Yossi Gurvitz


A hasbarist argues there’s nothing wrong in the killing of Eyad al-Halaq. Palestinians may “ask to become Israel’s ‘blacks’,” Nave Dromi says, but we won’t let them be equal citizens. In fact the history of nationalism is the history of racist distinctions, and persecution, that the world has been seeking to outlaw since WW II.

A rightwing Israeli rabbi secretly taped his spiritual meeting last week with an adviser to Netanyahu’s chief rival, Benny Gantz, and the tape was publicized by a Netanyahu media mouthpiece. Now a second tape has emerged showing that Netanyahu and the rabbi discussed the secret tape before it was released. The scandal broke too late to have much impact on today’s election.

Avigdor Lieberman meets with Benny Gantz, Sept. 23, 2019. From Gantz's twitter feed.

Benny Gantz plays into Netanyahu’s racist attack, and says he will refuse to have the Palestinian Joint List as participants in a government, preferring the rightwinger Liberman, as if the math makes sense. It doesn’t. Gantz needs the Joint List. He spurns Palestinians because of primal Israeli Jewish fears that by welcoming the other into the Zionist community, Jews will want to leave the fold.

Peace protesters in Israel

Noted Israeli peace organizations are closing, and Yossi Gurvitz thinks this is a good thing. “We’ll need to talk about 1948,” Gurvitz writes. “This will not be easy to Israelis, but we won’t get anywhere without it. And we cannot bring it up if we keep speaking of peace instead of justice. So let the old organization dismantle.”