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  • Gazafying Dissent
    • " the french authorities are no dupes regarding this fascistic militia."

      Laurent, it's not a question of them being dupes. The JDL and similar groupuscules have a history of cooperation and collusion with the French Interior Ministry, the last time being at the Paris synagogue incident of 2 or 3 Sundays back after the Gaza demo when police were filmed telling the JDL thugs to stand behind police lines and only stepped-in when the thugs were about to get a beating from the pro-Gaza group. It was the synagogue's rabbi that first alerted the police about the presence of the JDL thugs outside his synagogue and asked that they be removed because he knew they represented trouble. It was after this incident that the JDL and Crif said they petition the French government to ban future pro-Palestinian rallies and they succeeded.

      Those multiple rallies held that you mentioned were tolerated by the police because they avoided going into potentially hostile neighbourhoods although they were still officially banned as the ban is still in effect but you are right that this article here erred in saying that protests were criminalized; they were not.

      Getting back to the cozy relationship between Jewish militant groups, it was only a few months back that it was reported the French Ministry of the Interior leased or allowed the use of one of its Paris buildings to the Jewish militants for training sessions in the Israeli martial arts of Krav Maga given by people from the IDF.

      On March 7, 1986, Le Monde quoted Françoise Castro, the wife of the then Jewish Prime Minister Laurent Fabius giving the good news:

      " Something extraordinarily new on the political horizon, the Left has allowed Jewish militias to get installed not only in neighbourhoods of Paris but also in Toulouse, Marseille and Strasbourg and to have regular contacts with the Ministry of the Interior."

      It's doubtful the French government would do anything drastic to disband the JDL.

  • The JDL gains influence in Canada as Jewish community moves to the right
    • What's a nice guy like Yves Engler doing in Toronto? JDL-Toronto doesn't sound very different from JDL-France.

  • Blitzer and Rudoren pump Israeli tunnel fears (and AIPAC cashes in)
    • About Chebaa Farms that the Zionists enjoy calling Har Dov after one of their terrorist heroes, the UN's designation that this is Syrian territory being part of the occupied Golan Heights is based on faulty maps produced at one time by the Lebanese army. Original maps dating back to Sykes-Picot clearly show that these 10 square miles or so are part of the Lebanese territory and the UN is standing behind its request to have Syria renounce its ownership and prove it does not own the area, which is an utterly absurd request. It's located at the foot of Jabal al-Sheikh that the Zionists enjoy calling Mount Hermon and its covered with wall-to-wall water which is the real reason why Israel will not let go of it.

      Another area that is still occupied by Israel that Jon66 doesn't know about are the Kfarshouba Heights. It's a tiny piece of land on a very high cliff just above the village of Kfarshouba in Lebanon. Its value is in the strategic clear 25km view into Lebanon on one side and a similar one to the Israeli side. It's only use is as a look-out but Lebanese territory nonetheless that Israel refuses to give back.

      The third area that Jon 66 doesn't know about is half the village of Ghajjar, which is in Lebanese territory while the other half is in the Syrian Golan that is in the occupied Golan Heights. UNSC Res 1701 in 2006 ordered Israel to give back the Lebanese half but Israel keeps stalling and the UN is not about to send in the 7th cavalry to enforce its laws so nothing is happening there and Israel continues squatting on it and stealing water from the Wazzani Springs located there.

  • 'Children killed in their sleep': Israeli artillery fire hits UN school, killing at least 20
    • Annie, Shingo is talking about the Sunnis in particular; Hizbullah and Iran are both Shia and they back Hamas in spite of it being fundamentalist Sunni because both put the welfare of Palestinians ahead of their own sectarian welfare. As to the remaining Gulf states, Egypt and Jordan, they stand behind Saudia in whatever it decides and in the case of Hamas, it is firmly against it because it's against anything that has to do with the Muslim Brotherhood that it has outlawed and from which Hamas is issued.

      From a Jeffrey Goldberg interview last November in Bloomberg to a question if the Sunni loathed Iran more than they loathed Israel, Saudi Prince al-Waleed answered:

      "Look, Iran is a huge threat, historically speaking," he said. "The Persian empire was always against the Muslim Arab empire, especially against the Sunnis. The threat is from Persia, not from Israel. This was a great empire ruling the whole neighborhood. I’ll tell you something -- they are in Bahrain, they are in Iraq, they are in Syria, they are with Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas, which is Sunni, in Gaza. They are intruding into these areas. King Abdullah of Jordan had a good statement on this -- he said that a Shiite crescent begins from Iran, through Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and goes down to Palestine, to Hamas.”

      link to

    • Shingo, about your article and the press bearing down on Hamas, you can't imagine to what extent all of Egypt's media has been disparaging Hamas with vile insults and ridicule, so it isn't any wonder you're not hearing much from the people on the streets of Egypt; they know they have to behave themselves. But by the sheer size of media assault on Hamas, you could tell that it's government instigated and the people know it, so I'd agree with seafoid that the people are actually sympathetic to the Gazans but they don't dare show it. At the start of Israel's assault on Gaza, the order of engineers called for a demonstration in front of the press building and only a few dozen showed up. With the shutting down of Al-Jazeera, the rest don't dare get out of line. Not much mentioned about the jailing of Jazeera staff(that's made up mostly of Brotherhood members) is how one its commentators, a former Brotherhood official, said something or other about al-Sisi being Jewish because of his Jewish mother and that he was out to destroy Egypt and other serious allegations; it's no wonder the station was shut down and its people thrown in jail:

      link to

    • Oummi, another touching poem by Mahmoud Darwish put to music by Khalifé, seafood. For those not fully familiar with Marcel Khalifé, he also wrote other types of music, a couple of them for the Qatar Philharmonic.

      Concerto for rababa and orchestra with cellist Hasan Mo'taz:

    • Here's another, seafoid:

    • Kay, Americans in general have been conditioned to believe any lie that is continuously repeated on their TV screens. What Regev is spewing is not much different from the barrage of ads by Crest, Tide and so on. If it didn't work, you wouldn't be seeing it all the time and the same is happening with Regev's horseshit coming out of his mouth. It's sad to have to admit it, but Regev's lying messages are believed by the majority of Americans.

    • " It would appear Saudi Arabia and Egypt are just as complicit in this as the United States..."

      Harry, this is a replay of the 2006 war on Hizbullah that started with an abduction and was prodded along by the US and Gulf rulers that wanted Shia Hizbullah annihilated. A million Shia were forced to flee from their homes but in their case, they were able to flee to central and north Lebanon as well as to Syria. Gazans are not given that luxury as Egypt is holding them down while Israel butchers them.

      Most amazing is how one can't find a single person in Gaza that wants Hamas to give up the fight. With each successive massacre, Gazans are becoming more adamant in not wanting Hamas to quit.

      In my black thoughts, I keep thinking that maybe Israel is baiting Hizbullah and Iran to jump in to have the rest of the world rush to save its ass and thereby destroy Hizbullah and Iran for it. I think that the probability of this happening is fast approaching as both Hizbullah and Iran have declared that they would not let Gaza fall, and everyone knows that the Sayyid does not make empty promises.

      And as with the war on Hizbullah, in this war on Hamas the Palestinian national government is going around in circles, doing nothing and all that is missing is for Abbas to weep on live TV to make the repeat performance complete.

    • Yesterday, the utterly useless sec-gen also chimed in with his declaration that the attack was "unjustifiable" and "reprehensible" that demanded "accountability and justice".

      Empty words especially after his idiotic remarks of a few days earlier about Hamas having stored munitions in a vacant UNRWA school that gave Israel carte blanche to bomb the schools.

    • Bolivia yesterday declared Israel a terrorist state and revoked its visa-exemption treaty that had been in effect since 1972.

      Israel's destruction of Gaza's one and only electricity generating plant with its 2 million liters of fuel effectively shut down all electricity to water filtration, sewage disposal, food refrigeration and power to hospitals and to the 1.8 million residents, leaving all of these with a trickle of power from mobile diesel generators that are about to run out of fuel too.

    • Shajaiyah street massacre of a few hours back is up to 17 dead and 200 injured. Blood and body parts all over the place.

    • The first big massacre at a UN compound at Qana was in 1996 when Shimon Peres had it shelled killing over 100 civilians huddled there in what they thought was a safe shelter.

    • BTW, those 16 dead in the massacre that just happened on Shujaiah did so during the cease fire. In the first 10 minutes of the cease-fire, Israel killed 4 people.

    • The Iranian that issued the threat was Qassem Suleimani, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Quds Force.

    • A new massacre happened half an hour ago, 16 dead in a shelling of a heavily trafficked street of Shujaiah. Being shown on Mayadeen now, with bodies strewn all over the ground.

      Iran has threatened to do something about Gaza.

  • Slaughter is not self-defense: The assault on Gaza and the corruption of language
    • seafoid, about the scorched earth policy or the Dahieh stunt they are pulling, the stupid Israelis are committing the same error as in 2006 when for no other reason than to get the population to rise against Hizbullah, they bombed the bridges, roads and electricity generating plants in the predominantly Christian north of Lebanon to make them speak out against Hizbullah. Many of those areas being 100 miles or so from the south had never actually seen a Hizbullah person and hadn't really mixed with Muslims of any kind, but having had their lives totally disrupted by Israel's senseless bombing, they almost all turned into pro-Hizbullah fans and when the exodus of Shia refugees from the south began, the Christians of the north were the first to open their homes, their schools and their churches to shelter them. Israel's plans totally backfired.

      After the war, many Shia and Christian families became great friends with total villages both Christian from the north and Shia from the south visiting each other every summer. Israel by its stupidity actually united the Lebanese. Up until the 2006 war happened, I was very much anti- Hizbullah but after I saw how these people bravely held their ground in spite of all the other forces working against them, I became more respectful of them. The destruction of Gaza is doing the exact thing in that it is uniting the people to continue standing behind Hamas to continue their struggle for total freedom.

  • As night follows the day, deaths of 10 Israeli soldiers lead to deaths of 30 Palestinian civilians
    • Sorry, just, it happens to me every time Gaza gets savagely attacked by Israel. It almost gets me back to smoking.

    • Just the song is somewhat disappointing of Assaf, he could have said more, raising of heads and dignity won't buy the Palestinians a cup of coffee. He pussy-foots with his rah rah song but doesn't actually say much beyond raising heads and a passing remark about stones. His family being fervent pro-Fatah and his main sponsor, the Saudi media and recording conglomerate may have had something to do with it.

      In contrast, you have the Gaza song released last week by the Lebanese Julia Boutros (her mother is Armenian-Palestinian) that doesn't mince her words about what the Palestinians should do. Al-Mayadeen has been playing it hourly since its release:

    • The newest massacre at dawn today: UNRWA's Abu Hussein school in Jabalia where 20 of those that had taken refuge were slaughtered and tens of others seriously injured. Israel's reputed economy of scale in action.

  • Israel advocates are in a battle with US media
    • Could be they were growing the funny stuff on Patmos; no other reasonable explanation for all these hallucinations.

  • Photos: Across the U.S., thousands continue to march in solidarity with Gaza (Updated)
    • Good to hear, Henry, I've had my authentic one for a couple of decades. Diehard Zionists get visibly upset when they see one up close. It's surprising Israelis haven't claimed it as part of their patrimony.

    • Harry that ban will now multiply anti-Jewish actions in France many times. The French don't tolerate any messing around with their freedoms and with this restriction, BDS France is going to have a picnic.

    • Great photos, Henry, thanks. Can't help wondering and hoping all those keffiyeh scarves that everyone is wearing have been produced in Palestine to help its economy and not in China that doesn't really need any help.

  • Israeli embassy puts Mona Lisa in a hijab -- 'Israel now, Paris next'
    • The movement is obviously odious today and has been so for a very long time, but I'm still curious to know if it started out that way or if it became what it is today somewhere along the way.

    • "Communautarisme is a stigmata, meant to attack ethnic minorities when they start to form a “community” (supposedly alien from the wonderful values of the french republic that every white french person respects)." (french_jew)

      You're right french_jew, getting the Jews to move away from anti-republican communautarisme is what Clermont-Tonnerre intended 225 years ago when he declared to the constituent assembly, "Il faut tout refuser aux Juifs comme nation; il faut tout leur accorder comme individus; il faut qui'ils soient citoyens." In short, Jews had to get on the republican bus by putting France first, which they did for a long while but today, Jews are trying to wield over France the same influence they have over the US but the French aren't swallowing as easily as the Americans. CRIF has reduced French Jews back to being a nation by putting Israel first and French nationalists can't be blamed for giving French Jews a bad time. The blame rests on Israel.

    • From al-Ahram:

      "8 Palestinian children among 10 dead as Israel hits Gaza refugee camp

      At least eight children were among 10 people killed at a Gaza City refugee camp, medics said, with witnesses saying several missiles were fired from an F16.
      But the Israeli army categorically denied any attack on the camp, accusing Palestinian militants of firing rockets at Israel which apparently misfired.

      Emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said 10 people had been killed, among them eight children who had been playing in the beachfront Shati refugee camp.

      He said another 46 were injured, among them many children.

      Local residents told AFP that several missiles were fired at a tuktuk motorised rickshaw near a children's playground.

      "An F16 fired five rockets at a street in Shati camp where children were playing, killing some of them and injuring many more," one told AFP.

    • Haaretz:

      LIVE UPDATES: Five IDF soldiers killed in Gaza and on border

      Netanyahu: Gaza operation won't end until tunnels destroyed; rocket alerts on Lebanon border; five Israelis killed by Gaza mortar fire; rocket barrage fired at north; Palestinians: Three killed in IDF strike on Gaza hospital.

    • eljay, I'm sure that's the intent. These creeps have been talking of repeating the evil of the Dahieh carpet bombing in which they had used bunker busters. I suspect starting tonight that's what they intend doing over the whole area that borders on Israel. So far they are about 300 meters inside Gaza and will surely expand that distance after they carpet bomb it.

    • Kassam said it was shelling an army compound.

    • amigo, was listening to it live on Arabic Jazeera with simultaneous translation to Arabic.

      link to

      Gantz looked like a bus had run over him.

    • I missed Netanyahu's opening statement. Yaalon is now announcing massive blows starting tonight and over the coming days by shelling and bombing from the air, land and sea. He is saying words of encouragement to all the injured in Israel and that Israel is not going to stop until Hamas is totally defeated and asks Israel's civilian population for its support.

      Now Gantz is talking and elaborating on destroying the tunnels and that the IDF will be doing everything possible to protect its citizens. Civilians are asked to move away from border areas. A few more days are needed to complete the job

    • Israel has acknowledged 4 dead but the Kassam Brigade is insisting that Israel is fudging the numbers as it should be 6.

      Israel's channel 10 saying that the IDF will be expanding its Gaza operation tonight.

    • New massacre by Israel: 10 children dead and 40 injured in a park of a refugee camp west Gaza by shelling.

      Today is supposed to be the happiest day of the year for Muslim children and a day to visit graves of relatives. Both are being shelled.

    • From Haaretz"

      "LIVE UPDATES: At least four Israelis killed by Gaza mortar fire; rocket barrage fired at north"

    • Nothing really wrong seeing a Mona Lisa in a hijab. Last year I saw a poster one in a popular market in Doha and it was more than just a hijab; Mona Lisa also had the face mask that showed only her eyes. I would have bought it but I wasn't in the mood to carry it all evening, so I passed on it. Nothing at all offensive but rather funny. The only ugly thing about this silly Zionist campaign is that it aims to spook Europeans that in time they will be forced to wear the hijab. Cheap propaganda.

    • It's being reported that 6 settlers died and 10 injured by howitzer fire at Eshkol.

  • How many would be alive today if Obama had not quashed Goldstone Report?
    • "I’m a veritable aficionado, and I’d still turn down the offer."

      I know you are and I can't really fault you for not getting into it, it would make you lose respect for the justice system because it is so politicized. In its first 4 years, the tribunal was adamant that Syria was behind the assassination and set about trying to build a case to prove it. At the end of 4 years, it admitted it had nothing on Syria and was back to starting from scratch. After the first year, witnesses that eventually proved to be perjurers had testified that 4 Lebanese generals had been involved. The generals were imprisoned for 4 years without being formally charged and tried and held simply on suspicion. After the witnesses were found to be frauds, the generals were released. It was then decided that Hizbullah had something to do with the assassination so a case was developed on that basis and now there are 4 or 5 accused Hizbullah members indicted based on the cell phone records that it has already been established were tampered with by Israel. The tribunal will run around in circles at the Hague for another 15 years or so at a cost of about $50 million per year.

    • "International Criminal Court: 12 Years, $1 Billion, 2 Convictions” (Hostage)

      If you're into international criminal court charades, look into the UN's Special Tribunal for Lebanon for the Hariri assassination. Almost 10 years after it has been unconstitutionally set up on a moonless night and to date having cost about $500 million (half paid by the UN and half by Lebanon), resignations of 2 dozen judges and prosecutors, erroneous imprisonments based on false witnesses' testimonies that it can't prosecute and other wall-to-wall irregularities such as not being accountable to any outside body and another one being that it has an indefinite time limit, all it has come up with so far is a flimsy indictment of 4 people on circumstantial evidence comprised of cellular phone call records that appear to have been doctored by Israel. At the rate it's going, it will surpass the 12 years, $1 billion record easily but will come up with zero convictions.

      A short summary from a couple of years back:

      link to

  • Gaza-- and 'Guernica'
    • "the Koran recognizes the original gift of the land to the Children of Israel."

      Yonah, quoting the Quran about Jewish ownership of the land isn't any more intelligent than quoting the Bible. You should know that much in the Quran is sourced from the Bible anyway; it's the compounding of folklore. At one time, Muslims prayed with the Jews to Jerusalem and observed Yom Kippur with them too, but these don't validate the Jews' claim to the land either.

    • I'm dying to know how Allison made it in; that in itself must have been an adventure, especially that there is no safe place from the shelling and bombing anywhere in Gaza and even medical help being prevented from crossing into Gaza. One Egyptian official in a TV interview said that the actual Rafah closing was happening on the Gaza side by Hamas and not by the Egyptians, but he looked like he was lying through his teeth.

    • How did Allison get in???????

  • Attacks on demonstrators in Rome
    • On another occasion, that slimeball also said Gazans should be put on a special low-calorie diet that would starve them but not enough to let them die. BTW, that guy with the nice thoughts towards Palestinians is today legal consultant to the Palestinian posh real estate $1 billion real estate development "Rawabi", a joint enterprise of Palestinian al-Masri and the Qatari "Diar" Developer.

      Another Zionist slimeball, Martin Kramer was peddling Gunnar Heinsohn’s rule of thumb that says that when 30 percent or more of the total male population is between 15-29 (fighting age), violence ensues, which is the case in most Arab countries and more specifically because the average age in Gaza is closer to 17 to remedy this anomaly, Kramer proposed (to the vultures at Herzliya) that international pro-natal subsidies to Gaza should be stopped that would curtail birthrates from having "superfluous young men" grow to become terrorists. Another Zionist starver of people that would nip them in the womb. Zionists have a fixation about starving Palestinians. Sick, sick, sick mentality.

      Martin Kramer at the 2010 Herzliya conference; he stops beating about the bush and gets into the meat about starving pregnant Gaza women around the 3 minute mark of the 6-minute video.

  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • seafoid, Guardian article talks about the fun and games days ahead with ISIS controlling Syria's and Iraq's water supply, but those games have already started with Turkey having already reduced the flow to these 2 countries; from al-Akhbar May 30th:

      "... By: Suhaib Anjarini
      Published Friday, May 30, 2014
      The Turkish government recently cut off the flow of the Euphrates River, threatening primarily Syria but also Iraq with a major water crisis. Al-Akhbar found out that the water level in Lake Assad has dropped by about six meters, leaving millions of Syrians without drinking water.

      Two weeks ago, the Turkish government once again intervened in the Syrian crisis. This time was different from anything it had attempted before and the repercussions of which may bring unprecedented catastrophes onto both Iraq and Syria.

      Violating international norms, the Turkish government recently cut off the water supply of the Euphrates River completely. In fact, Ankara began to gradually reduce pumping Euphrates water about a month and half ago, then cut if off completely two weeks ago, according to information received by Al-Akhbar.

      A source who spoke on the condition of anonymity revealed that water levels in the Lake Assad (a man-made water reservoir on the Euphrates) recently dropped by six meters from its normal levels (which means losing millions of cubic meters of water). The source warned that “a further drop of one additional meter would put the dam out of service.”

      “We should cut off or reduce the water output of the dam, until the original problem regarding the blockage of the water supply is fixed,” the source explained.

      The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) controlling the region the dam is located in did not suspend the water output. Employees of the General Institution of the Euphrates Dam are running the lake under the supervision of al-Qaeda linked ISIS, but they don’t have the authority to take serious decisions, such as reducing the water output. In addition, such a step is a mere attempt to ease the situation, and it will lose its efficacy if the water supply isn’t restored to the dam by Turkey.

      The tragic repercussions of the new Turkish assault began to reveal themselves when water levels dropped in al-Khafsa in Aleppo’s eastern countryside (where a water pumping station from Lake Assad is located to pump water through water channels to Aleppo and its countryside).

      The reservoirs are expected to run out of water completely by tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest.Meanwhile, water supplies in auxiliary reservoirs in al-Khafsa are close to being depleted and the reservoirs are expected to run out of water completely by tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. This threatens to leave seven million Syrians without access to water. Also, Tishrin Dam stopped receiving any water which blocked its electricity generating turbines, decreasing the power supply in Aleppo and its countryside, further intensifying the already severe imbalance in the power supply..."

      link to

    • Inanna, Hollis must be a another believer that Israel is the navel of the universe. When she says that the Palestinians' defenders are more anti-Israel, she is talking a cheap shot at Iran. Regime-wise, I don't see any other defenders than Syria as all the rest don't appear overly anxious to see the birth of a Palestinian country. Today, you can see more of the real Palestine in Gaza than anywhere else, and just about all the neighbouring Arab regimes are against it.

    • It's already too late, seafoid, not only for Israel but to many other countries including some powerful ones in the West. ISIS is growing by the day. The Guardian article doesn't take into account the nurturing of the frankenstein Islamist monster by the US that was initially created by the British. The links between ISIS, the US and the Gulf powers were not covered.

      An essay here 3 years ago by Nu'man Abd al-Wahid details the use of Islam as a tool of subversion first by the British and then by the Americans that are still using it today.

      In a nutshell, Nu'man Abd al-Wahid says that the use of Islam as a tool of subversion began with the British helping Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud and his fanatical Islamic Wahhabi allies capture Riyadh in 1902 and later to fight the Ottomans in 1915. They also did it in Egypt in the 1940s by funding Hasan al-Banna's Muslim Brotherhood to keep Muslims busy fighting among themselves and that the British likewise promoted Mohamed Ali Jinnah's Muslim League in India to keep Gandhi's India in a state of imbalance.

      After the British dropped the use of the Islam card at the start of the 50s, the US picked it up to use it in its conflict with communism inheriting from the British all three strands of Islamism, the Egyptian, Saudi and Indian using it first in the Eisenhower Doctrine, in various upheavals and later with the anti-Soviet mujahedeen and subsequently the Taliban, to the phony Arab Spring revolutions of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and what we are still seeing of its use in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. It will eventually turn on the US, Saudi and Israel and bite them in the ass.

      Nu'man Abd al-Wahid's essay on Mondoweiss "British colonial strategy and the 9/11 blowback"

      link to

  • Destruction of Gaza's children is something 'every one of us must confront' -- Jon Snow
    • Great video. Good thing it was in Canada otherwise those sweet kids could have been hurt.

    • "... the Hamas’ leaders live in bomb shelters and abroad in opulent mansions of luxury."

      There's a massive Zionist/Egyptian/Saudi campaign since a week to disparage the Hamas leadership that describes their millions and billions as well as their opulent lifestyles. While some of this information is probably true, it's odd that there isn't a single word being said about the financial situation and lifestyle of the leadership of the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank. Do you have anything to say about them, Norman?

    • "MJ Rosenberg tweets "I'm proud to be a Jew, proud of our history and culture, but Israel's war on children makes me deeply ashamed."

      So contradictory, Rosenberg should make up his mind. He's in the same perplexing situation as Mahane.

  • In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated)
    • On Palestine, Arabs talk a lot but actually do very little.

    • Henry, thanks for the note on Arabs participating and actually leading elsewhere; it gives a small boost to my faith. Sorry I hadn't seen it before.

    • Kids were not swimming but playing soccer on the beach.

    • News now showing live pictures of the children on the beach, some with missing arms, others with missing legs, A very sad sight.

      If this is Israel's idea of spooking the Gazans into submitting, they're mistaken. Gazans are becoming more determined with each massacre.

    • 3 missiles just aimed directly at a group of children swimming on the beach. 4 children dead so far all aged less than 10 and all from the same family of fishermen that live on the beach . Israel specializes in killing children, A couple of days back, Israel hit a home for the handicapped. Wicked people.

    • Spring, India is far away and with the Modi connection, you can almost understand it but how do you explain the same thing happening to Palestinians at the hand of Palestinian police? From AIC:

      "The Palestinian Authority prevents people from expressing their anger at the occupation, so the centers of struggle moved to areas where the PA has no influence: Jerusalem, within Israel and the West Bank's Area C.

      Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces erupted across the West Bank, Jerusalem and within Israel following the abduction and assassination of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, constructing a new and volatile political reality.
      Abu Khdeir was abducted at dawn on July 2. The 17-year was forced into a car, taken to a nearby forest and burned to death by Jewish Israelis.

      Clashes erupted the same day at 8am, when police attempted to forcibly disperse concerned neighbors who came to visit the family as they heard news of the abduction.

      Since then the situation has evolved to appear like the possible beginning of a third intifada, accompanied by an Israeli military offensive against the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank, the Palestinian police retreated from the main roads and other areas of friction and confrontation. In the past the police used to prevent such confrontations.
      The second intifada began in Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque, and later spread to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The second Intifada did not address the question of the Palestinian Authority, which then was led by Yasser Arafat, who succeeded in maintaining national unity and avoiding the trap of internal confrontations, as pushed by Israel.

      he situation is different now, after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas clearly stated he won't allow "a third intifada." His directives are applied by the Palestinian security services, leading to escalating tensions between the Palestinian government and Palestinian people."

      link to

    • Harry, I trust you didn't believe a word of what Erekat supposedly said.

    • Remember the Israelis picnicking at Sderot to watch the Cast Lead phosphorus show over Gaza in 2009:

      Israelis were back at it last Wednesday; from the NYT with photos:


      July 14, 2014

      Last Wednesday night, as he stood on a hilltop outside the Israeli town of Sderot and watched the bombardment of Gaza on the plain below, a Danish newspaper reporter snapped an iPhone photo of about a dozen locals who cheered on their military from plastic chairs while eating popcorn.

      Allan Sørensen, a veteran Middle East correspondent for Denmark’s Kristeligt Dagblad, then uploaded the image to Twitter with a sardonic caption that described the macabre scene as “Sderot cinema.”

      The image of the Israeli spectators was taken after 9 p.m. local time on Wednesday, the reporter said, about the same time that what was intended to be a “precision strike” from Israel’s military killed at least eight of their Palestinian neighbors, seated in similar plastic chairs at a beachside cafe in Gaza, waiting to watch the World Cup semifinal between Argentina and the Netherlands.

      As his image reverberated around the social network, where it was shared more than 10,000 times, the reporter was surprised by the response. It was, he said in a telephone interview from Israel, “nothing new.” Similar scenes, of Israeli spectators gathered on the high ground above Gaza to view the destruction below, were documented in a Times of London article and a video report from Denmark’s TV2 during Operation Cast Lead in 2009.

      Explaining that he has also previously witnessed Palestinians cheering news of bombings that killed Israelis, Mr. Sørensen said that, in a war, “this is what happens.” Civilians and fighters on both sides, he said, “go through a process of dehumanizing the enemy.”

      link to

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