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The Toulouse killings and the false specter of European anti-Semitism

Despite the Toulouse killings, many agree ‘European Jewry is experiencing a renaissance.’ Just this past Sunday thousands marched against anti-Semitism in Paris. Then why do you suppose Israeli officials are busy invoking the possibility of a return to anti-Jewish pogroms in Europe?

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‘Safe European home’?

Toulouse killings demonstrate that Identity politics is a blind alley, for radical Islamists, and the far right in Europe

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‘The Palestine Cables’: Other countries want to ‘smoke out’ Israel on NPT and Mossad use of passports

Whether it’s the Mossad’s use of foreign passports or the refusal to open up about its nuclear weapons program, Israel is developing a reputation as a rogue state.  Some of the nearly 2,000 secret State Department cables so far released … Continue reading

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The railroad not taken, in the Middle East

In 1914, a traveler could board a train in Istanbul and – with a few detours around some unfinished tunnels – cross the Anatolian plateau past the Taurus Mountains into Syria. From Damascus, the new Hejaz Railway continued on through … Continue reading

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‘The Palestine Cables’: WikiLeaks expose European chill on Israel after Cast Lead, and Lebanese advice on defeating Hezbollah

WikiLeaks has gone from a drip to a torrent, and we need a way to keep up. With this post we inaugurate a new feature at this site. “The Palestine Cables” will be a weekly chronicle/analysis of important revelations bearing … Continue reading

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