranian agents,’ and Palestinians” will be made to “pay the price.” The As-Safir reporter says Moqdad went on to threaten him as well.

      Radwan Badini and Muhammad Karkouti, both members of the “Change in Syria” Executive Council, also spoke, as did Atassi. A post-conference report in BHL’s journal claims that Qurabi was there, too, but time ran out and he couldn’t give his speech. (It curiously has nothing to say about the rest of the initial invitees.)

      Perhaps the most intriguing participant in SOS Syrie was Mulham al-Droubi, who is in charge of international relations of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood as well as a member of the “Change in Syria” Executive Council. As the Muslim Brotherhood came out in favor of “normalization” with Israel without an end to the Israeli occupation and backed the monarchy in Bahrain and the rest of the Gulf Arab states, the United States and the European Union have made their support for the Muslim Brotherhood public, to the delight of the Brothers. Droubi’s presence there is yet another sign of the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

      Unlike in the case of Libya, though, the path of the Syrian exiles who team up with BHL and his ilk may be a lonely one. As-Safir reports that Farouk Mardam-Bey, Burhan Ghalioun, and Subhi Hadidi issued a joint statement against BHL and his collaborators, telling them to “spare the Syrian people the solidarity that they don’t want.” Haytham Manna, spokesman for the Arab Commission for Human Rights, is quoted by As-Safir as condemning SOS Syrie thus: “It’s a conspiracy against young people, who have upheld not only the cause of freedom but also that of the liberation of Palestine, waving the flags of Palestine and Syria at the same time.” The conference itself couldn’t get going without first escorting out one Arab man and one Arab woman who stood up and denounced it, and outside the cinema there was a loud protest of pro-government Syrians heckling the conference-goers, calling them “fascists, Zionists, terrorists.”

      The currents of the Syrian opposition represented at SOS Syrie — and others like them (see, for instance, the transcript of a Syrian opposition conference “Envisioning Syria’s Political Future — Obstacles and Options,” especially “National Initiative for Change” Communications Director Ausama Monajed’s demand for an ICC referral and more economic sanctions) — won’t be a threat to Syria and its legitimatehomegrown opposition . . . if leftists in the West and Turkey see to it that there will be no further Western or Turkish intervention in the country. However, SOS Racisme President Dominique Sopo spoke at the conference, and Martine Aubry, Bertrand Delanoë, François Hollande, and so on sent messages of support to it. Such are among the ominous signs that the center left in the West is ready to step onto yet another slippery slope.

      link to

    • The people of Yarmouk played the wrong horse and lost. It began in 2012 when the camp joined the anti-regime demonstration and it's been downhill since then. Even big boss Mashaal had to leave town to go live in Qatar. Compared to the slummy camps of Lebanon, the refugees had it relatively good there: free schooling, free university, free medicals. free to join the work force, free to buy property. All these not available in the camps of Lebanon. They were instigated and 150,000 refugees again displaced and for some of them, for the 4th and 5th time.

    • "Bandolero, this is Alyan’s second kick at the can here at Mondo. "

      We haven't heard from that other great crusader Omar Chaaban for a while. He must be due to show up any day now.

    • "... When I first in 2011 tried to build attention here and at other places that the regime changes in Tunisia and Egypt where accomplishments with heavy lifting done by the US military ..." (Bandolero)

      I remember that, Bandolero, I was on the same bus as you and so was Keith. At the time Phil was convinced that the Arab spring was nothing more than a movement by good guys to dump the bad guys, until he saw for himself when arrived in Cairo in October 2011 at the time of the burial of the 28 Copts that had been killed by the soldiers at Maspero.

      With Libya, it's sad what the West and Gulfies did to that country, especially that it later surfaced that Gadaffi had offered to leave on his own to prevent the destruction of his country but that the offer was rejected as destruction of Libya was the actual objective much more than the elimination of Gadaffi. Same as with Iraq and Afghansistan.

    • "So if the FSA has 1000 people who are secular and moderate democrats and have a theoretical chance at control in a coalition government, then it’s better to support them over Assad’s dictatorship in which they don’t get a say? (W.Jones)

      W,Jones, in a nutshell, those so-called moderate nobodies that the US is using as a front to militarize anything that moves and is willing to fight Assad, are the same nobodies that offered Israel to waive Syria's rights to the Golan in exchange for some military help and air support in fighting Assad. Marxists, Leninists, bubble-gum people or any other label you are trying to pin on them is of no consequence. They are no better than Assad; pity the Syrian people that are caught in the middle of all this shit dumped on them by Assad, the US, UK, France, Turkey, the Gulf countries and the Zionists acting like the cherry on top of it all.

    • "I still think Abbas et al have fallen down by not pressing the plight of these people in the court of public opinion on a daily basis.”

      But Abbas condemned the killing of the 3 youths at Chapel Hill and said that the Palestinian Authority wanted to participate in the investigation because all 3 victims were of Palestinian roots.

    • Bandolero, no doubt about Netanyahu being the godfather of terrorism and he surely has a big hand in ISIS and Israel is the one that's gaining the most by the chaos, but the shots are being called by the other players you mentioned led by the US,

      When the Libyan terrorists tried to sell a shiplload of oil last year, the US sent a carrier after them to bring them back the ship because it refused to allow terrorists to sell oil on the international market but when ISIS started selling the oil it's stealing from Iraq and Syria, the US actually bought some of it. The first shipload of ISIS oil that was loaded at Ceyhan, Turkey was sent to Israel and the second one to Houston.

    • Bandolero, this is Alyan's second kick at the can here at Mondo. He first tried in January 2014 and got 145 mostly negative responses and a big earful from Annie at the time; but I wouldn't trust SANA to tell the truth either:

      link to

    • Just, this is news to the people in the West but elsewhere, it's common knowledge. Did you know that the ISIS Caliph, nick-named :al-Baghdadi up to 2004 was a mild-mannered, shy and timid clerk in a company? He was picked up in a sweep by the US and spent 10 months in "interrogation" when he was suddenly freed without any charges and within a year or so, was in the process of setting up what eventually became ISIS. Combine that with all these "accidental" air drops of military supplies by the US into ISIS hands and the miraculous taking over of Iraq's second largest city by ISIS totally unopposed, it makes one curious what those interrogation techniques that al-Baghdadi underwent were all about.

    • "Abbas declined because of the conditions."

      It wasn't the first time. oldgeezer, Arafat and the PLO in early 90s blocked a Lebanese project to naturalize another 200,000 or so refugees. They said that it would have somehow jeopardized the RoR of other Palestinians. It was a great opportunity that was missed as since then the Lebanese don't want to hear anything about naturalizing anyone.

    • "If Israel would stop their support for ISIS and Al- Nusra, things would change in Syria~ all for the better.' (just)

      Just, Israel is not calling the shots on that one eventhough it's the prime beneficiary of ISIS' evil. A few days back, retired Gen Wesley Clark at CNN pointed the finger at the West for having funded ISIS at its start. Israel is not at all bothered by ISIS and neither is ISIS bothered by what Israel does.

  • Roger Waters urged Alan Parsons to get 'insight' at the apartheid wall (and drew ad hominem attack)
    • JLD, thanks for answering Mayhem on my behalf. Believe me I get no satisfaction of referring to ISIS as Israel's pals, one is just as despicable as the other and maybe why they are pals. As I have been repeating it here, what is written in the 21st Century Wire article may be news or at worst a conspiracy theory for westerners but for the rest of the world not subject to censure on these matters, it's common knowledge which parties are in bed with ISIS.Think about it for a minute, which super huge American or European corporation can take delivery of thousands of brand new white pick up trucks at the same time? The answer is none. Which other terrorist organization is allowed to freely sell its pirated oil on the market and how was it that of the 2 first ISIS supplied oil- tankers leaving the Turkish port of Ceyhan, the first went to Israel and the second to Houston?

    • Since this is about music, after Israel's pals at ISIS burned 2000 historic books and manuscripts in Mosul a couple of weeks back simply because they did not mention Wahhabism, this week Israel's pals at ISIS in Libya gathered all kinds of musical instruments and after having lashed the musicians that owned them, proceeded to burn the instruments to "purify" them.

  • Netanyahu claims to know 'details' of Iran deal -- and State Dep't mocks him
  • Hate in the aftermath of Chapel Hill
    • "Swastikas on a Hindy temple"

      Keith and RoHa, it was actually at Bothell, which is 20 miles north of Seattle. In addition to the swastika, the ignorant vandals aso wrote " go home". The idiots that did it did not know that the swastika is a Hindu religious symbol.

      From Seattle Times:

      Police investigating “hate graffiti” painted on Bothell temple

      Posted by Lewis Kamb
      Police are investigating “hate graffiti” found painted early Sunday on the outside wall of a Hindu temple in Bothell, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office reported Monday.

      About 9:30 a.m. Sunday, a deputy responding to a temple member’s call found a swastika and the words “GET OUT” painted on side of the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center in the 3800 block of 212th Street Southeast.

      Police so far have no suspects, but are investigating.

      link to

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