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The Toulouse killings and the false specter of European anti-Semitism

Alex Kane on

Thousands took to the streets of Paris Sunday in a silent march against racism, anti-Semitism and terrorism. (Photo: Leela Jacinto/France24) The anti-Semitic killings in Toulouse, France last week predictably led a slew of Israelis to raise the specter of European anti-Semitism. This scary prospect was invoked to promote the idea of Israel as the only

‘Safe European home’?

Paul Mutter on

Cover of Liberation mourning victims According to French police, the now-deceased prime suspect in planning and carrying out the murders of four French Jews (as well as three French soldiers) this month was either linked to Pakistani and Afghan militants, or a member of the disbanded “Knights of Pride” (Forsane Alizza) French Islamist group.  Even though

The railroad not taken, in the Middle East

Philip Weiss on

In 1914, a traveler could board a train in Istanbul and – with a few detours around some unfinished tunnels – cross the Anatolian plateau past the Taurus Mountains into Syria. From Damascus, the new Hejaz Railway continued on through modern-day Jordan to Medina in Arabia, with branch railways connecting to Beirut and Haifa on