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The Toulouse killings and the false specter of European anti-Semitism

Alex Kane on

Thousands took to the streets of Paris Sunday in a silent march against racism, anti-Semitism and terrorism. (Photo: Leela Jacinto/France24) The anti-Semitic killings in Toulouse, France last week predictably led a slew of Israelis to raise the specter of European anti-Semitism. This scary prospect was invoked to promote the idea of Israel as the only

The railroad not taken, in the Middle East

Philip Weiss on

In 1914, a traveler could board a train in Istanbul and – with a few detours around some unfinished tunnels – cross the Anatolian plateau past the Taurus Mountains into Syria. From Damascus, the new Hejaz Railway continued on through modern-day Jordan to Medina in Arabia, with branch railways connecting to Beirut and Haifa on